May 26, 2024

Enlightening Video Marketing Statistics 2024 You Should Know

General Video Marketing Statistics

1. One of Every Three Activities People Perform Online is Watching Videos.

Video content has grown to be the favorite of many internet users. Research shows that if an average person does three things online, watching a video is one of them.

2. A Digital Marketing Video can Increase Your Conversions by 80%.

Many business people have confirmed that their brands received about an 80% additional conversion rate when they use this strategy. One factor that sponsors this is that many people get attracted to videos.

3. About 68% of People Will Completely Watch a One-minute-long Visual Recording.

As much as people love these contents, their attention span is short. So, about 68% of them will complete a one-minute video, and 89% will complete one of 30 seconds.

4. 60% of People Lose Attention After Two Minutes Into a Video.

Research shows that about 33% of people lose interest in a visual recording after 30 seconds. 45% lose it after one minute, and 60% after two minutes.

5. About 66% of People Prefer to Watch Short Content to Learn About Brand Products and Services.

We conducted a survey, and 18% said they prefer to read posts on different platforms to learn about brands. However, about 66% would rather learn through a video.

There are many videos online and offline. However, the ones that attract more viewers for businesses are social, webinars, and demos. They are mostly interesting to view.

Video Consumption Statistics

Video Consumption Statistics

7. Streamers Often Get About 95% of the Messages on Videos.

A survey shows that people who watch videos absorb about 95% of the message they pass. This is because they pay more attention to the recordings.

8. People Who Use Google Will Likely Click on Video Search Results More Than Others.

Google search results mostly consist of article links and links to visual content. Research shows that over half of users will opt for video results.

9. About 84% of People Who Watch Explainer Content Will Make a Purchase.

More people will purchase products after watching an explainer than after reading articles, and experts say this rate will increase in the coming years.

10. Video Content is 1200% More Successful Than Other Content.

Many businesses have reported experiencing about 1200% more productivity from visual content than others. This is because more people more people prefer visual recordings.

11. In One Week, an Average Person Watches Recordings Online for About 16 Hours.

About two years ago, people were not as interested in watching recordings as much as they are now. They spent only 10 hours a week on it and currently spend over 16 hours, which means an increment of over 52%. Experts predict that it will increase even more.

ROI Video Marketing Statistics

ROI Video Marketing Statistics

12. Visitors Spend More Time on a Page if it has a Video.

In a survey, about 83% of marketers admitted that they get more stay hours on their pages when there is a clip. When there are only articles or graphic designs on the page, people spend less time on it.

13. About 89% of Video Marketers Say They Get a Good ROI When Using the Strategy.

Using clips as a marketing strategy has worked for many people, even marketers. Almost all of them claim they have seen a good ROI with the technique.

14. When Video Ads Air on Social Media, About 80% of Marketers View Them Positively.

Clip ads have proven to be more compelling than written ones. They even compel marketers as much as they do customers.

15. Digital Marketing Videos Make Websites See an Increase in Traffic.

In a survey on marketers, about 87% of them say that websites with clip records get more traffic. They attract more people and keep them most of the time.

16. Over Half of the World’s Commercial Strategists Believe Video Marketing Gives the Best ROIs.

It is not a myth that marketing with visual recording produces more results. Over half of marketing strategists believe the same.

Video Marketing Engagements Statistics

Video Marketing Engagements Statistics

17. You Can Save About 50% of the Cost-per-engagement When You Add Videos to Your Promoted Tweets.

Because of the returns you will get after paying to promote a marketing video on X(Twitter), you can cover 50% of the cost. This will help you save more money. Also, you will make extra aside from the 50% covered cost.

18. Pre-recorded Videos on Facebook Get Half the Engagement of Live Streams.

Analytics have shown that people who go live on Facebook get double their engagement when they post a pre-recorded one. More users like to watch things as they happen live than see them after it must have happened.

19. Videos Get More Engagement on Instagram Than Other Types of Content.

If you want to get more engagements on Instagram, your best bet is to post clips. This is because more people like and watch them than they do for write-ups and pictures.

20. Eight of Ten People Remember Visual Recording Ads for the Next 30 Days.

Watching a video advertisement tends to remain in your memory for 30 days. These recordings stick to the memory longer than pictures.

