February 24, 2024

Are you having trouble storing your documents? Dropbox is here to do the job for you. Dropbox is fast becoming a means for businesses to save and share documents without stress. The number of workers bidding for remote work has made Dropbox a need in business. Its number of users has grown in no small way as its fame rises.

As its worth rises yearly, so does the number of content on Dropbox. More than 700 million people in over 180 countries use Dropbox to store and collaborate on files.  People now need to spread the word about their business to other countries. It has been able to cover several countries in its period of survival. More success is likely to happen because of how Dropbox is faring today. There are many interesting Dropbox statistics and facts, which we will be looking at here. Let’s dive in.

Key Dropbox Statistics 

Key Dropbox Statistics 

  1. The idea of Drobox came to two MIT students named Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston in 2007.
  2. Dropbox was formed to give users cloud storage, software, and personal cloud, not in any way putting aside file managing.
  3. Dropbox could be boosted by having 100 million users in just four years. 
  4. Dropbox has the fourth spot in the world of cloud storage.
  5. Expenses on operation costs are as high as $1.38 billion on Dropbox. 
  6. Content items have risen to 550 billion on the Dropbox site. 
  7. Users now have a better experience with Dropbox in 20 languages.
  8. Dropbox assets were priced at $2.852 billion in 2022. 
  9. Research and development take up to $727.5 million yearly in Dropbox. 
  10. $442.8 million that enters the purse of Dropbox comes from promotion and sales.
  11. The cost of running Dropbox takes as much as $227.9 million from Dropbox’s pocket.
  12. The value of Dropbox at the end of 2020 shot up by 25% to reach $10 billion.
  13. Dropbox CEO remains the same old co-founder, Drew Houston.

Dropbox Industry Statistics

Dropbox Industry Statistics

1. The Dropbox File-Storing Market in 2020 was Priced At $371.4 Billion.

The market in 2020 was great, ending with a total of $371.4 billion. Its CAGR had an all-time high of 17.5% in that same year.

2. The Market will Most Likely Climb to Hit $832.1 Billion At the End of 2025.

The global market is not showing any sign of slowing down anytime soon. The market will likely get to $832 in the year 2025.

3. Cloud Computing is the Way to Business For 94% of Companies.

Businesses are fast coming to see why cloud computing should be used. 94% of companies worldwide are embracing the idea of cloud computing. This whole idea in 2023 is a rise of 14% from what it was in 2020. You will save time and money when you switch over to cloud computing.

Dropbox Demographics

Dropbox Demographics

4. Registered Users on Dropbox have Reached Over 700 Million.

Dropbox has more than 700 million users covering over 180 countries. It has taken its mission to make work life easier to a whole new level today.

5. A Premium Account is the Choice of Over 15 Million People Using Dropbox.

There is a steady rise in the number of paying users in Dropbox. It had a total of 17.77 million users in just 2022. This was a rise in paying users of about a million from the record in 2021. Dropbox’s paying users have kept rising for six years in a row.

6. Over 9 Million Companies Make Use of Dropbox Sites Today.

The number of businesses using Dropbox is on a steady rise. Though not famous with folks, it is making a name for itself in business. Companies’ move to the cloud has brought Dropbox to the limelight in no small way. Companies that use Dropbox for cloud storage rose to 9 million in 2017. Its encrypted algorithm is pulling in more and more companies every year.

7. File Sharing with the Cloud will Likely Hold Over 180 ZB of Data By the End of 2025.

The future is bright as many companies come under the umbrella of Dropbox. In the coming years, we will see a rise in cloud computing. Data created and used in 2020 was as high as 64.2 zettabytes. The demand for data has risen in no small way since the COVID-19 pandemic. This will not slow down since the sheets show it can hit more than 180 ZB by the end of 2025. 

8. Up to 60% More People Used Dropbox With a Desktop During the Pandemic.

There was a rise in people who used a desktop to get into the Dropbox site. Dropbox, like every other business, had its fair share of users. Macompaniesses saw the need to keep their data safe, for which Dropbox comes to mind

Dropbox User Statistics

Dropbox User Statistics 

9. Spending $134.51 Annually Comes Naturally to the Average Dropbox User.

It was $110.54 in 2016 and has continued increasing until now. The steady rise in the amount of average revenue from each user only goes to show how wide the market is. From $110.54, it rose to $111.91 in 2017. It did not stop there; it rose to 117.64 and 123.07 in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Average revenue from each user turned out to be $134.51 at the end of 2022. Dropbox has put in place its best to have a rise of 16.25% in average user revenue from 2016.

