May 28, 2024

GoDaddy was invented mainly to be a top-notch service provider within the web hosting sector. That’s not all; it aims to become the top domain for individuals seeking to create unique sites. Now, how does it accomplish this task? GoDaddy statistics covered in this article will help shed light on that. 3.1% of all websites use GoDaddy as a web hosting provider. Their servers handle 10 billion daily DNS queries and host 52 million domain names.

The firm seeks to offer indispensable tools for entrepreneurs to create unique platforms. These platforms will assist firms in marketing their trade ideas to the right niche. GoDaddy came into the picture exactly when the internet reached the climax of its popularity and took over supporting several proficient websites. The statistics below show how the platform has grown over the years, the number of online entrepreneurs using the service, and how experts project its growth in the future. So, buckle up and keep reading.

Statistics and Details About GoDaddy

Overhead Statistics and Details About GoDaddy

1. The acronym ‘GDDY’ represents the firm on the NYSE listings, signifying its value.

2. The firm is strongly involved in 53 diverse global marketplaces.

3. From world stats, approximately 3.1% of all global sites have adopted the GoDaddy platform, although out of this site, 4% are mostly from GoDaddy’s group.

4. Out of 84 million globally listed domains, GoDaddy was the top registrar worldwide.

5. As a newbie invention by Mr. Bob Parsons in 1997, the firm worked tirelessly to grab more than 250,000 resellers in 2021 on its platform.

6. Zipdo, in their study in June 2021, recorded that the firm had approximately $14.5 billion as its market cap value.

7. GDDY, the firm’s platform stock “publicity nomenclature,” rose in recognition in November 2021. This increase was precisely a 28.4% bump-up from its last year experience.

8. Check out GoDaddy’s publicity and recognition rate in more than 56 states globally. You will get the shock of your life. It features strongly in these countries.

9. In 2020, its asset worth was $8.5 billion, with an excess amount.

10. It’s good to know that the platform works in 30 languages plus to attend to all users regardless of their race, language, or locality.

11. The firm’s e-marketing “cyberspace” generates approximately 14% gain.

12. The enterprise’s site has a top 99.97% uptime speed score.

13. GoDaddy controls 29.56% of the market share in the domain hosting category as of 2021.

14. According to Alexa, GoDaddy is ranked 171st globally regarding aggregated site visitors.

15. GoDaddy has an infrastructural facility in Arizona measuring 270,000 square feet.

16. The platform has spread its tentacles towards advertising, especially in newspapers and television in America.

Historical Statistics for GoDaddy

Historical Statistics for GoDaddy

17. Hendrick Motorsports, a platform in Nascar, was explored by GoDaddy. Brad Keselowski, a racer who was number 25 in the sport, was sponsored by the platform in the sprint series for a while.

18. In 2005, the GoDaddy platform ventured into the Superbowl and expanded its marketing strategy into sports, becoming a viable sponsor in this market.

19. The platform did some adverts on the Indianapolis 500 from 2009 to 2010.

20. The previous name of GoDaddy was Jomax Technologies.

21. Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy, raised 65 million through the sale of Parsons Technology ( a software company focused on finances) in 1994, according to a report by Wikipedia.

22. During a brainstorming by employees at Jomax in 1999, they came up with the name “GoDaddy,” which was agreed upon as a good alternative.

23. Bob Parsons, because the name had already been taken, had to purchase the name, and Jomax was officially renamed GoDaddy in February 2006, seven years later.

24. The previous image on the company logo was a man with unkept hair wearing sunglasses (cartoon).

25. In 2001, GoDaddy was reported to be similar in size to fellow competitors Eminem and Dotster.

26. The platform officially established itself as the biggest accredited ICANN registrar globally on the internet as of April 2005.

27. A strategic investment was given to GoDaddy by Silver Lake, Technology crossover ventures, and KKR, all being private equity funds as of 2011.

28. As of 2017, Sucuri, a security website formerly owned by Tony Perez and Daniel Cid that cleans and defends websites, was acquired by GoDaddy, according to a report by WpTavern.

