February 29, 2024

Reels became a favorite for many after TikTok’s creation due to their short nature. These short videos are usually one minute or less, and Instagram reels aren’t any different. The number of views they receive daily is even higher than regular Instagram posts. That shows how engaging they are.

Instagram reel engagement rate is 1.23%, a slight decrease from 1.66% last year. Despite this, engagement rates for carousel and image posts are significantly higher (1.02% and 0.72%), respectively. You more likely want to know many things about Instagram reels, such as their growth, usage, etc. Hence, we have curated several Instagram reel statistics in this article for more clarity. Read on to discover it all.

What are Instagram Reels

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is an added Instagram feature launched in 2019 in one country and many others in 2020. It is a way to create, post, or discover a short video of 1 minute on Instagram. They are often entertainment, educational, video, and many others.

The feature has audio effects, visual effects, creative tools, and more to help make your video the standard it should be. When Instagram Reels started, users could only record and share 15-second videos. The company discovered it was insufficient, as people seldom post a complete video in one Reel. Subsequently, it increased the time to 1 minute when it launched the platform globally.

With Instagram Reels, users can manage who sees their posts and who doesn’t. The feature also distributes posts over a user’s followers to others on the platform. Aside from the section Instagram created for Reels, users can watch Reels on their feed while scrolling.

How Does Instagram Reels Work?

How Does Instagram Reels Work

Instagram Reels have unique usage steps for everyone through their functions. Instagram users can create, share, and watch Reels; here are the steps on how the functions work:

How to Create Reels

The Reels feature is at the bottom of the Instagram home page with features. Click on it, and it will open the camera, displaying a variety of creative tools on the left side of your screen. Also, the page has a ‘+’ sign that lets users add videos from their device galley if they are not interested in recording directly on Instagram. Then, they can use the tools to make the finishing touch on the video. Some of the tools and their functions are:

AR Effects

The Augmented Reality Effect allows users to select effects from the Instagram gallery and add them to videos. Instagram created some of the impact, and other creators worldwide also have roles in the creation.


This tool allows creators to add sound to their videos, remove original sound, or adjust the volume. Click on the tool and choose any sound from its wide audio range. Also, there is a search bar to find favorite sounds. Posting Reels with original sounds gives the creator credit for the sound. Also, other people can create videos with the original sound by clicking on ‘Use Audio.’ However, posting with an Instagram sound will give credit to the owner of the sound.


The align tool helps creators to create seamless transitions between different videos. To use this tool, line up all the videos perfectly and click on the tool. The process will automatically initiate. Creators can select their preferred transition.

Timer and Countdown

The timer and countdown tool help creators record videos hand-free. Set the tool on the time it will take to get in position for the video and start recording. It is usually in 3 seconds.


This tool allows users to speed up and slow down all or certain parts of their videos. It will enable different stages of speed.

How to Share Reels?

How to Share Reels on Instagram


After creating a Reel, the next step is to share it, which might be challenging for creators with Public or Private accounts. Creators can share Reels to a verse Instagram community on Explore.

Creators With Public Accounts

Public accounts allow Reels to show in the Explore. Many Instagram users, including the creators’ followers, can see the Reels. Adding hashtags, sounds, and other tools to the video will reach even more people.

Creators With Private Accounts

A private account restricts posts to the creator’s followers alone. This means Reels from creators with such account type will only be available for followers. Also, other creators can’t use the original sounds of the Reels from a private account, and they can’t share the Reels with non-followers, either.

When the Reel is ready, go to the share screen, where the option to save it as a draft is available. Next, change the video’s cover image, add a caption, and, if necessary, tag people who must see and share the video. Creators can also share their reels to feed, allowing them to appear on their profile grid and the reel segment. Creators can share their reels to their stories regardless of their account type. Also, they can share it with close friends or as direct messages.

How to Watch Reels?

