May 29, 2024

Remember MySpace? That social media site really blew up and took over the world between 2005 and 2009. It was the first one to go seriously global. On MySpace, you could deck out your profile page however you wanted, sharing life updates, connecting with friends from all over the world, and making precious memories. Honestly, those were the days.

Most of us made some meaningful connections and friendships on the site back when it dominated social media. Many will never forget that feeling of seeing a new comment or message notification. In 2016, MySpace still had around 15 million monthly visitors hanging on. From the top friends feature to customizable profiles, it paved the way for the social media world as we know it today. Those were simpler times. This article features key MySpace statistics worth knowing today.

MySpace User Statistics

Key MySpace User Statistics

  1. MySpace in 2008 had 75.9 million active users monthly in the United States.
  2. In the United States, MySpace had the highest number of visits in 2006, exceeding Google’s.
  3. MySpace user base reduced from 70 million to 15 million in 2016.
  4. In the United States, MySpace in 2006 was the most used social media platform, but this changed in 2008 when Facebook outdid it.
  5. Musicians and their fans still use MySpace, with a record of 53 million songs on the site.

Users Statistics

Users Statistics

1. MySpace in 2008 had 75.9 Million Active Users Monthly in the United States.

Looking at the history of MySpace in previous years, in 2008, it recorded tremendous success in terms of user base. In the United States, the MySpace user base actively using it was 75.9 million in 2008.

2. In the United States, MySpace in 2006 had the Highest Visitor Traffic, Exceeding Google’s.

Highlighting the time MySpace experienced a more significant number of visitors than Google explained its success height in 2006.

3. MySpace Users Decreased From 70 to 15 Million in 2016.

At the close of 2016, the MySpace user base had decreased from 70 million recorded in 2015 to just 15 million. This showed a significant loss of users and a shift to other uprising social media platforms.

4. MySpace was the Most Used Social Media Site in 2006, but Facebook Overtook it in 2008.

The emergence of Facebook as the most popular site in 2008 caused a shift in users’ preferences and kick-started MySpace’s downward fall. 

5. Musicians and Their Fans Still Use MySpace, With a Record of 53 Million Uploaded Songs.

The statistics of 14.2 million artists who uploaded 53 million songs on MySpace show its relevance and popularity in the music industry. In this digital age, MySpace has continued to strive amid great competition.

What is the Number of People Using MySpace in 2023?

Number of People Using MySpace

6. In June 2022, MySpace had 6.9 Million Visits on its Platform.

Though the social media industry is intensely saturated, millions still use MySpace. According to research from Similar Web, MySpace had 6.9 million visits in June 2022, and millions of people still use the platform. This is, however, a significant decline from its 29 billion visits in 2006 from just the United States and 90 million users globally.

7. The Number of MySpace Users Decreased in 2013 to 50 Million.

After the great success recorded by MySpace in 2008, the site has continuously seen a decline in its users. In 2013, it had just 50 million users, a drop from the 60 million recorded user base in 2011.

MySpace Sales History (2006 to 2010)

MySpace Sales History

8. The Annual Sales of MySpace Fell in 2010 After Reaching $1.49 Billion in 2009.

In looking at MySpace’s record, there was an increase in sales volume over the years. Below is a record showing the annual sales made by MySpace from 2006 to 2010.

  • 2006 – annual sales of $70 million.
  • 2007 – annual sales of $572 million.
  • 2008 – annual sales of $1190 million.
  • 2009 – annual sales of $1490 million.
  • 2010 – annual sales of $1140 million.

9. Operating Profit of MySpace Experienced a Significant Loss of About $229 Million in 2009.

MySpace experienced an increase in loss of profit by about $229 million in 2009 annual sales of $1.49 billion. Here is an estimation of the operating profit of MySpace between 2006 and 2010.

  • The company 2006 stated that it had an estimated operating loss of $48 million.
  • In 2007 it was reported that about $48 million of operating profit. 
  • The company in 2008 reportedly lost around $34 million of its operating profit.
  • In 2009, it lost about $229 million in operating profit.
  • The company in 2009 lost around $431 million of operating profit.
  • Between 2006 and 2010, MySpace lost $749 million of its operating profit.

History of MySpace

History of MySpace

10. After its Official Launch in 2005, MySpace Became a Hub for Music Artists and Their Fans.

In 2003, MySpace was created but officially launched publicly in 2004. DeWolfe and Anderson designed it to allow users to connect with friends and make new ones. After two years of its official launch to the public, its users increased from 5 million in 2004 to an intriguing 22 million in 2005. The number of monthly users exceeded 1 million after its launching in 2004, showing the public’s wide acceptability of the site. The site’s publicity increased when a renowned American rock band called REM posted its new album in 2004.

