February 25, 2024

Unless you’re in the enterprise software game, chances are Infor doesn’t ring too many bells. But behind the scenes, this company born out of Koch Industries has been pushing hard to bring old-school business applications into the modern age.

Rather than just churning out software that gets the job done, Infor infuses next-gen technology like data science and top-notch user experience into the mix. The result? Efficient, easy-to-use products across everything from finance to HR that digitize cumbersome systems and provide real-time insights to inform better decisions.

And their aggressive shift to the cloud and focus on specific industries seems to be clicking with customers. Infor boasts impressive stats like:

  • 68,000 global customers dependent on their solutions
  • Cloud revenue shooting up over 25%
  • 90 of the top 100 aerospace companies leverage their software

Intrigued yet? Well, buckle up, buttercup; we’re just getting started highlighting all the numbers that showcase Infor’s experience-driven approach paying dividends. Read on for more fascinating stats and trends revealing this unsung software disruptor making seismic moves in the shadows.

Key Infor Statistics

Key Infor Statistics

  1. Infor was founded in June 2002 upon acquiring homogenous software services.
  2. In 2004, Infor Global Solutions rebranded from Agilisys.
  3. Infor recruited ex-Oracle executives in 2010.
  4. Infor started with just 1,300 customers and grew through other acquisitions.
  5. In July 2016, Infor recorded over 68 million cloud users.
  6. A vast majority of industries use Infor’s platform and services.
  7. Infor has customers spread across 175 countries in the world.
  8. Since 2014, Infor has been using AWS product (CloudSuite) as a SaaS.
  9. Microsoft and Infor own about half of SAP and Oracle’s share of the ERP market.
  10. Infor workforce estimates to be 180,000.
  11. An Infor employee earns $91,357 on average yearly.
  12. Infor generated $3.2 billion in revenue in 2021.

General Facts and Statistics on Infor in 2023

General Facts and Statistics on Infor

1. In 2002, Infor was Founded by Acquiring Other Companies Providing Similar Business Software Services as Agilisys in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Infor was spun off from Systems & Computer Technology Corporation of Malvern, Pennsylvania, in June 2002. The company was renamed Agilisys when it had 1,300 clients in the Process of manufacturing ERP software.

2. New York, NY, is the Home of Infor Global Solutions Today.

Upon acquiring Infor Business Solutions AG in 2004, Agilisys moved its headquarters from Alpharetta, Georgia, to New York in 2012. Currently, New York is Infor’s headquarters.

3. In February 2004, Agilisys Acquired the German Company Infor Business Solutions and Changed its Name to Infor Global Solutions at the Same Time.

Infor Business Solutions was acquired by Agilisys in 2004 and rebranded to Infor Global Solutions. This measure was intended to strengthen the company’s ambitions following two years of sustained growth in several markets.

4. Infor Applied a Cloud Computing Strategy to Merge the Old and Software to Compete With Other Leading ERP Vendors.

After the change of leadership in 2010, Infor launched a cloud computing strategy, bringing its portfolio of older software to the modern era. The modernization of the software seeks to challenge the largest number of Enterprise Resource Planning vendors.

5. Recruiting Former Oracle Officials was Part of a Management Change 2010 at Infor.

As earlier established, the change in management at Infor was to grow the company and compete in the global market. This is why Infor saw hiring some former officials from Oracle in 2010 as a strategic move.

6. Infor Designs its ERP Software and Offers Services From an Extensive Library of Software Obtained via Business Acquisitions.

Infor designed multiple software products on its own, such as 10X. The company also created an ERP cloud platform in 2013 and a collaborative tool intending to work across other Infor products. In addition to its ERP software development, Infor sold other products for specific manufacturers.

Statistics on Infor Users in 2023

Statistics on Infor Users in 2023

7. With Only 1300 Customers, Infor Started and Expanded Significantly With the Continued Acquisition of Other Competitor Firms and Their Clients.