How to Watch Reels

The reel feature on Instagram is not only for creators. A significant number of viewers are available on the platform. Research shows that there are more Instagram reel viewers than creators. This is because every creator is also a viewer, adding to the list of viewers who are not creators.

The reels in Explore display the most trends on Instagram. Viewers are in for a long ride with the millions of reels at their disposal to watch. They can watch reels from just anyone except from people with private accounts. Reels display in a vertical feed, allowing watchers to swipe up to watch the next video or down for the previous one.

There are tools on every reel for liking, sharing, commenting, or saving them to watch later. Some reels have a ‘Featured’ label on them, which indicates that there is original content from which the reel is coined. To watch reels, open your Instagram, click the reel option, and enjoy great entertainment in short videos.

Key Instagram Reels Statistics

Key Instagram Reels Statistics

1. In June 2020, Instagram reels started in France and Germany.

2. Reels launched in Brazil first as Cenas.

3. Instagram saw a 4.34% increase in its users in Brazil after it launched Reels.

4. In India, Instagram usage time increased by 3.5%.

5. The engagement on NBA Instagram increased by 22% after the launch of Reels.

6. About 20 of 30 teams in the NBA use Instagram Reels.

7. After the launch of Instagram Reels in India, the number of users didn’t increase.

8. Instagram downloads increased by 11.4% in India after Reels launched.

9. The Lakers, of all NBA teams, have the most engagement on Reels.

10. Louis Vuitton Gets 7 Million Views on Average.

11. Red Bull France has over 2 million views on a few of its most viral Reels.

12. Sephora France gets over 400 thousand views on her Reels.

13. Across 5 Reels, the Houston Rockets have over 11 million plays.

14. Balmain gets over 1.2 million views on its Reels.

15. The average number of views Junesixtyfive gets on Reel Post is over 2.7 million.

16. Reels has over 140 billion plays daily across Instagram and Facebook.

17. The most viewed Instagram reel is Khaby Lame’s.

18. Over 50% of Instagram users find new content on the Explore page on reels.

19. NBA teams reported to have 22% more engagement with Instagram reels.

20. About 87% of Gen Z TikTok users say it is the same as Instagram reels.

21. Instagram launched the reel feature in over 50 countries in the last quarter of 2020.

22. Reel content gets about 22% more engagement than regular posts on the platform.

Must Know Instagram Reels Statistics

Must Know Stats

23. Instagram reels’ screen space is 8% larger than TikTok’s.

24. New England Patriots have 500% more engagement on their reels than a regular Instagram post.

25. Instagram reels got H&M over 33 million views from about 17 contents.

26. Christiano Ronaldo has over 100 million views on one of his Instagram reels.

27. Apple has an average of 7 million views on its Instagram reels.

28. Porsche has an average Instagram reel view of 16 million.

29. Chanel’s average Instagram reel view is about 1 million.

30. Zara has over 150 million views on all its reels combined.

31. Gucci has about 1.4 million views on its Instagram reels.

32. 0.96% is the average engagement rate for business posts on Instagram.

33. The average business page on Instagram posts only one time in one day.

34. 12% of all Instagram users live in America.

35. 49% of Instagram users are male.

36. About 130 million people select Instagram posts that are shoppable.

37. 500 million Instagram users use the story feature daily.

38. About 50% of online shoppers who have purchased a product saw it on Instagram.

39. About 81% of Instagram users search for companies, products, and services with it.

40. The number of monthly active users on Instagram is about 1.22 billion.

41. Active Instagram users spend at least 30 minutes on the platform daily.

42. About 70% of marketers and brands plan to increase spending on Instagram ads.

Instagram Reels Detailed Statistics

Reels Detailed Statistics

43. In June 2020, Instagram Reels Started in France and Germany.

Records show that Instagram users in France and Germany couldn’t access the reels until June 2020. They were the second set of countries that started using Instagram reels.

