April 24, 2024

We cannot overlook the growth trend that is currently taking place in the cleaning industry. This growth is a reflection of the disease control measures countries have implemented.

Every year, more people become part of the cleaning business at both the personal and commercial levels. It is fast becoming a means of survival for many who would have been left dead on the streets. In 2022, nearly 10% of all U.S. households hired a professional cleaner. By 2029, the employment of housekeepers and maids will grow by 6.08 percent.

Cleaning a house takes more than just a brush and soap; it requires some tricks and turns to keep a place sparkling. Using sanitizers has added a new look to this trade and has made it more noble for anyone to take on. Knowing about the cleaning industry will give you a better idea of how profitable it is and how much it has grown in the last years. Let’s plunge in.

Cool Cleaning Industry Statistics

Top Cleaning Industry Statistics

  1. North America has become the world’s largest standing cleaning industry market.
  2. Asia comes in second place on the world stage in the industry market.
  3. Janitorial services had a field day in 2018, taking over 3.24 million persons on board.
  4. Up to 1,159,598 janitor businesses were opened in the United States by the end of 2022.
  5. Over 70 million people have taken up the role of domestic workers across the globe.
  6. You will most likely see a rise to about $46.9 billion in the market value of household cleaners.
  7. Global residence cleaning products are expected to hit a market value of $15.7 million by 2024.
  8. Cleaning products will most likely keep a market growth of 5% year in and year out till 2024. 
  9. The cleaning industry is moving toward a 10% rise in revenue when 2026 comes to a close. 

General Cleaning Industry Statistics

General Cleaning Industry StatisticsGeneral Cleaning Industry Statistics

1. North America has Grown to Have the World’s Largest Standing Cleaning Industry Market Over the Years.

This is coined from the fact that most people find it tiring and are unable to complete the simplest cleaning task at home. They have no choice but to hire others to get the job done. The market’s growth rate may reach $29.41 billion close to 2033. This is because the sector CAGR is expected to hit an all 3.78% within the years.

2. Asia Comes in Second Place On the World Stage of the Industry Market.

Studies show that the Asia Pacific region of the world is the second-largest cleaning industry in the world. It has been doing a whole lot to improve its cleaning services at the commercial level. Revenue from household cleaners will rise to $12.96 billion at the end of 2023, and this will mean having a growth rate of 5.73% for the next couple of years. 

3. Janitorial Services Had a Field Day in 2018, Taking Over 3.24 Million Persons on Board.

Do you know that janitors make the most money in the cleaning industry? Yes, they earned as much as $34,000 in 2022 alone, which helped to raise the size of the market to 90 million that same year.

4. Up to 1,159,598 Janitor Businesses Were Opened in the United States By the End of 2022.

New cleaning services keep popping up in the United States, and 2021 was no exception as 1,159,598 new ones arose.

5. Over 70 Million People Have Taken Up the Role of Domestic Workers Across the Globe.

The number of domestic workers keeps on increasing as more and more people enter into the sphere. Women comprise the largest number, with as much as 76.2%, which puts men in the background. 

Cleaning Industry Demographics Statistics 

Demographics Stat

6. The Average Age of Most Persons in the Cleaning Industry is 47 Years of Age.

Most cleaners, housekeepers, and cooks are up to 47 years of age. It can, therefore, be said that the sectors mostly attract those in their midyears. 

7. Women Take Up the Largest Share of the Cleaning Industry Workforce.

Women comprise the largest chunk of the labor force, with 76%, while males comprise just 24% of the industry.

8. Many United States Building Cleaners and Janitors Were Males in 2020.

Women made up about 40% of the janitors and building cleaners lawfully hired in the United States. This goes to show that men were more engaged than women in 2020. 

9. White-Colored Housekeepers Had the Highest Share of Workers, Standing At 61.5%.

Housekeepers who are white have the largest chunk in the number, with 61.5%, followed by Hispanics, with 19.6%. The blacks also have a cut in the number of United States housekeepers with 10%.

10. Only 31% of Housekeepers can Possess a Higher Diploma Certificate.

Only 31% of housekeepers in the United States hold a higher diploma. 

Industry Statistics for Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning stats

11. The Commercial Cleaning Sector was Able to Create More Than 2.3 Million Jobs For the Teeming Populace in 2016.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that over 2.3 million people were hired into commercial cleaning services.

12. More Than a Million People Were Cleansers and Janitors As of May 2020.

The number of estimated cleaners and janitors in the United States reached 1,990,510 at the close of 2020.

