June 23, 2024

Traveling provides unique experiences and memories. With numerous travel choices in today’s world, online trip booking has become an overload. And that’s what makes these intriguing online travel booking statistics. As of 2019, 57% of all travel bookings were made online. As per 2022 data, 68% of all travel and tourism sales were online.

We have gathered over seventy fascinating stats and figures on what drives travel planning today (from growth trends to data points) that shed light on Internet demographics. These are updated statistics that will open the eyes of a traveler who wants to know what is happening in the online booking sector or even a marketer looking for an added advantage in the world of online booking. Online Travel Booking Major Statistics

Online Travel Booking Major Statistics

  1. By 2026, online sales will make up 73% of the travel and tourism sector.
  2. Booking was the top online travel agency in revenue in 2021.
  3. Online marketplace bookings rose from 3.2% in 2017 to 9.1% in 2018.
  4. Direct online bookings decreased from 79.2% to 66.7% during the same period.
  5. 39% prefer app downloads for faster performance, while 30% like mobile app features.
  6. 80% of hotel customers willingly leave reviews.
  7. Mobile travel sales increased from 36% in 2016 to nearly 50% in 2021.
  8. In 2020, about 50% reported more last-minute travel bookings due to the pandemic.

General Online Travel Booking Statistics 2023

General Online Travel Booking Statistics 2023

1. Global online travel is up 15.4%.

2. The travel industry is worth $1.2 trillion.

3. 80% book holidays online.

4. Top categories: packages, transport, accommodation.

5. Sat. quietest, Mon. busiest for bookings.

6. Travelers check 38 sites on average.

7. Booking.com has 443M active users.

8. Online travel sales hit $755B in 2019.

9. 30% of holidays cost over £2,500, 70% over £1,500.

10. Asia-Pacific shows high growth potential.

11. 50% prefer a single website for booking.

12. 60% say it’s their priciest online buy.

13. 2021: online travel sector $800B revenue.

14. Online sales make up 66% of industry revenue.

15. The U.S. online travel market is worth $190.4B/year.

2023 Online Travel Booking Statistics for Market and Industry

Statistics for Market and Industry

16. The global online market is expected to hit $1 trillion in 2030 and $521B in 2023.

17. By 2026, the online travel market will grow to $690.71B.

18. 148.3 million travel books are made online each year.

19. Only 44% of website visitors make a purchase.

20. Travel booking is the 4th easiest online shopping experience.

21. 2018: Online travel sales are worth $694 billion, with 10.4% YoY growth.

22. The U.S. online travel market is $190.4 billion in annual sales.

Statistics for Hotel Reservations in 2023

Hotel Reservations

23. Over 700 million will book online by 2023.

24. 50% of American travelers spend 6 days on trip research.

25. Some book trips months in advance, others a week to a month.

26. The 50+ age group tends to book four months in advance.

27. The under-35 age group prefers Online Travel Agents.

28. 2 out of 3 online hotel bookings through official websites.

29. Average 2.2% conversion rate on hotel websites.

30. The top 20 hotels have a 5.6% conversion rate, and the bottom 20 have 0.3%.

31. Conversion rate influenced by website design and marketing.

32. 39% of all online bookings are for hotel reservations.

Comparing 2023 Statistics: Online Booking vs. Travel Agency Statistics

Online Booking vs. Travel Agency Statistics

Nearly 70% of Millennials like loyalty programs, but 39% think they’re not great. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Expedia and Priceline help you find travel services easily. They have lots of options. Online booking means going to the hotel or airline’s website. Here are some facts:

33. OTAs have 39% of the U.S. online booking market.

34. 33% of this market belongs to Millennials (Gen Y).

35. Over half of Gen Y book travel or hotels using OTAs.

36. 87% of Millennials help friends and family with their journey.

