June 21, 2024

Jamie Lee Curtis is passing on a lesson for her children to follow and telling the “haters” to “back the fuck off.”

The “Halloween” star set the record straight on a couple of issues, including her recent Instagram debacle, as she accepted the Advocate of the Year award as one of the Out 100 honorees at the magazine’s celebration, letting one message ring clear above all others: “Freedom is the goal.”

“Freedom is the goal for all LGBTQ human beings. Freedom is the goal and my love for both of my daughters is absolute,” she said, referring to her daughters Ruby and Annie Guest. In 2021, Curtis opened up about her youngest coming out as trans telling AARP The Magazine, she and her husband Christopher Guest “have watched in wonder and pride” as they witnessed her transition and shortly after, her wedding which Curtis officiated.

“It has never wavered and it will never waver and as their mother it is my job to help protect them. And I hope teach them that this is what you do when you’re a parent. You suit up and you show up with your heart open and your arms outstretched and your aim true. And your job is to tell the haters to back the fuck off,” she continued in her acceptance speech.

She then took a turn in her speech, addressing a recent social media blunder that set the internet ablaze as fans of the actress were quick to call out a mistake on her Instagram page.

The actress recently made headlines last month when she accidentally posted a photo of children in Gaza to her Instagram timeline, mistakenly claiming that they were Israeli, in an attempt to show support for the youth victims trapped among the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The post has since been deleted, but Curtis had this to say in her first statement addressing the moment: “Love, acceptance, family and community are my cornerstones. But I’m also human and therefore I am flawed and contradictory. And I make mistakes. I post things incorrectly, and I say the wrong thing occasionally, and I try to own them. But, in this time of great conflict around the world, we are all every one of us are trying to find our individual center of care, and compassion, and outreach, so that we can use our voices to help people amidst the cacophony of hate that is surrounding us.”

She added: “My entire life has been focused on the care and treatment of critically ill and injured children, wherever they are, whoever they are, whatever country they’re from, whatever their circumstances, religious affiliations. I will continue to do that, amidst all of the anger and division and cleaving of our shared coexistence our shared humanity. And tonight, I hope you will join me as I pray for the safe release of all hostages all over the world — especially children — and I pray for the cessation of violence perpetrated against all people all over the world, especially the children.”

“Mostly, tonight, here in this community, I pray that homophobia and transphobia that has been championed in the name of religion by the right is exposed and silenced as wrong by the love of humanity that is the center of our gay and our trans community,” she said in closing.

Brandi Carlile onstage at the Out100 Celebration at NeueHouse Hollywood on November 9, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

The rest of the night was a continuous eruption of colors with guests and honorees including Brandi Carlile, David Archuleta, Dylan Mulvaney, Cody Rigsby, Anthony Bowens, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Trixie Mattel, Tan France, Ronen Rubenstien, Symone, Laith Ashley, Brian Michael Smith, and Laci Mosley swarmed the Hollywood hot spot in a rainbow of fashions.

Colman Domingo, Dylan Mulvaney, Jonathan Bailey, Sasha Colby, Gio Benitez, Robin Roberts, Wayne Brady, Brittney Griner, were also among the list of honorees.

Accepting the Icon award, Carlile went on to take the stage next, lamenting on what her representation in media means for the generations to come.

“We don’t have a lesbian ‘Golden Girls,’ you know what I mean?” the singer said. “And I thought about the annals of LGBTQIA+ history and the fact that so few of us are represented in domesticity, in family, and the aged state, and I thought about the fact that the way we identify ourselves is so interwoven into Western pop culture that if we don’t see an old version of us, we don’t think we will love a long life and that’s why nights like tonight make so much of an impact on our family and our community.”

“To think that I was cutting out pictures of lesbians in power suits as a kid and that I might be that lesbian today in a power suit that some little girl might cut a picture out of me and hang me on her wall and give me a kiss before she goes to sleep,” she said.

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