June 23, 2024

Workday Inc. is a leading cloud-based financial and human capital management software provider. Founded in 2005, Workday has grown into one of the world’s most widely used HR and finance solutions. Some key statistics about Workday in 2023 include over 50 million users worldwide, revenues exceeding $5 billion, and operations in over 170 countries.

Workday continues to innovate with evolving product offerings while maintaining high customer satisfaction scores. It has grown in bounds and boundaries to cover Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific region. As more organizations adopt cloud solutions, Workday is poised for continued growth and impact. Let’s start getting down to Workday Inc.’s numbers and facts.

Key Workday Inc. Statistics

Key Workday Inc. Statistics

  1. Workday Inc. was founded by Aneel Bhusn and Dave Duffield in 2005.
  2. The headquarters of Workday is in Pleasanton, California.
  3. Chano Fernandez and Aneel Bhusn are the current CEOs of Workday
  4. The central focus of Workday is to design applications in finance, analytics, and human resources. 
  5. Companies in finance, business, education, healthcare, retail, technology, media, and entertainment utilize services provided by Workday.
  6. 365 billion transactions are processed by Workday Inc. every single year. 
  7. Workday is designed to manage clients’ payrolls exceeding 500,000 employees.  
  8. Over a million users ask for services Workday provides every single hour of the day. 
  9. Workday Inc. has its most prominent offices spread across various locations.

General Workday Inc. Statistics

General Workday Inc. Statistics

1. Workday Inc. was Founded By Aneel Bhusn and Dave Duffield in 2005.

Two software visionaries, Aneel Bhusn and Dave Duffield, kick-started their dream of facilitating finance and human resource management in 2005. Their vision aimed to create a revolutionary change in the global industry software market. 

2. Workday’s Headquarters Is In Pleasanton, California.

Workday Group headquarters is at 6110 Stoneridge Mall Road, Pleasanton. It is a fully equipped six building with all necessary work equipment.

3. Chano Fernandez and Aneel Bhusn Are Currently Co-CEOs of Workday.

The enterprise cloud application giant in human resource and finance announced the promotion of Chano Fernandez to co-CEO on August 27, 2020. He received the responsibility of handling some part of Workday operations alongside Aneel Bhusn.

4. The Central Focus of Workday is To Design Applications In Finance, Analytics, and Human Resources.

Large corporations, government agencies, and institutions use the software designed by Workday. The company strives to be innovative in ensuring the growth of all its clients across sectors of human endeavors. 

5. Finance, Business, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Technology, Media, and Entertainment Companies Use Workday Services.

Workday provides software applications for human resource management, like talent management, work benefits, and payroll management. It also offers financial management services such as revenue, expenses, financials, and procurement. 

6. Every Year, 365 Billion Transactions Are Processed By Workday Inc.

Workday provides finance and human resource services to many large corporations worldwide. With over 55 million consumers on the Workday Inc. system, 365 billion transactions are executed yearlyThe record is, however, growing at a 40% growth rate year after year. 

7. Workday is Designed to Manage Clients” Payroll Exceeding 500,000 Employees. 

This shows the capacity of Workday Inc. to handle a large volume of customers’ payroll.

8. Over a Million People Use Workday Services Every Single Hour of Each Day in Their Business Activities.

Every hour, over a million users of Workday ask for their service every day.

9. Workday Inc. Has Its Most Prominent Offices Spread Across Various Locations.

The largest office of Workday Inc. is in 10 locations, namely Pleasanton, Boulder, Chicago, Austin, Beaverton, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, and Beaverton.

Workday Inc. Statistics – Demographics

Workday Demographics

10. Women Make Up 44% of the Total Number of Employees At Workday.

Women make up 44% of workday staff, while their male counterparts have the more significant percentage with 55%. Workday Inc. is a viable ground for female professionals to work and strive for excellence in their careers. 

11. Women Occupy 30% of Top Management Positions At Workday, Which is a Commendable Feat of Achievement.

The company executive positions have a sizeable percentage of women (30%), which gives women opportunities for growth at Workday Inc. Male staff make up a sizeable percentage of Workday’s workforce. Thus, male staff accounts for the remaining 70% of the top management positions at the corporation. 

12. Staff Who Are White in Complexion Make Up Half of the Workforce At Workday Corporation. 

The whites are the largest workforce at 50%, followed by the Asians with 16%, and the Hispanics and Latinos comprise the remaining workers.

13. Minority Racial Groups of Both Genders Occupy 41% of Top Management Positions.

As an organization that embraces diverse cultures and genders with open arms, the minority race occupies 41$ of Workday’s top management positions.

14. The Spanish Language is the Major Means of Communication Among Employees of Workday Inc.

Spanish, followed by German and Chinese, is the primary language of communication among employees of Workday Incorporation.

15. Bachelor Degree Holders Make Up 79% of Workday Staff.

Workday Inc. has to credit about 80% of its staff with a bachelor’s degree to meet customers’ needs.

16. An Impressive 15% of Staff in Workday Corporation Holds Master’s Degrees.

To maintain its quality service in cloud applications on finance and human resources, it has 15% of its staff as Master’s degree holders in various fields of study.

17. 15% of Staff Working At the Corporation Are Qualified Business Experts.

