February 24, 2024

Launched as a digital joke to parody crypto, Dogecoin and its iconic Shiba Inu meme mascot have had the last laugh by vaulting DOGE into the top 10 cryptocurrencies with a jaw-dropping $20 billion+ market cap today. Yet the eccentric crypto asset dubbed “the people’s coin” traces a rollercoaster ride filled with flash crashes like last year’s 75% May plunge and headline-grabbing surges thanks to cheerleaders like Elon Musk.

As DOGE flirts with a long-dreamed price point of $1 in 2024, its future rides a razor’s edge between wider adoption and charges; its bark lacks real bite. This Dogecoin 2024 forecast dives into statistics from 120,000 daily crypto traders now accepting DOGE to the currency’s questionable utility beyond hype-driven speculation. Love it or hate it, the data suggests this meme coin could stay crazy enough to survive crypto’s harsh headwinds. This article on Dogecoin statistics considers the token’s origin, past performance, and present valuation in the market. Let’s get in.

Dogecoin Statistics and Facts

Summary of Dogecoin Statistics and Facts

  1. Born in 2013, Dogecoin came as an online joke.
  2. It is the first meme coin to exist in the world of cryptocurrency.
  3. DOGE is the code for the Dogecoin crypto network.
  4. Dogecoin’s market value is $10 billion.
  5. Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus are the creators of Dogecoin.
  6. Dogecoin has an initial supply limit of 100 billion coins.
  7. In May 2021, DOGE climbed to its highest price of $0.7376.
  8. A single Dogecoin wallet contains about 28% of DOGE coins.
  9. 65% of the total DOGE coins are held in less than 100 wallet addresses.
  10. Elon Musk supported and contributed to putting Dogecoin in the spotlight.

What is Dogecoin?

What is Dogecoin

Dogecoin became a light-hearted crypto asset through the famous Doge internet meme and a Shiba Inu dog theme. It imitates Bitcoin to present a peer-to-peer (P2P) open-source and fun-filled crypto token.

The asset uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and decentralized system. The system relies on several networks of computers known as nodes for recording and storing data and transactions in a public ledger. The entire process ensures the data on the network remains tamper-proof. 

Dogecoin came into the field in 2013, offering investors a very low price to engage in cryptocurrency. However, through massive acceptance and the influence of prominent crypto moguls like Elon Musk, DOGE climbed to the spotlight. The founders of Dogecoin included a community-centered approach to the project to support its decentralization. This raised the interest of many observers and quickly increased the token’s user base after its creation. Subsequently, Dogecoin transformed from a light-hearted joke to a notable crypto asset among other top contenders.

DOGE – The Native Coin of Dogecoin

DOGE is the code for Dogecoin, also known as its native token. It empowers the running of the entire Dogecoin ecosystem. As a meme coin, DOGE has no intrinsic value or use cases. It majorly serves as a speculating crypto asset for traders and investors. This accounts for the highly volatile nature of Dogecoin, which could trigger a huge risk for investors through excessive fluctuations.

Uses of Dogecoin

1. As a digital asset, Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer payment method among its users. It trades physical items on Reddit, Twitter, and others.

2. Its highly volatile attribute makes it a speculative asset for some crypto traders who benefit from its price fluctuations.

3. It is largely traded against other crypto assets and fiat currencies on crypto exchanges.

4. Due to its humor features, Dogecoin is a favorable option for online tipping. Some social media content creators receive DOGE tips from other users for creating interesting and attractive content.

History of Dogecoin

History of Dogecoin

5. In 2023, two software engineers, Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, brought in an element of internet joke with Dogecoin. They brought the concept of a cryptocurrency that offers humor to users.

6. Initially, Plamer jokingly tweeted about an upcoming blast into the crypto space in the form of Dogecoin. The post received warm and massive responses from many crypto enthusiasts. 

7. Palmer and Markus introduced a digital payment system by blending the popular Bitcoin and internet meme Doge, calling it Dogecoin. This positioned Dogecoin as the first meme coin in the crypto industry.

8. Following its inception, Dogecoin gained much attention within the first month. The token’s official website recorded more than one million visits from interested crypto investors and speculators.

9. Dogecoin grew to become the dominant and leading meme coin. Its official social media account on the X platform comprises over 3.8 million followers and has many members in its crypto community.

10. The famous crypto personality and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk contributed to Dogecoin’s explosive rise.