21. Video Content in Emails Can Increase Click-through Rate by 300%.

Records show you will have more click-throughs on every email you send if you attach videos. This makes it a great advertisement medium.

22. The Subscription Rates on Any Platform Can Increase by 26% With Videos.

Using clip records doesn’t work only with products. It also helps people boost subscriptions on their various platforms. It increases them by 26%, and the rate will hike as the years go by.

23. Attaching Videos to Your Emails Increases the Open Rates by 19%.

People who receive emails with video attachments tend to be more interested in opening them than other attachments. The rate increases by 19% worldwide.

24. Including the Word ‘Video’ in Your Email Subject Can Increase Open Rates by 6%.

Aside from attaching videos to your email, adding ‘Video’ to the subject title increases the rate at which receivers open it. The word is intriguing on its own.

Statistics of Mobile Videos

Statistics of Mobile Videos

25. About 90% of the Picture Recording Views on X(Twitter) are From Mobile Devices.

Research has shown that more people access Twitter with their mobile devices than computers. As a result, the platform records 90% of views on short clips from smartphones and tablets.

26. About 92% of People Who Use Their Mobile Devices to Watch Videos Ensure to Share Them With Friends.

Mobile devices are handy and easily used, even more so than computers. The navigation keys are easy to find, so people easily send content to friends after watching.

27. People Using Mobile Devices Make Up About 93% of the Views on Microblogging Visual Content.

The number of people who own smartphones and tablets is more than those who own computers. This influences the amount of views that microblogging gets from mobile devices.

28. People Between 18 and 19 Prefer to Watch YouTube Videos Than Television Networks.

Cable TVs are gradually becoming obsolete, and other online streaming services are taking over. Many young people prefer to stream on YouTube rather than on TV networks.

29. About 50.9% of B2B Decision-makers Use YouTube as a Platform for Research.

YouTube has thousands of content, some for entertainment, some for promotions, and others for education. Many people use the educational part for research, including over 50% of B2B.

30. Only 66% of B2C Marketers Use Digital Marketing Clips.

B2C and B2B marketers use digital marketing picture recordings for their work, but one group uses them more: 71% of B2B and 66% of B2C.

31. Desktops are Preferable for Watching Business Videos for Many People.

Research has shown that when it comes to watching business videos, people use mobile devices 13% of the time. However, they use a desktop for the watch 87% of the time. This is because desktops look more serious as well as business-related things.

32. About 30% of Video Merchandising Strategists Believe Clips are More Important Than Websites.

There are many strategies to advertise products. However, 30% of strategists who focus on videos believe using recordings is better than using websites to advertise products.

33. Many B2B Companies Say That Video Content Impacts Their ROI Positively.

From analytics, many B2B companies have tilted more to video content advertising. About 73% of them say that they have seen a great impact on their ROI since using the method.

Statistics of Live Video Marketing

Statistics of Live Video Marketing

34. Only 12% of the Video Posts on Facebook are Live Streams.

Most Facebook users don’t go live at all, and some do not do it at all times. However, almost every user has posted pre-recorded videos. With this, live streams are only 12% and pre-recorded clips are about 88%.

35. About 45% of Customers Request Live Digital Sessions From Brands.

Many people want to see brands explain and test their products and services live through social media to gain trust. Some of the other 55% don’t care about it or don’t have the time to make the requests.

36. For 17% of Companies Worldwide, Live Streaming is Integral to Their Social Media Advertising Technique.

Even if it is unpopular, live streaming has grown its credibility, making people trust brands more. This is why some brands consider it an important part of their strategy.

37. Professionals in This Industry Say That Live Streaming Will Become More Vital in the Sector in the Coming Months.

Due to the rate at which live streaming is growing brand recognition, its relevance is getting pronounced in advertising. About 60% of experts in this sector say that it will become even more important in the coming month.

38. Facebook Live Saw a 50% Increase in Viewers in 2020.

In 2020, for some reason, more Facebook users became interested in viewing live streams. This made viewers increase by 50% that year. Experts say it will see more increment.

Statistics of Healthcare Video Marketing

Statistics of Healthcare Video Marketing

39. 5% of All the Searches on Google Relate to Health.