37. Nearly 70% of Millennials like loyalty programs, but 39% think they’re not great.

38. Regarding booking hotels, 60% of global millennials prefer general travel sites, while 22% use hotel-specific sites.

39. When booking flights, 44% of millennials worldwide opt for airline websites, with only 34% using general travel sites. This shows that many global millennials go directly to airline websites for flight bookings.

40. Younger travelers aged 18-34 typically lean towards digital methods for trip planning, while those above 35 tend to stick to traditional approaches.

41. Over 60% of travelers aged 18-34 consider flight prices and airlines when booking, but the price holds more weight.

Enlightening Online Travel Booking Statistics

Enlightening Online Travel Booking Statistics

42. Within this age group, 22% prioritize flight prices over the airline.

43. In contrast, 4% of travelers above 34 focus on the airline, while 10% prioritize the price.

44. More than 24% of people in the U.S. still prefer using physical agencies for vacation bookings.

45. In 2023, over 30% of leisure travelers visiting the United States opt for privately owned accommodations.

46. Among hotel guests, 57% favor booking through the hotel’s website or online travel agencies (OTAs), signaling a shift from phone bookings.

47. Among surveyed people, 41% choose online travel agencies (OTAs) for trip bookings, 29% prefer travel agents or operators, and 20% stick with traditional agents, highlighting the shift to online convenience.

48. Travelers under 35 often use OTAs to book hotel rooms.

49. Approximately 81% of visitors to online travel booking sites leave without completing a booking.

50. Travelers prefer OTAs for security, convenience, loyalty discounts, and reviews.

51. 12% of travelers expect quicker accommodations booking through websites than booking directly through hotels.

Must Know Online Travel Booking Statistics 2023

Travel Booking Statistics

52. In 2018, 31% of internet-initiated hotel searches began via search engines, a 23% increase from 2017.

53. 23% of leisure travelers trust mobile devices to find flight and hotel details as much as desktop computers.

54. In July 2019, Booking.com received 697 million website visits, showing its influence.

55. TripAdvisor had 224 million website visits in the same month, solidifying its position as a go-to travel source.

56. Nearly 80% of travelers use their phones for information searches.

57. About 40% of travelers use virtual travel assistants for trip planning.

58. Google reports a 519% increase in travel searches with “tonight” and “today” in the past five years.

59. 70% of travelers use mobile devices to search for things to do, and 66% search for destinations.

60. Over 80% of business and corporate travelers desire a simpler booking process.

61. On average, travelers spend five days researching vacations to match their budgets.

62. Beach vacations are 2.5 times more popular than city breaks.

Online Travel Sustainability Statistics

Travel Sustainability Statistics

63. A 10% increase from 2021 shows that 63% of travelers are willing to choose eco-friendly options.

64. While 30% prioritize sustainability even if it’s less convenient, 50% make eco-friendly choices if it’s easy.

65. Over 50% prefer accommodation with sustainability certifications.

66. More than 80% of travelers increasingly adopt sustainable practices.

67. Climate headlines influence 50% of eco-friendly plans.

68. 59% of travelers aim to improve the places they visit.

69. 33% travel during off-peak times to avoid crowds.

70. Beautiful natural places inspire 60% of sustainable travelers.

71. Over 54% choose eco-friendly travel to protect destinations from tourism, while 32% feel guilty about environmental harm.

72. More than 20% use websites for public transportation updates and bike rentals.

73. 33% choose closer destinations to reduce their carbon footprint.

74. 33% are open to spending $50 to $250 for eco-friendly travel.

75. 41% select sustainable accommodations to reduce environmental impact, 33% to experience local culture, and 31% to connect with the community.

76. While 56% of travelers don’t actively seek eco-friendly places, they’ll choose them if they are easy to book and convenient.


The rise of online travel bookings is clear, with over 50% of hotel reservations happening online. It’s all about convenience, a wide range of options, and great prices. These stats show the current trend and hint at a future where more travelers will go digital. They help us make budget-friendly and sustainable choices in our journeys, guiding us toward unforgettable adventures.


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