44. Reels Were Launched in Brazil First as Cenas.

Brazil was the first country to use Instagram’s new feature when it launched. The social media platform launched Reels as Cenas in Brazil in November 2019. This is because the country holds the biggest Instagram market.

45. Instagram Saw a 4.34% Increase in its Users in Brazil After it Launched Reels.

After Instagram launched Reels in Brazil, the number of its users increased by 4.34% in the same month. More people started using the platform to access its Reels feature, to post content, or to watch.

46. In India, Instagram Usage Time Increased by 3.5%.

After the launch of Reels in India, many people spent more time on the social media platform, increasing the usage time by 3.5%. The extra time they spend on Instagram is mostly on Reels.

47. The Engagement on NBA Instagram Increased by 22% After the Reels Launch.

NBA had a good engagement rate on Instagram but increased by 22% when it started using Reels. Since people, including sports lovers, use Reels because they are shorter, many trooped in their numbers to watch NBA Reels.

48. About 20 of 30 Teams in the NBA use Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels was launched in America in August 2020, and it has grown widely and is dominating the world of sports. Research shows that only 10 of 30 NBA teams don’t use Reels, leaving the 20 teams to use and benefit from them. Experts say more teams will start using Reels soon.

49. After the Launch of Instagram Reels in India, the Number of Users Didn’t Increase.

The record shows that the launch of Instagram Reels didn’t affect the growth of the number of Instagram users in India. The number didn’t increase or reduce; it stayed the same even if the people loved the new feature. Instagram has over 100 million active users in India, and only a few people don’t use the platform in the country. This is why no new person joined; everyone who needed it had already joined.

50. Instagram Downloads Increased by 11.4% in India After Reels Launched.

Reels launched in India in July 2020, and in a few months, downloads of the Instagram app increased by 11.4%. The increment was from 7 million to 7.8 million downloads. Since no new user downloaded the app, it means old users who had deleted the app redownloaded it, adding to the numbers. Also, some active users deleted the app and redownloaded it to get the updated version.

51. The Lakers, of all NBA Teams, Have the Most Engagement on Reels.

Survey shows that The Lakers have more engagement on their Reels than other NBA teams using the feature. The team posts more catchy Reels of winning and fun moments of its games and training. Also, it has millions of fans around the world. So, it gets over 300,000 engagements and over 4 million plays for each Reel.

52. Louis Vuitton Gets 7 Million Views on Average.

The average number of views Louis Vuitton gets on its Reel posts is 7 million. The clothing brand has more views than many others on Instagram. It capitalizes on Instagram Reels to get engagement and create more awareness.

53. Red Bull France has Over 2 Million Views on a Few of its Most Viral Reels.

Red Bull France has made many viral posts on Instagram, with over 1 million views. However, a few of the handle’s most viral Reels posts have over 2 million views and could scale higher

54. Sephora France Gets Over 400 Thousand Views on Her Reels.

Sephora is one of the makeup giants that capitalizes on Instagram Reels to get more engagements and create more awareness. The average number of views she gets on her Reels is 400 thousand, higher than those on her regular Instagram posts.

55. Across 5 Reels, the Houston Rockets Have Over 11 Million Plays.

Houston Rockets has started getting more engagements in its Reels than it used to. Its 5 recent Reel posts witnessed over 11 million plays cumulatively.

56. Balmain Gets Over 1.2 Million Views on its Reels.

Balmain, a big fashion brand, gets over 1.2 million as its average Reels views on Instagram. It has applied basic strategies to grow its audience in the past few months, and its views are growing.

57. The Average Number of Views Junesixtyfive Gets on Reel Posts is Over 2.7 million.

Junesixtyfive is an Instagram influencer and has gotten an audience since Reels launched. The influencer currently has over 2.7 million views.

58. Reels has Over 140 Billion Plays Daily Across Instagram and Facebook.

Analytics has shown that Instagram and Facebook have over 140 billion on Reels daily. It shows that an active user of any of the two platforms watches at least two to ten Reels daily. Considering this stat, users can run ads with the space and get substantial responses.

