June 23, 2024

Cisco probably didn’t set out to become a household tech name – it started small, just helping organizations talk to each other. But then their approach clicked. Offering simplified communication hardware and software that “just worked” at scale, Cisco organically grew as industries realized the power of connecting systems. Fast forward to today, Cisco’s networked solutions power our connected world.

But the hungry upstarts they once were now face fresh disruption. Newbies with flexibility and the latest buzzwords nip at market share. However, as companies examine what underpins their foundations, Cisco solutions continue to excel in security, speed, and reliability.

Last year, the company brought over $50 billion in revenue for the stalwarts. Cisco may not dazzle with glitz, but their systems hum along, ensuring emails are sent, sites load, and transactions happen – the essential backdrop to innovation. Despite the flashy newcomers, Cisco’s capabilities still deliver for enterprises seeking a robust infrastructure. Learning about what Cisco offers and the way it has grown from the cradle is a great way to get on board. These Cisco statistics will help do exactly that. Let’s plunge in.

Key Cisco Statistics

Key Cisco Statistics

  • Cisco Systems pushed out its first product to the market in 1985.
  • The first product had a network interface card built for big firms with digital equipment. 
  • It went all head over with sales within five years after its first product launch. Within these years, the company was able to gather a market cap of $224 million.
  • The company grasped 74th place on the Fortune list of the 500 topmost businesses. 
  • During the start of the 2000s, Cisco rose in strength to be known as the most prized company
  • Within just 12 months from the year 2020 to the end of 2021, the revenue of the Cisco system shot up by 1%.
  • The stock price rose to its peak of $82 by the close of 2000. 
  • The value of shares rose after 2 years to end at about $45 for each Cisco share in the market. 

Cisco Market Share

Cisco Market Share

1. Cisco Systems Became the Most Sought-After Company At the Close of 2000.

The year ended on a fine note for Cisco Systems as it emerged as the most sought-after company globally. It could boost its finances by having a total sum of $500 million in coffers for the entire period.

2. The IT Session was Not At Any Point Left Out of Its Control.

Cisco has wielded a strong presence in the hardware network technology market.

3. Cisco Infrastructure Segment Held 41% of the Sector Market Share At the Close of 2022.

The infrastructure network enterprise market in 2022 was controlled to a large extent by Cisco Systems. The company had a chunk of 41% stakes in the market. Huawei was next in line with a slice of 10% of the world market share

4. Infrastructure Platforms Have Been Going Downhill For the Past 6 Years in a Row.

There has been a bad turnout in the sector in recent times. For 6 years now, the infrastructure sector has fallen by -89%.

5. Cisco Systems Controls Over 50% of the Infrastructure Enterprise Network.

The presence of Cisco Systems is seen as a great deal, with a 55.7% share in the infrastructure enterprise network market.

6. A Whole 49.9% Market Share of Ethernet Switches Was Under the Control of the Cisco System.

Cisco has been able to keep up with the competition in the Ethernet switch market for many years. It took 49.9% market share at the close of the third quarter 2020. Huawei was placed second in the ranking of companies at that period. Hyperscale data centers are one of the most likely areas where growth occurs quickly. Cloud investors like to invest in new technology like Ethernet switches. This is because it is a great part of IT infrastructure, which receives, processes, and sends data from one device to another. 

Cisco System Purchase

Cisco System Purchase

7. The Company has Bought Over 200 Companies Over the Years.

With an average of 6 acquired firms in one year, Cisco Systems has wielded control over the market. Buying out other companies has reduced in no small way the level of rivalry and boosted its customer base.

8. Taking Over Businesses At Its Bleak Comes the Top Place For Cisco Systems.

50% of all the actions taken by Cisco center on taking over businesses. This has helped increase its customers and put Cisco on the global watch.

9. Cisco has Spent Over $70 Billion on Getting New Businesses Over the Years.

These purchases are varied and continue to take a large part of the Cisco ecosystem.

10. Many Companies Taken Over By Cisco Systems Were into LAN switching and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

This shows that Cisco Systems is drawn to areas that will mostly yield good profits after a while.

11. Cernet Corporation is Still the Highest Purchase the Cisco System Made.

At the time, the Cisco team purchased Cernet Corp. for as large as $7 billion. Such a huge amount of money shows how much Cisco values companies with good prospects.

Cisco Employee Statistics

Cisco Employee Statistics

12. Cisco is Home to Over 79,000 Employees.

It has almost 80,000 workers and a total of 200 offices spread across several countries of the world. Cisco has the interest of all customers at heart, so it searches for the best hands to get the job done.

13. Forbes Ranked Cisco Systems as Number 2 On the List of Best Companies to Work For.

This ranking came two years in 2020 and again in 2021. Workers stating their pleasure with the work ethics can only be the reason for this feat of success.

