April 16, 2024

Generation Z is known for its liveliness, smartness, and interaction with tech. The US Census Bureau estimates that Gen Z makes up about 20% of the US population as of 2023. They are between Millennials, who are gradually advancing in age, and Generation Alpha, who are hardy old enough to make personal decisions. This age group is the sure target for most companies in different industries.

Most of these companies create their marketing strategies to fit the age set of their major clients. Some are based on the internet, so young people become more interested. There are many other facts about Generation Z and marketing that you need to know. This article has the major must-know Generation Z marketing statistics, so read on to learn more.

Generation Z Marketing Statistics

Statistics of Generation Z Demographics

1. Almost Half of Gen Z are Either Immigrants or Their Parents.

Reports show that, in the search for greener pastures, most Gen Z individuals have fled their countries for where they think is better. This number tends to increase in the years to come.

2. The Younger Generations Make Up About 40% of the Consumers in the US.

According to the records we gathered from most US companies, young people patronize them even more. Combined, this group consumes 40% of United States produce.

3. In the US, Whites Comprise 51% of Young People.

A result of a survey shows that there are more White youths than Hispanics in the US. About 51% of the youths in the country are whites, and about a quarter, which is 25%, are Hispanic.

4. About 33% of Consumers in the World are Gen Z.

One of every three customers that most organizations do business with was born between 1997 and 2012. This makes them between the ages of 11 to 26 and the most condescending set in the world.

Statistics of Generation Z and Technology

Statistics of Generation Z and Technology

5. Up to 69% of Teenagers Think Online Ads are Annoying.

Most teenagers would do anything to skip ads, block them, or look away when they come on. They think the pop-ups waste their time because of their short attention span.

6. In the UK, the Average Gen Z Fellow Spends Over 10.6 Hours Online Daily.

This set reportedly spent the most time online in 2022; the range went up in 2023. The UK internet analytics show that the hours youth spend online are higher than that of millennials.

7. Over 74% of Teenagers Stay Online in Their Free Time.

In the world, the highest number of cyberspace users are teenagers. The report states that 74% go online at every chance, including most of their free time.

8. About 28% of Teenagers Worldwide Learn New Things From the Internet Daily.

As the days go by, new things surface in cyberspace. Because of how many teenagers visit there, they learn these things quickly.

9. The Average Generation Z Fellow Who Uses the Internet Watches Videos for 23 Hours Weekly.

Videos are one of the most interesting parts of the Internet, and young people spend hours digesting them. They spend at least 3.3 hours on them daily, or over 23 hours weekly.

Gen Z Device Ownership Statistics

Gen Z Device Ownership Statistics

10. In the US, Over 15 Million Teenagers Own Smart Wearables.

The general usage of smart wearables has increased, and teenagers play a big part in it. It is not a myth that over 15 million of them in the US own smartwatches and other wearables.

11. About 57% of Teenagers Worldwide Use a Desktop.

Desktops are rampant in the world today. Teenagers use many for online activities, watching movies, and playing games.

12. Over 25% of Gen Z Fellows Own a Gaming Console.

More Generation Z people play games than other age groups. Still, only about 25% of them own a console for games.

13. About 83% of Generation Z Fellows Own a Laptop.

Laptops have many important functions in modern-day life and are a firm requirement for many jobs today. With this, almost all the Gen Z people have one and operate it like a pro.

14. Of Every Boomer, About 66% of Them Own iPhones.

The use of iPhones is increasing rapidly, especially among young people. As many as 66% of Zoomers own one, and the remaining plan to own one.

15. Generation Z Uses iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei More Than Other Smartphone Brands.

Younger citizens’ main smartphone requirements are great camera quality and device speed. They also want a smartphone with much functionality. iPhones, Samsung, and Huawei offer all of these, which is why they are in high demand and at the top of the list.

16. The Apple Brand has the Loyalty of Nearly 95% of Gen Z Consumers.

Many young people are loyal to Apple’s brand of devices, defending their quality and features. However, many don’t even own any device from the company.