10. The Average User will Spend Up to 13% More on Dropbox Than in 2015.

This does not come as a surprise, as more businesses see the value that Dropbox gives its clients.

11. Only 18% of Dropbox Users Use it for Personal Purposes.

A small fraction of Dropbox users were found to use the site for personal purposes. Just 18% of citizens in the United States use Dropbox for their cause. The combined users, both in business and private, have taken it to an exalted 4th position in cloud storage. Dropbox comes right after Google Drive with 40%, next is Apple iCloud with 33%, and in third place is Microsoft OneDrive with 20%.

12. Premium Users Have Risen in No Small Way Since 2015 in Dropbox.

Paid users stood at 6.5 million and have since grown over the years. The number of paying users in Dropbox totaled 17.7 million in just 2022. It had 1.17 million users at the end of 2020. This was a rise of 8.8% from what it was in 2019.

13. API Calls on Dropbox Have Climbed to Reach 60 Billion Monthly.

Developers on Dropbox can easily unite their apps with the Dropbox system. The company had more than 50 billion calls from the application programming interface, also called API, in 2019. The last is not yet heard, as more developers are coming in. Dropbox had 60 billion APIs by the end of 2020.

14. Zoom and Dropbox Were on the High Side During the Pandemic.

One great news you should know is that Zoom meetings can instantly be saved on Dropbox. This only happens when you turn on Zoom at the App Center on your Dropbox account. After Zoom is clicked on your account, kindly copy Zoom recordings to your Dropbox and click on update. Atapesngs will go directly to the Zoom folder when you record a Zoom meeting. 

Dropbox Workforce Statistics

Workforce Stats

15. The Number of Workers in Dropbox Summed Up to 3,118 At the End of 2022.

Dropbox could boast of having 3,118 workers on its payroll on the last day of 2022. This was the largest that it has ever had since 2015.

16. Workers in Dropbox Totaled 2,667 in the Year 2021.

The year 2021 was quite a one to remember as Dropbox had a downhill. Employees were asked to go home, bringing it down from 2,760 in 2020 to 2,667 at the close of 2021.

17. 85% of Dropbox Staff Live in the United States.

The number of Dropbox workers in the United States is quite high at 85%. What this means is that just 15% are living outside America.

18. The Average Staff of Dropbox in 2020 Earned Up to $144,664.

Staff working at Dropbox took home an average pay of $144,664 all through 2020.

19. Women Make Up to 40% of Dropbox’s Total Workforce.

Women have a good spot in the employment area at Dropbox. They occupy up to 40% of the positions in the company. This is quite a good sign that shows ladies have a say in Dropbox affairs.

20. Women Took Up 41% of Leaders’ Posts in Dropbox in 2020.

It is no surprise that women are taking up top positions in Dropbox. The percentage of ladies working in the company shows its stance on women in the tech industry. Women are getting more attention than the male folks. Ladies have gained the upper hand in promotion for five years. This is in a bid to meet up with its mantra of climbing over all forms of injustice in the workplace.

Dropbox Business Statistics

Business Stats

21. Paying Businesses Have Been on the Rise in Dropbox, Ending At 8.18%.

The rate at which businesses use Dropbox rose by 8.18% in just 24 months. Between 2019 and the end of 2020, companies trooped into Dropbox by 8.18%.

22. Business Teams Across the Globe Love to Share Documents Using Dropbox.

As many as 500 business teams used Dropbox to share important documents in 2020. This is very much expected, as Dropbox is known for providing great services in cloud computing. Its focus on serving businesses with file recovery, security, and boundless storage is well embraced.

23. The Call for Dropbox was High, Especially in France During the Pandemic.

Many people turned to Dropbox as an answer to many budding business needs due to how things were during the pandemic. Daily business team trials rose in March 2020 to 40%. This feat of success went with more schedules and joint activities as well. Personal plans were not in any way left out, as they rose by over 25% within the same time. Countries like France, Italy, and Spain were very involved during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was also a rise in basic mobile and web signups.

24. A Great Deal of Companies that Use Dropbox Are in the United States.

Dropbox has come a long way in terms of service delivery. Most companies in the United States that use Dropbox center on IT. Most of the time, these businesses have between 10 and 50 staff and earn an average of $1 to $10 million as revenueThe United States has as much as 68% of Dropbox’s client base. The United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are other countries that top the list.

