June 16, 2024

How did Deezer catapult from a scrappy streaming underdog in 2007 to a top global platform, counting 16 million monthly active users spanning 180 countries today? Behind this powerful wave lies an ocean of data on the music streaming giant. This inside look at pivotal Deezer statistics – from its 73 million track library to its still-minority 6% market share – reveals this European pioneer’s trajectory, challenges, and possible future paths.

We dive into everything from Deezer’s early days as a free service to its recent exclusive content blitz targeting younger listeners. With revenue up a promising 9% last year against competitors like Spotify, Deezer may be hitting its rhythm. Yet, with indie artists fleeing unfair payouts, can the platform balance artist relations with user growth? The data notes both discordant and harmonious chords as Deezer’s global symphony plays on in the tumultuous streaming era.

Deezer Statistics

Deezer Statistics – History

1. Given its shaky start, who would’ve thought Deezer would become so popular? It rose from the ashes of another failed music app called Blogmusik.

2. Blogmusik was shut down in 2006 because of copyright problems. But its founders believed in the idea because just two months later, they relaunched the site as “Deezer.” You have to give them credit for not giving up! And that perseverance paid off. 

3. In barely a year after the relaunch, Deezer already had nearly 900,000 songs that people could stream for free. This huge selection of tunes for free put them on the map. It got music fans excited and drew in subscribers quickly.

4. Deezer kept beefing up its catalog over the next decade. By 2015, we’re talking about 8 million songs!

5. Nowadays, Deezer has over 100 million playlists that folks can access and share. So, while it had a rocky start, Deezer pulled through and became one of the top names in music streaming. Not bad for a little site that died once and came back stronger, you know?

Deezer Statistics – Market Share

Deezer Statistics - Market Share

6. The yearly profits of the music streaming business hit nearly $30 billion in 2021, a big rise from the $18.90 billion record in 2020. It is also more than two times the $13.8 billion yearly profits in 2019

7. Considering these numbers, the industry’s growth is booming, so many companies now hustle for a piece of the cake. New platforms are popping up daily, but the data below shows the ones with the highest share in the market.

Company Market Share (%)
Spotify 32.77%
Apple Music 17.48%
Amazon Music 13.90%
Tencent Music 13.15%
YouTube Music 9.93%
Netease 4.83%
Deezer 1.39%
Other music streaming platforms collectively 6.55%

The data shows that Spotify and Apple Music command almost ½ of the combined market

8. Nevertheless, the competition remains fierce because of tech giants like Amazon, Tencent, Google/YouTube, and Netease.

9. Meanwhile, we still have 200+ new music streamers striving for listeners worldwide, and Deezer is out to take new positions.

Fascinating Deezer Statistics About User Growth in 2023

Deezer Statistics About User Growth

10. Reports indicate that Deezer attracts 16 million users monthly from various countries worldwide. Some even pay $10 monthly for access to diverse songs, premium features, and so on. 

11. This large user base hints at the platform’s steady growth. By the end of 2023 and beyond, this number might double as the platform will launch its new, unique features and upgrades.

12. Deezer offers various subscription options to enhance your music streaming experience:

  • Individual Plan – $9.99/month | Ad-free listening, Offline and on-demand access, and Unlimited downloads.
  • Family Plan – $17.99/month | Same features as above and Share with up to 6 devices.

All plans come with a 1-month free trial. Students also get 50% off the standard rates.

13. You can pay a monthly fee to unlock Deezer’s full features across devices – from offline listening and unlimited song downloads to an ad-free music experience. 

14. With two flexible plans, you can customize based on your budget and needs. Take advantage of the free trial or student discount to sample Deezer Premium.

Top Countries Using Deezer

Top Countries

As a French company, it’s no surprise that Deezer enjoys massive popularity in its home country. 

15. 35.32% of Deezer’s total user base comes from France alone. 

16. Deezer sees much of its growth coming from South American markets after France. 

17. Brazil has the second largest share at 12.69% of users. 

18. Mexico and Colombia hold another significant chunk, capturing 4.80% and 3.44%, respectively.

19. While France leads, Germany also contributes 5.69% of Deezer’s global listeners in Europe. 

20. Over one-third (38.06%) of users originate from other nations worldwide.

21. Deezer’s dominance in France likely stems from local brand recognition and a longer presence.

22. The streaming service’s popularity in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia shows its potential in international and non-English markets.

23. Expanding beyond Western Europe, Deezer found an underserved Spanish-speaking audience to tap into across Latin America. 