17. Most People in the Generation Group Game With Their Phones Than With Any Other Device.

It is not a myth that gaming consoles offer the best gameplay. However, research shows that more people in this age group use mobile devices because of consoles’ availability and high cost. 

18. Of all Zoomers, Over Half Consider Smartphone Camera Quality a Critical Factor in Getting One.

There are many things to look out for when buying a smartphone. However, in a survey, over half of the bloomers say that camera quality is the most important.

19. Three out of Every Four Teenagers Say they got their First Smartphone Between the Ages of 13 and 16.

For the millennial and older age group, age 13 to 16 is too early to get a smartphone. However, recent research has shown that this is different for teenagers, as over three-quarters of them got their first smartphones at that age.

Gen Z Tech Adoption Statistics

Gen Z Tech Adoption Statistics

20. About 22% of Generation Z Fellas Indicate that they Would Use Voice Assistants.

With technology, young people no longer have to do some things manually. With the help of voice assistants, you can operate most tech devices just by talking, which is why they use it.

21. Of all the Zoomers, 66% Create Websites with WordPress.

Most people in this age group don’t use the regular website design method. The record shows that they use the easiest means: WordPress.

22. About 37% of Zoomers Receive One to Five Emails Daily, and 5% of Gen Z Receive Over a Hundred Daily.

There is hardly a reason to doubt that the youth get more emails than millennials. They engage in more online activities, which increases the rate at which they get reminders and update emails.

23. 30% of Teenagers have Expressed their Belief that Technology is the Solution that the World Needs

Although many other people worldwide believe technology is the way forward for sorting out issues, this number also includes 30% of the teenagers who participated in the survey. The other 70% think the world challenges have other solutions.

24. About 31% of Young Internet Users do not Fear Sharing Personally Sensitive Data Online.

Guardians and parents have become cautious about how children access the Internet. This is because of the increasingly sensitive data that young people post.

25. Over 52% of Zoomers Want to Use Virtual Reality for Entertainment.

Since virtual reality games and others came into existence, Zoomers have been using them more than other age groups. Over half (52%) have expressed their intentions to use the tech.

26. Smartphones are the Payment Means for About 32% of Generation Z Fellas.

Research has shown that Gen takes the implementation of cashless policies more seriously than other age groups. About 32% of them pay for goods with their smartphones, some use bank cards, and others pay with cash.

27. 43% of the Young Cohort Believe that One of the Essential Things a Household Should have is Smart Home Devices.

Smart home devices are important for the safety and ease of appliance navigation. However, young people care about it more than older citizens.

Gen Z Tech Usage Statistics

Gen Z Tech Usage Statistics

28. Over Half of Zoomers Own and Use More Than One Device at a Time.

Due to most Zoomers’ love for gadgets, research has shown that about 66% use two at once. Some of the other 44% want to join in but cannot afford it, and others are not intrigued.

29. Of Gen Z, 91% go to Bed with Their Smartphones by Their Side.

Most young cohorts use their phones at night to surf social media, work, or connect with friends. Therefore, it makes it easy for them to sleep off with devices by their side.

30. 71% of the Age Group Watch Videos on their Smartphones.

Since smartphones are handy, unlike laptops and TVs, over half of the age group uses them to watch videos. Meanwhile, the other 29% use their computer and TVs for bigger screen purposes.

31. One out of Every Five Teenagers Recycles Electronics.

Not many teenagers believe in recycling things. This is why a survey shows that only one of every five teenagers recycles electronics. This makes 20% of them.

32. The Percentage of Zoomers who Access Social Media with their Mobile Devices is 51.

A survey revealed that about 51% of young adults use social media with their mobile devices. They claim that it is easier and faster.

33. More Teenagers Prefer to Use Smartphones than Desktops.

Recent research shows that about 75% of teenagers would rather use their phones than desktops. Some factors that sponsor this are seamless usage and mobility.

34. 91% of Zoomers say that the Technology Some Companies use can Affect their Employment Decision.

Some people in the age group filled out our questionnaires. Accumulating the result, we discovered that almost all of them think technology affects the employment decisions of many companies. They say some technologies will make some people go jobless and others employed.

