March 2, 2024

Have you tried Googling something in China before? Surprisingly, there’s no Google in the country. They blocked the use of the Google search engine way back in 2012 while the government changed hands. Instead of relying on Google and other foreign solutions, the government provided Baidu for its citizens to help them navigate the Chinese web.

The question in your mind will probably be, why Baidu? What is so good about Baidu? Well, this is because this local search giant offers more services than just hunting the web. We’re discussing e-commerce, streaming, artificial intelligence (AI), and more.

This is not too bad for a startup that hopes to fill Google’s position. Meanwhile, understand this: Baidu serves billions of Chinese citizens and international businesses. Do you think the Chinese miss Google? Doubtful. Almost 80% of individuals in China use Baidu. In this article, we want to highlight some key Baidu statistics that reveal why Baidu is the top choice in Chinese search.

Baidu Statistics and Facts

Baidu Statistics at a Glance 

1. On January 1, 2000, Robin Li and Eric Xu launched Baidu.

2. Baidu has its main offices situated in Beijing Haidian District.

3. It only enjoys a 0.74% global search engine market share.

4. On the other hand, Baidu has dominated the search engine market in China. It has an approximately 85% share in the Chinese search engine market.

5. Its users are mostly Chinese citizens and people based in China. Over 97.3 % of its users live in China.

6. Baidu was merged with the Cayman Islands in 2000.

7. As of June 30, 2014, Baidu had 40,500 staff working under it.

8. In 2020, it had six million US users, and it currently has 218 million people using it daily.

9. Baidu generated a lot of money ($20 billion) in 2021.

10. It even introduced autonomous taxis in 2022.

11. Due to Baidu’s user count, income, and search rate, it is rated as no. 1 in China.

12. Baidu wasn’t launched as a search engine but later became one due to certain challenges.

Statistics On Baidu Share In The Search Engine Market

Baidu Share In The Search Engine

13. Globally, Baidu’s market share is just 0.74%.

14. However, Baidu has an approximately 85% share in the Chinese search engine market.

15. Any brand that wants to feature in Baidu must have a Mandarin-language website.

16. According to the report, Websites using the company analysis are up to 7.6 million.

17. Baidu in the US, known as Baibu USA, is a subsidiary of the main Baidu site. It was launched in 2014 and functions in California.

Statistics On Baidu User Count

Statistics On Baidu User Count

18. Baidu gets 81.7% of traffic from Chinese users.

19. Only 8.1% of its traffic comes from American users.

20. In 2019, the company’s daily users hit 189 million.

21. In 2023, the company’s daily users increased to 218 million.

22. Roughly 486,000 businesses are using Baidu to connect to their leads. These Baidu statistics show it is an online marketing platform for numerous people.

23. The Baidu app has 6 million users in the US.

24. Baidu has 17% of all Chinese digital ad expenditures.  

25. In general, about 531 million people use Baidu.

26. Baidu gets 500 million active users every single month.

27. About 70 million people use the Baidu app every single day.

28. Forty-two percent (42%) of Baidu’s income comes from its mobile search.

29. One hundred and thirty (130) million people have downloaded the Baidu app from app stores on Android phones.

30. Baidu’s indexed mobile website rose 105% in Q4 2014.

Stats On Baidu Mobile App

Mobile App stats

31. Over 4.2 billion voice searches were recorded monthly on the Baidu mobile app.

32. The Baidu mobile app has gotten over a billion clicks for download since its launch.

33. more than 200 million folks use the Baidu mobile app daily.

Statistics on the Baidu Searches

Searches stats

34. 218 million people search and use Baidu every day.

35. The number of people using and searching for Baidu will hit 220 million in 2022. This has been its highest peak.

36. Roughly 10.52% of people searching on Baidu are looking for tech-related topics.

37. Gaming-related searches are only 5.68.

38. At some point, 280 million folks used the voice search on the app’s map.

39. Surprisingly, the platform gets over 5.3 billion visitors every month.

40. A Baidu average searcher scrolls through more than seven pages in one session.

41. The number of searchers who leave the site after scrolling through only one page is 21.33%.

42. After the covid 19 pandemic and face mask trend, moderately rich started trending in 2020.

43. IQIYI – Baidu’s video website, just like Netflix, hit 100 million subscribers in 2020. Baidu’s subscribers increased due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

44. According to Baidu user statistics, IQIYI had only 50.8 million subscribers in 2017.

45. In 2018, it increased to 87.4 million subscribers.

46. However, at the end of 2019, IQIYI’s subscribers skyrocketed to 106.9 million.

Baidu vs. Google Showdown Statistics

Baidu vs. Google Showdown

Baidu has an eponymous search engine, which is why it’s very popular! Baidu’s founders (Robin Li and Eric Xu), Chinese equivalents of Larry Page or Bill Gates, launched the platform in 2000. However, the similarities of the two sites didn’t end there! Check out the stats below to know their other similarities.