Infor began in June 2002 with around 1,300 customers of process manufacturing Enterprise and Resource Planning software. Infor grew through Golden Gate Capital and Summit Partners acquisition backing. Through the continuous acquisition of similar ERP companies and clients in the industry, Infor experienced significant growth.

8. By the Summer of 2006, Infor’s Client Base had Grown to 17,500 Just Four Years After its Inception.

Infor’s rapid growth in its early years proves the company focuses on presenting businesses with trustworthy and innovative ERP solutions. As of 2006, the company had around 17,500 customers for whom it rendered services.

9. Infor has Over 68 Million Cloud Users in Over 170 Countries, With Over 14,000 Cloud Customers as of July 2016.

According to research data, the number of Infor’s cloud users was estimated to be 68 million in 2016. The active Infor cloud users are all over 170 countries in the world. Additionally, Infor’s total number of cloud customers as of July 2016 amounted to 140,000. Infor is more than just an ERP company; it is a business that spans HCM, SCM, and even WFM. However, Infor confirms that it has over 15,000 customers on its cloud.

10. The Internal Software Research and Development Lab of Infor is Hook and Loop.

Hook and Loop’s primary focus is UX, which tailors the software developed for individual customers. In 2012, Infor established an internal software research and development laboratory, Hook and Loop. This R&D, which focuses on software User Experience (UX), was developed for individual customers and the Infor product line.

11. Enterprises Use Infor Across a Variety of Industries.

Infor is well known for multiple product lines and strong offerings in IT, Aviation, Defence, and Healthcare industries. Infor offers services to Manufacturing and Distribution, Retail and Fashion, Finance and Banking, Food and Drink, Hotel and Resorts, Electricity, and Gambling industries.

Statistics on Infor Usage in 2023

Statistics on Infor Usage

12. Over 65,000 Organizations Worldwide use Infor to Transform Their Business and Overcome Market Disruptions on a Digital Basis.

Over 65,000 organizations rely on Infor for digital transformation. These organizations also depend on Infor’s deep industry expertise to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide goals.

13. Infor Customers are in Over 175 Countries and Territories Worldwide.

In more than 175 countries, Infor is focused on serving its customers in multiple regions and industries. Infor’s fundamentals are changing its system of publishing information within the company. Infor ERP was designed to establish a sustainable operating advantage regarding security and time to value.

14. The Incredible Value of the ERP System Showed in Just 1% of Today’s Firms Having No Cloud Infrastructure.

Statistics show that 48% claim that their digitization projects are complete. Of these, only 1% of businesses can be said to have no form of cloud infrastructure at all. Infor ERP has helped improve business operations, enhanced reporting and visibility, and increased growth and competitiveness. This is to show the importance of the ERP system in businesses.

15. Infor has Been Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Public Cloud Platform for its SaaS Products Since 2014.

In 2014, Infor introduced CloudSuite, an Amazon Web Services-powered product. The purpose of Infor’s partnership with Amazon Web Services as infrastructure to Infor CloudSuite was to grow over 60 million customers.

16. Infor and Microsoft are Tied for Third Place in the Top ERP Vendors.

Most analysts put Infor in a tie for 3rd position with Microsoft ERP. Statistics show that Infor is recommended for large industrial organizations and Microsoft for Windows users. Other data in 2023 indicates that Infor is ranked at eighth position and best for complex supply chains, while Microsoft is best for integrations.

17. Half of the Share of ERP Market Leaders (SAP and Oracle) is Dominated by Microsoft and Infor.

As of 2017, Infor and Microsoft had around half the share of SAP and Oracle combined in the ERP market. In the same year, Infor significantly changed its workforce and customers.

Infor Workforce Statistics 2023

Workforce Stats

18. Infor has Over 18,000 Employees.

According to recent statistics, over 18,000 employees work at Infor. Other data show that some Infor employees are likely to be members of the Democratic Party.

