March 2, 2024

People often consider coffee the refreshing beverage they need to kick off a great day. Its cool, refreshing aroma has served many for decades past. The downward trend in other industries hasn’t affected the coffee industry. Many apparently still believe having coffee first thing in the morning will stir them up for the day’s tasks.

For most Americans, coffee gives the drive to go about the day’s activities. The average American can gulp up to 3 cups of coffee daily. Seventy-three percent of Americans drink coffee every day, according to recent research. 95 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the UK alone.

Brands such as Folgers, Starbucks, and Nestle have made quite a good imprint in the hearts of coffee lovers. But a good percentage of coffee is still brewed in the comfort of many homes. One very great thing is its ability to make you stay awake while studying. The number of students who consume coffee has, in no small way, helped boost the coffee industry’s revenue. Caffeine has quite a few health benefits, and in this article, we’ll be looking at the top coffee statistics the sector has fared all through the years. Let’s get in.

Key Coffee Statistics

Key Coffee Statistics

  1. Just 62% of men drink a cup of coffee daily compared to 66% of females.
  2. As much as 64% of grownups in America take coffee daily.  
  3. Americans gulp up to 400 million caffeine every day of their lives.
  4. Every single year, Americans drink up to 146 million coffee cups.
  5. Up to 79% of Americans prefer making their coffee in their home.
  6. 45% of United States coffee drinkers always use Drop Coffee to prepare their coffee.
  7.  Drinking with neither sugar nor cream is done by 35% of coffee lovers. 
  8. About 120 million coffee bags come from various coffee-producing countries.
  9. Arabica coffee beans have more caffeine in them than Robusta beans.
  10. Each person in Finland drinks as much as 12 kilograms of coffee within a year.

Coffee Statistics in the United States

Coffee Statistics in the United States

1. Americans Gulp up to 400 Million Caffeine Every Day of Their Lives.

One question that rings through the minds of many is ‘How much coffee do Americans take daily? Americans are well known for their love of coffee. It ranks highest on the chart of beverages taken by these folks with 59%. This comes right above bottled water (58%), with nonalcoholic drinks standing at 53% and tea at the third place with a value of 47%. Americans are one of the highest consumers of coffee, with a daily dose of 400 million coffee cups.

2. As Much as 64% of Grownups in America Take Coffee Daily.

NCA went all out to study the level at which coffee is consumed. It learned that the rate at which people drink coffee has greatly increased since 2012. The studies opened the eyes, showing that 64% of American grownups take coffee daily. This explains why some say they cannot start their day without coffee. 

3. Daily Drinking 3 Cups or More of Coffee is a Lifestyle for the Typical American.

Drinking coffee is a normal wake-up call for an average American. Most will start the day with at least three filled mugs of their favorite brand. The FDA advises people not to drink more than 400 mg of coffee daily. This is the same as you taking 4 cups of your beloved coffee. We can now see that though Americans drink a lot of coffee, they still need to keep it within limits.

4. A Cup of Coffee Should Measure an Average of 9 Ounces.

Countries have devised ways to limit the amount of coffee people take at a time. The standard cup that is used to drink a cup of coffee is 6.7 ounces in Japan. Canada is a bit higher in cup size at 7.6 ounces or 227 milliliters. It isn’t very pleasant to those who think that 8 ounces is the average amount of coffee a person should take. Coffee lovers are allowed to drink up to 9 ounces in America.

5. Every Year, Americans Drink up to 146 Million Coffee Cups.

The large number of coffee drinkers in the United States makes it appear that people cannot stay away from coffee for even a day. The number of coffee mugs in homes and places doesn’t produce 146 billion coffee cups, which is a big deal. The high statistics show that coffee is an everyday lifestyle for the average American. 

6. Coffee Accounts for 75% of Americans’ Total Caffeine.

Americans get up to 75% of caffeine from just sipping coffee. Products that can also give your body caffeine are chocolate, energy drinks, and soft drinks. Chocolate bars give our body up to 50mg of caffeine. One very important thing you should know is that the antioxidant in coffee is what produces caffeine

7. Skipping a Cup of Coffee for a Bath is Not an Option for 50% of People Who Take Coffee.

Skipping a bath for freshly brewed coffee isn’t something to consider for 50% of coffee drinkers. Another 49% can leave the house without a cell phone for most of the month rather than skip their coffee. Do you love coffee? How much can you give up for a steaming cup of coffee? These are questions that need truthful answers.

