February 23, 2024

Hewlett-Packard, or HP, holds strong as a titan in the computer industry, capturing roughly 20% of the total market share. This American tech powerhouse emerged in 2015 following the split of the Hewlett-Packard company. Today, HP competes neck-and-neck alongside Lenovo, Dell, and other leaders.

Yet HP’s origins stem back to 1935 in a humble garage, thanks to its founders William Hewlett and David Packard. What started as an electronic testing tool business eventually gained steam in the budding PC space. HP’s innovations extend beyond personal computing and into servers, storage devices, networking equipment, and more.

Now, HP offers products and services spanning individual consumers to major enterprise corporations. HP’s diverse technological capabilities cement its Silicon Valley staple. This gives HP a competitive edge over endless innovations emerging from old and new tech giants. The forthcoming explores some eye-opening HP statistics and lesser-known history behind one of tech’s most prolific trailblazers – HP. Let’s dive deeper.

Impressive HP Statistics and Facts

Must Know HP Statistics 2024

1. Hewlett-Packard started as an idea conceived in 1939 by two ambitious individuals, Bill and David. They started the now-giant tech company in a tiny garage in Palo Alto, California. 

2. Their first big break came when they scored a contract to create tech gear for Disney’s Fantasia movie. With this, HP is a serious player in creating IT hardware.

3. Fast forward to November 2015. HP made a big move by splitting into two entities, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

4. One of the entities was to focus on storage, servers, and tech services. At the same time, the other entity keeps on creating top-notch and top hardware and software. Despite this split, both branches have stayed incredibly successful, remaining multi-billion-dollar giants. Surprisingly, both companies grew!

5. By 2019, HP had launched 104 other companies, incorporating them into its impressive legacy. Within its 100-year journey, this company has grown from a one-car garage platform to a true heavyweight in tech.

6. According to Volza’s Global Import data, the world brought in a staggering 451.4K shipments of HP laptops. These were brought in by 7,718 importers from 6,433 suppliers.

7. Most HP laptops were imported from China, the United States, and Singapore. The country that imports the highest number of HP laptops is India, bringing in 390,108 shipments. Closely tailing behind India is Peru, with 15,849. Vietnam comes third with 10,298 loads.

8. The top three product categories for HP products imports have the HSN codes 84713010, 8471300000, & 84713020.

These figures were last updated on November 9, 2023, based on Volza’s comprehensive global import-export data from 70 countries.

HP Statistics About Market Share

HP Market Share Statistics

9. Unarguably, HP is a giant among PC producers. It earned the world’s best PC creator title in 2007. But it relinquished the title to Lenovo, another PC king.

10. By committing to producing high-class products, Lenovo outshined HP in 2013. It didn’t end there, as Lenovo also won the best PC manufacturer in the world.

11. Not long after Lenovo‘s remarkable success, Dell came into the picture and started competing with HP and Lenovo. HP and DELL also became prime rivals in 2022.

12. HP’s kingship remains incontestable Regarding hardcopy equipment, such as the printing machines market. Users have attested that HP produces the best printers. It even ranked no.1 in 2021.

13. HP successfully claimed about 18.8% share of the personal computer market worldwide in 2022.

14. Without a break, the tech firm has continued to increase its market share since 2012.

15. The best PC manufacturers, including Dell, HP, and Lenovo, totaled 60% of the global PC market share in 2022.

16. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the highest PC supplier in the United States. It delivers up to 22.7% of personal computers to individuals and organizations. This highlights HP’s stronghold in the American computer market.

17. Hewlett-Packard is a web hosting provider; however, it’s 0.1% less than other websites.

18. Surprisingly, the company renders services to websites with heavy traffic compared to other big hosts like Shopify and Amazon.

19. When it comes to gadgets, PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc., people expect to spend more than $810 billion on them in 2022. That’s a serious chunk of change flying into the tech world!

HP Statistics – Employees

Employees Stats

20. In 2014, before splitting into two founders did the big slit on the companies, HP had a staggering 300,000 people working for them worldwide.

21. Last year, HP PC company had roughly 51,000 employees all across the globe.

22. more than 66% of the team in an HP office are men, while only 34% are women.

