February 23, 2024

In an era where safeguarding and managing data is critical, numerous IT enterprises turn to cloud services for assistance. One appealing option is Rackspace, a cloud computing provider primarily offering Managed Hosting.

However, Rackspace also furnishes cloud storage, analytics, and database solutions. With these offerings, companies need not worry about storing, analyzing or organizing expansive data volumes. Additionally, the services empower operations to scale as needs evolve. In 2022, Rackspace generated over $2.57 billion USD in revenue from its multi-cloud solutions, which accounted for around 80% of the total intake.

Interestingly, Rackspace introduced its Cloud Files product to users in 2008, integrating with OpenStack for object storage capabilities. This tool has proven valuable by enabling customized data utilization through desktop clients or an online platform. But there are more fascinating facets to explore around this tech leader. Let’s uncover supplementary illuminating Rackspace details in the following statistics.

Key Rackspace Statistics

Key Rackspace Statistics

  1. There are about 7,200 active employees in Rackspace.
  2. Rackspace emerges 6th among the top 100,000 hosting websites in the United States.
  3. Rackspace’s total income dropped by 1489.61% to $612 million in the first quarter of this year.
  4. Approximately 50% of Rackspace’s clients live in the United States, while 7% dwell in the United Kingdom.
  5. Rackspace’s Performance Cloud offers powerful virtual machines supporting up to 32 vCPUs and 120 GB of RAM.

General Facts and Statistics on Rackspace

Facts and Statistics

1. Rackspace operates via global locations, including TX, Blacksburg, VA, and Austin. Besides these locations, it has an international presence in Australia, the U.K., Dubai, Switzerland, India, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Canada, and Germany.

2. Founded in October 1998 by Richard Yoo, Rackspace has headquarters in Windcrest, TX, maintaining its roots since its inception.

3. In November 2016, Rackspace underwent a significant change in ownership when Apollo Global Management acquired the company for $4.3 billion. Following this transaction, Rackspace ceased trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

4. Rackspace currently boasts a workforce of 7,200 employees, contributing to the company’s global operations and success.

Statistics on Rackspace Market Share

Rackspace Market Share

Exploring its position in the market involves a deep dive into its market share data, shedding light on its competitiveness and impact in cloud computing.

5. Rackspace is the favored choice for businesses with a staff size ranging from 1 to 10 employees, with annual revenue falling between 1 million and 10 million dollars.

6. A scrutiny of Rackspace’s clientele across industries reveals the Retail sector (6%) as the predominant segment.

7. Geographically, half of Rackspace’s clients stay in the United States, with an additional 7% in the United Kingdom.

8. Rackspace commands a market share of approximately 5.4% in the Cloud Platforms & Services sector.

9. The firm has 604,208 companies using its services.

10. In 2023, 0.3% of all websites opted for Rackspace as the number one web hosting provider.

11. Rackspace is the DNS server provider for 0.2% of all websites.

12. Previously, 2,240,994 websites have availed themselves of Rackspace’s services.

13. Currently, 406,771 websites are active Rackspace DNS Cloud Customers.

14. It has 133,779 websites using the DNS Cloud.

15. An additional 272,992 websites have a history of using Rackspace DNS Cloud.

16. Notably, 94,757 American websites rely on Rackspace DNS Cloud.

17. Rackspace takes pride in its team of over 3,000 Cloud Engineers specializing in Linux, Windows, and VMware.

18. The experts have 7,500 plus certifications in AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform, and VMware.

19. Rackspace Technology commands a market share of 0.96%.

20. Among hosting sites in the top 100,000 US-listed websites, Rackspace secures the 6th position in popularity.

21. In the ‘Dedicated Hosting’ category, Rackspace holds 4th among the top 1 million listed sites.

User Statistics on Rackspace

User Statistics on Rackspace

22. Rackspace secures the 6th position among hosting sites within the top 100,000 listed in the United States.

23. Within ‘Dedicated Hosting,’ Rackspace emerges as the 4th most favored company among the top 1 million listed sites.

24. The firm is a data center provider for 0.4% of all websites.

25. Among the notable users of Rackspace, Office365.com stands out as one of the largest and most popular sites.

Statistics on Rackspace Performance

Rackspace Performance

Delving into Rackspace’s operational effectiveness and growth trajectory, we delve into key performance metrics that highlight the company’s standing in the industry.

26. The organization backs up a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee as specified in its Service Level Agreement.

27. Customers can rely on Rackspace’s assurance of a 1-hour hardware replacement guarantee.

28. The company’s dedication extends to ensuring 100% uptime for its data center infrastructure, encompassing power and cooling systems.

29. Rackspace’s network infrastructure is meticulously designed for high-speed connectivity, featuring a robust network capacity exceeding 300 Gbps.

30. The Performance Cloud Servers from Rackspace demonstrate impressive capabilities, delivering up to 120,000 IOPS for disk-intensive applications.

31. Rackspace’s Performance Cloud offers powerful virtual machines supporting up to 32 vCPUs and 120 GB of RAM.

32. Results from a recent survey conducted by Rackspace Technology involving 1,420 international IT professionals highlight that cybersecurity is a primary concern for global IT leaders (59%). The outcome showed worries about inflation (51%), talent retention and recruitment (45%), and supply chain/logistics management (45%).

33. A significant majority, with 93% of Education IT Managers and 97% of Research IT Managers’ consider adopting AI and ML in their workflows.

34. Rackspace Technology consistently earns recognition from Fortune magazine as one of the top workplaces, featured on its prestigious “100 Best Companies to Work For” list.

35. According to a survey, 78% of IT managers in the research sector and 74% of IT managers in the education sector agree that AI and ML have transformative impacts on their respective fields.

