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Singtel has connected Singaporeans for over 140 years, evolving from the island’s first telephone exchange to a global telecom leader. As one of Singapore’s homegrown success stories, Singtel powers the digital lives of millions across Asia and Australia. The Singapore Telecom Company owns 32.15% of Bharti Airtel, the second-largest mobile operator in India. Singtel enables possibilities beyond mobile networks and broadband through technologies like AI, IoT, and more. Singtel’s innovation and passion drive the telecommunication giant today.

From pioneering nationwide 4G coverage to partnering with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, Singtel has made communication accessible and reliable for individuals and enterprises alike.

As communication advances to the next frontier, like 5G, one thing remains constant – Singtel’s commitment to enabling a brighter, more inclusive digital future. Singtel and the broader telecom landscape always have exciting developments. Join us as we explore fascinating Singtel statistics, facts, and trends shaping the world of tomorrow.

Singtel Statistics

Key Singtel Statistics and Facts for 2023

1. Singtel had a former name that people knew it for. That name was Telecommunications Equipment until 1995, when it changed.

2. After it emerged in 1879, it became Singapore’s leading national telecommunications company.

3. Singtel offers many other products and services besides the regular phone networks. They include Internet Service Provider (ISP) services and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). 

4. Singtel TV was the section in charge of the IPTV services.

5. The price at which Singtel got Optus in March 2001 was nearly $8 billion.

6. The predominant owner of Singtel is Temasek Holdings. This connection shows the extensive investment arm of the Singapore government. Also, it projects a partly nationalized status.

7. Singtel sold sixty percent of its majority stake in Singapore Post (SingPost) in 2003. It took place via an IPO to redirect its focus towards telecommunications.

8. Telstra statistics show that Singtel owns 100% of Optus, even though it poses a rival.

9. The telecom company invested $321 million in the mobile ad company Amobee. This record dates back to March 2012.

10. In November 2011, Singtel introduced the first eBook provider in Singapore. This tool was Skoob and lasted only three years (2011 – 2013).

11. Singtel’s overseas operations rewarded it with a massive 70% profit in 2021.

12. The Singtel Group grew significantly in 2021, recording an operating revenue of $15.644 billion in the same year.

13. Singapore is reported to have a very high data usage, with an average of 71.38 petabytes used monthly, according to a report for quarter one of 2022.

Singtel 2023 Market Share Statistics

Singtel 2023 Market Share Statistics

14. Singtel owns a substantial stake (32.15%) in India’s second-largest mobile network carrier, Bharti Airtel.

15. Singtel has been pulling massive weight in Australia and Singapore, owning an 82% fixed-line market share and a 47% mobile market share. 

16. Singtel also completely owns Australia’s second-largest telecom operator, Optus.

17. Its market share in Singapore’s broadband services sector is 43%. 

18. On the Singapore Exchange, Singtel is the second-largest company by market capitalization

19. Singtel previously tried to expand into Pakistan by acquiring a 30% stake in Warid Telecom in 2008, but due to significant losses, they decided to sell their shares in 2013.

2023 Singtel Usage, Revenue, and Employment Statistics

Usage, Revenue, and Employment Stats

20. Singtel had 4.1 million subscribers as of 2017, and through its subsidiaries, the number of Singtel subscribers is over 744 million in 21 countries.

21. The company’s total 5G customer base reached over 760 thousand users in the financial year 2023.

22. On average, Singapore consumes 71.39 petabytes of data monthly, as recorded in Q1 of 2022.

23. Singtel’s mobile business is boosting its market share through superior 5G experience in quality and coverage and value-based differentiation of partnership.

24. The firm’s Revenue comes from quality acquisition and expanded 5G adoption and coverage.

25. Singtel increased its revenue by expanding service coverage and potential growth in broadband penetration and home pass rate.

26. Its Group Consumer is the highest earner, accounting for 61.3% of Singtel’s Revenue, and oversees mobile, broadband, voice data, paid TV, and more.

27. In 2021, it recorded an operating Revenue of $15.644 billion.

28. Singtel’s underlying net profit was up 7% to S$2.05 billion in the 2023 fiscal year.

29. The company’s prepaid numbers grew 2.7% to 1.4 million, and ARPU fell 1.5% to SGD13. Monthly data consumption rose 19.2% to 10GB.

30. Singtel’s post-paid subscribers increased by 2.5% to 2.9 million, with ARPU rising 12.6% to SGD33.

31. Its enterprise operating revenue rose 1.6% to SGD1.3 billion, with notable gains in cybersecurity offset and managed services by weakness in data, internet, and voice.

32. In 2022, Singtel had 22,000 employees, with about 12,000 working in Singapore, 7,200 in Australia, and a few hundred in various other international locations. 

33. The company’s workforce consists of an average of 33.5% women and the remaining 66.5% men, with women making up 32% of top executives and 28% of all executives within the Singtel Group.

Statistics of Singtel Net Profit in the 2023 Financial Year

Net Profit in the 2023 Financial Year

34. According to Singtel’s latest financial reports, the net profit for the full year of FY23 was $2.23 billion, up 14% from the previous year.