Due to the severe health challenges people worldwide face, this has become a high-level concern. Many people search for symptoms, cures, and other health-related things, searching rises to 5%.

40. People Who Tend to be Healthcare Patients Make Up Diagnoses After Reading Online Reviews.

Many people fear to visit the hospital for some reason. This pushes them to check reviews online and form an opinion after reading six reviews.

41. Experts Said That the Worldwide Healthcare Companies’ Advertising Expenditure Would Increase by 4.3% in 2021.

As far back as 2020, the advertising expenditure for healthcare companies worldwide was relatively low. So, experts predicted that it would increase by 4.3%, and it did. It even beat their predictions that year.

42. 84% of Patients Trust Online Reviews as They Trust Personal Recommendations.

Records show that about 94% of healthcare patients use online reviews. Also, 84% trust the reviews fervently like they would a personal one.

43. Customers are More Likely to Use Search Engines to Find Nursing Homes, Optometrists, and Therapists.

Online reviews for health professionals like therapists, nursing homes, and optometrists go a long way for patients. Only a few of them get personal recommendations for these things.

Statistics of Real Estate Video Marketing

Statistics of Real Estate Video Marketing

44. Only 9% of Agents in the Real Estate Sector Create Listing Videos.

Listing videos are not important to many real estate agents because they don’t see the use for them. Also, fewer people watch them; they prefer to scroll through listings and not watch them.

45. Videos Have Proven to Be the Best Way for Agents to Show Their Reputations.

Clients look out for the reputations of real estate agents as the top five factors that can make them do deals. One way for agents to showcase their reputations is through videos, which is why they prefer to use them.

46. If You Attack a Video on Your Real Estate Website, the chance of it Appearing on the First Page Will Increase by 53%.

Since videos attract more viewers, many agents attach it to their websites. Analytics show that most websites appear on the search engine’s first page.

47. About 50% of People Who Use the Internet Search for Videos of Certain Services and Products Before They Buy.

Many say that write-ups about products and services appear too long and boring. So, they prefer videos before they buy.

48. More Homeowners Who Want to Sell Prefer Realtors With Video Listens.

Video listings are important to most homeowners looking to sell their properties. This is why 73% of them go for it, leaving about 27% who don’t care about it.

Statistics of E-commerce Video Marketing

Statistics of E-commerce Video Marketing

49. 12% of Visitors to E-commerce Pages Will Watch the Ads on the Page.

People visiting e-commerce websites might skip ads in other places but not on the commercial pages. Twelve percent of them do this because they want suggestions for other products.

50. After Watching an Ad, 46% of Viewers Will Act On It.

Video ads are becoming more compelling daily, and many people act on them. Nearly half of the watchers take action after watching, and the percentage will increase as the year goes by.

51. 47% of Retail Executives Consider Clip Ads Their Top 3 Marketing Priorities.

When it comes to marketing, video ads are more productive. This is why it has grown to be in the top 3 ad priorities for 47% of retail executives and the top 5 for even more.

52. About Three of Four Customers Say They are Most Likely to Buy a Product if They Watch a Clip Explaining It.

Write-ups and graphic designs don’t explain the functionalities of products, as well as videos do. Because of this, over half of customers rely on videos.

53. Video Ads are Helpful for 93% of Comparison Shoppers.

Records show that about 93% of consumers who do comparison shopping find video ads helpful because they provide vivid explanations.

Statistics Saas Video Marketing

Statistics Saas Video Marketing

54. 75% of All Video Plays are Through Mobile Devices.

Mobile devices are handy, easy to use, and portable. So, people watch more videos with them than with any other device, bringing the percentage of plays on them to 75.

55. Over Three of Every Four People Worldwide Watch at Least One Visual Recording Every week.

Visual recordings are hard to avoid if you use the internet. You will always bump into one or more, even if you don’t want to watch. Because of this, over three-quarters of the world’s population watches videos weekly.

56. One-third of the Time People Spend Online Goes to Viewing Streaming Clips.

Research has shown that people watch clips more than they do many other things online. Records take up one-third of an average internet user’s online time.

57. 66% More Qualified Leads Go To Video Marketers Every Year.

Each year that passes gives video marketers 66% more qualified leads than the previous one. It is a result of the sector of advertising they engage in.