36. Rackspace’s support service rates are at 65%.

37. Rackspace’s pricing structure received a rating of 70%.

38. Rackspace gathered 96% from its various activities.

39. Highlighting its expertise, Rackspace Technology boasts over 1,800 AWS certificates and exceeds 5,000 cloud certifications.

Rackspace Income Analysis

Rackspace Income Analysis

Rackspace’s ability to manipulate data shows continuous progress and profit margin. Let’s show you a sneak peek into Rackspace’s incredible success since it came into existence. 

40. Rackspace analyzes the ups and downs in various industries and offers professional advice to investors who experienced an unstable economic situation in Q1 2023.

41. It spent $630 million when it started activities in 2023, proportionally 6.47% above the normal expenditure per section.

42. As a newbie, the firm lost 2.17%, a deviation from $758.7 million towards the year’s end.

43. Between January and March 2023, the loss was 612 million, unlike the $39 million in 2022.

44. Its general spending in 2023 increased by 2.27%, $166.6 million.

45. workers receive $111,405 yearly in the development section, and marketers get $104,807 annually.

46. In San Francisco, CA, employees get $121,692; in Seattle, WA, they get $112,590.

47. The company cut down its liabilities by 0.33%, which is $3.7134 billion in 2023.

48. Cash inflow came down by nearly $5.9 million (90.63%).

49. Rackspace’s stats on the mean yearly salary was $94,817, meaning that they pay workers $45.59 per hour.

Rackspace User Contentment Stats

User Contentment Stats

Since user contentment is vital, Rackspace’s user approval data shows its connectedness to the customers. The firm scales very high in terms of user feedback. Check out what consumers think about Rackspace’s functionalities.

50. Fanatical Support® is Rackspace’s technique devoted to supporting customers to the scope of 250,000 + monthly support tickets, delivering quick aids, and settling cases that arise.

51. The firm works with 300 techs that settle issues and offer various solutions.

52. Its Rackers support team has 2,500 or more technical certs, boosting its technological know-how.

53. In control of 200,000 or more databases, the organization works tirelessly to safeguard data. The organization ensures proficient control for its numerous clients.

54. The firm is number one in maintaining users’ needs to 90%. Rackspace pays more attention to offering specialized services and aid.

55. The user support sector controls 15,000 + support chats and 40,000 phone calls. It provides all-round help to its clients worldwide.

56. In control of users with 500,000+ virtual machines-VMs, the firm provides accessible and proficient cloud-based set-up ideas.

57. The firm has 150,000 plus cloud-based mailboxes under it, so the email services are quick for its clientele

Furthermore, its professional services sector has accomplished 10,000 or more passages, helping users with their apps and information in the cloud.

Rackspace Workforce Facts and Stats

Workforce stats

In the human resources landscape of Rackspace, there are vital insights into the company’s personnel development, emphasizing its workforce scale, diversity spectrum, and global presence. The following points unveil Rackspace’s commitment to its employees and the pivotal role they play in the company’s triumph:

58. Rackspace boasts a workforce of 7,200 individuals.

59. Gender distribution at Rackspace leans towards 26% female and 74% male representation.

60. The company’s employee base reflects diversity, with staff originating from more than 80 countries, fostering a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture.

61. Rackspace employees exhibit multilingual proficiency, with competence in over 35 languages, cultivating a diverse and globally connected work environment.

62. A significant 67% of Rackspace’s workforce holds at least a bachelor’s degree.

63. The Information Technology Information Library Foundations certification is preferred among Rackspace employees.

64. Situated in San Antonio, Texas, the Rackspace corporate office spans over 1.2 million square feet, establishing it as one of Texas’s largest office spaces.

65. Computer science emerges as the predominant field of study among Rackspace employees, with 19% holding degrees in this domain.

66. The age group of 30-40 years constitutes the top demographic, encompassing 39% of the employee population.

67. Rackspace does not employ individuals below the age of 18.

68. The typical tenure at Rackspace spans 1-2 years, with 30% of employees falling within this duration.

69. A modest 9% of Rackspace employees stay with the company for 8-10 years.

70. An overwhelming 97% of roles at Rackspace are remote positions.

71. Currently, Rackspace advertises 349 remote positions compared to 12 traditional roles.

More Rackspace Statistics

More Stats

72. Sixteen percent of Rackspace employees hold the IT Information Library Foundations certification.

73. Most Rackspace employees receive salaries ranging from $60k to $100k, encompassing 46% of the workforce.

74. The least common salary bracket is below $25k, representing just 1% of the employee base.

75. In 2000, the company secured crucial funding from investors Norwest Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital.

76. Fortune recognized Rackspace as the 32nd ‘Best Company to Work For’ in 2008.

77. Rackspace earned a spot on Fortune’s “Top 100 Best Companies to Work For” list in 2011 and 2013.

78. The company conducts regular ‘open book’ meetings, where management discloses detailed financial information to all employees.

79. The 7,200 employees in the firm are 26% women and 74% men.

80. Breaking down the demographics, 46% of Rackspace employees identify as white, 25% as ethnically Latinx, and 14% as Asian.

81. On average, employees stay with Rackspace for 4.5 years.

82. The typical salary for a Rackspace employee averages $92,615 annually.


Our analysis in this piece shows that Rackspace stands out in cloud activities. Think of it as the towering cumulonimbus in the expansive sky of cloud computing, showering businesses globally with inventive solutions. The data indicates a growth trajectory as remarkable as a tech enthusiast’s caffeine intake, accompanied by a customer base expanding at a pace that rivals your email spam folder.


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