19. Infor’s Support Team Comprises More than 1,700 Experts Helping to Transform Business Processes.

Infor’s support specialists assist in transforming businesses through the integration of business processes and document management. The support experts’ count at Infor is estimated at 1,700, and they ensure that customers have a wonderful experience when using the platform.

20. Infor has Other Partners from More Than 110 Offices Spread Across 45 Countries Globally, Estimated to be 2,000.

Since Infor focuses on providing efficient cloud software services, it partners with 2000+ partners worldwide. You will find these business partners in 110 office locations scattered all over 45 countries across the globe. Nashua, New York, Saint Paul, and Alpharetta have the most Infor offices.

21. In 2021, the Revenue-per-employee at Infor Reached $177,778.

Revenue per employee is calculated as a company’s total revenue divided by the number of employees. This helps to measure how much each employee generates for the company. With over 180,000 employees and a revenue of $3.2 billion, Infor boasts a revenue per employee of approximately $177,778.

22. An Employee at Infor Makes at Least an Average of $91,357 Annually.

In the US, an Infor employee earns an average yearly income of $91,357. In addition, the annual salary for the 10th percentile stands at $66,000, while the 90th percentile holds at $125,000.

23. The Average Time an Employee Works at Infor is 5.8 Years.

Infor continually evolves and takes proper care of its staff. Statistics reveal this could contribute to why most of their staff stay with Infor for an average of 5.8 years. Additionally, statistics show that, on average, 14% of Infor employees stay with Infor for 5.8 years.

24. The Percentage Ratio of Female Employees to Male Employees at Infor is 60%:40%.

In most work environments, gender disparity is the order of the day, especially at Infor. At Infor, the population of males compared to females is higher, which means the company is male-dominated. According to statistics, Infor comprises 60% male and 40% female employees. A major factor could be that Infor isn’t doing enough for its female employees.

25. About 57% of Infor Employees are Whites, Asians Make up 13% of the Workforce, and Latinx 13%.

The most common ethnicity at Infor is Whites, making up 57% of the total workforce. The Asians and the Latin Americans constitute about 26% of Infor’s employees.

Infor Revenue Statistics

Revenue Stats

26. 2017 will Continue to Echo in Infor as Koch Equity Pulled in More Than $2.2 Billion.

This move wasn’t the end, as another $1.5 billion was invested again in 2019. Much later, in 2020, the company rose to the height of a self-sufficient part of Koch Industries.

27. We Expect the ERP Software World Market to be Better Positioned by 2026.

It will reach $78.4 billion by the end of 2026, bringing a positive outlook for Infor Company. 

28. Infor Made a Progress of $3.2 Billion Just Within 2021. 

Revenue peaked for Infor Company in 2021 with an amazing $3.2 billion. It was a year that Infor as a company will not forget for a long time.

29. One of The Greatest Achievements Infor has Ever Made was its Purchase of Lawson Software for $2 Billion in 2011.

Before buying the Lawson software, it bought GEAC ERP in 2006 for $1 billion. It acquired the GT Nexus in 2015 for a tidy sum of $675 million in year 2015.

Infor introduced machine learning and AI applications in 2018 to avoid being left out in the open. This became an excellent move added to the company roster of enterprise resource planning services.


Undoubtedly, the ERP industry continues evolving to meet the rapidly changing business environment and future trends. The key to successful business operation lies greatly in understanding the value of ERP in today’s businesses. Infor has been listed among the leading ERP and cloud computing vendors since 2010. Cloud-based ERP like Infor has a greater advantage over on-premise products as they are innovative, flexible, and scalable. 

Due to Infor’s massive revenue growth in 2021, especially in SaaS orders, its industry depth is to accelerate cloud migration. The statistics show the functionality of cloud infrastructure, client base, general facts, and history of Infor. The statistics also address all the important information you need to know about the Infor.


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