14. Cisco Laid Off About 6% of Its Staff By the Close of 2013.

Up to 6% of Cisco employees were sent home when 2013 came to a close. This did not surprise many as several other large businesses cut down on staff to save costs.

15. Over 15,000 Employees Work in the San Jose Headquarters Office.

This large workforce shows the area’s high demand for Cisco Systems services.

16. The Second Largest Distribution of the Cisco Workforce is in North Carolina.

The North Carolina office has 7,000 full-time employees. Also, this implies that the demand for Cisco Systems service is quite massive in North Carolina.

17. Cisco Offered Its Employees Remote Working Options in 2021.

The COVID-era made many top companies develop better ways to manage their staff and avoid losses. So, Cisco provided remote work options for its employees in 2021, creating a flexible work environment. 

Cisco Systems Products

Cisco Systems Products 

18. Cisco Has Various Focal Points in the Industry, Such As Communication, Security, and Collaboration (VoIP).

These areas are already quite lucrative for the organization. Other areas of interest and investment include data centers, visualization, and infrastructure (routing and switching).

19. Cisco’s VoIP Product Webex Has Skyrocketed in Value and Is Worth More Than $1 Billion.

These statistics show that the Cisco brand continues to rise in value since its products have striking valuations.

20. Cisco Systems Bought Over Scientific Atlantica and Linksys.

These companies offer phone system products for home and office use. Since phone systems are vital, they will likely add more value to the Cisco network.

These vehicles are vital in tackling natural disasters and emergencies in different regions. So, Cisco Systems finds relevance in rapid response to emergencies, potentially saving lives and properties.

22. Home Users Enjoy Cisco Cable Modems for Broadband Technologies.

These cable modems are very much known on the global map. They enable home and office users to link their devices easily to the internet. This is important with the rise and growing relevance of smart devices.

23. Agile Networks and Secure Tops the Largest Revenue Base of Cisco Systems.

The company made a whopping sum of 23.8 billion 2022 from its Agile and Secure networks. 

Cisco Revenue Statistics

Revenue Stats

24. Cisco Systems was Said to Have Raised $49.8 Billion At the End of 2021.

Although this might be below their target, it still implies that users rely on Cisco for various services.

25. Cisco Systems Earned Its Biggest Revenue in 2019, with $61.9 Billion.

This massive figure in a year confirms the importance of Cisco to its customers in 2019. Its revenue in 2019 beat the total net worth of some businesses, which is a notable feat.

26. 49.3% of Cisco’s Revenue is From Its Switching Products.

Revenue that comes from routing services made up 27.7% of Cisco’s total revenue. The multiple services it offers have helped to boost utility.

27. Cisco System Has Recorded a Slight Revenue Growth of 0.3% in the Past Five Years.

This means that, for some reason, Cisco is struggling to attract more users and recording minimal growth in its ecosystem.

28. In the Last Ten Years, It has Recorded a Slight Increase From 61% to 64% in Its Gross and Net Profit Margins.

This is quite surprising with the global status of the Cisco Systems business.

29. Market Cap Stood At $196.96 Billion for Cisco Systems in December 2023.

Market capitalization was quite good at $196.96 billion on the first day of December 2023. The enterprise value that same day was at $181.08 billion.

More Facts on Cisco Systems

More Facts

30. The Name Cisco was Coined Out of San Francisco.

The popular American city of San Francisco inspired the naming of this tech giant called Cisco.

31. The Cisco Systems Logo is a Large San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Graphic Symbol.

This bridge is a notable landmark in the city of San Francisco. It connects San Francisco’s Bay with the Pacific Ocean and is the spur behind the Cisco logo design. 

32. Cisco Bought Out Pure Digital Technologies in 2019.

Remarkably, Pure Digital Technologies is the maker of the Flip Video camera. However, this technology lost its place in the market when smartphones emerged.

33. Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner Are the Couple that Founded Cisco.

This married couple founded Cisco before they got divorced. The company is now publicly traded and has grown despite its challenges.

34. Sandy Lerner was Fired After Cisco Went Public in 1990. 

Bosack resigned from the company’s affairs when Lerner lost her job. They chose to sell their shares to cut all ties with the Cisco system.

35. Attending the Cisco Network Academy Does Not Cost a Dime.

This free educational program focuses on topics that are related to technology. Its major goal is to inform students about the importance of the tech industry and what Cisco offers.


Cisco systems cover large areas of interest, from phone enterprise systems to cable modems and network technologies. It has wielded power in the industry by buying low-performing firms. This move has taken Cisco to greater heights and placed it in market control. 

The tech market is well embedded with the activities of Cisco Systems. The company is all set to embrace new products like the internet in the future, which has raised a neat sum for Cisco. Cutting across all its facets of business, Cisco strives to maintain the top spot in every area in which it places interest. Like several others, the agile network is one of many Cisco projects that keep it in the industry’s top spot.


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