59. The Most Viewed Instagram Reel is Khaby Lame’s.

Khaby Lame has the most viewed Instagram reel. The post has over 283 million views and tends to increase as more people discover it.

60. Over 50% of Instagram Users Find New Content on the Explore Page on Reels.

Over half of Instagram users discover new content in the reel feature. The Explore page has a constant flow of content, making it perfect for finding new content every time.

61. NBA Teams Reported to Have 22% More Engagement With Instagram Reels.

Instagram reels help users get more engagement, and the NBA teams participate in this benefit. They say they get an average engagement increase of about 22%.

62. About 87% of Gen Z TikTok Users Say it is the Same as Instagram Reels.

Although the difference between Instagram reels and TikTok is clear, many Gen Z users seem alike. The two platforms are mostly for short videos and have almost the same tools and features. However, reels are a sub-company of Instagram, while TikTok is a stand-alone brand.

63. Instagram Launched the Reel Feature in Over 50 Countries in the Last Quarter of 2020.

After Instagram reels launched in Brazil first, and then a few other countries, it did a massive launch in 2020. The Instagram feature was found in over 50 countries last quarter of the year.

64. Instagram Reel Content Gets About 22% More Engagement Than Regular Posts on the Platform.

On Instagram, reels reach more people than conventional posts. Therefore, reels engage more on content creators’ posts than regular posts. Analytics shows that the engagement difference is 22%.

65. Instagram Reels’ Screen Space is 8% Larger than TikTok’s.

Instagram reels’ screen is larger than the regular post screen, ensuring a better content view. Also, reels have a bigger screen size than TikTok videos. This feature gives Instagram reels a competitive edge over TikTok, though the latter still holds the major competition cards.

66. New England Patriots have 500% More Engagement on Their Reels Than a Regular Instagram Post.

Reels have proven to give Instagram users more engagement, about 22% more than regular videos. But it raised the bar with New England Patriots, getting them over 500% more engagement than their regular videos.

67. Instagram Reels Got H&M Over 33 million Views from About 17 Contents.

H&M has over 30 million views on its Instagram reels, combining the result of nearly 17 contents. This is its all-time high, though it plans to engage strategies to bring more views.

68. Christiano Ronaldo has Over 100 Million Views on One of His Instagram Reels.

Christiano Ronaldo, a big player in the sports industry, has over 100 million views on one of his reels. This shows how much most Instagram users love sports-related activities.

69. Apple has an Average of 7 Million Views on its Instagram Reels.

Apple is a gadget and tech company. It has grown popular in the world and even on Instagram. Its Instagram reels have an average view of 7 million, growing monthly.

70. Porsche has an Average Instagram Reel View of 16 Million.

Since Porsche joined Instagram Reels, its engagement and visibility have started increasing. Its average number of views on Instagram reels is over 16 million.

71. Chanel’s Average Instagram Reel View is About 1 Million.

Chanel is a fashion brand with a global recognition. The average views on its Instagram reels are about 1 million. However, it has less than this number in some reels and more than others.

72. Zara has Over 150 Million Views on All its Reels Combined.

Like Chanel, Zara is a popular fashion brand with a wide visibility rate and global market worth. Its combined reels have over 150 million views.

73. Gucci has About 1.4 Million Views on its Instagram Reels.

Another notable fashion business brand on Instagram is Gucci. It is popular in the fashion world and even on Instagram. Over time, the brand has accumulated over 1.4 million views on all its Instagram reels.

Other Instagram Statistics in 2023

Other Important Statistics in 2023

74. 0.96% is the Average Engagement Rate for Business Posts on Instagram.

On Instagram, people are mostly there for entertainment and not business. This makes business accounts lag in engagements. Analytics says the average business account on Instagram only has about 0.96% engagement rate. However, this rate grows if they involve influencers with more followers and engagements.

