April 16, 2024

Web conferencing experienced an unprecedented boom following COVID-19’s onset and remote work’s sudden rise. Once niche services like GoToMeeting became essential overnight as workplaces sought to adapt through digital collaboration tools. During the height of this rush, GoToMeeting managed to carve out a 0.14% share of the surging online meetings market.

Now, with remote work persisting, GoToMeeting finds itself positioned among well-established competitors substantially larger in market share, like G Suite (83.63%), Microsoft’s Office 365 (8.62%), and upstart Zoom’s rapid-growth 4.03% share. Yet GoToMeeting retains differentiators like AI-generated meeting transcriptions, screen sharing for virtual presentations, and video recording functionality for later review. The question is whether these innovative features can drive increased adoption.

This article will analyze the latest 2023 usage statistics for GoToMeeting to assess its current position and growth potential against longstanding category leaders and disruptive new entrants alike. Core metrics will include market share trends, revenue, user base size, and more.

Key Statistics for GoTo Meeting in 2023

Key Statistics for GoToMeeting in 2023

  1. The web video conferencing platform has a maximum of an 8-hour time limit for each virtual meeting.
  2.  In September 2023. GoTo Meeting received most of its traffic from desktop devices and by country basis: from the United States.
  3. In June 2023, it observed an annual revenue growth of $536,833 since inception and a 93.3% increase rate since the 2nd quarter of 2019.
  4. GoTo Meeting is among the world’s top 3 web video conferencing software.
  5. In October 2023, GoTo Meeting had over 1 million downloads.

GoToMeeting General Statistics 2023

GoTo Meeting General Statistics 2023

1. GoToMeeting was launched in July 2004 by LogMeIn Inc., founded by Michael K. Simon and Marton Anka in 2003.

2. The company’s headquarters is at 333 Summer St., Boston, Massachusetts, 02210, United States of America.

3. On February 2, 2022, LogMeIn Inc. rebranded to GoTo to reflect its immense dedication to innovating information technology.

4. GoTo’s current president and chief executive officer (CEO) is Michael Kohlsdorf. It has 46 employees.

5. In July 2016, LastPass acquired GoToMeeting in a stock deal valued at $1.8 billion.

GoToMeeting Usage and Meeting Market Share Statistics 2023

Usage and Meeting Market Share

6. In September 2023, the website was ranked No. 99,221 globally and No. 44,869 in the United States.

7. In the same month, it had 638.33 thousand website visits, with a 37.08% decline from its value of 1.01 million in August 2023.

8. GoToMeeting recorded 2.13 million web visitors between July and September 2023.

9. In September 2023, the web video conferencing software had an average duration visit of 4 minutes and 18 seconds.

10. In September 2023, Semrush showed that 2.77 thousand of GoToMeeting’s traffic came from organic search traffic. This value decreased by 7.74% from what it had in August 2023.

11. Out of the 638.33 thousand web visits GoToMeeting had in September, 34.09% of traffic came through smartphones and 65.9% from desktops.

12. GoToMeeting had its highest traffic from the United States, with 42.7% of all web visitors in September 2023.

13. The online video conferencing software had 100% of its web traffic from Colombia through desktop devices.

14. In October 2023, out of the top five virtual video conferencing applications, GoTo Meeting took the third position with a global market share of 9.31%.

GoToMeeting User and Demographics Statistics for 2023

User and Demographics Statistics

15. Statistics show that the Florida Department of Health is among the biggest users of GoToMeeting software.

16. Vivit, Worldwide, a non-profit global software community, is another big user of GoTo Meeting.

17. It was discovered that the technology, marketing, and education industries frequently use GoToMeeting.

18. Statistics show that the United States of America is the largest user base for GoTo Meeting, and the second is India.

19. Similarweb shows that 57.14% of the GoToMeeting audience is male and 42.86% is female.

20. The 25 to 34 age group is the biggest age category of visitors to the video conferencing platform.

21. GoToMeeting’s audience’s top categories of interest are News, Programming, and Developer Software.

22. Statistics reveal the top topics discussed in the GoToMeeting are Business, News, and shopping.

GoToMeeting Usage Statistics for 2023

Usage Statistics

23. Google Play Store shows that GoToMeeting has more than 1 million downloads with 4.7-star smartphone ratings.

24. As of October 2023, the Google Play Store shared that GoToMeeting has 40.5 thousand reviews.

25. Notably, the online video conferencing platform had up to 5 times more usage than it recorded in 2017.

26. GoTo Meeting had significant growth in usage in the COVID-19 era; however, it dropped after the pandemic.

27. It was discovered that GoToMeeting usage is twice as low as before the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

28. Some of the largest users of GoToMeeting software include DAT Freight and Analytics, Fortinet, AppFolio, and Paycor.

29. GoTo Webinar offers users scheduling meeting sessions, while GoTo Meeting offers instant web meeting sessions.

30. GoToMeeting freemium subscription follows the purchase of GoTo Webinar Standard, Enterprise, or Pro subscriptions.

31. According to data from Kona Equity, GoToMeeting has a yearly revenue of $9.66 million and $204,944 annual revenue per workforce.

32. As of June 2023, the web conferencing platform has recorded a yearly revenue increase of $536,833 since its inception.

33. Data from Kona Equity shows that GoToMeeting has had a 93.3% revenue progress rate since the second quarter of 2019.

34. The virtual video meeting platform has $4 billion as its market share worldwide.

35. Interestingly, GoToMeeting’s revenue is high compared with the median expected for the industry.

Additional GoToMeeting Statistics 2023

Additional GoToMeeting Statistics

36. Aside from GoToMeeting, GoTo also offers other software products like GoTo Room, Connect, GoTo Webinar, and GoTo Training.

37. In 2016, GoTo won the Appy Award for Best Productivity App Producing Company.

38. GoTo is among the leading software companies based on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

39. In 2016 and 2017, GoToMeeting won a back-to-back CODiE Award for Best Collaboration Solution.

40. As of September 2023, GoToMeeting recorded a 43.18% bounce rate on its website, according to Similarweb.

41. Similarweb also shows that the web conferencing platform declined in its World Web ranking in the past three months. It decreased from the rank of No. 113,503 to No. 107,931.

42. In September 2023, GoToMeeting had the highest % of its traffic from desktop direct traffic, with 69.13%, and Referral traffic at 20.64%.

43. Some of the least traffic sources for GoTo Meeting under the marketing channels distribution are Mail, Social Media, and Display advertising.

44. The top 3 traffic category distribution for GoTo Meeting are Search engines, Programming and Development Software, and Digital Marketing. These 3 top categories have traffic share of 25.3%, 13.76%, and 12.08% respectively.

45. Similarweb said the online video meeting platform got referrals from 36 websites in September 2023.

46. GoToMeeting has an 8-hour maximum time limit for each online conference session.


GoToMeeting is among the leading global software services for online video meetings, enabling individuals and corporations to interact from anywhere. Based on its features and the affordability of its services, it could foster the growth of remote working. Remarkably, statistics show that GoToMeeting has recorded impressive annual revenues. This could attract more investors and increase its innovation capacity.

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