Unique Features of Dogecoin

Unique Features

No supply Limit

11. Unlike most crypto assets like Bitcoin, Dogecoin has no limit to its coin supply. Dogecoin miners received 10,000 DOGE coins for each successful block they produced. 

12. Moreover, each block on the network has an average mining period of one minute. This means that miners could produce up to 14,400,000 new DOGE coins in a single day. 

13. The massive production rate positions Dogecoin as a highly inflationary cryptocurrency with an infinite maximum supply.


14. The decentralized attribute of Dogecoin conforms with the usual security features that distinguish crypto assets from traditional ones. It removes the impact of a central party which could control or even manipulate the functions of the network.

15. Notably, the security of the Dogecoin network lies in the hands of selected users across the globe. The token maintains stable operations through decentralization and ensures its records remain immutable.

16. For a crypto asset like Dogecoin, its decentralization usually depends on its number of nodes and miners’ distribution. The network has over 6,000 nodes of individual computers that maintain and support its decentralization.

Coins are Concentrated in a Few Hands

17. A few Dogecoin wallets hold most of the coins in circulation. The biggest holder has about 28% of the total Dogecoin in circulation. 

18. On average, an estimated 0.002% of DOGE wallets contain almost 70% of the total coin supply.

19. This ownership level could pose liquidity risks and price fluctuation for the meme coin since the holders could control the token. The case differs for Bitcoin, whose coin wallet holders are evenly distributed.

What Could Influence Dogecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

What Could Influence

Here are some conditions that could influence Dogecoin and other crypto assets:

The Place of Political Changes

20. Several governments of different countries have started regulating crypto using some agencies and authorities. Also, they make some decisions and laws that could affect crypto assets directly or indirectly.

21. Like other assets, Dogecoin can grow rapidly with favorable declarations in some regions. Notably, positive changes in the economic growth of a nation will push up the token’s value and even raise investors’ interest.

22. Conversely, some conditions in a country can limit the expansion and rise of DOGE. These include violence through war, terrorist attacks, economic crises, natural disasters, and others.

Rise and falls in Fiat Currencies’ worths.

23. When there’s inflation, where a lot of money purchases few goods, the overall price of any currency or asset will also fluctuate; this does not exempt any fiat currency as they respond like other payment mediums. 

24. When this happens, Investors will turn to alternatives like crypto, such as Dogecoin. These assets provide a haven for investors to avoid the effects of inflation. Notably, a slight rise in DOGE’s demand often increases the price dramatically within a short period. 

Intermittent Issues

25. It’s common knowledge in the crypto market that the price of cryptocurrencies responds to some stimulus or unpredictable elements. The unpredictable nature of the absolute crypto marketplaces, owing to policies and principles guiding the marketplace, conflicts and rivalries, or embargoes, influences the development of Dogecoin and other monies.

26. In 2022 FTX crypto give-and-take activities, nearly every crypto token experienced a great reduction in their worth. Dogecoin was one of the payment gateways that saw a fall in its value. Furthermore, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) restriction on numerous crypto firms in the United States, such as Coinbase and Binance, brought DOGE and other currencies down in value.  

The impact of Social Media and News

27. Rumors are one of the factors that disturb crypto organizations and marketplaces. Information about plans affects the market so that it could lead to irregular changes in activities. Thus, many social media posts and news could completely alter crypto’s move towards development and expansion in worth. 

28. Furthermore, an atom of propaganda on would-be tokens with more prospects of gains could alter investors‘ goals within the crypto marketplace. 

29. An example of hype and its result could be seen in the case of how Elon Musk’s peeps and annotations concerning Dogecoin generated a helpful desire for it. 

30. Most investors adopted DOGE through Musk’s active promotions. Notably, many people believe in digital assets that have the support of prominent personalities and influencers.

How Dogecoin Moved in the Past

Moved in the Past

Following its creation, the Dogecoin community sees the token as a humorous meme coin with a relatively small value compared to most cryptocurrencies. Gradually, Dogecoin started making waves in crypto, paving its path amid different hurdles through the years.


31. The overwhelming acceptance of people on the Reddit channel encouraged Palmer and Markus to bring Dogecoin into the industry. Within 48 hours from December 17 to December 19, 2013, DOGE’s value rose by over 460%.

32. Moreover, when Bitcoin and other crypto assets faced restrictions in China, Dogecoin saw more acceptance from users from different countries. Dogecoin closed the year with its value at $0.0004222.