GoDaddy Platform Traffic Usage Statistics by Country

Traffic Usage Statistics

29. The biggest UK domain registrar, 123 Reg, was acquired by GoDaddy. In that period, 123 Reg hosted 1.3 million platforms and over 3 million registered brand names.

30. Within the same time frame, GoDaddy acquired Host Europe Group, another domain registrar in west London, formerly Pipex Communications.

31. The United States controls the largest traffic on the GoDaddy platform, with 46.04% coming from the country. It should be noted there was an increase in traffic by 3.17%.

32. India comes second with 9.53% of GoDaddy traffic despite a decline of 3.97%, according to a report by SimilarWeb.

33. Despite a massive increase in GoDaddy traffic by 10.34%, the United Kingdom makes it third on the list with 4.89% of the GoDaddy traffic.

34. Canada is the next in line, with 4.13% of GoDaddy traffic coming from there. The country experienced an increase in traffic by 3.28% as of 2023.

35. Mexico, another nation with a huge increase in their traffic by 10.34%, happens to control only 2.88% of GoDaddy traffic.

36. Other countries collectively are responsible for 32.54% of GoDaddy traffic.

GoDaddy Usage Traffic Demography Statistics by Age

Traffic Demography Statistics by Age

37. People between 18 and 24 are responsible for 12.8% of GoDaady traffic globally.

38. 31.49% of the traffic is used by folks between the ages of 25 to 34 years. This age group commands the largest traffic for GoDaddy globally.

39. The second-highest traffic is by users between the ages of 35 and 44, with 21.75%.

40. 16.38% of the traffic is used by folks between 45 and 54 years old. As we get to the older folks, the data usage drops significantly.

41. Folks between 55 and 64 years old use 11.34% of GoDaddy traffic.

42. The last and certainly the least internet traffic comes from the elderly folks 65 years and above, only 6.24% of GoDaddy traffic.

GoDaddy Traffic Usage Statistics by Gender

Traffic Usage Statistics by Gender

43. The males control most of the GoDaady traffic by 58.34%.

44. Females come second, with 41.66% of the traffic used.

45. The United States is at the top of the list with 1,524,404 websites.

46. The second on the list is the United Kingdom, with a collective total of 77,518 websites.

47. According to a survey by Trends, 55,972 websites using the GoDaddy platform are found in Canada.

48. The fourth on the list is Australia, with 37,072 websites.

49. India makes it to the top five countries for the most websites, with 25,527.

50. Columbia has 13,654 websites in the country using the GoDaddy platform.

51. About 11,171 websites using the platform are found in Mexico.

52. Germany comes short of Mexico with 6,447 websites.

53. Brazil comes with 5,792 websites connected to the GoDaddy cyberspace.

54. 5,353 websites linked to the GoDaddy platform are recorded in Spain.

55. The first African country to make the list is South Africa, with a record of 4,274 websites using GoDaddy cyberspace.

56. The British Indian Ocean Territory has 2,490 websites using traffic on the GoDaddy platform.

GoDaddy Customer Number Statistics by Year

Customer Number Stats by Year

57. As of 2011, GoDaddy company has about 9.4 million customers globally.

58. In 2012, the number of customers grew by 8.5%, totaling 10.2 million clients.

59. A 13.7% increase was noticed in 2013, bringing the total number of customers that year to 11.6 million.

60. In 2014, the total number of clients on the GoDaddy platform was 12.7 million, an increase rate of 9.5%.

61. According to a report by ExpandedRamblings, the GoDaddy platform had 13.8 million customers as of 2015, a 9.5% increase rate.

62. In 2016, the platform recorded 14.7 million customers. This translates to about a 6.5% increase in traffic.

63. As of 2017, 17.3 million customers were recorded on GoDaddy cyberspace globally, a remarkable spike in the growth rate of about 17.7%.

