February 24, 2024

Our world has gone digital as technology continues to advance. Now, most aspects of life are digital, including our relationships. Many things are directly influenced by the advancement of technology, including our relationships. Nowadays, we have social media websites and dating apps that let people connect online within and beyond their countries. The beauty of these relationship apps and websites is that they help individuals find love partners easily. About 52% of Hinge users make less than one match a day. Moreover, 13% of guys on Hinge get fewer than one match weekly.

Interestingly, young males who can’t walk up to a lady could easily build confidence through dating apps before a first date. However, as most people would say, there is always a Judas in every gathering of the twelve, so it is with online love seekers’ platforms. The bad eggs in the basket have seen these online platforms as good media for carrying out romance scams. Sadly, Hinge, being one of the dating apps in the market, is not left out in this issue. In Hinge, one can taste all shades of green and grey in the digital dating space. If you want to discover facts on the Hinge dating app, this article will provide you with the most important Hinge statistics. Let’s proceed.

Hinge Key Statistics for 2023

Hinge Key Statistics for 2024

  1. Available information shows that 815,100 individuals visited the platform in October 2023, with a bounce rate of 68.24 percent.
  2. Studies on Hinge show that an average individual using the company’s services spends $123 annually.
  3. According to the provided statistics on Hinge, for every ten people who use the platform, 4 of them are seeking a serious and lasting relationship.
  4. In October 2023, the firm received 45.18 percent of all visitors from the United States of America.

Hinge General Statistics 2024

Hinge General Statistics 2023

1. Match Group Developed the Hinge App in 2012.

Hinge is a well-known tech and internet company in Texas. Justin McLeod founded Hinge in 2012. He is currently the company’s chief executive officer. Some reports show that Hinge launched the Matchmaker Android version in the third quarter of 2017. It’s also good to know that in 2017, The New York Times newspaper always mentioned Hinge in the wedding section. Furthermore, in 2023, CNET also discussed the platform, describing it as one with interesting features.

2. As the Firm Grew, Match Group Bought 50% Ownership of the Company in 2018.

In 2018, Hinge was also given the right to get full ownership of Hinge after one year of getting 50% ownership. Keeping to the agreement, Match Group fully owned the firm in 2019. Remarkably, between 2018 and 2019, the company’s revenue grew by 400% as it bought half ownership of the platform. Moreover, when Match Group took full control of the company, the platform’s revenue rose to $284 million in 2022 from $8 million in 2018.

3. Hinge Stands Out as One of the Known Relationship Platforms in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US.

The firm also takes third position, among others, in the United States, after Tinder dating app and Bumble. Statistics also reveal that 23 million people joined the company in 2022, most of whom came from the US. Moreover, it also shares that more than 10 million individuals on Hinge came from the United States. Some studies reveal that the company has seen remarkable growth in the number of people registering on the platform. For example, in 2021, Hinge had 20 million members, meaning it registered an additional 7 million users to the 13 million recorded in 2020. With the help of the table below, we can see how the firm’s members grew from 2017 to 2022.

Year  Number of Users at Hinge
2017 2.4 million 
2018  4 million 
2019 8 million 
2020 13 million
2021 20 million
2022 23 million 

4. Statistics Tell Us That 1.3 Million Paying Users Were Using Hinge in the Third Quarter of 2023.

We learned From reports that the company had up to 800,000 paid users in 2021 after recording 500,000 in 2020. Considering the magnitude of progress, analysts estimated that Hinge will record 1 million paid users in the year 2022. In 2023, Hinge got up to 1.3 million paying users, which is approximately 33% growth above the number it had during the same period in 2022.

5. Each Visitor Viewed 1.73 Pages of the Dating App for an Average of 39 Seconds.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, data from Similarweb revealed that Hinge’s total web visitors were 815,100, with a 68.24% bounce rate.

6. The US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia are the 5 Top Countries That Used Hinge the Most in 2023.

Statistics show that the US had 45.18% of all Hinge visits. The UK contributes 12.1%, and users from Canada make up 6.47% of all Hinge visitors. Now, the platform is available in over 120 nations.

Countries Percentage of Web Visitors
United States 45.18%
United Kingdom 12.1%
Canada 6.47%
India  3.99%
Australia 3.77%
Others  28.49%

7. Hinge Consisted of 58.84% Men and 41.16% Women Visitors in October 2023.

Considering this data, the popular saying, “There are more males than females who register with relationship platforms,” is true.

8. The Age Group That Uses the Hinge App Most Often Ranges Between 25 and 34 Years Old.

Further, 20.71% of its users are within the 18 to 24 age category, while 18.43% fall within the 35 to 44-year age bracket.

Age Distribution User Percentage
18 – 24 20.17%
25 – 34 37.17%
35 – 44 18.43%
45 – 54 12.75%
55 – 64 6.93%
65+ 4%

9. Researchers Discovered That for Every 40 Likes, Men on a Hinge Will Find a Match.

Sadly, about 52% of males there might have no match in a day. Another piece of information is that 13% of men on the platform do not get a match within seven days after joining the dating platform. However, statistics reveal that female users on the dating platform could have a match per 2 likes. We noticed that, on average, men at Hinge like 1 in every 3 female profiles they view.

