May 23, 2024

90+ Mind-Blowing Squarespace Statistics 2024

Vital Squarespace Statistics at a Glance

  1. There are 3.79 million users of Squarespace.
  2. Squarespace brought around $621.15 million in revenue in 2020.
  3. The current yearly revenue run rate for Squarespace is $754.2 million.
  4. Operating costs for Squarespace came to $482.59 million in 2020.
  5. There are 1,261 full-time employees at Squarespace.
  6. There are 3.79 million Squarespace subscribers.
  7. Connect a Google Analytics account and construct a Squarespace website in ten minutes.
  8. The Google analytics tool can help websites adopting Squarespace to track their online performance.
  9. Squarespace loves its website tools for building sites, proving its power to make nice-looking and working sites.
  10. Around 23,000 Squarespace users add Facebook Pixel to track visits, proving its functionality.
  11. Almost all online stores on Squarespace—99.3%—ship orders using UPS.
  12. In buying startup Unfold, Squarespace lets people design sleek graphics for social posts and draws creators looking to make shareable and spectacular content.

WordPress and Squarespace Statistics

WordPress and Squarespace Statistics

1. WordPress beats out Squarespace big time in the number of sites using them. About 42.5% of all websites run on WordPress, while only 1.7% use Squarespace.

2. Visitors also flock more to WordPress sites. On average, WordPress websites get ten (10) times more unique eyeballs than Squarespace.

3. Free Android and iOS applications are available for both the Squarespace and WordPress platforms, allowing users to update content on the go.

4. Squarespace’s growth has been slower than WordPress’s over the past decade. The percentage of sites using Squarespace has risen by 0.7% in 10 years. But at the same time, the share of WordPress sites shot up much quicker—by 30%.

5. WordPress’s top site is ranked #116 globally, while Squarespace is much lower at #1,420.

6. When checking the top 1,000 sites, 1% run on Squarespace, while a WordPress site pops up every second website as you move through the top thousand.

Market Share Data

Market Share Data

7. Squarespace owns 24% of the website market in Singapore.

8. Their website builder platform in Australia grabs a solid 19% share.

9. Denmark and Norway see Squarespace with just an 8% slice of the website builder pie.

10. According to the firm’s data, Squarespace holds a respectable 10% share in Indonesia.

11. Sweden and the UK give Squarespace a 5% market share.

12. The average user visits five pages on a website in 4:40, with 55% of unique website visitors from the USA taking the lead.

13. Of all the search engines, 20% of traffic comes from Google, and 89% is organic. Analytics show the company is among the top four search terms.

14. About 3% of users connect through social media.

15. Squarespace’s website sees a 50% bounce rate to SEO stats.

16. They draw in a whopping 30 million unique visitors monthly.

17. Ads displayed contribute to 1% of their visitor count.

18. For advertising, YouTube proves to be their best platform.

19. A hefty 38% directly head to Squarespace’s main website.

20. The business allocated over half its profits to sales and marketing initiatives in 2020.

21. Based on data and analytics from Squarespace, the number of websites created using the company’s site builder app rises by 2% monthly.

22. The Wix vs. Squarespace statistics show growth in market share above Squarespace.

23. The Wix company is currently ranked third on the market, after Shopify and WordPress.

24. According to SEO facts, 1.4 million persons pared on Squarespace’s online presence, resulting in a top position ahead of firms like Webflow and Weebly.

Squarespace Statistics’ Prospects

Squarespace Statistics' Prospects

25. Its overall revenue was about $620.00 million in 2020.

26. Its spending was approximately 420.00 million in 2020.

27. The subscribers were 3.79 million for personal plans that same year.

28. 70.7% of its clients are US occupants.

29. Every subscriber fetches at least $190.00 yearly.

30. The firm’s e-commerce podium increased to $3.9 billion in the same year, a 91.18% increase.

31. Squarespace availed $754.2 million in 2021 because of 3.79 million subscribers, a 35.0% rise over 2020.

32. Its market segment is the 2nd-most prevalent e-commerce stand. Its online supplies control 14.49% of the e-commerce sites on the net.

33. The stand cost is 13.0% in the hosted site solutions segment.

34. Squarespace group comprises about 1,640 professionals.

35. The moderate pay of Squarespace staff is $150000.

36. The matchless subscriptions figure to Squarespace is 4.2 million+, rising yearly. This figure shows that its users are rising.

37. The medium gain per payment is $206.38. This figure shows the firm has gained $866.79 million since its commencement.

38. The firm provides allowances that augment new structures and functionalities, and 31 extensions are accessible on its official site.

39. 70.7% of its customers are United States residents.

40. Squarespace suggests four (4) diverse pricing policies, from $16.0/monthly for private sites to $49.0/monthly for profitmaking sites.

41. The last 12 months of “Google trends” data reveals Squarespace’s highest acceptance in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Canada, plus the UK run behind.