13. The Average Janitor Had a Take-Home Annual Pay of $29,080 in May 2020.

People who worked as janitors in the United States as of May 2020 took home an annual paycheck of $29,080.

14. Places Like Washington in the United States Pay Much Better Than Other Places.

Janitors working in Washington earned an average yearly take-home pay of $28,447 as far back as 2021. This was great news: the national average wage across all jobs was $59,596.

15. The Number of Employed Cleaners and Janitors Rose By 2.57% in Just a Year.

There was a rise in the rate at which people were hired as janitors and building cleaners in the United States. This occurred between 2017 and 2018 when more persons rushed into the industry.

16. Over Half of the Cleaning Industry is Made Up of Commercial Cleaning.

As much as 55% of the cleaning industry has a stake in commercial cleaning. This becomes the case as more and more businesses hire hands to take up the task of proper cleaning service.

17. The Commercial Cleaning Service Will Most Likely Grow At a CAGR of 6.6%.

This sector has recorded great success for some years and will likely rise with a CAGR of 6.6% from 2023 to the end of 2030. 

Residential Industry Cleaning Statistics 

Residential Industry Cleaning Statistics 

18. Housemaids and Keepers Got Paid An Average Salary of $28,780.

The average housekeeper in the United States took home at the end of 2021 a tidy sum of $28,780. Despite this being the average paycheck, another 25% of housemaids had a take-home pay of $30,960 that same time. Some others were lowly paid, getting just $23,470 that same period. 

19. Columbia District Pays Housekeepers More Than Every Other State in the United States.

The District of Columbia has better value for its housekeepers, giving them a paycheck of almost $40,000 yearly. 

20. The Number of Persons Hired As Housemaids Will Likely Increase By 6%.

Experts have high hopes that the rate at which people are hired as housemaids or housekeepers will increase by 6% by 2029.

21. Up to 795,590 Persons Were Hired As Domestic Workers in Just May 2020 in the United States.

May 2020 was a great year, as 795,590 persons were taken on board as domestic workers in the United States.

22. In 2022, the Number of Hired Housemaids Stood At About 900,000 in the United States.

Around 900,000 maids were hired by people living in the United States.

23. Most Maids in the United States Are Employed By People Living in the Cool City of California.

The state of California has quite the largest number of maids in the United States. This is closely followed by Florida, with 80,900, and the next stop is the city of Texas, with 47,920 jobs. New York comes right up in fourth place with 48,460 jobs, and lastly, in fifth place is the city of Illinois with 32,50 jobs.

24. The Residential Sector Covers Up To 15% of the Cleaning Industry.

The residential sector is a great part of the cleaning industry as it has a 15% stake.

25. The Residential Cleaning Sector is Likely to Grow 4.17%.

A lot will happen in the residential cleaning area in a few years. We will likely see the CAGR rising at 4.17% in no-distance time

Cleaning Industry Revenue Statistics

Revenue Stats

26. The Industry Hoped Its Revenue Would Strike $74 Billion At the Close of 2022.

Like others, the cleaning industry had high hopes for revenue for the year ending 2022. Experts expected it to reach $74 billion due to the industry’s rise in hired hands.

27. The Global Household Cleaning Industry Reached a Market Value of About $37,85 At the End of 2022.

It was an amazing year in the household cleaning industry as its market cap climbed to $37.85 billion when 2022 came to a close.

28. The United Kingdom Has Also Had Its Fair Share of Growth, Making About $30 Billion Annually.

Every year, the United Kingdom has managed to maintain its cleaning industry market value to the point of raising $30 billion from the activities of housekeepers, year after year.

29. Carpet Cleaning in the United States Recorded a Market Value of About 6.5 Billion At the End of 2022.

There was a rise in the market size during the period, causing an addition of about $1.3 billion from 2012 to the end of 2022.

30. Dry Cleaning Service Has Been Faring Quite Well At the Global Level, With An 8.5% Rise in Its CAGR.

This industry has risen above its status quo to get an 8.5% raise in CAGR from 2018 to the close of 2022. 


People’s awareness of maintaining a clean environment has helped to improve the revenue of the cleaning industry. More and more people are now involved with housekeeping in the United States and across the earth. Secondly, recent cases of diseases have opened the eyes of many to the need for clean surroundings. Some might say that this is simply because of the growing need for jobs by many. Whatever the case, this has a good effect on the cleaning industry. As such, one can conclude that the future is very bright for this amazing industry, as there will always be those who need the service of others to get what their environment needs.


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