25. Businesses Centered on Computer Software Can Easily Turn to Dropbox.

Dropbox is quickly taking the lead in cloud storage and file management. It has climbed up the feat of setting the standard for storing files in the cloud. Dropbox ranked fourth among the top 100 companies in the software industry in 2021. This shows that Dropbox has created a name for itself in the industry.

26. Most Companies that Use Dropbox Have a Staff Strength of 10 to 50.

Businesses that use Dropbox services most often fall between 10 and 50 workers. These companies in need of seamless cloud storage turn to Dropbox.

27. Businesses Using Dropbox Get An Average of $1 to $10 Million in Revenue.

These companies with staff strength below 50 make just between $1 and $10 million as revenue annually. 

Comparing Google Drive to Dropbox Statistics

Comparing Google Drive to Dropbox

28. Only 18% of Clients in the United States Use Dropbox to Store Documents.

Up to 40% of consumers in the United States use Google Drive to store documents. This is quite high when compared to the 18% that use Dropbox.

29. Dropbox Gives Free Data 2GB to Each of Its Users Spread Over the World.

You can receive 15GB of data storage at no cost on Google Drive as a client. Dropbox is far off as you can only get 2GB of free data storage using Dropbox.

30. Customers Get 18GB of Data Storage by Simply Giving Out Referrals.

Sending out referrals gets a due reward when you use Dropbox. All you need to do is simply refer a friend to get a storage space of 500 MB. Notably, this comes with the Basic account pack. Those on Dropbox Plus and professional accounts are not left behind, as you get 1GB when you refer someone. The last and in no way the least is the Dropbox Basic, which gets 16GB for referrals. This is a great way of earning more storage space for yourself and your business. 

31. Clients on the Dropbox Basic Account Can Use Three Devices Simultaneously.

The number of devices a person is allowed to log into is based on the plan that person is on. Clients on the basic strategy cannot log into more than three accounts. Log into as many devices as possible on the Dropbox Plus and Professional accounts.

Dropbox Revenue Statistics

 Revenue Stats

32. Revenue was High, With $2.158 At the Close of 2021.

The year 2021 was great as Dropbox and its team went all out to meet clients’ needs. It ended the year on a good note with $2.158 billion. This was an increase of 12.7% from the past year.

33. Dropbox 2020 was Successful, With An End Revenue of Over $1.91 Billion.

It was a great year for Dropbox, like when $1.91 billion was made as revenue in 2020. This shows that it made 15.06% more than it had in 2019.

34. The Earnings of Dropbox From Just Users in the United States Stood At $999.3 Million.

This should not be surprising, as the United States raises over 50% of the revenue that comes into Dropbox each year. Revenue in Dropbox has been faring well since 2015, which landed at $999.3 million in 2020.

35. Sales in the International Scene of Dropbox is Valued At $941 Million.

Dropbox is growing in value at the world level every single year. It is little wonder why it took fourth place in the top 100 software companies in 2021.

36. Revenue for Dropbox Took a Hike By More Than 15%.

The year 2019 to the end of 2020 was indeed one that saw a rise in revenue by 15% for Dropbox.

37. International Revenue has Risen by Over 33% for the Dropbox Company.

Dropbox’s revenue for five years has risen by over 33%. This is allowed because more and more companies need to get on board. 

Facts On Dropbox Security

Facts On Dropbox Security

  • Dropbox uses a 256-bit Advanced Encryption standard to protect all its clients’ files. 
  • Data moving from the apps to servers use the Secure Sockets Layer as protection. 
  • Applications are always kept in check to ensure they are far from harm’s way.
  • A two-step proof exercise is carried out whenever you want to log in.
  • Users can get a text message or a TOTP for security codes.
  • Public files can only be viewed by those with the link to them. 


Dropbox has come a long way in securing its clients’ data worldwide. The best teams have been put in place to ensure clients are satisfied. The security of files in Dropbox is not an issue, as steps are taken regarding this. You only need to take the two-step proof exercise to keep your data intact. 

One striking thing about Dropbox is that no one can access your files except you. Just a few staff can look into the data saved on Dropbox. At Dropbox, satisfying clients in every way is the watchword daily. This view has taken Dropbox company to the height that it is right now. 


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