Digital Habits of Generation Z Cohort Statistics

Digital Habits of Generation Z

35. Websites that Load Over 5 Seconds Lose 60% of their Teenage Clients.

The attention span of most teenagers is short, so they get impatient and leave things that are delayed. With this, website owners reported losing more of their teenage clients when a network glitch occurs and a page takes over 5 minutes to load.

36. Over 73% of Gen Z Stay in Touch With their Friends and Families Through Messaging Apps.

The report shows that many young adults spend more time on their devices than with friends. However, 27% of them still prefer to hang out with family and friends physically.

37. Only 41% of Zoomers Worry About the Time they Waste Online.

Not many Zoomers care about the time they waste online. 59% prefer to stay online, even if they have nothing to do.

38. Millennials Take Four Seconds to Evaluate the Content, Half of What Gen Z Spends.

Research shows that Gen Z takes more time to evaluate content than Millennials. They spend 8 seconds evaluating content.

39. 45% of Teenagers are Online Almost Constantly.

For work, social media, connecting with people, and more, 45% of teenagers spend 90% of their time online. Only about 55% regulate the time they spend online.

40. About 31% of Gen Z Fellas have a Somewhat Digital Addiction.

More Gen Z has digital addiction compared to millennials. 31% of the younger age group and 25% of millennials are in this addiction category.

41. 24% of Teenagers say they Won’t be Comfortable Going an Hour Without Checking the Internet.

Internet addiction is more common among young people. Research shows that over 24% of them can’t go an hour without access to the Internet, and many others cannot go a day without it. Only 8% can stay offline for a day and not feel uncomfortable.

Marketing Statistics of Generation Z

Marketing Statistics of Generation Z

42. 60% of Generation Z Struggle to Balance Their Work Life.

Due to the constant distractions this age cohort experiences, they struggle to maintain a steady work balance. Their work ethics are not strong enough to make them as effective as they should be.

43. The Number of Hours that an Average Zoomer Spends Online in One Day is 8 Hours.

Of the 24 hours, records show that many young people spend over 8 hours online. Then, they spread the remaining time of the day across different activities.

44. About 58% of Younger US Citizens Trust the Military and Local Government.

The military and local government usually mostly show up for people in the US when the need arises. This is why people in this age group trust them so much.

45. Only 37% of People in this Age Group are Interested in Travelling.

The interests of individuals in this group differ. According to a survey, about 37% want to travel, and 70% strive to make money and ensure stable careers.

46. Experts say About 37% of Gen Z will Work in the Healthcare Sector After Graduation.

According to experts in the age analysis sector, about 37% of Zoomers will fall back to working in the healthcare industry. It is the least industry that allows people to enrol by all means.

47. 72% of the Cohort says Healthcare is Their Number One Political Issue.

People born between 1928 and 1945 used to have economic stability as the number one political issue. Time passed, and this was no longer an issue as healthcare became a bigger threat. The record shows that younger citizens think more about their health challenges than financial ones.

48. In the US, Generation Z Fellas Focus More on Healthcare Benefits, Salary, and Security.

Due to the constant rise of insecurity, health challenges, and financial instability, youths in the US focus more on these things. Research shows that about 70% of them pay attention to these aspects and expect improvements.

49. About 98% of Youth in the World Own a Smartphone.

Smartphones are handy and easier for most young people, so most own them for work. Others have them to connect to the online world because their peers have them, too.

50. In Ten Years, Generation Z will Make up a Third of the Workforce in the World.

Experts in this study said Generation Z will make up a major part of the world workforce. Considering the growth rate of the cohort, the prediction will come true.

51. Most Zoomers Stay on Their Smartphones for at Least Five Hours Daily.

Research shows that about 55% of Zoomers spend about five hours daily on their smartphones. Some do this for work, to connect with friends, stay on social media, play games, or watch movies.

Generation Z and Social Media

52. Amongst Zoomers, Facebook is the Fourth Most Used Platform.

Although Facebook is the world’s number one social media platform, it is the fourth most used by youth. They use other social media platforms more.

