April 16, 2024

As the crypto rally continues, new developments are springing up to support the positive trend. One such development is Bitcoin’s return to $ 37,700 as it attempts to break above $38,000. 

Also, Australia’s top crypto exchanges predict a rise in investor activity by early 2024. This will likely trigger a bull run and continue the market revival. 

While speculations surround the market moves, investors maintain a positive sentiment, which is evident in the Altcoin rally. So, some coins emerging as the top gainers today are not just reliant on BTC’s bullish outlook but captivating developments in their ecosystem. 

Keep reading to discover more facts on the crypto market outlook and the performance of the top gainers in the coming days.

Blur (BLUR) – The Decentralized NFT Marketplace

BLUR is up by 28.6% at 3:29 a.m. EST with a price of $0.62. Also, BLUR has gained 89.9% in the last seven days as investors rush to accumulate the tokens. 

BLUR has ranked among the top-performing tokens in the past week. Meanwhile, the Blur team is hosting a Season 3 airdrop event for NFT traders and creators. 

The season 3 airdrop has launched after the successful conclusion of season 2. During season 2, Blur was recognized as the number one Ethereum NFT marketplace protocol. Also, it recorded a $6.1 billion trading volume and over 260,000 unique users. 

Additionally, Blur became the top NFT lending protocol following the launch of Blur Lending (Blend). The Blur Season 3 began on November 21 and is powered by Blast L2 with its native yield backed by Paradigm and Standard crypto. 

So, Season 3 will last for six months, and the airdrop rewards will be shared equally between NFT traders and BLUR holders. Holders will earn BLUR based on their Holder Points with a multiplier based on time held.

Also, the NFT traders will earn points by bidding, listing, and lending of NFTs

These developments are likely to drive more investors to the ecosystem, leading to price gains. On the daily chart, BLUR has formed a bullish pattern as the buyers uphold its price gains. 

BLUR Finds Critical Support at $0.51 Will It Break $0.63

BLUR has formed a strong bullish pattern to break above the $0.51 price level, flipping it to resistance. After a slight decline on November 23, today’s candle has flipped the $0.51 resistance level to support. 

Also, a long green candle has formed in the last 24 hours as the buyers attempt to overcome the $0.63 resistance level. 

Remarkably, BLUR has rallied after breaking out of a sideways trend on November 22 as the accumulation continues. Additionally, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is rising and already in the overbought region with a value of 80.96.

This confirms that the buyers are still active and will likely force a price increase. 

Furthermore, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is above its signal line, displaying a buy signal. Also, the green Histogram bars further confirm that the buyers are not relenting. 

If the buyers persist, BLUR will break above the $0.63 resistance level in the coming days. 

Gas (GAS) – The Transaction Token for The NEO Blockchain 


GAS’s price at 5:33 a.m. EST is $9.08, with a 10.2% increase in the last 24 hours. On the weekly time frame, GAS is also in the green, gaining 9.2% after a record-breaking 30-day high, where it gained 211.6%. 

The NEO Sidechain Naming campaign is driving price gains in its ecosystem and positively influencing the price of GAS tokens. 

This event is now in Phase 2. The naming campaign began on November 17 and will end on November 27. The entire Neo community will vote for the top five names for the sidechain to participate in a $4,000 community price pool. 

According to the rules, $3000 will be distributed equally to 300 individuals who use the available voting form to participate.  Also, these participants must submit their Neo N3 addresses, and winners will be selected randomly. 

Meanwhile, $1,000 will be distributed equally among 100 participants who complete all tasks in the Galxe Campaign. This event will likely drive more investors to the NEO blockchain and increase the value of NEO and GAS tokens. 

Meanwhile, the NEO blockchain will undergo a TestNet and Mainnet upgrade with notable improvements. This upgrade is supported by the Gate.io crypto exchange, which announced that deposits and withdrawals of NEO tokens will be suspended.

Ultimately, NEO and GAS tokens will attract more investors based on the improvements. However, on the daily chart, GAS is facing bearish pressure as more traders move to short positions. 

GAS Facing Pressure at $8.91 Is The Rally Over?

GAS found support at $7.34 on November 12 after a sharp decline on November 11. The buyers attempted a break above the $8.91 resistance level but were rejected, leading to a price decline.

The Parabolic SAR indicator has moved above the candles, confirming that the sellers are gaining the upper hand. 

Also, the RSI is in the neutral zone, displaying a value of 50.98 and moving sideways. This reflects traders’ indecision about the asset and the possibility of another rejection at $8.91. 

Based on the indicators, GAS will likely retrace to the $7.34 support in the coming days. However, it will likely recover in the coming weeks if the buyers return.

Sui (SUI) – The Layer-1 Smart Contract Blockchain 

SUI is trading at $0.63 with an 8.5% increase in its price within 24 hours. On the weekly timeframe, SUI has gained 10.6%, confirming that the buyers are still in control. 

Sui Network has released a new batch of grant beneficiaries confirming its support for blockchain development. 

These grantees will share over $500,000 for their projects that support the adoption and advancement of the Sui Network. Projects that wish to receive this grant must submit a proposal with details on what they are building, the budget, and important milestones. 

One of the winners is KriyaDEX, which is developing some DeFi products for institutions, including spot trading solutions. These developments will attract more investors to the Sui Network and positively influence the price of SUI tokens. 

Another factor driving SUI’s gains is the liquid staking protocol available on the network. These liquid staking protocols on Sui enable DeFi users to stake their SUI cryptocurrency and participate in other DeFi activities.

Also, liquid staking protocols give out custom tokens in exchange for staked SUI.