34. At the beginning of 2014, Dogecoin garnered more investors’ investors than almost all available tokens. It saw a massive growth in its trading volume, slightly exceeding the combined volumes of all other assets. However, DOGE’s market value still falls below that of Bitcoin.

35. Additionally, DogeTipBot emerged in 2014, creating more excitement for Reddit users. DogeTipBot is a tipping app that rewards great content creators and active users for commenting and promoting Dogecoin.

36. Through the inspiration of the DogeTipBot, the Dogecoin Reddit channel had up to 70,000 new users in August 2014.

37. Though the application lasted three years, it significantly impacted the Dogecoin community. For instance, the app generated $170,000 for charitable projects such as water cleansing in Kenya and distributing service dogs for blind kids and others.

38. The DOGE’s value had pronounced swings through the year amid competition from other crypto assets like Steller, Monero, and others. From its opening price of $0.0004228, Dogecoin ended the year at $0.0001866, reflecting a more than 120% decline in value.


39. Dogecoin faced a huge blow in 2015 as one of its founders, Jackson Palmer, quit his stance on cryptocurrency. Palmer noted that his initial belief in crypto as a libertarian option to fiat currencies was wrong.

40. Palmer stated that his observation of cryptocurrency is a basic exploitative option that favors top proponents. He mentioned that such fundamentals parallel his ideas and political opinions and that he didn’t intend to return to crypto again.

41. While concurring with Palmer, Markus sold out all his Dogecoin holdings and other crypto assets. However, he expressed his shock in January 2021 after Dogecoin grew by 900%, commenting on how an internet joke succeeded. 

2016 and 2017

42. Dogecoin had no remarkable shift in its price trend in 2016. The coin’s price hovered between the $0.00020 and $0.00030 regions.

43. In 2017, Dogecoin indicated more potential for massive price change. Progressively, the value of DOGE scaled up to remove a fractional zero in the price and closed at $0.008972.


44. On January 7, 2018, Dogecoin recorded a new milestone as its market cap reached almost $2 billion. The price of the meme coin climbed to $0.01877. 

45. However, Dogecoin failed to sustain the rise as the price slipped gradually downward in the following weeks. Amid the price swings in the crypto market, DOGE closed the year at $0.002346.


46. There was no significant price movement for Dogecoin in 2020. The price of DOGE revolved around the $0.001 region from the beginning of the year.

47. Yet, Dogecoin stood its ground in the mean price range of $0.0020 to $0.0030 all through 2020. This little range in price could be connected to the virus, COVID-19, and international lockdown.


48. The story changed for Dogecoin as it experienced a price rise and a boost in its performance in 2021. Many customers linked with the Reddit platform confess they are more interested in the token. Dogecoin witnessed a 210% price rise between January 28 and 29, 2021.

49. The after-effect of the post by Musk on his platform of 54 million followers was Dogecoin’s publicity and general acceptance. Next was a rise in its price to $0.07797 on January 29.

50. Furthermore, Dogecoin became the talk of the town among notable personalities and celebrities like Gene Simmons, Snoop Dogg, and Elon Musk. The currency got higher publicity in its worth by $0.08.

51. The coins kept rising in value until April, when they jumped to a mark above 527%,  and then the value added another figure, $0.7376, to mark its apex since initiation. It rose to $50 billion and above in 2021, came down by 26% ($0.2042) in September, and stayed at $0.1744 that year. 


52. The coin’s market value dropped to $0.07029, contrary to the price of $0.1705 it recorded at the beginning of 2022.  


53. Dogecoin rose in value to $0.09733, by a proportion of 0.35% on January 1.

54. Doge gained 17%, rising to $0.0953 in April and dropping by 19% to $0.07563 on November 23. So far, November has seen DOGE registering a 22% gain.


Dogecoin has remained unshaked while pushing more growth signals through the years. Thus, 2021 remained the best for Dogecoin, with significant achievements. The price of DOGE reached $0.7376, and the market value rose above $50 billion. In 2023, Dogecoin was a resilient and popular cryptocurrency characterized by volatility and widespread adoption. Its unique blend of humor, utility, and a devoted community continue to set it apart in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Despite fluctuations in its price history, Dogecoin remains an intriguing contender, symbolizing the dynamic nature of the market and its journey from a “memecoin” to a legitimate player.

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