75. The Average Business Page on Instagram Posts Only One Time in One Day.

Note that business pages on Instagram mostly have schedules for creating and posting content. They also have people handling the schedule. About 70% of these accounts have a one-post-per-day schedule, and others post even less. A survey of social media management teams of a few small businesses shows that they seldom post because professional content is difficult to create.

76. 12% of the Entire Instagram Users Live in America.

America’s population is one of the largest users of Instagram worldwide, making up 12% of global users. Meanwhile, the other 88% are across other regions with worldwide access to Instagram.

77. 49% of Instagram Users are Male.

Analytics has shown that about 49% of the users on Instagram are males. This means the other 51% are females. With this, it is safe to say that more women enjoy the app and its offers than men. Also, men most likely don’t have the time to engage in Instagram.

78. About 130 Million People Select Instagram Posts That are Shoppable.

Although business posts don’t have as much engagement as entertainment posts, many people still engage in shoppable posts. Creators that sell on Instagram can get more engagements than regular business pages.

79. About 500 Million Instagram Users Use the Story Feature Daily.

Posting on Instagram stories is the easiest form of posting on the platform. Users can share other people’s posts or their stories with two clicks. This is why many people use it daily.

80. About 50% of Online Shoppers Who Have Purchased a Product Saw it on Instagram.

Analysis has shown that about 50% of people who have successfully bought a product online saw the product first on Instagram. This indicates that Instagram is a great platform for affiliate marketers to promote their products.

81. About 81% of Instagram Users Search for Companies, Products, and Services With it.

For many people, Instagram is a great place to find companies, products, and services online. 80% of people believe they can find these things on the platform.

82. The Number of Monthly Active Users on Instagram is About 1.22 Billion.

Instagram analytics shows that about 1.22 billion people use the social media platform monthly. This number is even higher if inactive users are considered. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

83. Active Instagram Users Spend at Least 30 Minutes on the Platform Daily.

Considering the interesting content on Instagram, users get hooked even if they intend to take a quick peek at the platform. Most Instagram users say they spend an average of 30 minutes on the platform daily.

84. About 70% of Marketers and Brands Plan to Increase Spending on Instagram Ads.

Due to how effective Instagram ads have proven to be, more brands and marketers intend to join this strategy. Also, about 70% of brands and marketers using Instagram ads intend to increase spending in the coming years.

Instagram Reels – A TikTok Alternative

Instagram Reels - A TikTok Alternative

Instagram doesn’t have many similar features to TikTok, as they have different interfaces and methods of posting. Also, it has other icons and functionalities. The two platforms were entirely different until the launch of Reels, which made them alike and fierce competitors in the social media video posting sector.

Most TikTok influencers will divert their attention to Instagram Reels if the platform ever shuts down. This indicates how similar the platforms are in terms of engagements. It is most likely that a good number of TikTok influencers already have a good Instagram presence. However, there is a chance that most TikTok users will opt for another alternative app if it shuts down. Although this is true, the chance is slim.

Instagram Reels is great for a user with a sizable following on the platform. It exposes the short videos to more people, even people who are not followers, bringing the creator more views and engagement. Although Instagram Reels is a great space, TikTok is leading in the market. TikTok has more advanced features, editing tools, sounds, effects, and many others. It currently has more advantages over Instagram Reels, but this stat might change to favor Reels in the coming years. The change is, however, a long shot for Instagram.


Even if they are not as big as TikTok, Instagram reels are the closest video entertainment social media platform to TikTok. It is usually concise, fitting into internet users’ brief attention span. Reels have made Instagram gain more users, as many people started using the platform after it launched reels.

An example is the 4.43% increase in Instagram users in Brazil following the launch of reels. Reels are easy to create, share, and watch if the right procedure serves as a guide to the user. The platform has certain features that enhance the looks of videos and make them faster or slower. Also, the features can create a high tendency for many people to see the videos.

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