23. Regarding diversity, over 55% of HP’s team is White, with smaller percentages (17% and 13%) of Latinx and Asian workers, respectively.

24. An HP employee has worked at HP for about 6.6 years.

25. A typical HP worker also takes home an annual paycheck of around $78,427.

26. In 2017, the company held the spot as the 12th largest employer in the US. That’s a considerable number of folks working together to keep things running!

27. The garage where Bill Hewlett and David Packard first started HP is now an official California Landmark. 

28. It’s known as the ‘Birthplace of Silicon Valley.’ However, in 2014, HP faced legal issues, being found guilty of three separate instances of bribery involving top government officials in Poland, Mexico, and Russia. 

29. These payments were aimed at securing significant contracts. On a different note, 2007 Hewlett-Packard achieved a milestone by surpassing $100 billion in sales revenue for a financial year, becoming the first technology company to reach this mark.”

HP Statistics – Products

Products Stats

30. As a company, HP keeps making more money with the continual decrease in computer parts. The company profits are at the top of the tech radar, and it doesn’t look like they’ll decline soon.

31. In 2021, HP invested significantly in its future by channeling over $1.9 billion into research and development.

32. The computer hardware category of HP Ground generates a large amount of revenue every year.

33. HP printers are one of the top revenue generators in the hardware category. The printers are usually reliable and have established a firm relationship with the business community.

34. In 2017, 3D printing and virtual reality were presented as new additions to HP, boosting the ego of its users.

35. The HP group publicly announced that large quantities of PCs were sold per quarter at a summit in 2022.

36. HP’s eco-friendliness was clearly shown in 2020 after the company refined and recycled millions of plastics into other products. This move boosted HP’s presence in the market and attracted more followers and, subsequently, investors.

37. Over the years, HP has made no less than 60 billion dollars, showing a significant and consistent rise in its annual revenues.

38. It branched into different units that bring in revenue. One part oversees personal computer and printer sales, while another oversees enterprise software, servers, and storage. Both units make billions of dollars from massive product sales every year.

39. HP accommodates 58,000 employees from around the world under its umbrella. This massive workforce consists of creative minds and people with diverse talents. They all work tirelessly to maintain HP’s giant position in the tech industry.

HP Statistics – Earnings

HP Earnings Statistics

40. The tech giant has had its fair share of ups and downs. This often translates into its income, which increases or decreases depending on market conditions. No wonder HP got 3.2 billion dollars as its annual income in 2022, less than in 2021.

41. HP had approximately $64 billion as its total earnings in 2021, showing an increasingly favorable market for the brand.

42. The Personal Systems section in the HP group accrued over $43 billion in income in 2021.

43. In the same year, 2021, HP printing machines made outstanding progress, raising over $20 billion in sales profit. This massive number tells us that printing machines occupy a significant market position.

44. Supply and allocation as a sector under the HP group had their gross income close at $13.5 million as of August 2022. The sector is still moving forward and may even outpace this level in years to come.

45. HP amassed a revenue of over $20 between 2016 and 2021, as confirmed by the company’s official website.

46. HP doesn’t joke with advertising. It makes it a top priority to ensure that people in every region and walks of life know about its product. Unsurprisingly, HP spent over $829 million in 2021 to attract more customers.

47. HP’s share prices went downhill last year, dropping by nearly 50% from $41.47 in 2021 to $26.11 in 2022. Although this is a major blow, things could eventually shape up once market conditions improve.

48. The group attained an earning lineup of 9.61% in 2022; to date, they still have up to 9.71% return on assets (ROA).

Additional HP Statistics

HP Company Statistics

49. HP Boasts an Extensive Collection of Products.

Interestingly, HP produces everything from personal computers to printers and other accessories. They offer various top-notch products perfect for individuals and business utility. HP always provides something to its users every year, irrespective of their budget.

50. HP Focuses Solely on Sustainability.

The firm is very serious about its corporate responsibility, aiming to decrease its ecological trail. HP cuts down conservatory gas emissions. They encourage recycling efforts and produce energy-efficient products as part of their creativities.

