May 20, 2024

Music brings joy to so many people’s lives. With the rise of technology, countless music streaming services have popped up to bring tunes to our ears whenever and wherever. One of these is Pandora, which has been a major player in online radio since launching in 2005.

While smaller than Spotify or Apple Music, Pandora has carved out a niche in the U.S. market, ranking 9th among music services. It all started as internet radio, attracting legions of listeners with its ability to personalize stations to each user’s tastes. Growth slowed after 2014 as other streaming platforms took off, but Pandora holds its own. Advertising has long been Pandora’s bread and butter. Its 2022 ad revenue hit $1.58 billion, handily beating subscription revenue of $522 million. The service employs between 1,000 and 5,000 people, acquired by SiriusXM in 2019.

Pandora’s story reveals the twists and turns in the world of music tech. While not the shiniest new object, this stalwart streamer keeps humming along, continuing to innovate and build an audience. Its personalized approach shows one effective way to compete in the crowded music space. Our Pandora statistics cover the radio platform’s features, device users, demographics, and traffic statistics divided by country.

Major Interesting Pandora Statistics

Major Interesting Statistics

  • Over 47 million active Pandora users in 2023.
  • There are over 250 million registered users on Pandora.
  • The average monthly listening time is 5 hours 41 minutes.
  • 89% of Pandora listeners are in the US.
  • Pandora has an average of 43 monthly sessions per user.
  • Pandora generated $6.45 million in revenue from Google Play Store in 2022.
  • $528 million revenue generated by Pandora 2023 Q2.
  • 59% of Pandora listeners are women, and 41% are men.
  • Pandora pays $2.1 royalty per 1000 ad-supported streams and $2.6 per 1000 subscription-based streams.

Pandora Users Statistics

Pandora Users Statistics

1. Pandora Records an Average of 47 Million Pandora Active Users in the US in 2023.

Pandora had 47.42 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2023 and 46.66 million in the first quarter. In the first quarter of 2022, Pandora hit an average of 50.6 million monthly active users. Due to increased competition with other platforms, the number of Pandora monthly users in the US has decreased over the years. The forum lost several active subscribers. However, the fact that it still retains 47.42 million active users in 2023 is congratulatory. Another factor for the drop in number of Pandora users is changing customer preferences.

2. Only About 6.2 Million Subscriptions on Pandora are Paid Subscriptions in 2023.

Despite Pandora’s over 250 million accounts registered, the streaming service has just 6.2 million paid subscribers. In 2022, the total number of subscribers who pay for premium service on the Pandora app accounted for 6.3 million. According to Pandora statistics, premium subscribers declined to 6.2 million in 2023. Additionally, Pandora lost over 100,000 subscribers in 2022 compared to 6.2 million subscribers the previous year.

3. The Number of Registered Users on Pandora is Estimated to be 250 Million.

According to statistics from Techjury, the music-streaming platform has over 250 million registered users in the US. This number accounts for the accounts registered with Pandora.

Statistics on the Usage of Pandora

Usage of Pandora

4. The Average Pandora Listener Spends 5 Hours and 41 Minutes Monthly Listening to a Podcast.

Market Splash Statistics show an acute Pandora music listener spends an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes monthly. Between 2008 and 2017, streaming hours rose from 0.9 billion to 20 billion, respectively. The average time spent streaming music on Pandora is more than on Spotify and Apple Music.

5. The United States of America Makes up 89% of Pandora Users.

89% of music streamers on Pandora are in the US. Although Pandora is familiar and primarily used in the US, some users prefer the music app. According to data from Statista, about 38% of Pandora users like the Pandora app, while 43% do not like it.

6. Around 15-86 Megabytes Needed to Stream Pandora hourly Based on Sound Settings by Pandora Users.

For a low-quality sound of about 32Kbps, it will require about 15 MB per hour to stream. While for a high-quality setting of 192Kbps, it will need about 86 MB for hourly streaming. For medium-high quality, it requires about 58 MB for a rate of 1.2 MB per hourly stream. Also, for a standard speed of 180Kbps, an average of 22.8MB is spent per hour.

7. Pandora is an Engaging Music Streaming Platform in the US With at Least 43 Monthly Sessions Per User.

A Pandora user visits the app at least 43 times monthly with a listening session of at least 8 minutes. The platform is an engaging platform loaded with lots of songs its users enjoy. Pandora’s platform is the easiest to use because of its interface, which gives a music discovery experience. However, its competitor, Spotify, has over 30% more monthly sessions than Pandora, which accounts for 61 sessions per user.

8. Pandora Hit 55.9 Million Users With 6456 Paid Subscribers in the First Quarter of 2021 Alone.

According to SiriusXM report, the active users of Pandora in the first quarter of 2021 were about 55.9 million. Still, in the same quarter, the company recorded 6,456 paid subscribers, split into two categories: self-pay and promotional subscribers. The promotional subscribers amounted to 64, while the others were self-pay users. The self-pay users grew in number compared to 2020, while there was a decline in the total number of users.

9. An Average Listening Session for a Pandora User is Approximately 8 Minutes Daily.

Statistics show the average listening time of a Pandora listener is about 7 minutes and 57 seconds daily. Meanwhile, other statistics show active Pandora users had a keen higher interest in the past years. Previously, on average, a listener usually spent at least 2 hours, 15 minutes daily, until the interest declined gradually.

Pandora Statistics by Market Share

Statistics by Market Share

The following data sheds more light on Pandora’s market share.

