December 11, 2023

Computers and the internet changed everything, and the emergence of electronic mail (email) solved the communication problem, allowing people to send and receive messages faster. Yahoo! Mail was among the first web-based emailing platforms to exist. After its launch, it forged on to become the most popular. Around 700 million people visit Yahoo monthly. Yahoo Mail has 225 million monthly active users. Here are some fascinating things you might not have known about Yahoo.

Some Major Yahoo Statistics

A Glance At Some Major Statistics

1. In 1994, two students from Stanford University, Jerry Yang and David Filo, worked together to found Yahoo.

2. Yahoo is an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Organized Oracle.”

3. It has acquired over 60 companies since its inception.

4. 18% of all online global searches were performed using Yahoo.

5. At a certain time, Yahoo generated revenue of close to $200 million as quickly as a second. 

6. In 2013, Marissa Mayer became the CEO and introduced a policy abolishing remote work in the establishment.

Yahoo: A Little Statistical History

Yahoo A Little Statistical History

7. Yahoo Mail was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was incorporated on March 2, 1995. 

8. They added a search engine function called Yahoo Search 1995, allowing users to search the Yahoo Directory.

9. Yahoo became public in the year 1996.

10. This search engine function made Yahoo the first known online Directory and search engine on the World Wide Web. 

11. In 2008, Microsoft failed to acquire Yahoo for $44.6 billion.

12. Verizon successfully acquired Yahoo in 2016, leaving out Alibaba and Yahoo Japan.

13. However, it suffered a decline in use in the late 2000s when some of its services were paused. It then lost market share to Facebook and Google.

Statistics on Milestones and Achievements of Yahoo

Milestones and Achievements of Yahoo

Yahoo has made meaningful impacts and gained many laudable achievements throughout its existence. Let’s look at some of the fascinating feats in these statistics.

14. In 2020, Yahoo’s average user count from the US alone amounted to 274 million.

15. The company recorded a total income of about $4.968 billion in 2015.

16. As of 1998, many web users started with Yahoo.

17. There was income growth the following year, as the total revenue was $5.169 billion.

18. By 2020, Yahoo had crossed $7.4 billion in revenue.

19. Yahoo offered its services to the global audience in 25 languages and had 32 international editions.

20. Yahoo earned about $3.28 billion from digital ad revenue in 2015.

21. Yahoo made it to the companies listed in Paradise Papers in 2017.

Yahoo’s Acquisitions Statistics

Yahoo's Acquisitions Statistics 

22. In 2010, Yahoo bought Koprol (an Indonesian social networking service) and shut it down two years later.

23. Verizon Communications acquired Yahoo for $4.83 billion in 2016.

24. Yahoo acquired RocketMail, renamed it Yahoo Mail, and began rendering free email services to its users in October 1997.

25. Geocities and, purchased for $3.6 billion and $5.7 billion, respectively, were two of Yahoo’s biggest acquisitions.

26. Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion on June 20, 2013. It was a decision that Tumblr’s users were not happy with, making them petition against it.

27. In 2002, Yahoo lost a chance to acquire Google for $5 billion after negotiating for several months.

28. Yahoo sold Tumblr at less than $3 million because it had a massive user base, which didn’t reflect the profit.

29. Yahoo acquired Cooliris on November 21, 2014.

30. On December 12, 2014, Yahoo acquired Brightroll, a video advertising provider, for $583 million.

31. Common Stock, the social investing platform headquartered in San Francisco, was bought by Yahoo in August 2023.

32. On July 25, 2016, Verizon announced its intention to acquire Yahoo’s core internet business for $4.83 billion. This deal didn’t cover Yahoo’s 15% stake in Alibaba Group and 35.5% in Yahoo Japan.

33. Verizon Communications announced they would lower their Yahoo purchase price by $350 million due to a data breach on February 21, 2017.

Yahoo’s Products and Services

Products and Services

Some products and services have kept Yahoo going in the global technological industry. We will look at the statistics regarding how they developed services that helped keep their customers.

34. Yahoo launched Yahoo Meme in August 2009. However, the product lacked innovation and needed an attractive concept. It was shut down in 2012.

35. Yahoo Flurry was instrumental to about 250,000 developers.

36. Yahoo launched Yahoo Go in 2006, only to shut it down in 2010.

37. In 1997, Yahoo launched Yahoo Finance.

38. According to Alexa’s ranking, Yahoo Finance is the largest business news website you can find online.

39. Regarding usage, Yahoo is more recognized than Google in Japan.

40. An average of 204 million unique visitors troop into Yahoo monthly from mobile and desktop devices.

41. Yahoo shut down Yahoo Groups Japan in 2014.

42. Yahoo has revised its logo six times.

43. There are almost 2 billion Apps on Yahoo Flurry.

44. a big flaw was detected in the Yahoo Safe Search feature in 2006.