51. HP Products Help Educate Their Users.

The company knows that education is essential for improving invention and improvement. For this reason, they put more effort and investment into providing tech solutions. Most of the tech solutions are intended for schools and educational institutes. Also, HP’s products and services support the needs of modern learning settings.

52. HP Provides its Users With Extensive Support.

Customers needing help can contact HP’s comprehensive customer support via their official website, call centers, and approved service providers. It is also straightforward for users to find troubleshooting guides, drivers, and software updates. HP ensures that its help services are hassle-free and reliable.

53. HP Ranks High as One of the Companies that Produces Durable and Long-lasting Products.

Users celebrate HP products for their quality and durability. HP thoroughly tests and ensures that its products are top-notch before distributing them. And this has earned them a loyal consumer base across the globe.

54. The PC Company HP Focuses on Security.

Due to the evolving cyber threats in today’s tech world, HP prioritized Security. They offer their users numerous advanced security features, which include encryption, secure boot, and biometric authentication. These fantastic features help safeguard their users’ data and confidentiality. 

55. HP has Various Team Members.

The HP company solely values diversity and inclusion among its employees. They believe that with diverse team members, different perspectives and fresh ideas will be obtained. Novel thoughts turn to fuels of inventions and creativity. The company also promotes equal chances and strives to create a helpful and inclusive work environment for everybody.

56. HP Contributes Energetically to the Social and Environmental Causes.

HP company strives to create a positive effect on society. With many benevolent activities, the firm has supported the community. These activities include supporting education, relieving the world from disaster, and running environmental conservation projects. These initiatives show that HP is strongly devoted to giving back to the community.

57. HP Stands Out Among All Companies That Offer Printing Technology.

The PC company has a rich history in printing and continues to innovate in this area. They supply printers, including everyday inkjet and heavy-duty ones built for commercial use. HP printing solutions are famous for delivering exclusive results and dependability.

58. HP is Actively Helping the Business World.

The HP company offers excellent solutions to businesses all over the world (whether big or small). With their top-tier servers and networking tools to software and services, HP provides companies with comprehensive solutions to improve their productivity and effectiveness.

59. HP Solely Invests in the Invention.

Hewlett-Packard devoted a vital part of its revenues to research and development. The company joined forces with top universities and research institutions to improve artificial intelligence, 3D printing, cybersecurity, and more.

60. Hewlett-Packard has Gotten a Heavenly Status.

The company recently earned a reputation because it delivers trustworthy and top-quality products. They are also actively committed to invention, Sustainability, Security, and customer satisfaction. This has gotten them prevalent acknowledgment and trust among customers and organizations.

61. HP Means Hewlett-Packard.

HP, or Hewlett-Packard, is an American multinational information technology firm. Its headquarters is located in Palo Alto, California. The firm was launched in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The founders merged their surnames to form the company’s name. Within the past years, Hewlett-Packard has become one of the best suppliers of personal computers (PCs), printers, and numerous tech-related products and services.

62. HP has an Outstanding Innovation Record.

The company was devoted to research and development. This has caused them to become one of the front liners in technological progress over the years. HP has developed various exclusive products and technologies, which include the first desktop laser printer, the initial handheld scientific calculator, and the pioneering thermal inkjet printer.

63. HP has Made a Vital Mark as One of the World’s Largest Technology Companies.

The company has reached people globally with its vast collection of products and services. With this, they have firmly established a vital mark as one of the key players in the tech industry. HP extends its tentacles to over 170 countries, with thousands of employees worldwide.


HP, or Hewlett-Packard, is one of the leading technology giants. It’s recognized for its innovative products and services. Across its wide-ranging history spanning many decades, HP has become a rampant name in the tech world. The company has become the people’s choice with its high-performance and reliable laptops, desktops, and printers, unceasingly producing cutting-edge tech that attends to developing customers’ and business needs.

Despite its excellent hardware products, HP still emphasizes Sustainability and social responsibility. The company stays loyal and devoted to ecological creativities and community engagement. They strongly aim to have a positive effect on society. With a remarkable track record of technological advancements and a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, HP maintains its position at the forefront of the industry. Whether you’re an avid tech enthusiast or a business professional, HP offers diverse products and services to elevate your digital experience.


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