53. About 52% of the Cohorts Use Social Media as their Number One Means to Discover Brands.

Studies have shown that most young citizens don’t get brand updates from websites, billboards, and other means. They get them from social media because they spend most of their time there.

54. Three of Every Four Gen Z Fellas Keep Up with Celebrities Through Social Media.

Over half of the cohort used this means to keep up with their favourite celebrities. This is because there is hardly any other platform on which celebrities post their lives.

55. Over 61% of People in this Age Group Use YouTube and Instagram Saily.

Most people in this age group spend time on YouTube and Instagram daily for research purposes, entertainment, and fun. The sites have entertaining and educative content to fit users’ specifics.

56. The Average Time that Gen Z Spends on Social Media Daily is About 3 Hours.

Over the years, social media has evolved to be even more interesting. Most young people spend an average of 3 hours switching from one platform to another.

57. About 55% of Youths Claim they are More Creative and Productive Online than Offline.

Cyberspace is broad and has much to offer. It allows people to explore their creativity, and most youths have discovered theirs in it.

58. Many People Share Their Creative Crafts Online Through Social Apps.

Since most youths admitted to being more creative online, they have made the space their trusted means to share their works. About 56% of them trust this as the best means.

59. The % of People in the Age Group who Believe that Social Media Helps them Stay Connected with Friends is 81%.

Although social media now promotes business and is a means to earn for most people, it has other uses. The original purpose of the platforms was to connect with friends and get entertainment, and 81% of youths still use them that way.

60. 90% of Teenagers have Used Snapchat at Least Once.

Analytics show that young people are more on Snapchat than older citizens. Almost all of them have used the app at least once.

61. Three-quarters of Teenagers Admit that they Follow at Least One Influencer on Social Sites.

More teenagers make up the entire followers of influencers online than millennials. They love the content these influencers feed them, so three of four follow at least one.

62. Zoomers Make up 60% of the Entire TikTok Users.

According to TikTok analytics, 40% of the people on the app are millennials and other age groups. However, more Zoomers crowd the site, as it records that they make up 60% of its users.

63. Instagram is The Number One App for Following Influencers for 41% of Teenagers.

Records show that only 16% of this cohort use Facebook to keep up with influencers and bloggers. Meanwhile, more (41%) use Instagram for the same purpose because these Influencers are active there.

64. More Youths Stop Using Facebook Every Year.

From research, we have found that the number of Facebook users drops slightly every year among youths. Most of them claim the app doesn’t give them what they want.

Statistics of Gen Z Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

65. 43% of Young Adults Regularly Submit Product Reviews Dutifully.

Like it’s an obligation, most young adults often submit product reviews. About 43% say they do this because they want to return to the brand and experience a better service.

66. During a Purchase, 82% of Teenagers Buy by Recommendation.

It is safe to say that many teenagers don’t have a mind of their own when they are buying a product. They take recommendations from family, friends, and anyone they think knows better.

67. With Messages’ Help, 60% of the Age Group Would like to Stay in Touch with Brands.

People in this group value communication with brands, as it helps them create personal connections. This, in a way, makes them love the brand and want to patronize it more

Many Zoomers have grown to idolize influencers enough to buy whatever they recommend. Records have it that about 62% of them are on this ship.

69. Loyalty Programs and Coupons have Significant Value and Appeal to 65% of Generation Z Customers.

Brands report that more Generation Z fellas make up more customers using their coupon codes for discounted service. Only about 35% of them don’t feel the need to use them.

70. About 66% of Teenage Shoppers Look for Product Quality When Choosing a Brand.

The quality of certain products and services appeals to teenagers who want to pick a brand to patronize. They trust brands with quality products for steady shopping.

71. ‘Out of Stock’ Annoys about 65% of Gen Z Shoppers when Purchasing Products Online.

Many teenagers like it when all the products they want to buy online are readily available. They don’t appreciate the label ‘Sold Out’ or’ Out of stock’

Media Consumption Statistics

72. Most Gen Z Cohorts Use Cyberspace for Entertainment.

Research shows that about 65% of people in this age group use the Internet for entertainment. They watch pictures, videos, movies, play games, and more.

