February 24, 2024

In today’s modern world, we can find many services to foster seamless communications at the workplace and with customers. Twilio is out to make dramatic changes to our communication patterns. Twilio had 350,000 active users in 2021, a 32% increase from the previous year.

As the world started to develop in every aspect, technologies followed suit, and now we have thousands of tools and services that have taken communication to the next level. Twilio is one of the firms making this possible, and it has achieved a lot with its cloud-programmable telecom tools. These tools streamline how we interact in our workplaces or with customers. There are numerous facts and Twilio stats you probably didn’t know about the firm. We’ll unfold them below, so keep reading.

Key Twilio Statistics 

Key Twilio Statistics 

Twilio keeps climbing to the top as the cloud communication environment evolves speedily. This is due to its ability to offer trustworthy services and financial constancy.

  1. Twilio was introduced to the world in 2007.
  2. Currently, Twilio platforms function across 180 countries.
  3. A co-founder, Jeff Lawson, helped build Amazon Web Services.
  4. Jeff Lawson ensured that there was a strong tie between Twilio and Amazon.
  5. Twilio utilizes AWS, while Amazon uses Twilio for Chatbots, Chime enterprise communication service, Connect cloud-based contact center and SMS notifications.
  6. The Twilio Fund was initiated in 2010 and was managed by 500 Startups. It distributes $250,000 for startups employing Twilio APIs.
  7. Based on the Fast Company research, Twilio ranks 8th among the most creative companies around the globe.
  8. Moreover, Twilio has created a history of achievements for itself. Its leading Segment has an average rate of $3.2 billion.
  9. Its smallest acquisition, called Tikal Technologies, is at $8.5 million.
  10. The company is often vague regarding the cost of its acquisitions.
  11. However, its Market Cap is at $15.551 billion.
  12. Every year, the platform releases its Customer Engagement Report (CER). 
  13. Twilio hires developers for custom API development through platforms such as Upwork.
  14. Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, and other major brands trust Twilio to deliver the best services that cater to their needs.
  15. The number of employees at Twilio reached 6,000 in 2023, showing a 20% improvement from what it was in 2022.
  16. Twilio’s CAGR (compound annual growth rate) has developed (over 30%) strikingly since 2018.
  17. It has shown a 99.95% uptime for its services, which has much to do with its level of devotion. 

Statistics on Twilio Clients

Statistics on Twilio Clients

1. In the last two years, the company has done well for itself with its 350,000 active user accounts. According to them, it was a 32% upturn from the past year.

2. Twilio could only boost it by having 14,000 active user accounts at the end of 2014. 

3. Around 5.85% of Twilio’s customers operate within the Computer and Technology sector, its major industry segment.

4. Roughly 1.88% of its clients are in the government circle, while the second largest is the customer group.

5. People in the United States comprise over 30% of Twilio users.

6. The Indians make up 20% of its user base. 

7. WordPress is not left out of the loop as it uses Twilo as its website plugin.

8. Using Twilio’s skills can greatly engage audiences and lead to an amazing 70% rise in income

9. About 64% of Twilio clients use it to increase customer satisfaction.

10. Only 45% aim to increase customer loyalty using Twilio. 

11. Only 39% of businesses combine Twilio APIs with online platforms.

12. Every user is valued and given a top-notch experience, rated 4 out of 5 by clients. 

13. The company can proudly boast a large user base of over 10 million developers worldwide.

14. Twilio’s learning game called TwilioQuest has been able to gather to itself over 100,000 developers. This shows its loyalty to raising developer expertise.

Twilio Usage Statistics

Usage Stats

15. A global financial institution of ditch origin, ING completely renovated its software and hardware with Twilio’s cloud-based systems.

16. Sniffies has earned a top Twilio user badge. It boasts an estimated 11.8 million monthly users

17. Almost 2,000 websites across the world use Twilio.

18. The platform uses more than 1,800 working domains

19. Twilio apps have, over the years, been able to control more than one trillion interfaces

20. More than 10 million developers have gotten the chance to create apps and connections on Twilio.

21. Twilio, like every other company in communication, sends billions of messages across the globe.

22. The wide use of Twilio’s Narrowband IoT platform by devices globally shows the growing importance of the Internet of Things.

23. Buying out SendGrid has placed it on the level of a leading email provider. It now sends up to 70 billion emails every single month of the year. 

24. Over 500k doctors now use Twilio’s programmed video to do their job. It helps healthcare providers provide great telehealth services.

25. Twilio’s programmable video has aided over 500,000 health sessions, helping healthcare providers deliver effective telehealth services.

26. Millions of users rely on Authy, Twilio’s 2-factor authentication app that safeguards over 12,000 applications from any security breach.

Twilio Communication Statistics

Twilio Communication Statistics 

27. Quite a good number of businesses have gained from the programmable chat of Twilo. One great thing about this tool is its ability to handle real-time chat monthly.

28. Over 6,000 nonprofits have been sent out by an act of kindness of Twilio. This does not in any way downplay the more than 1 billion messages spread for noble causes.

29. Twilio’s Voice Insights looks at over 100 million calls monthly. This has helped to increase call quality and customer satisfaction in businesses. 

30. With its Super Network boasting over 3,000 carrier connections globally, Twilio showcases a large span of control.

31. Twilio’s Programmable Fax service has been able to post over 10 million each year, even with the fall of the traditional fax. This tells you that its ability to support various communication methods. 

32. Usage-based pricing offers the Twilio platform 90% of its revenue. This shows that it has a well-laid-out consumption business idea. 