Workday strives to be innovative as much as possible by employing qualified business experts to meet up with the ever-changing ever-changing industry.

18. Most Staff At Workday Are Communication and Computer Science Degree Holders.

Many of the employees at Workday have communication and computer science as their majors. 

19. 50% of Workday Employees Are Between 30 and 40 Years Old.

Half of Workday staff are between 30 and 40 years old, while the remaining percentage of its employees are over 40.

20. Just 1% of Workers in Workday Work Remotely.

Almost all employees in Workday corporation work from the office, with only 1% as remote workers.  

Workday Inc. Statistics – Employees

Workday Employees Statistics 

21. Workday Has Experienced An Increase of 16.74% in Staff Strength From 2022.

The number of employees in Workday increased 2023 by 16.74%, bringing it to 17,744. In 2022, the number of employees totaled 15, 200 which was a 21.6% rise from what it was in 2021. Since 2020, there has been a steady rise in its employees, which is a commendable feat worth mentioning. 

22. Employees At Workday Can Be Considered Democrats in Every Sense of the Word.

The work environment is such that workers from diverse cultures can be innovative as much as possible. Workday corporation allows its employees to bring in the best work version of themselves while not discriminating among its staff. One of its priorities as a group is ensuring the maximum development of employees’ skills and maintaining a cordial work environment. 

23. Workers Spend An Average of 3 Years and Nine Months in Workday Inc.

The work environment of Workday is such that workers perform their duties with passion and are excellence-driven. This results in most employees exceeding a year and getting too many years.

24. Workday Provides Its Employees With Various Welfare Packages and Comforts.

Employees in Workday Inc. receive various welfare packages such as health plans, dependent care, retirement savings, and stock purchases. Staff can bring their pets to work, form sports clubs and teams, and host family events.

Workday Inc. Statistics – Salary

Salary Stats

25. Employees of Workday Inc. Earn An Average of $127,093 Annually.

The following is a breakdown of salaries earned by employees across various levels and departments of the Workday Group.

  • Software principal engineers earn an average of $165,371 every single year. 
  • Senior software engineers receive an average of $150,446 yearly.
  • Senior product manager earns an average of $137,298 annually in Workday Inc. 
  • The average yearly earning of an engineer in software development is $121,247.
  • A manager in product software is paid an average of $118,813 per annum in Workday. 
  • Workday pays its software engineer an average salary of $115,557.
  • The average yearly salary of an engineer in machine learning is $114,483.
  • Engineers in software development receive an average of $113,900 per annum
  • Engineers in product design earn an average of $111,047 each year at Workday Corporation.
  • Quality assurance engineers receive an average salary of $109,671 per annum
  • The average salary of software developers in Workday is $109,572 each year
  • Operations managers earn an average of $104,830 yearly at the corporation. 
  • Workday site reliability engineers’ average salary is $133,354 per annum. 
  • Customer service managers of Workday earn an average of $105,757 yearly.
  • The average earning of an operation manager in the Workday group is $104,830 every year
  • The engagement manager of Workday earns an average salary of $103,481 yearly.
  • Sales consultants earn an average of $101,841 yearly in Workday.
  • The average salary of a senior business analyst is $98,491 yearly.
  • As a general project manager, you are entitled to an average salary of $83,454 annually.
  • Technical writers are paid an average of $80,173 yearly in the Workday corporation.
  • Instructional designers earn an average of %77,422 yearly as an employee of Workday Inc.

Workday Inc. Statistics – Customer Support

Customer Support Statistics 

26. Workday Provides Its Services to Over 55 Million Clients Worldwide.

The corporation has a viable and vast customer base cutting across finance and human resources industries.

27. It Provides Service to Over 50% of Affluent Companies Worldwide.

The vision of providing services to all and sundry has attracted the attention of half the number of viable companies around the globe.

28. Over 50 Clients Have Over 100,000 Personnel Enrolled in the Workday Application.

A sizeable fraction of Workday clients have their employee data enrolled into Workday application software.

29. Workday Corporation Oversees Over 120 Million Data Comprising Retirees Serving Employees and Previous Workers.

Many employee records, both past and present, working across various companies are in the capable hands of Workday.

30. In Its Highlight, Workday Can Process Over 50,000 Client Transactions in One Day.

The company can process over 50,000 client transactions daily, and employees record 6 million in one month. 

Workday Inc. Statistics – Revenue

Revenue Statistics

31. Workday Realized a Total of $1.787 Billion As Revenue in July 2023.

Workday realized a total of $1.787 billion at the end of July 2023, an increase of 16.34% from the last year. 

32. The Market Capitalization of Workday Inc. Closed At 218.42 Billion in November.

Workday Inc. closed on November 3, 2023, with 218.42 billion, an increase of 2.58% from the previous market capitalization. During the period under review, Workday processed a total of 1,380,279 transactions.


A primary part of Workday services is ensuring customers adapt to the ever-changing business climate and achieve long-lasting success. Applications of Workday are built with machine learning tools and artificial learning, which makes service delivery very fast each day. 

Over the years, the company has provided services in finance and resource management, planning, analytics, and human resource management. Presently, over 50% of Fortune companies use Workday services. These statistics show that Workday is viable in human resource and finance software applications.


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