10. The United States of America Takes Up 30% of Pandora’s Revenue in 2022.

The brand’s revenue generated by the UK was 14%, followed by Italy with 10%. Countries like China, Australia, France, and Germany made up 5%, with Denmark with a low percentage of 0.16% of its global revenue.

11. Pandora has Less Than 2% of the Global Subscription Revenue.

Pandora’s primary competitor, Spotify, leads the international music streaming market with 31% paid subscription revenue, putting it in the 6th position. Pandora is low compared to other platforms and only accounts for about 2% of the streaming services. Some other music streaming applications like Apple Music account for 15%, YouTube comes in at 8%.

12. Pandora Generates $6.45 Million in Revenue, Leads the List of Music Streaming Platforms From Google Play Store in 2022.

By September 2022, Pandora had the highest payment in the Google Play Store. This music app generated a gross income of $6,456,653, with Apple taking second position with $645,972.

Pandora Revenue

Pandora Revenue

13. A Total of $528 Million in Revenue Generated by Pandora in the Second Quarter of 2023 Alone.

The revenue generated in the second quarter of 2023 amounted to $528 million. This figure is lower than the revenue generated the same previous year. In 2019, Pandora became a subsidiary of SiriusXM Holdings after the firm acquired it for $3.5 billion in stock. In 2021, Pandora recorded revenue of $1.54 billion, while the total income of SiriusXM was $6.62 billion.

14. The Total Revenue Generated by Pandora in 2022 was Estimated at $2.098 Billion.

Pandora’s total generated revenue in 2022 reached $2.098 billion, increasing from $2.07 billion in 2021. Statistics show a significant increase in revenue yearly since Pandora was acquired in 2019 by SiriusXM. Revenue generated from advertising in Pandora in Q1 of 2022 equals $336 million, which indicates an 8% increase year-over-year. Also, $403 million was generated in Q2 of 2022, marking a 5% increase year-over-year.

15. It Generated $1.576 Billion in Revenue From Advertisements and $522 Million in Revenue From Subscriptions in 2022 on Pandora.

Revenue generated from advertisements is more than the revenue from paid subscriptions. Statistics show the generated income from advertising for 2021 was $1.542 billion and $1.576 for 2022, pointing to a slight increase. Revenue generated from subscriptions in 2022 was $522 million, $8 less than in 2021. The revenue generated in 2020 is estimated to be $530.

16. 70% of Pandora’s Revenue Came From Advertisements in 2020.

Pandora, as earlier established, is a music streaming platform that enables ads to generate revenue. Adverts appear on the application, accessible by users who do not pay for subscriptions. In 2020 alone, around 70% of its total revenue came from adverts in the mobile application. Adverts constituted a significant stream of income for the Pandora Company.

17. The Highest Profit Earnings for Pandora From 2010 to 2019 was $938 Million.

Pandora’s peak achievement in dollars between 2010 and 2019 was $938 million, attained in 2019. The company has recorded an increase in revenue since 2010 and reached its peak in 2019.

Demographics on Pandora

Demographics on Pandora

18. The Mid-20s and Mid-30s Use the Pandora More Than Other Age Brackets.

Statistics on Pandora show people in their mid-20s and mid-30s enjoy using the podcast entertainment app. Pandora’s listeners’ age bracket falls between 23 and 34 years, making up 28% of all listeners. About 21.2% of listeners are aged 35-44, while the 45-54 bracket makes up 17.2%. 22.2% are listeners above 55 years, and 18-24 years account for 11.1%.

19. 59% of Pandora Listeners are Women.

The rate of Pandora’s usage is relatively higher for the female than the male. 59% of women listen to music, more than 41% of men globally. However, this is different with Spotify as 56% of its listeners are men, and 44% accounts for women. Although the difference between both genders is slim, Pandora is mainly listened to by women.

Pandora Royalties and Advertisement

Royalties and Advertisement

20. Pandora Pays Royalties to Artists Between $2.1 and $2.6 Per 1,000 Streams, Depending on the Transmission Type.

Pandora pays royalties for ad-supported transmission as well as subscription-based transmissions to artists. For every 1000 ad-supported streams, Pandora pays $2.1 royalty and $2.6 royalty per 1000 subscription streams. In addition, the more paid subscribers listen to an artist’s music, the higher the artist gets paid. Encouragingly, the payouts or royalties increase subsequently.

21. Return on Ad Spent (ROAS) Revenue on Pandora is Higher Than Other Media.

According to statistics from Nielson, Pandora has more Returns on Ad Spent (ROAS) than other media. Comparing the ROAS to printed ads, Pandora’s ROAS was $1.90 per $1 spent, higher than $1.69 on printed ads.

22. Pandora has Three Basic Monthly Subscription Plans That Cost Between $4.99 and $14.99.

As of March 2023, aside from the Free Pandora Plan, which supports ads, Pandora has three paid subscription plans. These plans are Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium, and Pandora Premium Family. Pandora Plus goes for $4.99 monthly, Pandora Premium costs $9.99, and Pandora Premium Family costs $14.99 monthly. This makes it cheap compared to other music streaming platforms like Apple Music.

Wrap Up

Pandora stands out with its unique and user-friendly interface and affordability. These features have contributed to its tremendous growth over the years. Despite Pandora’s decreasing number of users, the revenue is rising because of advertisements and new subscription packages.

The introduction of digital radio translated to music streaming platforms has prompted Pandora to be a cheap music platform with over 1 million songs that offers music suggestions. Although Pandora’s acquisition by SiriusXM led to a decline in revenue, it is still impressive with its unique user experience. In addition, it is still in competition with other leading internet radio in the music industry.

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