Coffee Demographics Statistics

Coffee Demographics Statistics

8. People Who Earn so Much Take the Largest Chunk of Coffee Takers.

This statistic goes against the idea of the commoner in the street that money has nothing to do with the amount of coffee a person takes. The records show that people earning up to $30,000 or more make up 66% of coffee drinkers. Against this backdrop are 58% of persons who do not earn up to $30,000. These people do not have enough money to pay for more than one simple cup of coffee.  

9. Americans Who are 55 or Older Make up 75% of People Who Drink at Least a Cup of Coffee Daily.

There seems to be a relation between the number of cups a person takes and the age. Americans aged 55 years and above enjoy taking at least one cup of freshly brewed coffee. This age generation makes up as high as 75% of coffee lovers in the United States aloneThe records show senior citizens in the United States enjoy coffee more than millennials. One age group that takes the least coffee is those between 18 and 34.

10. Just 62% of Men Drink a Cup of Coffee Daily Compared to 66% of Females.

The data presented before us only shows that we’ve got more female coffee lovers than men in the United States. The difference between both genders is quite close by a space of 4%. Women drink an average of 2.9 coffee cups a day, while for women, an average of 2.6 cups is enough for the day. Thinking that there is a close tide in the number of cups both genders take in a day won’t be wrong.

Habit Statistics of Coffee Consumers in 2023

Habit Stats of Consumers

11. Up to 79% of Americans Prefer Making Coffee at Home.

The National Coffee Association showed the world that 79% of people in the United States make coffee at home. This group prefers having a cup of coffee produced in their home rather than visiting a coffee store down the street. Just 36% of those who participated in the survey said they often pay coffee shops for a drink.

12. Drinking Coffee While Having Breakfast is Done by 65% of Grownups in the United States.

As much as 65% of coffee in the United States is with a breakfast meal. 30% of coffee drank is taken in between meals of the day. It’s best served for 5% of coffee lovers at certain meal times. Some studies tell us that having coffee between 10 am and 12 am is great. Not to forget, an afternoon sip of freshly brewed coffee between 2 pm and 5 pm is equally great. 

13. An Espresso Machine is the Choice of 13% of Persons Who Enjoy Coffee in the United States.

Drinking coffee without an espresso machine is a no for 13% of Americans who take coffee. Millennial coffee drinkers are the biggest fans of espresso blends. Young people also flair for specialty coffee and prefer it over bland standard coffee

14. Coffee is Enjoyed by About 35% of People Without Using Either Sugar or Cream.

Having 35% of people taking bland coffee leaves a full 65% as those who drink coffee with either a sweetener or cream. Enjoying your favorite blend of coffee with or without cream is a matter of choice, dear reader

15. Most Women Like to Have Coffee to Relax Their Nerves.

Coffee comes in handy to men when they need to perform better at a task, but this is not so with the opposite gender. Most women drink coffee when they feel like relaxing or relieving moments. This shows that there’s a little difference in the way both genders take coffee

16. Up to 48% of Millennials Drink Gourmet Coffee Over Other Brands.

The young generation enjoys drinking specialty coffee alongside gourmet blends more than any other coffee brand. On the other hand, millennials like taking gourmet blends more than Generation X and Baby BoomersUp to 36% of the millennials like taking cappuccinos and lattes rather than just sticking to regular coffee. An espresso comes to mind for 22% of millennials in the United States. 

17. The Drip Coffee Machine is the Choice of 45% of Coffee Drinkers in the United States.

As many as 45% of people surveyed by the National Coffee Association said that they use drop coffee in making their coffee. This didn’t in any way push aside single-cup brewing as it’s the popular second choice.  

18. About 29% of People Who Take Coffee in the United States do so to Relax.

Women and men enjoy taking freshly brewed cups of coffee when they want to relax. We see from the report of the NCA that one-third of people take coffee when they like to take off stress. 

19. Ordering Coffee Using an App is Done by Just 9% of Coffee Lovers.

Using an app to order your favorite coffee is slowly becoming a trend today. Ordering a cup of coffee with an app comes to mind for 9% of American coffee drinkers. The answer to this low patronage of coffee from an app is plausible, as most people make their coffee at home.