33. More than 90% of Twilio’s revenue stems from usage-based pricing, which shows how well its business model on consumption is cut out.

34. Twilio has been offering a rise in the level of IoT service in 2023. Over a million active SIMs came through, which means that it rose by 40% from what it was in 2022.

35. Handling over 50 million text messages has placed it in good standing in the SMS business world. 

36. The site takes time each day to work on around 1.5 million emails daily. This has placed Twilio as a vital tool in the world of business.  

Statistics on Twilio Workspace

Workspace stats

37. Twilio handles 60 billion communications monthly, including calls, texts, and emails.

38. These communication interactions comprise 40% voice calls, 45% text messages, and 15% emails.

39. Twilio has been able to show all how well it can adapt. Every day, it takes up the task of going through 700,000 video interactionsIts services geared towards businesses spanning over countries have firmly planted it on the sands of communication. 

40. Studies show that Twilio has on its payroll list 8,510 employees spread all over the world.

41. Persons who are working at Twilio are most often referred to as “Twilio.” 

42. More than 1,000 engineers were brought into the Twilio work system from July 2021 to August 2022. 

43. Those in the engineering section are tasked with creating apps for Twilio.

44. Many workers enroll in coding boot camps to improve their skills.

45. Jeffrey Lawson, the CEO of Twilio, takes home a paycheck of $698,000 income every single year.

46. Khozema Z. Shipchandler, who occupies the COO post, receives an annual paycheck of $751,000. 

47. Twilio has witnessed tremendous growth, so much so that it now has 26 offices in 17 countries. 

48. The company’s sales team has increased steadily and contributed immensely to Twilio’s growth. 

49. Increasing the number of staff members is a trend that has helped Twilio increase and enhance its service delivery.

50. Twilio lost a lot of workers in June 2022, when the number of employees who left was way higher than those who came on board. 

51. Every Twilio staff member in the United States is entitled to an average income of $117,000 in a year. 

52. Workers in the United Kingdom do not earn that much; they get an average salary of £86,000 yearly.

Business Adoption Statistics

Business Adoption Stats

Twilio has, in no small way, helped to reshape communication in the corporate world. It has given businesses a whole new idea of what the workplace should be like. Here, we will be looking at how well Twilio has been able to leave its footprint in the business arena.

53. The steady growth of Twilio shares shows investors’ confidence in it. It also signals that the company will be in business long term.

54. More than 50 new products and services have been sent out since Twilio emerged. This shows its commitment to giving its users the best offerings in the industry.

55. For years, it has proven itself as a communication provider that users can rely on. The success we now see in Twilio would never have been without a partnership with over 190,000 businesses. 

56. Twilio’s Autopilot has catered to more than 1 million tasks, showing its role in making things way easier for businesses. 

57. Segment, which Twilio pilots, gives service to over 20,000 companies. Major names like Levi’s and FOX are a part of the mix that has helped to fortify its stance in the market. 

58. The company has witnessed remarkable growth to the extent of acquiring nine assets, including Send Grid and Segment. 

59. The Twilio Flex platform has proven that it can cater to businesses of any size and support 50,000 agents

60. Major stakeholders hold an 84.9% stake in Twilio, showing investors’ confidence.

61. The success of Twilio has, over time, spiked the interest of many people to invest in its operations. 

Twilio Revenue Statistics

Twilio Revenue Statistics

62. Institutional ownership rose to 84.9% at the close of 2022.

63. The company’s partnerships spread to over 190 countries, showing its global market presence.

64. Since its IPO in 2016, Twilio’s stock (TWLO) has kept rising, and as of Q1 2023, it raked an impressive 30% increase in price.

65. Twilio’s active customer accounts swelled to over 300,000 in 2023 alone. This is a far cry from 64,286 some years back in 2018.

66. Handling more than 100,000 business calls every minute is one of its many strengths. 

67. The coming Twilio has helped improve business and customer relationships. We now have more than 100 billion relations taken care of by the company.

68. eBay relies on Twilio to send over 15 million SMS, making transactions far easier.

69. Netflix uses Twilio to send out a large number of text messages to users every day. These messages are sent to persons living in 45 countries of the world.

70. Trulias, a real estate platform, rose by 50% and birthed a lead conversion after Twilio solved its communication needs. 

71. Businesses that use Twilio for their customer service have had a 20% fall in ticket time, making the whole process much easier.

72. Through Twilio SendGrid, businesses can get up to 97% fast email delivery. This is just around the best in the industry we have today.

73. Quite a good number of businesses have adopted Twilio as their model for best communication. 

74. The company performed so well in 2022 as its revenue rose 48% from January to the end of March.

Twilio Stock Price Statistics

Stock Price Stats

75. Twilio’s earnings also increased 41% in the second quarter of 2022.

76. Twilio could profit as much as $1.76 billion at the close of 2021.

77. The company’s first sum was $245.5 million in 2015. 

78. Almost 15% of Twilio payments are created from WhatsApp

79. The stock price of Twilio is not parallel as it keeps rising and falling.

80. In October 2021, shares were valued at 351, and this fell to 85 in August of the next year.

81. The average stock price for Twilio during 2021 and 2022 stands at 209.87

82. After it announced its revenue in the second quarter of 2022, the share price fell by 18%.


Getting the best of communication is no longer a problem today. Taking on the service of Twilio is now the smart move for anyone who wants the best relations with customers. The company’s stock price fall has not stopped investors from pulling loads of cash into the Twilio system. This stems from the fact that it is fertile soil for any wise businessman to invest in. What’s more! Their products and user base are still robust. The smart move is to get on board with Twilio and get the best communication experience. 


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