This attracted fans to MySpace and allowed indie artists to bring their music to a broader audience. Though downloading requires payment to MySpace, it will enable users to play four songs online. Promoting a community of music lovers became MySpace’s strategy for increasing its traffic visits. In December 2004, MySpace got three of Hillary Duff’s songs on its platform for the listening pleasure of its users through a sponsored marketing page by Secret Sparkle deodorant. This action increased the number of MySpace users, and in July 2005, it reached 22 million users after being acquired by News Corporation for $580 million.

11. MySpace in 2007 Achieved a Feat of 300 Million Users Globally.

A year after the acquisition by News Corp, MySpace became known as the most popular site in the United States. Its growth in June 2006 exceeded that of Google and Yahoo Mail. In 2007, News Corporation took steps towards merging the company with Yahoo MySpace, worth $12 billion and having over 300 million users. It also had an advertisement contract of $900 million with Google and 80% traffic on social media.

12. The Sales Volume of MySpace Hit a $1 Billion Mark in 2008.

Sales of MySpace in 2008 reached $1 billion for the first time since its official launch to the public in 2005. This feat, however, did not continue as the company started experiencing a decrease in sales afterward.

MySpace Decline: What Led to its Fall?

MySpace Decline

13. Facebook Surpassed MySpace in the Number of Visitors to the Site in 2009.

MySpace never remained the same again after Facebook overtook the rankings of visitors to the site. Some reasons for the negative turn of events in MySpace include the following:

  • It consistently built a user base around music and entertainment, whereas Twitter and Facebook added new features to improve users’ experience
  • The three-year $900 million advert deal with Google was unsustainable in the long run as it required MySpace to place more ads on its already congested advertisement space. 
  • Katz, in 2012, stated that News Corporation was putting pressure on MySpace to focus on short-term monetization products, which was in contrast to Facebook’s long-term strategies and user engagement features.
  • MySpace’s inability to curtail phishing, spam, and vandalism issues, which were ongoing on the site, made many users switch over to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

14. In 2018, MySpace, Alongside its Parent Company, was Bought Over by Time Inc.

Time Inc. acquired MySpace in 2016 alongside its parent company (Viant). Then, in October 2017, the company experienced more visits to its site, but it turned out to be a fraudulent scheme. The company made an announcement informing the public of their non-involvement with the fraudulent deed of increased traffic visits to the site in October 2017.

15. Meredith Corporation in 2018 Bought Over Time Inc.

Time Inc., which managed MySpace, was bought over by Meredith Corporation in 2018. A year after it purchased MySpace, Meredith Corporation put on for sale the old properties of Time Inc.

16. Over 50 Million Songs and Content over 12 Years Went Missing From the MySpace Server.

MySpace announced in 2018 that all user-created content from 2015 and before got lost due to an unsuccessful server migration. This issue led to the loss of over 50 million uploaded songs and the wipeout of content over 12 years.

MySpace Usage (2019 to 2022)

MySpace Usage

17. MySpace had 7 Million Users on its Website in 2019.

A visit to shows that it is still very much in existence. In 2019, the site had 7 million visitors and users monthly. It continues to foster the spread of music and entertainment content globally

18. The Ranking of MySpace Moved From 14370th in June to 13775th in August of 2022.

MySpace has been striving in recent years and had an uplift in its 2022 ranking from 14370th in July to 13775th in August of the same year. The number of traffic engagements also increased over the period, and the United States still leads as the country with the highest number of visits to the site.

19. Users of MySpace in the United States Top the List of Visits on the Website.

MySpace, formerly known as MySpace, still operates with the domain In the United States, users of MySpace can log in to get the latest news reports, watch videos, and do other regular social media activities. Below is the percentage share of top countries that use MySpace today.

  • The United States is at the top of countries using, with a total of 48.63%.
  • The United Kingdom accounts for 4.94% of visits to MySpace .com website.
  • India has a share of 3.66% of the total visits to
  • Germany has 4.20% of the total visits to
  • Canada makes up 2.85% of MySpace website visits.
  • Other countries all account for 35.73% of the total visits on


MySpace was once the most popular social media site, but this gradually changed with a dwindling of user visits, sales, and revenue. This decline may be due to the need for more innovative long-term strategies and continuous focus on only promoting music and entertainment. 

The change in management over the years could be part of the reason for the downturn of MySpace as a social media site. The global expansion of the music industry and the opportunity MySpace gave in its early years to music artists, including the Indies, contributed to its initial dominance. Although MySpace has had its rough days, it still has many users, especially in the United States. MySpace remains relevant in the music and entertainment industry of today’s world.


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