73. 71% of Males in this Age Group Spend Time Watching Live Video Games on Twitch.

Twitch is a platform for streaming live videos; many users play video games and stream them there. Although some young girls watch these video games, more young men are on the platform watching them.

The record shows that only 45% of Generation Z watched cable TV in 2023, and the percentage will reduce even more in 2024. However, more Generation X, about 68% of them, will watch Cable TV in in 2023.

75. The Largest Share of Netflix Subscribers Belongs to Zoomers.

More Zoomers go online to get entertainment. Netflix analytics shows that about 71% of its subscribers in 2023 are members of this age group. Experts say the number will increase in time as 2024 swings by.

76. 61% of Young Adults Find News on Social Media Daily.

Social media has become a means to pass news to the government and many other influential people. This means making sure news reaches a larger number of people. Also, 61% of young adults make sure to search the platform every day for it.

Statistics of Generation Z Purchasing Habits

Purchasing Habits

77. While Shopping in an Onsite Store, 47% of Zoomers Still Use Their Phones to Find Better Deals Online.

There is usually a price contention between online and onsite stores on certain products. Most Zoomers believe one usually depends on the goods, so they evaluate while shopping.

78. Many Gen Z Shoppers Use Apps to Get Purchase Rewards and Bonuses.

Research shows millennials are more concerned about buying and using products than rewards. However, this differs for youths, as about 70% use store apps just for rewards.

79. 67% of Young Adults Prefer to Buy Things in Onsite Stores.

According to a survey, most youths prefer to shop in onsite stores because they don’t like the wait for delivery. They complain that it builds a sense of restlessness and anticipation, and the product might not be what they want.

80. Most Zoomers Don’t Involve Themselves in Household Purchasing Processes.

Zoomers find household things online shopping stressful and boring, so they mostly don’t participate in them. However, 72% hardly have choices because their parent forces them to participate, while some of the 28% do it because there is no one else to do it.

81. An Average Teenage Shopper Reads About Three Reviews Online on a Product Before Buying It.

To minimize regret, teenagers read at least three reviews online when they want to buy new things. Some read even more to be sure of what they are buying.

Statistics of Marketing Strategy for Generation Z

Marketing Strategy

82. Cashback and Discounts are Good Ways for Brands to Attract Zoomers.

Many brands have confirmed that they get more Zoomers as clients when announcing product discounts. Over the years, this has become a potent marketing strategy.

83. About 64% of People in this Age Group Partake in the Least One Royalty Program.

Royalty programs are great marketing techniques as they attract the cohort more. Research shows that 64% of them have at least tried them once in their lifetime.

84. Great Customer Support Services Appeal to Most Gen Z Fellas.

Analytics from different brands indicate that more Generation Z fellas patronize them because of their top-notch customer support. About 60% say they will return to sellers who treat them well, mostly regardless of the product cost.

85. Authentic Product Pictures Appeal More to 52% of the Audience Than Edited Pictures.

The authentic pictures of products show buyers the real thing that they are up to get. However, the edited ones fine-tone the product and give shoppers a delusional view. This is why most of them don’t like the latter.

86. 59% of Zoomers Flow with Social Commerce.

About 59% of Zoomers think it best when a blogger or an influencer recommends a product. So, they purchase without second thoughts. Brands have used this means, and it is effective.

87. Email Marketing Campaigns Don’t Affect the Purchasing Decisions of About 31% of Young Internet Users.

Another effective strategy to increase sales is an email marketing campaign. It doesn’t affect 31% of young internet users, but it does on 69%.

88. 65% of Digital Marketing Specialists say they Will Increase Spending to Attract More Gen Z Clients.

Getting Gen Z to buy your product is easy but expensive because of all that comes with it. However, the returns are usually huge, so marketing strategists don’t mind spending more to get the age group on their side.