Hinge’s Statistics on Relationship Interest 2024

Statistics on Relationship Interest

10. From Statistics, We Discovered That 4 Out of Every 10 Hinge Users Want to Have a Serious Relationship.

Considering this information, it means that 40% of its entire users are not for casual relationships. Moreover, 35% of all users using the dating platform are interested in getting married or having a steady relationship.

11. Studies Reveal That 90% of Users on Hinge are Ready to be the First to Say “I Love You.”

In addition, the dating platform noticed that 72% of all dates on the dating app also plan for a second one. Remarkably, studies show that 90% of users on Hinge noted they had a great date on their first day.

12. In 2016, it Was Observed that Some Users Who Succeeded in Getting Partners had 4 to 5 Dates.

In 2016, successful users achieving romantic partnerships typically experienced success after engaging in 4 to 5 dates, highlighting the significance of multiple interactions in forming meaningful connections. This observation emphasized the importance of sustained efforts and interpersonal interactions in the dating landscape during that period. Most of them had an average of 16 matches before finding a partner.

13. In 2018, Hinge Recorded 50 Thousand Dates Every Seven Days. It is estimated that About 3,000 of the Dates Led to a Prolonged Relationship.

In 2018, Hinge, a dating app, facilitated an impressive 50 thousand weekly dates. Among these encounters, an estimated 3,000 blossomed into lasting and meaningful relationships, highlighting the app’s success in fostering connections. Furthermore, Statista shows that the dating company has recorded over 12 billion matches since its launch.

Hinge’s Market Share and Revenue for 2024

Hinge's Market Share and Revenue

14. According to research, Hinge recorded an 18.7% market share in 2022. This made it go below Tinder, which had 29.2%. We also saw Bumble’s smile as it got a higher market share than Hinge, recording 26.4% in the same year. However, the dating platform outpaced other known rivals, Plenty Fish and Badoo, which recorded 11.4% and 5% shares, respectively.

15. The firm had a revenue of $61 million in the first quarter of this year. Analysts looked at this achievement and predicted it could make more than $300 million in revenue at the end of the year. Moreover, the platform also cashes out from paid features like advanced preferences and limitless likes.

16. According to reports, an average paying user on Hinge spends $123 every year.

17. Again, we noticed that the dating platform makes 70% of its revenue from the US, and the UK is its next largest market.

18. Hinge had an annual revenue of $284 million the previous year, recording a 44 percent growth from $197 million in 2021.

19. In 2020, the dating company had $90 million in revenue, which marked an increase of 82% from the value in 2019. The table below shows Hinge’s yearly income from 2017 to 2023.

Year  Generated Revenue
2017 $2 million
2018 $8 million
2019 $31 million 
2020 $90 million
2021 $197 million
2022 $284 million
Ist. Quarter of 2023 $61 million

20. Between 2019 and 2022, Hinge’s number of paid users increased from 200 thousand to 1.06 million.

21. In 2020, the dating platform had 500 thousand paid users, but in 2021, the number increased to 800 thousand.

Hinge Additional Statistics 2024

Hinge Additional Statistics

21. Our research found that 55% of UK citizens know about the Hinge app.

22. According to studies, 50% of users on Hinge prefer having virtual dates.

23. Some users on the dating platform get a match within their hometowns.

24. From statistics, we learned that 20% of Hinge’s users are from the LGB community and are likely to have connected.

25. The dating app has over 35 million downloads from love seekers.

26. According to research, two users on Hinge who show interest in a relationship are likely to share their phone numbers. Equally, Hinge’s users sharing similar religions have a 97.5% chance of exchanging phone numbers.

27. From our discovery, we observed that 87% of bisexual individuals on Hinge decided to explore their sexuality more.

28. Research has it that users on the dating platform are likely to change their numbers 16 times more than users on other dating apps.

29. According to Similarweb, Hinge received 70.73% of its visitors from organic search traffic and 25.11% from direct traffic in October this year. Also, at the same time, it got 100% of total web visits from organic traffic and 0% from paid traffic.

30. It is worth noting that Hinge received its traffic through 693 keywords as of October of this year. Again, in the same period, it got web traffic through the help of 19 referral websites. Moreover, six social networks also contributed to its traffic. These include Reddit, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Facebook, and others, with Reddit giving the highest.


Hinge provides a platform that is not only for casual relationships but for serious ones that could lead to marriage. This makes it different from others, where most users are focused on getting casual relationships and hook-ups. Again, the number of users on Hinge grew immensely. This means that many love-seekers are interested in the platform. Its current market share in the industry also agrees with the growing interest of people in the platform. Furthermore, Hinge is the third most populous relationship platform in the United States, with the UK being its second-largest market.

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