Statistics of Travel Video Marketing

Statistics of Travel Video Marketing

58. Brand Travel Video Views Have Seen a 394% Increment.

Over the years, many people have developed a preference for watching travel visual records, and most of them prefer branded ones. This has increased the views by 394%, and experts say it will grow even more.

59. Most People Search for Travel Videos Based on Destinations.

Analytics shows that about 71% of travel video searches relate to the destinations. Only 29% of searches were based on the leaving point.

60. 67% of Travel Visual Recordings Come From Brands.

Travel brands make and post more travel clips than other handlers because they get more engagement.

61. 58% of Travel Searches Come From Searches for Specific Travel Brands.

The increment of views in travel content has made brand searches grow. They make up about 58% of the travel searches.

62. 40% of Travel Clip Watchers Stream About Tourist Attractions and Destinations.

Of all the viewers in this sector, 40% watch content about destinations and tourist attractions. They do this for entertainment and to plan trips.

Statistics of Education Video Marketing

Statistics of Education Video Marketing

63. Between the Last Week of March and the First Week of April 2020, Google Searches for Online Courses Increased by 70%.

Between the last week of March and the first week of April, Google saw a 70% increase in online course searches worldwide. The Covid 19 influenced this growth rate, making people want to take online classes since schools shut down.

64. Online Educational Videos are the Most Common Learning Tool in K-12 Classrooms.

K-12 classrooms mostly use online education pictorial records to teach students. 45% of the students in the classes say it is their favorite learning method, including playing digital educational games.

65. How-to Videos With ‘At Home’ in the Title See a 50% Annual Increase in Worldwide Watch Time.

Every year, the watch time of how-to content across different platforms worldwide hikes. It grows by 50% when there is at home anywhere in the title because people want quick fixes for things in their homes.

66. 58% of People Worldwide Use Videos to Learn New Skills.

People don’t go to physical workshops to learn skills as they used to; they now use online means. Their favorite online method is through videos.

67. 55% of People Watch Online Clip Content Every Day.

Watching content online costs money, and many people don’t mind spending every other day. In one month, they spend over $100 on internet data.

68. In 2018, Companies Spent $1.8 Billion on Videos.

The financial service sector saw an increase in expenditures in 2018. Brands spent $1.8 billion that year, 13.1% higher than the previous year.

69. 65% of Viewers Watch Over Three of Four Videos They See.

People stumble on thousands of videos daily, and they make sure to watch almost all of them. However, they don’t completely watch them because they lose interest halfway through.

Social Media Video Marketing

70. About 17% of Businesses Use Live Streaming for Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Live streaming on social media promotes credibility and trust between brands and clients. However, not every brand knows this, so only 17% use it.

71. 16% of People Who View Social Clips Use Vlogs to Research About Products.

Vlogs are for many purposes, and product research makes it to the list. However, only 16% of social media users use them to research products.

72. Entertaining Videos are More Appealing to Most Social Media Users.

Research has shown that about 73% of social media users prefer to watch entertainment content more than others. They skip most educational and business content online.

73. Posting a Video on Social Media Will Get You 48% More Views Than Other Content.

The rate at which people love watching content online leads them to video posts on social media. This makes handlers get 48% more views on such posts.

According to analytics, YouTube has become the most famous social media platform for sharing visual recordings. 88% of the time, marketers use it to sell out products.

Statistics of YouTube Video Marketing

Statistics of YouTube Video Marketing

75. YouTube is the Number One Platform to Watch Content for Millennials.

Due to the ease of usage and the numerous content on YouTube, it has grown to be a favorite for millennials. Following the platform, the number two most preferred is Netflix; it has thousands of mature movies that the age group loves.

76. In 2019, YouTube Users Uploaded 500 Hours of Content Every Minute.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 kept many people less busy because of the lockdown. So, they turned to the internet, and YouTube was the go-to for many people. This increased the hours of content users posted on the platform to over 500 every minute.

77. The Average Time YouTube Users Spend Watching Videos Every Day is 17 Minutes and 30 Seconds.

Most YouTube users spend less than an hour on the platform, and a few spend over three hours there. However, the average time most users spend on the app is one day.