89. There is a 77% Chance of Getting Zoomers as Clients for Brands that Promote Gender Equality with their Ads.

Ads that promote gender equality appeal to the senses of the younger generation. One factor responsible for this is the activist nature of this group of people.

90. Compared to Millennials, the Lesser Gen Z Group expects shops to Provide a Personalized Experience for Them.

Research shows that millennial shoppers are more demanding than the young ones. About 74% of older citizens expect stores to give them a personalized experience. However, only 64% of Generation Z are in this category.

91. Rating is the Most Important Factor that 52% of Youths Consider Before Buying a Product.

This group considers the ratings on a product to determine which one is best for them to buy. This means they will pay for a service with the highest ratings.

92. Many Cohorts Believe Influencer Marketing is More Effective than Other Strategies.

Since more Zoomers will purchase a product if an influencer recommends it, it is now a marketing strategy. The cohorts see it to be the most effective technique in the industry.

Statistics of Generation Z Spending

Generation Z Spending

It is not a myth that Zoomers consume alcohol more than millennials. Research says that the cohort spends 6% more than older citizens do.

94. In 2022, Recreational Marijuana saw a 126% Sales Increment Among Young People.

Many young people are addicted to intoxicating substances, and a few of them just like the fun of them. Recreational marijuana sales increased by 126% in 2022, and they predict it to grow even more in 2024.

95. The Average Amount Teenagers Influence Their Parents to Spend Every Year is $600 Billion Worldwide.

The most parent would save their money, but for the influential spending, their teenager keeps on them. Some devices would never make it to the household if these teenagers didn’t suggest them.

96. The Gen Z Customer’s Spending Power Value is $144 Billion.

Even if many don’t earn, Gen Z has a firm spending power of $144 billion. Finance experts say this amount will grow in the coming year.

97. More Youths Prefer to Use the Cashless Payment Method.

About 73% of young adults would rather use cashless payment options than carry cash around. They say they do this to make payments easier. However, 27% prefer paying with cash, while others disagree.

98. In the US, an Average Consumer in this Age Group Spends Over $1,100 During Holidays.

The US financial experts discovered that young people in the country spend at least $1,100 on holidays. This amount goes for chilling, fun, gifts, and sometimes, clothes.

Shopping Preferences

99. 20% of Young Customers Choose Nike as Their Favourite Fashion Brand.

Of the thousands of clothing brands worldwide, 20% of young people choose Nike as their favorite. The tick, design, and quality of the products attract them.

100. More Generation Z Online Shoppers Prefer Amazon over Walmart and eBay.

Amazon has made a name for itself, making the site easy to use. About 75% of the age group would rather shop using the site.

101. Socially and Environmentally Responsible Brands Make More Sales Among about 55% of Zoomers.

If a company carries social and environmental duties as its responsibility, it can win the hearts of 55% of Zoomers. A survey on shopping brands confirms this.

102. 61% of this Audience Prefers a Company that Keeps their Personal Information Confidential.

From a study, we discovered that the young audience doesn’t return to brands that misuse personal data. About 61% of them will make steady purchases from confidential companies for some reason.

103. Regardless of the Cost, 61% of Teenagers will Pay for Products they Use in Sustainable Production Methods.

Teenagers also believe in quality over quantity. This is why over half of them are willing to pay extra for such products.

104. 68% of Zoomers Want Companies to Give to Improve Society.

Zoomers believe that big brands have enough resources to contribute to improving society. So, they expect these brands to do it.

105. One of Every Three Gen Z Consumers Says that Delivery Options Affect Purchasing Decisions.

Most Gen Z guys say their decision to buy a product depends on the delivery options associated with it. Most of them will choose home delivery or pay-on-delivery.


The generation that currently has the highest rate of smoking and alcohol consumption is the Zoomers. They spend more on these things than millennials. Also, they love the online space so much that more go there for entertainment, education, and more. Social media is one of the most time-consuming cyberspaces for the age group.

Online shopping is their strong forte because it is easier. Another thing this set of people likes is smart devices, as most of them own one. Some of them are addicted to these devices, and they sleep with their smartphones in their hands. Also, they believe cashless payment options are the best.


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