Additionally, the owner of these liquid staking tokens (LSTs) can commit them to liquidity pools or use other means to gain rewards. Staking is growing in relevance, especially in 2023, which will likely preserve SUI’s long-term value. 

Meanwhile, the Summer on Sui, a new NFT Growth Program, is ongoing, with up to $350,000 worth of grants available.

It is a six-week NFT startup program that offers business support and mentorship. According to the organizers, they seek projects with real-world utility in several sectors. These sectors include Web3 and AI, DeFi, Gaming and SocialFi. 

On the daily chart, SUI shows an interesting pattern as buyers continue to force an uptrend for the token. 

SUI Forms Breakout Pattern On the Daily Chart: Will It Rise Further?

SUI has formed a bullish pattern on the daily chart with higher highs. SUI showed a recovery pattern on November 22, breaking above the $0.58 resistance on November 23 and flipping it to support. 

The upper wick of today’s candle is already above the $0.61 resistance level as the buyers attempt to force a break above. 

Also, SUI has remained above the Median Band of the Donchian Channel (DC), confirming the bullish trend. Further, the RSI indicator is close to the overbought region, displaying a value of 60.77.

Also, the RSI is still rising, confirming that the buyers are still active in the marketSUI will likely continue its bullish trend until the sellers re-enter the market. 

Bitcoin ETF Token – The Token for Bitcoin Enthusiasts

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Amidst the Bitcoin ETFs approval speculation, the crypto market has recorded notable gains. So, an exchange-traded fund might be what the industry needs. Bitcoin ETF is the token that captures the essence of the upcoming ETF approval.

It aims to reward users massively when the Bitcoin ETFs are eventually approved. Remarkably, its utility token, $BTCETF, is ERC-20 compliant and is presently on presale.

Did you miss out on the Bitcoin rally this month? BTCETF presale offers investors opportunities for rewards. 

BTCETF Presale Crosses $1.4 Million Showing Massive Investor Interest 

BTCETF presale is arguably one of the best in 2023, surpassing $1.4 million a short while after launching. So, users can buy these tokens at $0.0058 each using different options such as ETH, USDT, or bank cards. However, a secure crypto wallet is necessary to complete this purchase.

This wallet can either be a MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any reliable and secure provider. Additionally, staking is one of the tools in the ecosystem that gives users additional rewards. So, one-quarter of the total token supply is dedicated to staking rewards. 

Based on the token supply, BTCETF is capped at 2.1 billion, and 40% will go to presale investors. Additionally, BTCETF uses a burning tax of 5% for each transaction, which will diminish as the project progresses.

Also, 25% of the total supply is earmarked for token burns, which will occur at notable milestones for the project. 

Bitcoin ETF Roadmap for The Future Based On Token Supply

According to the whitepaper, BTCETF developers have exciting plans to preserve its long-term value and reward the community. Some vital milestones for the project are outlined below. 

  1. Attaining a $100 million trading volume

BTCETF developers hope to race to a $100 million market cap value after its eventual listingWhen this happens, 5% of the total supply will be burnt, and the transaction taxes will be reduced to 4% from 5%.

  • The First BTC ETF Gets Approval

This will be a widely celebrated event in the crypto industry. When the first Bitcoin ETF receives approval, 5% of its supply will also be burnt, and transaction tax will decline from 4% to 3%. 

  1. Bitcoin ETF Goes Live For Trading

When the first Bitcoin ETF trades in the open market, it will count as another project milestone. So, the transaction tax will be slashed from 3% to 2%. 

  1. ETF assets rise to a 1 billion valuation

BTCETF will ride on the wave of bitcoin ETFs and also reward its community along the way. So, if all the assets under management for Bitcoin ETFs peak at a value of $1 billion, 5% of the total BTCETF total supply will also be burned. Also, the transaction tax dropped from 2% to 1%. 

  1. BTC Attains a $100,000 price value in the crypto market 

Bitcoin has all the attributes for long-term sustainability. If it hits a price level of $100,000, then the BTCETF transaction tax will be eliminated. Investors can take advantage of the presales before the milestones begin to roll out. 

TG.Casino ($TGC) – The Gamblers Token for Rewards 

TG.Casino is a crypto gaming and gambling platform that offers users anonymous access to gameplay and gambling. The TGC token grants users access to the exciting benefits of the platform, and over $2.9 has been raised in the presale.

Also, the presale is capped at $5 million, with each token worth $0.165, and a price increase is coming up in two days. So, users can buy the TGC utility token with crypto options or make a direct purchase with bank cards.

Additionally, TGC tokens can be staked by users to earn additional rewards. These rewards can be transferred to the casino for betting. So, users who stake their TGC tokens will receive revenue-based rewards.

Why Sign up to TG.Casino?

TG.Casino breathes a new lease of life into online gaming, giving users access to exciting rewards. It relies on Telegram to power its casino gameplay while utilizing cryptocurrency.

So, Telegram’s wide user base and security make TG.Casino is a project for now and in the future.

This platform is well-positioned to tap into the multi-billion-dollar gambling sector. Remarkably, 40 million TGC tokens out of the total supply of 100 million tokens are dedicated to the presale.

Investors can make use of this opportunity to accumulate TGC tokens for exciting rewards. 


Stability is not a word found often in the crypto market. However, the market seems to have entered a bullish phase as more investors take advantage of the ongoing price resurgence. 

Remarkably, the altcoins and meme coins continue to post impressive figures after Bitcoin’s surge late in October. z

Based on the current state, investors are diversifying into new coins with strong communities to benefit from a potential rally. Another way to get in on the action is through presales, offering affordable tokens before their official listing. 

Therefore, investors will likely end the year on a high if negative events do not occur. However, uncertainty remains constant, and the positive trend can be reversed anytime. So, do further research before investing.  

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