April 24, 2024

Networking remains pivotal, with 80% of professionals considering business relationships key to their careers. Yet only 38% report comfort mingling at media events. Fortunately, digitization and remote workflows expand networking avenues as 95% leverage LinkedIn for connections. In-person still reigns supreme — about 90% of executives rank conferences among their top lead sources, and 65% of closed deals stem from in-person meetings.

Mastering networking in an increasingly hybrid environment means keeping pace with vital shifts. For example, referrals drive 32% of company revenue, yet only 29% of employees are properly equipped. Meanwhile, 12% of networks use metaverse spaces as emerging technologies intertwine business relationships. Ultimately, the value persists, but modern nuances alter traditional approaches.

So, no business thrives without proper networking. Therefore, understanding the various networking trends is essential for professionals and individuals to survive and thrive in business. This article provides useful insights into Business Networking Statistics. Let’s get to the interesting facts and figures.

Informative Business Networking Statistics

General Business Networking Statistics

1. Online Networking Saves Time, which is a Notable Benefit.

 Networking online through Skype, Zoom, and Google Meets is time-saving. Also, with the rapid growth of social media, online networking is easy and faster.

2. 70% of Scientists in 2021 Stated That Digital Conferences Lacked Proper Networking Opportunities.

While online networking could be productive, some scientists stated in 2021 that it cannot be compared to physical meetings.

3. Face-to-face Meetings Provide Much Better Opportunities for Building Lasting Business Relationships.

95% of people in a survey share this sentiment. They believe that meeting in person yields better results than online meetings.

4. Small Meetings Are Better Than Meetings With Over 10 People.

There is always a tendency to get lost in the crowd. So, meetings in smaller groups leave impressions that last longer.

5. The Chances of Men Getting a Job Through Networking is 26%, While Women Have a 25% Chance.

Men have slightly better chances of getting a job opportunity through networking events. However, women are not far behind, with a 1% lesser chance of gaining employment from such events.

6. 72% of People Participating in Physical Meetings Consider Body Language Critical For First Impressions.

Body language is the unspoken side of our interactions, which is critical and easily noticed. It plays a critical role in making quality first impressions.

7. If An Employee is Hired Through Referrals or Connections, They Often Last Longer and Become Critical to the Company’s Progress.

According to statistics, these employees, from connections or referrals, become vital players in their company. Also, they have job longevity.

8. 84% of People Rely on LinkedIn to Strengthen Their Professional Network.

LinkedIn is a reliable tool for professional connections. Arguably, it is the most preferred medium of professional connection among business people. Most individuals have LinkedIn profiles that clearly define their areas of interest.

9. 5-20% of New Customers Are Captured From Trading Shows.

These shows bring together individuals from a common sector to share ideas on products or services. This sharing of common ideas helps to create networking opportunities.

10. Business Cards Are Critical Since They Create the First Impression For 72% of People.

Most people decide whether to interact with a business when viewing their business cards. These cards often carry vital business details such as services rendered and contact information. 

How to Network Statistics 2024

How to Network Statistics

11. 35% of Survey Participants Found a New Opportunity From a Casual Conversation on LinkedIn.

According to a LinkedIn study in 2017, 35% of participants found valuable opportunities through a casual chat on the platform.

12. 25% of Survey Participants Said LinkedIn Helped Them Develop New Business Partnerships.

LinkedIn continues to be a leading light in networking connections. 25% of survey respondents confirm they forged new partnerships by interacting on LinkedIn.

13. 61% of the Survey Participants Believe Frequent Online Interactions Can Create Potential Job Opportunities.

Interacting with other users online can boost your chances of landing a job. These interactions help to form quality connections that sometimes translate to job opportunities.

14. Business Cards Create First Impressions For 72% of Individuals.

Business cards are vital to the corporate image of any brand. Also, digital business cards are now available and used by many individuals. These individuals vary from top-ranking CEOs to sales representatives. These cards contain vital information, such as links to social websites, accounts, and more. 

Challenges of Business Networking Statistics 2024

Challenges of Business Networking

15. 79% of Professionals Consider Networking to be Vital to Career Progress.

While this figure seems encouraging, only 48% of these professionals connect to their networks constantly. This is a true opportunity missed and will yield less results than those actively engaged in networking.

16. The Time Factor is the Biggest Challenge For Business Networking.

Most individuals view insufficient time as a stumbling block to proper business networking. This could result from differences in schedules among the meeting parties.

17. 49% of People Surveyed Claimed There is Not Enough Time For Networking.

Most people still complain about time and how it is insufficient to carry out networking activities. The fast-paced nature of the modern world makes time a rare commodity.

18. Millennials Are Worse Off in Maintaining Connections.

Among the millennials, only 43% struggle to keep in touch with their network. The rest let networking opportunities slip away, widening the gap between potential connections. 

The Effects of COVID-19 on Business Networking Statistics

Effects of COVID-19 on Business Networking

19. Business Networking Went Downhill During the Recently Arrested COVID-19 Pandemic. As Such, Only 42% of Professionals Contacted Their Connections For Job Opportunities.