35. The net profit for the first half of FY23 was S$1.17 billion, a 23% increase from the previous year.

36. However, the net profit for the third quarter of FY23 dropped by 28% to S$532 million.

37. Despite this, Singtel maintains a robust financial standing, with net debt reducing from $10.1 billion in 2022 to S$8.3 billion. It uses the cash generated from capital recycling to reduce gearing.

38. Singtel is committed to increasing its capital to enable expansion through investments and maintain financial flexibility with investment-grade credit ratings.

Singtel Stock Statistics

Singtel Stock Statistics

39. Singtel is currently projected to have an average price target of S$2.97, with a high estimate of S$3.20 and a low estimate of S$2.68. 

40. In the fiscal year 2023, Singtel’s net profit increased by 14% to reach S$2.23 billion

41. During the fiscal year 2021, there were 16.5 billion shares outstanding for Singtel. 

42. Earnings per share for Singtel stock in 2021 stood at 10.59 Singaporean cents

43. Most Singtel shares, amounting to 51.8%, are owned by Temasek Holdings

44. The number of Singtel shareholders has remained relatively constant at around 338,610 from 2015 to 2021.

45. Regarding financial performance, Singtel demonstrated a return on assets (ROA) of 4.01% in 2022 and a return on equity (ROE) of 7.28% in the same year. 

46. Over the fiscal year spanning 2021-2022, Singtel’s stock prices reached a high of S$2.88 and a low of S$2.31. 

47. Singtel was first listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) on November 1, 1993, with the initial public offering (IPO) involving 11% of Singtel shares, while Temasek Holdings, the investment arm of the Singaporean government, held the remainder.

Important Facts You Should Know About Singtel

Important Facts You Should Know

48. Singtel offers various telecommunications services, including mobile networks, VoIP, ISP, and IPTV. It was established in 1879.

49. Singtel holds a 32.15% stake in India’s second-largest mobile network carrier, Bharti Airtel.

50. Singtel has a significant presence in Australia and Singapore. It controls approximately 82% of the fixed-line market in both countries.

51. The company has a subsidiary called Singtel Innov8, which invests in innovative companies worldwide. 

52. As of 2022, Singtel Innov8 had invested in 28 companies.

53. Singtel led a covert negative social media campaign against its two major competitors, M1 and Starhub.

54. The company owns a 100% stake in Optus, the second-largest telecommunications company in Australia. It has a 31% stake in Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom company. 

55. It has partnered with several Asian firms, including Telkomsel in Indonesia, Globe in the Philippines, AIS in Thailand, and Citycell in Bangladesh.

56. While Singtel had many successful offshore investors, it did not succeed in Pakistan. It recorded a massive loss when it acquired a 30% stake in Warid Telecom, Pakistan’s fourth-largest mobile operator, in 2008. But in 2013, Singtel exited the investment.

57. Most of Singtel’s profits are from its international operations. As of 2022, at least 70% of its revenue will be generated outside Singapore.

58. Singtel offers IT solutions through its Group Digital Life business unit, which offers video streaming, digital marketing, and data analytics.

59. Singtel has received several accolades, one being voted Best Mobile Operator. It also won the Best Provider of Mobile and Fibre Broadband Services.

60. Singtel has a long history dating back over 140 years. It played a significant role in the growth of Singapore’s telecommunications services. It celebrated the centennial of telephone services in Singapore in 1979.

Some Notable Singtel Acquisitions

Some Notable Singtel Acquisitions

61. Singtel went global in the 1990s and became a regional multinational corporation. Its growth was driven by the deregulation of the global telecom market in the 1980s.

62. Despite its many challenges, including various allegations and lawsuits, Singtel continues to record notable growth. The company has continuously recorded massive profits and aggressively expanded its international market presence.

63. Trustwave: In 2015, Singtel made a significant acquisition move. It acquired Trustwave, a US-based cybersecurity firm, for $810 million. This marked Singtel’s largest offshore investment outside the telecoms sector.

64. Hivint: In 2018, Singtel acquired the Australian cybersecurity consulting firm Hivint for $16.5 million, further strengthening its presence in the cybersecurity domain.

65. Amobee: In 2012, Singtel ventured into the mobile advertising sector by acquiring Amobee for $321 million, expanding its portfolio of services.

66. Optus: Optus, the second-largest telecommunications company in Australia, is 100% owned by Singtel. This acquisition has contributed substantially to Singtel’s international presence.

67. Singtel has a 31% ownership stake in Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecommunications company. This marks one of its strategic investments in key global markets.

68. Its investments in other firms: Singtel has many investments in other companies, including Bank Fama and Mapped, and it has a joint venture with AIS and SK Telecom. These are part of the company’s broader strategy to engage with and support innovative companies.

69. Singtel Innov8: This company is a subsidiary of Singtel and is at the forefront of identifying and investing in innovative companies worldwide. 

70. This subsidiary focuses on identifying and supporting cutting-edge technologies and startups to enhance Singtel’s offerings and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


Singtel has maintained a steady growth since the onset. Despite the extreme global economic conditions, its stock price in 2023 has remained relatively stable. It has acquired a modest increase in net profit and maintains a significant ownership stake under Temasek Holdings.

Singtel offers many other products and services besides the regular phone networks. These include Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services. Millions of data and statistics about Singtel are interesting to explore. However, the above statistics should give you a comprehensive insight into Singtel and its impact on Singapore’s economy.

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