78. YouTube has Over 15 Million Content Creators and Over 38 Million Active Channels.

Analytics shows that there are more active channels than content creators. This means some creators have over two channels that they work with. More research shows that only over 22,000 channels have over 1 million subscribers.

79. YouTube Live Streams Increased by 45% in 2020.

When the virus pandemic worsened in 2020, most people turned to streaming sites. That year, live streams on YouTube increased by 45%.

Statistics on LinkedIn Video Marketing

Statistics on LinkedIn Video Marketing

80. It Would Interest You to Know That About 80% of the Videos on LinkedIn Go Without Sound.

Some of the videos on LinkedIn have sounds, while others don’t. Regardless, people still watch them, not needing the sound. This is because they are mostly promotional videos with write-ups on the screens.

81. The Best Video Length for LinkedIn Ads and Posts is 30 to 90 Seconds.

Visual recordings on the platform are usually more effective when they are not too long or short. A 30 to 90-second video works perfectly for the site.

82. LinkedIn Users Share Posts 20 Times More Than Other Platforms.

LinkedIn is a media site that connects clients with brands. So, people share certain posts until they reach the brand or client they want.

83. LinkedIn Live Streams Get Seven Times More Engagements Than Published Videos.

Analytics have shown that more people prefer watching live streams on LinkedIn. They find them more educational than published videos because of the sound difference and other factors.

Statistics of Facebook Video Marketing

Statistics of Facebook Video Marketing

84. Users Watch 85% of Facebook Videos Without Sound.

Sounds don’t always matter in some videos when they already have captions, and most videos on Facebook do. So, people watch about 85% without paying attention to the sound.

85. Facebook Users Watch Live Streams Three Times More Than Published Ones.

Live streams on Facebook get three times more engagements than published content. People like to see things as they happen live rather than pre-recorded.

86. Facebook Records Over 8 Billion Views on Visual Recordings Every Day.

Due to the large number of users on Facebook, the platform gets billions of video views daily. The number is over 8 billion; experts say it will increase in the coming years.

87. Over 75 Million People Visit Facebook Watch Every Day.

Out of the billions of people active on Facebook, 75 million visit Facebook Watch daily. Analytics show that they spend at least 20 minutes watching content on the space.

88. About 71% of the Content on Facebook Comes From Accounts With Over 100,000 Followers.

People with more followers tend to post more than those with fewer followers. The engagement they get encourages them to publish more.

Statistics of Instagram Video Marketing

Statistics of Instagram Video Marketing

89. The Sound on Instagram Story Videos is Active for 60% of Watchers.

Research has shown that more people like watching Instagram stories with sound. About 60% of users turn the sound on, and 40% don’t care if it is on; they watch and skip.

90. The Number of People Watching Instagram Picture Recordings has Increased by 80% Since 2017.

Instagram had a high number of views before June 2017. But the number has hiked even more and has stayed up since then.

91. One of Every Three Most-watched Instagram Stories Comes From Business Profiles.

Instagram business profiles are making huge waves as many people go there to find things to buy. They have a few of the most watched stories on the platform and the tendency to increase even more.

92. Using Stickers on Instagram Stories Increases Views by 83%.

If you add stickers to the next story post, you can experience a rapid increase in your Instagram Story views by 83%. People are attracted to funny stickers, and the platform algorithm makes the story appear to more people.

93. Instagram Video Posts Get Twice the Engagement Others Get.

Posting videos is a simple hack if you want more engagement on your Instagram page. You will get double the engagements that you get on picture posts.

Statistics of TikTok Video Marketing

Statistics of TikTok Video Marketing

94. TikTok Recorded Daily Views of Over I Billion in 2018.

TikTok analytics show it had over 1 billion views daily in 2018. People wanted to explore it because it was still young, and the content was short and interesting. So, one user gave over 50 views in one day.

95. 66% of All the Marketers Who Venture to Use TikTok Have Succeeded.

TikTok has proven to have lucrative opportunities, and marketers have explored its productivity. About 66% of them recorded success, while some of the other 44% said they didn’t put in as much effort as they would.

96. 68% of TikTok Users Watch Other People’s Videos Online.

TikTok has more watchers than people who post. 55% of the people on the platform are creators, and 45% haven’t uploaded any personal videos. However, 68% of the users actively watch videos by other people.