Professionals saw their fair share of challenges during COVID-19 as it limited people’s freedom of movement. As a result, connections for job opportunities also decreased, and only 42% of professionals maintained contact with one another.

20. In 2021, the Rate of Conversations on LinkedIn Went Up By 55%.

Conversation on LinkedIn grew by 55% in 2021 alone as job-seekers worldwide looked to reenter employment after the global catastrophe (COVID). This reflects the centrality of LinkedIn as an online business network.

21. Up to 70% of Small Business Owners Do Their Networking Activities Online.

Small business owners have a lot to benefit from online networking. Economic constraints and other factors may hasten the establishment of online networking, which is also likely to be the most popular approach.

22. By March 2020, the Events and Exhibitions Industry Recorded $ 16.5 Billion in Revenue Losses.

These losses were mainly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

23. But 93% of Organizers and Other Event Planners Have Expressed An Interest in Virtual Events.

This shows that virtual events have come into their own since the era of COVID. In addition, 93% of organizers include virtual events.

24. However, 80.2% of Event Planners Feel That Virtual Events Are More Effective At Attracting Attendees.

However, event planners and organizers feel virtual events are useful for networking.

Top Business Networking Statistics

Top Networking Trends

25. Restaurants and Bars Are the Best Locations For Networking.

At least 38% of professionals believe restaurants and bars are ideal for networking.

26. Over 26,000 Co-Working Locations Were Created In 2020.

This shows the importance of networking

27. 70% of Millennials Hate Working From the Office.

This group prefers remote work over office work.

28. There Are 500 Million Daily Users on Google Translate.

Google Translate helps almost a billion people in networking activities daily.

29. The Top Social Media Site in January 2023 Was Facebook.

Facebook had over 3 billion active users in January 2023, which confirms its importance.

30. People Spent An Average of Almost 20 Hours Networking on Facebook in January 2023.

Users spent nearly 20 hours networking and participating in other activities on Facebook in January. 

Vital LinkedIn Statistics

Vital LinkedIn Stats

31. In 2023, More Than 950 Million LinkedIn Members will be Worldwide.

For Networking activities, LinkedIn continues to lead the pack. In Europe, there are 249 million users, and in North America, 228 million. Moreover, there are 151 million users in South America and another 56 million across the Middle East-Africa region.

32. At LinkedIn, 117 People Apply For Jobs Each Second, and Eight Are Hired Each Minute.

This is because the platform has many categories of jobs so that anyone can put out a recruitment.

Vital X (Twitter) Statistics

Vital X (Twitter) Stats

Yet, X is not included in a general breakdown of networking platforms. By contrast, there is a thriving community of people happy to get into the same trends and social networks for other motives.

33. X Recorded 556 Million Active Users, According to January Statistics.

Given this miraculous viral enthusiasm, X has become a major social media site for networking activities.

34. The Average Monthly Time Spent on the App By X Users is Now 5.5 Hours.

X’s always has excellent content, providing hot topics for people. Moreover, nearly all leading businessmen now have official X accounts. This makes it an essential network and conduit for information.

Facts About the Clubhouse Networking Platform

Clubhouse Networking Platform

A lot of people love using Clubhouse as their networking venue. Here are some interesting things you should know about the Clubhouse that you may not already know.

35. Clubhouse, Which is a Voice-Based Platform, Has 1 Million Users Flocking in to Connect Every Week in 2023.

The Clubhouse has become more and more popular among many people around the world for networking activities.

  • Did you know the 45+ Startup Club, a club for older people interested in business, has over 940,000 members
  • The Startup Club, specifically for startups, has over 939,900 members.
  • The Human Behavior Club, which helps people interact and network, doesn’t in any way fall behind in this growth trend as it boasts more than 766,000 members.

Clubhouse’s Most Followed Accounts:

  • Rohan Seth (7.4 million followers): He co-founded Clubhouse.
  • Paul Davidson (6.4 million followers): The co-founder of Clubhouse.
  • Katie Stanton (3.7 million followers) and Erik Torenberg (3.7 million followers) are tech and startup mentors.
  • Andrew Chen (4.5 million followers): Investing mentor with deep knowledge.

The Future of Networking

The Future of Networking

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the rules of networking as more people embrace technology. 

36. 52% of Planners Are Willing to Embrace Technology.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), and other technological advancements are an added advantage for some planners.  Nevertheless, 39% are uncertain about these updates. Also, 9% of planners believe technology will fail since it does not have a human touch. 

37. Planners Hope For Proper Training to Handle AI Tools.

Some planners believe participants will resist the technology-focused models despite the AI revolution. They believe that people tend to favor a hospitable approach over technology. Nevertheless, there is a need for proper training to understand how these tools operate. 


The importance of networking to business is quite obvious. With more businesses embracing technology and a digital approach, networking is the vehicle to realize lasting success. Also, a strong network creates great job and business opportunities and lasting relationships. However, there are challenges to effective networking, such as resistance to new technology. Nevertheless, evolution in business networking remains constant, with more modifications occurring daily. So, a successful business must have a dependable network to achieve success. 


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