24. Localized content and pricing tailored to these markets further drove adoption. Now, millions of South Americans help comprise Deezer’s diverse listenership spread throughout the Americas and across the globe. 

25. Capturing new regions has been key for Deezer to compete at scale versus American upstarts like Spotify and Apple Music.

Deezer Statistics – Demographics


26. It’s no shocker that Deezer draws in the younger crowd more than the Boomer tunes-haters. 

27. The biggest number of users – we’re talking over 30% – falls in the 25 to 34 range

28. It makes total sense when you think about it. That crew grew up on iPods before going digital for life. Prime target market!

29. Next are the college-aged listeners, coming in hot at around 25%

30. Then you’ve got decent pull from folks aged 35 through mid-50s, too. But it drops hard after 55+. 

31. Less than 10% of Deezer’s fans are people over retirement who are vibing to jazz or classic rock playlists

32. The same goes for the 65+ grandparents group at less than 5%. Grandparents have quilting and bridge clubs to keep them busy, not concert streams!

33. If you laid out Deezer’s listeners by age in a bar graph, it would slope steeply from a tall peak at 25-35 to a barely visible sliver in the 60s and up. 

34. Turns out French tech trends middle-aged now, avec classique EDM pour danser!

How Much Site Traffic Does Deezer Get on Average?

Site Traffic Does Deezer Get on Average

So, get this – I’m looking at Deezer’s website traffic stats over the summer. 

35. We’re talking about a massive 22 million visits every month. In June and July, 22+ million people were chilling on Deezer dot com

36. August dipped barely, probably just during the vacation season, but we still saw over 21 million music heads bumping playlists. That’s wild website traffic for what most still call an “up-and-coming” streamer. 

37. But it has to feed the passion of all those millions of subscribers, right? Deezer has already hooked nearly 20 million registered users in total.

38. streaming traffic is 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. That’s because people zone out to music while working, working out, doing chores, drowning out family arguments – you name it! 

39. There are always going to be millions of music lovers touring Deezer to play DJ for the day. Plus, tons just discovered that indie French charm and signed up for a trial on the app. 

40. Over 20 million monthly visits to keep the playlists popping shouldn’t shock anyone. 

41. But still – 22 million! Monthly! French technology, who knew?! Deezer is out here making viral waves while Spotify stress-sweats over all this spicy competition!

Music Streaming Platforms and their Subscriber Count

Music Streaming Platforms and their Subscriber Count

42. Everyone remembers how we got stuck inside for months when COVID-19 first hit. Well, a whole lot of people needed music to keep them sane! The numbers are wild!

43. Globally, we went from having around 340 million paid music streamers at the end of 2019 to almost 450 million by the end of the next year. 

44. Oh, and just in the US? There were over 82 million subscribers in early 2021, which jumped 15% compared to the previous year.

45. With so many new sign-ups, Spotify and Apple cashed in big time. But Amazon, YouTube, and others expanded, with millions jumping aboard. Can you blame them? Sitting bored at home for months, you might as well soundtrack the monotony!

46. They say necessity breeds invention. But for music apps? The global pandemic breeds hundreds of millions of new subscribers. This is wild when the tunes are the bright side to everyone being stuck inside and stir crazy. Spotify investors rejoiced!” Below is data on these streaming platforms and their subscriber count:

Platform Subscriber Count
Spotify 165,000,000+
Apple Music 88,000,000+
Amazon Music 70,000,000+
YouTube Music 50,000,000+
Deezer 7,000,000+
Pandora 6,000,000+
Tidal Music 3,000,000+

47. Spotify leads with 165 million subscribers this year.

48. Apple Music takes second place with 88 million subscribers.

49. Amazon Music ranks for 70 million subscribers.

50. YouTube Music stands in with 50 million subscribers.

51. Deezer makes it ahead with 7 million subscribers.

52. Pandora boasts 6 million subscribers.

53. Tidal Music Trails has 3 million subscribers.


Deezer is not showing any signs of stopping. It’s out to serve the population with its music needs, and its strategies are matchless. Despite having millions of users, the platform wouldn’t mind doubling this figure before 2024 runs out. If you’re considering Deezer as your alternative music app, that’s an amazing step to take because it has a huge song library from your favorite artists. Also, for as low as $9.99 monthly, you can download tracks, albums, and even playlists to enjoy later when you have no internet connection.

Apart from streaming music, if you are into music as a career and need a perfect platform to showcase your talent to the world, then Deezer can be your best bet. You can publish a track to its 16M+ users and get the chance to grow your fan base in no time. So, conclusively, whether you’re a streamer or an artist, give a shot at Deezer and get the most out of music!

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