47. Baidu has 40,500 employees, while Google’s parent company ‘Alphabet’ has 156,000 employees. 

48. In the Chinese search engine market, google only has 2.6% shares, while Baidu owns 72.7%.

49. Baidu initiated earnings from ad revenue before Google started offering the same service to its users.

50. Baidu’s app has over 218 million daily users, while Google has about 8.5 billion daily and a staggering 2 trillion global searchers yearly.

51. Google doesn’t focus on regional differences, while Baidu only ranks websites hosted on servers in China.

52. Instead of focusing on website pages, Baidu ranks every çhainese website’s home pages.

53. Unlike Google, which ranks websites due to their organic result, Baidu ranks websites with paid adverts. In China, users consider any company paying for ads legitimate. 

54. In 2018, google announced it was making its way to the Chinese market. However, they were warned by Robin Lin because it would be stiff competition.

Stats On Baidu Income

Income stats

55. The company earned $19.5 billion in funds in 2012. The Baidu income record showed that in 2021, the platform was very productive and earned massively.

56. One out of four Baidu revenue was generated from iQIYI- an online video website that belongs to Baidu.

57. Approximately $11.6 billion of its income is from online marketing.

58. About 3.33 billion dollars are from the numerous AI projects and cloud solutions Baidu offers its users. This particular Baibu means of income saw a 71% annual growth.

59. Baidu’s advertising section grew 12 % in 2020. And it is 76% responsible for the platform’s core income.

60. Most of Baidu’s income, Ninety-eight percent (98%), is gotten from Chinese users.

61. Up to seventy-seven percent (77%) of Baidu’s income comes from its mobile devices.

62. Baidu hit a total revenue of $19.54 billion in 2021.

63. In 2018, Baidu made more than $4.2 billion, almost double its net income in 2016, which was $1.78 billion.

64. The company earned a net income of $1.641 billion in 2021, nearly 50% less than the $3.4 billion generated in 2020.

65. Also, Baidu earns 17% of the regular company spending for digital ads in China.

Baidu Statistic Bonuses

Baidu Statistic Bonuses

66. Baidu has created unique products for its users, like driverless motorcycles and cars.

67. Within seven years, Baidu ranked as the first company in China to join the NASDAQ-100 index.

68. The name of the company is split into Chinese. Chinese users pronounce that name as Bai and Do or To.

69. Integrity partners and peninsula capital invested in Baibu’s first project capitalist fund. They invested a total amount of $1.2 million, which helped Baidu’s growth.

70. Following the first investment, Baidu’s second investors, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and IDG Technology Venture, invested another $10 million.

71. Baibu launched a camera for health center usage. This camera allows health practitioners to spot a patient’s eye problems quickly.

72. The company has also created a chatbox system that allows medical practitioners and their patients to chat in a more streamlined way. This chatbox has enhanced patient care in China.

73. Furthermore, Baidu was the first company to join the partnership on AI (PAI) in China. In 2020, the Chinese company left the PAI.

74. Surprisingly, Baidu has developed a face recognition system. This system can process roughly 200 faces in one minute. Even the Qinghe Beijing railway station utilizes Baidu’s facial recognition technology (FRT).

Is Baidu Safe for Users?

Is Baidu Safe for Users

75. According to BBC, Baidu had data leaking problems in 2016. This leak was intentional, as Baidu occasionally shared data with the CCP and commercial partners. Most of the time, the leak was caused by poor programming and inappropriate encryption.

76. Baidu might not be reliable when it comes to data privacy. Also, in 2020, the Baidu app and maps were banned from the Google Play Store due to a violation of its user’s privacy. This negatively affected six million US citizens. 

77. Baidu and many US companies disclose their user’s private data frequently. So, you must be careful whether you use search engines with your private data and identity. 

78. Just 54% of Chinese netizens consider privacy breaches a serious issue.


Baidu ranks as the biggest search engine in China and is also one of the world’s top search engines. However, it may not be as safe as you think, especially considering data leaking issues. Also, traders seeking operations in China must leverage this platform. In Mandarin, your brand can’t work without a site on Baidu. However, via its lucrative marketplace, the business will level up. Baidu is in the business of helping billions of folks via chatbox plus spanning camera. Many people are partaking in its patient care scheme in China.


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