February 29, 2024
Major WeChat Statistics

Launched in 2011 by tech giant Tencent, WeChat began as a simple messaging platform – think WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But it quickly evolved into something much more. Now, for over a billion Chinese, life revolves around WeChat.

Today, WeChat is a digital Swiss Army knife that lets users do everything from texting friends to hailing taxis. You can even run entire businesses through this platform. For many Chinese consumers, it’s replaced cash and credit cards. However, WeChat’s astronomical success is limited to China, as censorship and data privacy concerns have hampered its growth abroad.

But with over 1.2 billion monthly active users, this app has already transformed how an entire nation communicates, consumes information, and conducts commerce.

Understanding WeChat provides an unparalleled window into modern Chinese life. It may be controversial, but its hold on Chinese society looks unbreakable for now. Despite many attempts, Tencent has been unable to launch WeChat outside of China. While popular in Hong Kong and some Southeast Asian countries, it has not caught the attention of Western audiences. We have collected key WeChat statistics and data. Read on below to learn more.

Major WeChat Statistics

Major WeChat Statistics

  • In 2023, WeChat is expected to have 1.671 billion active monthly users. 
  • 78% of individuals between 16 and 64 years of age in China use WeChat.
  • In June 2023, WeChat had over 1.3 billion active users.
  • China currently has 827.2 million users of WeChat in 2023.
  • Males on WeChat account for 53% of the total number of global users.
  • Daily on WeChat, 45 billion text messages are sent by users internationally.
  • In August 2023, WeChat had over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store.
  • WeChat has risen in 2023 to stand as the world’s 5th most prominent social media platform.
  • In China, WeChat is used by 90% of companies for communication in the workplace.
  • In 2023, WeChat was ranked second on the list of payment platforms in China, attracting about 1.13 billion people to the site.
  • 250,000 commuters in China rely on the QR codes of WeChat to get satisfactory and efficient transportation service delivery.
  • Users of WeChat spend an average of 82 minutes on the app daily.

WeChat User Statistics

WeChat User Statistics

1. In 2023, WeChat is Expected to Have 1.671 Billion Active Monthly Users.

The monthly global users of WeChat are expected to hit 1.671 billion in 2023. According to studies by BankMyCell, WeChat will have a growth rate of 8.43%, reflecting an increase in the number of users by 13 million.

2. 78% of Individuals in China Between 16 and 64 Years of Age Use WeChat.

In 2020, 78% of residents between the ages of 16 and 64 were using WeChat daily. This was a decline from the platform’s 79% usage in 2019.

3. WeChat had Over 1.3 Billion Active Users in June 2023.

There has been a steady increase in the number of users on the WeChat platform due to its exciting features, such as the messaging app and Moments. In June 2023, the site reported an active monthly user base of over 1.3 billion.

4. China Will Have 827.2 Million WeChat Users in 2023.

In a study by Oberlo, 827.2 million Chinese use WeChat in 2023, representing 58.9% of the populationWeChat is a communication tool used by over half of China’s population. Also, the number of WeChat users might keep increasing yearly till 2025. Based on analyst projections, the number of WeChat users will rise to 864.8 million by 2025. The number represents 61.4% of the Chinese population. 

5. Males Account For 53% of the Total Number of Users on the WeChat Platform.

Males have the greater population of users on the WeChat platform. They represent 53%, while females comprise just 47% of the app user base.

6. WeChat Users Send An Average of 45 Billion Messages Daily.

Daily, an average of 45 billion messages are sent by WeChat users. Also, users make about 410 million video and audio calls daily on the WeChat platform. The statistics show that the usage of WeChat has increased tremendously over the years compared to its 2016 records.

7. There Were Over 100 Million WeChat Downloads from the Google Play Store in August 2023.

According to reviews by 5.92 million WeChat users, the app was rated 3.6 on the Google Play Store.  On the platform app, WeChat was rated by 6.9 million users, and on the Apple store, it bagged a 4.1-star rating by 69,000.

8. WeChat Has Risen in the Ranks to Become the 5th Most Prominent Social Media Platform Worldwide in 2023.

The site ranked 5th for the most prominent social media platform as of January 2023. It indicated an active monthly user base of 1.309 billion. According to the ranking, YouTube has a total of 2.491 billion users, Facebook has 3.030 billion active users, and WhatsApp has 2 billion active users in 2023. 

9. In China, WeChat is Used By 90% of Companies in the Workplace As a Communication Tool.

The user base of WeChat has continued to grow over time, and features on the app support work-related tasks. The app is trying to bridge the gap between its users’ professional lives and personal needs. WeChat is considered by 90% of users in China to be the best choice for daily communication in the workplace.

10. The 2023 Second-Place Ranking of WeChat on the Payment Platform List in China Has Attracted About 1.13 Billion People to the Site.

WeChat, a fast-growing and popular digital platform, took second place in the ranking of digital payment platforms in 2023. This feat was achieved with an active number of 1.133 billion users in 2023, which is an increase from the previous 92 million active users as of 2022. In 2023, the platform increased 8.83 % from the previous year. 

11. 250,000 Consumers in China Rely on the QR Codes of WeChat to Get Satisfactory and Efficient Transportation Service Delivery.

One key feature that has made WeChat strive in the competitive digital payment and communication systems world is its QR codes. Commuters can access the public transport network by scanning the QR code on their WeChat app, bypassing smart cards and traveler paper tickets. WeChat has seamlessly transformed the transportation system of over 250,000 commuters by providing bus access in a few minutes. The advancement in the transportation system in China by WeChat has made movement easy during work rush hours. 