97. TikTok has Over 800 Million Users.

A few years ago, the number of users on TikTok rose to 800 million and surpassed the amount. Experts say the number will see more rapid growth in the coming months.

98. An Average TikTok User in the US Spends About 7 Hours on the Platform Daily.

People in the US spend an incredible amount of time on TikTok, 7 hours. They break this down into 45 minutes 10 times in one day.

Statistics of X (Twitter) Video Marketing

Statistics of X (Twitter) Video Marketing

99. You can boost your retention by 60% on X using Video Website Cards. This works with the platform algorithm to create the possibility.

100. 90% of all the videos X play on mobile devices. This is because more people own the devices, making the interface easier to use.

101. X records about 2 million visual recording views every day. The site is a blogging social media platform, so more people read than watch videos.

102. The click-through rates with Video Website Cards on X are twice as high as the ones from normal video ads.

Statistics of Video Marketing by Country

Statistics of Video Marketing by Country

Statistics of Video Marketing for the US

103. Over 60% of people in the US say they prefer to watch online videos instead of TV. There are various videos online, and you can choose any one that catches your interest, but it is not the same on TV networks. This is why most people in the US prefer to go online.

104. Experts said that 82% of customer internet traffic would come from videos. This wasn’t just mere speculation, as the prediction happened.

105. The rate at which people watch videos with their mobile devices in the US doubles every year. Analysis shows that the US sees double the number of mobile device video views yearly. It sees an increment of 100% as more people get the devices and have even more video needs.

106. Experts predicted that nearly 1 million videos would be uploaded to YouTube every second in 2023. The prediction was true, as many people made visual recording posts online even more.

Statistics of Video Marketing for the UK

107. In the UK, 41% of B2B marketers consider B2B clip recordings. They are making this consideration because they want to increase their revenue.

108. 93% of marketers in the UK say that their sales have increased since they started using clips. The method has proven to be effective for selling our products.

109. 32% off clip ads that last 15 seconds online. This is the most popular duration in the UK, as more marketers use it to get buyers’ attention. Other durations are less popular.

110. Only 61% of businesses in the UK considered using video for content marketing in 2016. After five years, in 2021, the rate grew to 92%, and it experienced more growth.

111. About 57% of UK video marketers use live video for advertising. 34% of the rate use Facebook Live, and 13% use Instagram. These are the most popular media for this sector.

Statistics of Video Marketing in Canada

112. In Canada, about 73% of content marketers actively use online clips as part of their marketing strategy. 62% of the entire marketers adopted the same method.

113. YouTube is the leading digital video site in Canada. It gives Canadians what they want, and they prefer it.

114. Two out of every three streamers in Canada use mobile devices. These devices are handy and easy to use, which is why people prefer to use them.

115. Nearly 26.1 million people watch videos in Canada monthly, which shows how much people like visual clips.

Interesting Facts About Video Marketing

Interesting Facts About Video Marketing 

116. For 17% of companies worldwide, live streaming is an important part of their social media advertising technique.

117. People who tend to be healthcare patients make up diagnoses after reading online reviews.

118. Experts said that the worldwide healthcare companies’ advertising expenditure would.

119. 84% of patients trust online reviews as they trust personal recommendations.

120. About 50% of people who use the internet search for videos of certain services and products before they buy.

121. 47% of retail executives consider clip ads their top 3 marketing priorities.

122. The search for online courses on Google increased by 70% in 2020 between the last week of March and the first week of April.

123. About 17% of businesses use live streaming for social media marketing campaigns.

124. Posting a video on social media will get you 48% more views than other content.

125. YouTube has over 15 million content creators and over 38 million active channels.


Video marketing has spread across diverse sectors and industries, and its popularity has increased worldwide. Every brand believes it increases sales, engagement, awareness, and more.

Many people, especially youngsters, prefer visual recordings to pictures and write-ups, so you hardly see lots of engagement with blogs that use only blocks of text.

If you post video clips, your page will receive more views, and businesses will become more visible and gain clients when they advertise with videos. Therefore, more brands are adopting video marketing for publicity and marketing. When you go live, you can attract more buyers and engagement. The facts above are a guide to show how much more your brand can achieve with video marketing.


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