Coffee Plants and Their Differences

Plants and Their Differences

20. About 5 Pounds of Green Coffee Bean Plants Equals One Year of Harvest of Ripe Coffee Plants.

About 4 to 5 pounds of coffee beans produce just one pound of coffee beans after they have passed through heat. Brazil made a nice total of 2.5 metric tons of coffee beans in 2016 alone. 

21. Robusta Coffee has More Caffeine in it Than Arabica Coffee Beans.

Robusta coffee is used to make a standard brew of coffee blends. One great thing about the Robusta is that it’s way stronger than an espresso brand. An expresso has just a third of the caffeine in the regular Robusta coffee cup.  

22. Coffee Plants Can Last as Long as 100 Years.

Caring for a coffee plant makes it last longer for 40, 50 years, and more. Some coffee plants can even stay up to 100 years, bearing fruits. A coffee plant is at its highest bearing stage from ten to 15 years old.

23. Arabica Columbia Coffee Drew up Above all Others in 2017.

Arabica, as the costliest coffee bean in 2017, was not a great surprise as it’s one of the most popular alongside Robusta beans.  

24. With Just $3.28, You Can Get a Cup of Coffee in America.

The average American spends $3.28 daily on just a cup of coffee. This doesn’t end there; some take more than a cup every day. It shows that Americans consume a good amount of money every day. 

25. Brazil can Export Coffee to the Tune of 5.7 Billion Pounds Yearly.

Brazil holds the spot as the highest exporter of coffee. In the 1920s, it produced about 80% of the total volume of coffee on earthRight now, brazil has a grasp of a third of the world’s coffee. 

26. Retail Sales in the Coffee Industry in America Have Risen Over the Years to Reach a High of $5.2 Billion.

This high level of sales proves to onlookers that the market has good prospects for anyone.

27. South America had a Field Day When it Produced 81.5 Million Stacks of Coffee in 2018.

A weight of 60 kg per bag means that more than 5 million tons were produced in South America in 2018.

Statistics of Coffee Shop

Statistics of Coffee Shop

28. Monaco has 52 Coffee Stands Everywhere, Hosting One Million People.

Statistics show that Monaco has the largest coffee shops in a given place. Second to the number is the United States, with many coffee shops. 

29. We Have Close to 24,000 Shops Selling Coffee in America.

This is a huge number, and more will continue to be added as the years go byWashington has the highest number of coffee shops for every 100,000 occupants within the city. 

30. Coffee Shop Owners Sell an Average of 230 Cups in One Day.

The records are clear on the daily and yearly sales volume coffee shops get. As many as 84,000 cups are sold by coffee shops every day. Shops solely owned by one person make up $12 billion in sales that come into the coffee market every year

31. Coffee Shops are Growing at an Amazing Rate of 7% on Average.

The number of daily sales made by coffee shops has made it climb to an enviable position in the restaurant business. Coffee shops are spread across cities, showing that it’s a nice venture for money-making.

32. The World Makes Bags of Coffee up to 110 to 120 Million Yearly.

Brazil is the country that produces the largest number of coffee beans. South America comes first as the continent making the most coffee, with Brazil at the forefront. For over 150 years, Brazil has held its position in the coffee industry

33. Each Person in Finland Drinks up to 12 Kilograms of Coffee Within Twelve Months.

Coffee statistics show that the people of Finland take coffee daily as a must-have. They’re the largest drinkers of coffee, with each person bringing 12kg of coffee in a year. Closely after Finland is Norway, secondly is Iceland, and in third place is Denmark, which ranks among the highest coffee drinkersOn the list of countries is the United States, which ranks 26th in the world ranking.


Coffee is a drink favored in almost all parts of the world. The people of Finland are the highest drinkers of this drink. It can be enjoyed with either a cream or any sweetener of your choice. Many nations, including Brazil, export coffee. It’s accepted on the shores with open arms by many residents. This large acceptance prompts the opening of so many scattered coffee shops in places like Monaco.

You can buy a freshly brewed cup of coffee from just around any corner of the street. You can get coffee brewed in your home at the start of any day or anytime you feel down. The Robusta and Expresso come in very handy when you want to rewind, either in the morning or just at the noon hours of your day. Having a cup of coffee steaming right on your dining table while eating breakfast is fun. Coffee has a refreshing taste, be it the regular or somewhat classy type, but be mindful of how much you take in a day.

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