12. Users of WeChat Spend an Average of 82 Minutes on the App Daily.

Studies have shown that the users of WeChat spend an average of 82 minutes daily on the site. The hours spent by users of WeChat have further increased its reputation in the digital world. The platform has distinguished itself as an indispensable tool in China and worldwide. The high engagement rate on the platform reflects its potential to attract and retain new users for a long while. 

13. 23% of Internet Users in the United States Between the Ages of 18 Years to 24 Years of Age Use WeChat.

In the United States, the young generation has the highest percentage of WeChat users. For Americans between 25 and 34 years of age, usage stands at 22% and decreases with the older generationIn the United Kingdom, the highest number of WeChat users are between 25 and 34 years of age, which accounts for 23%. This is followed by those between 18 and 24 years at 20%.

14. WeChat is Used By 19% of Internet Users in the United States Who Earn Over $100,000 Yearly.

In the United States, only 19% of families with access to an internet service and earning over a hundred thousand dollars yearly use WeChat. It has been noted that as household incomes reduce, the number of WeChat users drops in the United States and the UK. Households in the United Kingdom who earn over 48,000 euros yearly have 15% of WeChat users, and their usage of the platform falls as income declines. 

15. 13% of US Urban Dwellers With An Internet Connection Use WeChat.

The rate of adoption usage of WeChat tends to be higher amongst people in urban areas of the United States at 13% compared to those in rural areas at 8%In the United Kingdom, 11% of urban dwellers with access to the Internet use WeChat, while just 6% in rural communities do so. 

WeChat Program Statistics

Program Stats

16. The WeChat Platform Offers More Than One Mini-Program.

Mini programs are referred to as sub-applications, which are less than 10MB, and such programs function on the WeChat interface. It is non-downloadable from an app store as it is available on the WeChat platform

17. Females Account For 67% of the Mini-Program E-commerce Users.

A report released by WeChat showed that 67% of women use WeChat e-commerce, while 95% are vertical retailers. Mini programs on the WeChat platform have helped popular brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Longchamp, and Michael Kors advertise and sell their products effectively. 

18. The Mini Program is More Useful Than Apps For E-commerce and Food Delivery Services.

Mini-programs for food delivery and e-commerce are preferred over apps by 47% of WeChat users. The majority prefer apps for services such as car maintenance and photography.  

19. The Mini Program’s Daily Users increased to 440 Million People.

In 2020, there was an increase in the number of daily users of mini-programs to 440 million. This was higher by 33% from its previous 2019 record of 330 million sub-application users.

20. Average Users of WeChat Engage in 9.8 Mini Programs.

The number of engagements on Mini programs increased alongside the site user base; according to a report by WeChat, an average user engaged in almost 10 Mini programs in 2020. This was an increase from the previous 8.7 Mini programs in 2019.

WeChat Pay Statistics

Pay Stats

21. Over 900 Million Persons Are Registered on WeChat Pay Monthly.

In China, WeChat Pay is an integral part of daily living for the Chinese people, with a record of over 900 million registered active users. The closest competitors are Alipay, with 500 million users, and Apple Pay, with 127 million active users.

22. Offline Purchases in Cities Categorized As Tier 1 and 2 Account For 93% of Shoppers. 

In providing digital services, WeChat competed with the then-market leader Alipay in 2014. Its entry into the market has since been amazing, with 44.5% of its users commending the platform for its great service delivery. The primary purpose of WeChat pay is to enable users to purchase with the app rather than carrying physical cash. 

23. In China, More Than 200 Million Cards Are Connected to WeChat Pay.

The introduction of WeChat Pay has made the payment system in China so seamless, such that it is linked to the user’s bank card. Almost everyone, including roadside and small business owners, accepts payment systems using WeChat. 

24. Transactions Can be Effortless Using WeChat Pay Across 13 Currencies and 25 Countries.

Intending to serve citizens of China outside the country’s boundaries, WeChat Pay has partnerships with many organizations. The platform entered the European market in 2015 and has helped provide cashless payment services to its users. 


For many in China, WeChat is life. This super-app has become interwoven into daily routines in ways that are hard for outsiders to grasp.

It all centers around WeChat’s ever-evolving features aimed at user convenience. WeChat Pay, for example, has enabled a nearly cashless society. Users simply link their bank accounts and pay for anything through smartphones. The mobile payment ecosystem transforms marketing and commerce. Vendors accept WeChat Pay, from street food stalls to high-end boutiques.

And it’s not just payments. WeChat offers access to services like booking taxis or doctor appointments. It’s becoming a remote control in daily life. While WeChat dominates its home turf, global expansion has been measured. The app now facilitates payments in 13 currencies across 25 countries.

However, regulatory hurdles and data security concerns have slowed WeChat’s growth abroad. Its future lies in further infiltrating its billion-plus Chinese users, for whom it’s already indispensable.


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Can payment be made anywhere with WeChat Pay?

Anyone can use WeChat Pay within and outside China to make payments. WeChat Pay is supported in countries like Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong, South Africa, Thailand, and Canada. For those living outside these countries, a link will have to be made between the WeChat wallet of your country and WeChat Pay.

What country has the highest number of WeChat users?

In 2023, China will have almost half the number of WeChat users globally, at 827.2 million.

Who is the owner of WeChat?

WeChat is owned by a tech company in China called Tencent Holdings Ltd. The brand value of WeChat in 2023 amounted to $50.2 billion. It is the third most prominent media trademark in the world.


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