64. In 2018, the number of customers increased to 18.5 million, which indicates an almost 7% increase in traffic.

65. An increase of 3.8% was reported in 2019, with the total number of customers at 19.2 million.

66. Despite COVID-19, the platform grew its customer base in 2020 at 7.3%, with 20.6 million clients recorded.

67. In 2021, GoDaddy reported a rise in global users 20.7 million. That signifies a 0.5% minimal rise.

68. An additional 0.5% rise brought the figure to 20.8 million utilizers by 2022.

GoDaddy’s Twelve-monthly Revenue Statistics

Twelve-monthly Revenue Stats

69. We commence by reporting the revenue in 2011, which was $903 million, plus the increment observed in 2012, which was approximately 10.7% higher than the preceding year. The calculation brings the overall amount to $1 billion.

70. In the accounting year 2013, the firm realized a $1.1 billion gain, showing a 10% profit margin.

71. The next year in question was 2014 when the accounting record exposed a rise in profit margin by 27.3%. This brought 1.4 billion, the “Grade A” profit level in the firm’s history since 2011.

72. However, in 2015, the platform got $1.6 billion, a markup above the earlier period by 14.3%. Also, an income of $1.8 billion was realized in 2016, bringing the profit to a 13% rise.

73. T017 was an outstanding period for the GoDaddy platform, with a striking 24% upsurge starting the preceding year. This move brought about an aggregate figure of $2.231 billion.

74. 2018 also increased the revenue by 19.2% from 2017, making an aggregate figure of $2.66 billion.

75. In 2019, GoDaddy amassed $2.988 billion, a 12.35% upsurge by the final year of the accounting period.

76. The firm’s platform grew its yearly profit, with an aggregated figure of $3.316 billion in 2020. That showed a continuous increment of nearly 11% from the prior year.

77. It is worth knowing that it got another rise in profit in 2021 to amass $3.815 billion, signifying a yield of 15%.

78. The 2022 annual accounting record shows a 7.5% rise from its preceding year’s account, making 4.1 billion via its platform.

Employment Statistics of GoDaddy

Employment Statistics of GoDaddy

79. About 3.2 years is the average employee retention rate for the GoDaddy platform.

80. The Spanish language is the most common on the platform.

81. The level-one engineering roles on the GoDaddy platform are made up of 43% of women, according to a report by ThriveMyWay.

82. The platform does not discriminate when employing people from different races. They have been known to hire people from native Americans, native Hawaiians, African Americans, blacks from Africa, Hispanics, Asia, and whites.

83. 36% of Non-technical jobs on the GoDaddy platform are done by women.

84. women comprise about 19% of the workforce for technical jobs on the platform.

85. On political orientation, most of the GoDaddy platform’s workforce will likely be Republicans.

86. On the customer care job scope, the platform has 2,900 employees.

87. A minority of 9% of employees on the GoDaddy platform have worked for as long as 11 years, while 33% of them worked for less than a year.

88. About 36% of the employees have been with the platform for 1 to 2 years.

89. 4% of the platform’s workforce has been with the company for eight to ten years.

90. The platform has been able to keep 10% of its employees with them for 3 to 4 years.

91. Folks aged 20 to 30 comprise most of the platform’s workforce.

92. Employees over 40 make up 11% of the GoDaddy workforce.

General Traffic Statistics of GoDaddy

General Traffic Stats

93. As of September 2023, the platform had 66.89 million visits, with an increase of 26.01%, according to a report by SemRush.

94. The average subscriber views about 3.17 GoDaddy web pages in one visit.

95. The average time spent on the website by subscribers is 10 minutes and 35 seconds.

96. The bounce rate of the platform, that is, people who visit the website for the first time and never return after exit, is 54.44%.


See what we mean? Judging from these discussions on stats and facts of GoDaddy, won’t you give a thumbs up for this platform as every business must-have assistant? Thus, every entrepreneur who is in the business of seeking to create some unique platforms can’t afford to disregard these firms. It has become an everyday name, functional in lots of professional sites all over the net. 

The only set of people who could be oblivious to the existence of this platform are consumers whose interest is not in building a website. As a brand owner, it will be beneficial to seek the services of the GoDaddy platform as they don’t just help create a platform for you but also help maintain and monitor it.

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