42. The firm is raising its spending on advertising and sales.

43. Squarespace invested $339,965 in 2021 and availed $784,038 in the same year on campaign and distribution.

44. Its GMV-Gross merchandise value was 5.78 billion in 2021.

45. 544.5 million (over 30%) came from the US, and 69.4% from other nations.

More Facts on Revenue

More Facts on Revenue

46. The company’s income was $867 million in 2022, a moderate rise from the $784 million annual revenue in 2021.

47. Squarespace got $4.2 million in revenue from élite buyers in 2023.

48. In 2023, it got $247.5 million, a 16.0% year-over-year (YoY) rise (more than $212.7 million) above its 2022 value.

49. Experts estimate that, with this growth speed, Squarespace will surpass $1 billion in annual income by the end of 2023.

50. 71.8% of the firm’s total income is from America.

51. Squarespace’s users are about 3-4.0% of all sites that engage CMS, and it’s the fourth (4th) most commonly used CMS.

52. Squarespace controls 1800 staff, plus part-time workers, in America, the European Union, Australia, and the UK.

53. Squarespace was initiated in 2003 and came alive in April 2004, with 478 sites created from it.

54. United States subscribers bring in 71.8% of overall income, with all other single states accounting for at most 10.0% of its subscriptions.

Market Cap of Squarespace Vs. Rivals

Market Cap of Squarespace Vs. Rivals

55. Squarespace controls 1.70% of online websites, contrasting the renowned WordPress content controlling system’s 42.50% internationally.

56. If Squarespace site lures visitors to its site, WordPress lures 10x.

57. The international rank of the formal WordPress site is 116, contrasting Squarespace’s 1,420.

58. Squarespace controls 24.0% of the market segment in Singapore.

59. Its site builder podium manages 19.0% of the Australian market segment.

60. Squarespace covers 8.0% of site builders’ open market in Norway and Denmark.

61. From Squarespace facts and analytics, its market part in Indonesia is 10.0%.

62. Its market cap in Sweden and the UK is 5.0%.

63. Squarespace and WordPress podiums have free-of-charge iOS and Android apps that can apprise content through a device.

64. 3.0-4.0% of CMS sites also adopt its platform.

65. Squarespace is the fourth (4th) renowned CMS in the net.

66. The organization’s opponent is Wix, which owns nearly 11.0% of the CMS marketplace.

66. Nevertheless, according to W3Tech, Wix’s (CMS) marketplace cap is only 3.7%, which is approximately 250.0 million aggregated users.

67. The firm has a 17.0% market share for simple site developers.

68. Wix, conversely, controls about 46.0% of the marketplace share of sites adopting simple web developers.

69. Shopify is its top opponent in e-commerce. Shopify controls approximately 5.7% of the CMS market cap.

70. At 63%, WordPress is the top CMS shareholder. This share is nearly 43.0% of the overall web online.

71. GoDaddy Web Builder commands approximately 2.29% of the marketplace share of sites utilizing CMS.

72. Jimdo, Duda, plus Weebly are their opponents and control at most 1.0% of the market.

73. 0.58% of small and medium markets out of 100k sites utilizing CMS implement it.

Squarespace Traffic Flow

Squarespace Traffic Flow

74. In 2023, it reported 120.0 million callers between June and August. Of the total calls, 37.0% were direct callers, 35.0% were through referrals, and 18.0% were from organic search.

75. Among all the callers, 30.73% were between 25 and 34 years old, 44.09% were men, and 55.91% were women.

76. Each of the calls lasted for 9.0 minutes and 52.0 seconds.

77. took the 566th position globally in October 2023 (globally).

78. WordPress earned 550 million or more in the previous three (3) months, five times (5x) Squarespace’s revenue.

79. Shopify‘s callers were 240 million in the same period, contrasting Squarespace’s.

80. Wix’s callers were 150 million in the same period.

81. Invented in 2003 by Anthony Casalena with 1800 crew members from the US, EU, UK, and Australia, the firm is not doing badly.

82. Squarespace operates through four strategies: Basic Commerce, Personal, Business, and advanced Commerce. These strategies depend on currency or location, but the structures are consistent.

83. Squarespace subscription plans cost $36.0 per month, while annual offers discounts of 24.0% to 30.0%.

84. The firm won an Emmy for Super Bowl profitmaking in 2017 and rolled out an app in December 2018.

85. Square Space celebrated two decades (20 years) of extraordinary services and success in 2023.


Squarespace has surely seen its fair share of ups and downs. However, it has remained steadfast in dishing satisfactory services to its customers.

Although it hasn’t reached the heights of industry giant WordPress, Squarespace still stands tall as a top website builder. People like Squarespace because it’s user-friendly and affordable. Its wide array of options lets users add tracking IDs without much ado. Whether it’s learning more about Squarespace or using its website-building tools, we are positive that reading the information above is a step in the right direction.


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