45. Yahoo had a service known as Yahoo Photos, launched in 2000 for online photo sharing.

46. In 2000, Yahoo launched Yahoo Buzz, which was similar to Yahoo News except that its content was personalized for individual users.

47. Yahoo Buzz didn’t make it past 2011.

48. Yahoo permanently shut down Mail Classic in 2013.

49. Yahoo once had an instant messenger service known as Yahoo Messenger.

50. Yahoo Messenger had a major upgrade in version 6.0, released in 2004.

51. In 2003, Yahoo introduced a paid version called Yahoo Messenger Enterprise Edition for a fee of $30 per year.

How Secure is Yahoo?

How Secure is Yahoo

The biggest threat to many online businesses is the one that has to do with security. Most organizations would pay anything to ensure that their data is not compromised. This is the same way the perpetrators of cybercrime keep advancing in their ability to identify loopholes. Unfortunately, some still fall into the hands of these cyber-attackers. Let’s find out a thing about how Yahoo is handling its security.

52. In Yahoo Answers, Yahoo can delete a user’s account without notice.

53. Yahoo Answers awards participants badges depending on their contribution level.

54. Yahoo’s most popular service is Yahoo Mail.

55. Over 200 million people use Yahoo through Yahoo Mail daily.

56. Yahoo Mail has two versions, the Basic and the Pro. The Pro version costs $34.99 yearly.

57. Yahoo Mail handles spammers more strictly than any other email service.

58. People have observed that there are usually delays in the delivery of their emails.

59. In February 2006, certain usernames were prohibited on Yahoo Mail for about 3 days. This affected usernames which had ‘Allah’ in them.

60. Yahoo’s data records are the most compromised in selected data breaches across the globe.

61. The NSA was reportedly spying on Yahoo users in 2013.

62. There was a serious security breach on Yahoo, compromising over 500 million user passwords.

63. In December 2015, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer was ranked tech’s least likable CEO.

64. Verizon Communications completely acquired Yahoo, and the CEO, Marris Mayer, resigned on June 13, 2017.

Yahoo’s Employee Statistics

Employee Stats

Every organization’s workforce has a great role in making that organization successful. The commitment, skills, and dutifulness of employees give an insight into the future of that organization.

65. Yahoo has 10,350 workers, which signifies a reduction from the 12,000 workers in 2017.

66. In 2009, Yahoo entered an agreement with Microsoft, which made Yahoo search become powered by Bing.

67. In 1997, Yahoo launched Yahoo Sports, which still exists today.

68. In 1996, Ask Yahoo was changed to Yahoo Answers. This free service allows users to post questions online and get answered by others.

69. Yahoo Answers uses a point system to score its user’s reliability based on how useful and appropriate their answer is.

70. Yahoo Answers is strict on its community guidelines about the relevancy of posts. Casual chatting is prohibited.

71. There is an option of anonymity on Yahoo Answers.

72. The leadership in Yahoo is occupied by 76% males and 24% females.

73. Yahoo pays its Interns an average of $5,039 every month.

74. About 12,500 full-time workers were employed by Yahoo in 2014.

75. Mayer laid off 15% of Yahoo’s workforce on February 2, 2016.

76. Yahoo announced 2,000 employee layoffs, about 14,100 on April 4, 2012.

77. Yahoo owns a Smart TV platform. This TV platform was launched in 2007, initially known as Yahoo connected TV.

78. In 2006, Yahoo launched a Video hosting platform called Yahoo Video. It was later renamed Yahoo Screen in 2011 and put to a halt in 2016.

79. Yahoo also launched a social networking service 2005 called Yahoo 360◦.

How Popular is Yahoo

In the online business world, a platform’s success is measured by the number of traffic the business generates. When the users of a particular forum are spending more time on it, the platform has the potential to earn a lot through the services it can offer its users. Here are some of the interesting statistics regarding traffic and popularity on Yahoo:

80. About 81 million people use Yahoo Mail in the US.

81. The estimated number of emails sent and received daily on Yahoo is estimated at 26 billion emails.

82. Yahoo Mail is the US’s leading and most favorite email service.

83. Yahoo Mail’s app receives about 17.6 million unique visitors on the mobile monthly.

84. 9.4 million mobile Mexicans use Yahoo every month.

85. Yahoo ranks the 12th most popular platform globally, gathering over 3.4 billion visits, as reported by Similarweb.

86. In the US, about 38 million visits are recorded daily on the Yahoo homepage.

87. Thirty million people use Yahoo Finance every day.

88. More than 92 million users visited Yahoo Finance through their mobile devices in August 2021.

89. Alexa rankings place in the 11th place of most frequently visited websites worldwide.

90. There were approximately 13.2 million visits monthly on Yahoo Autos.

91. Yahoo got 110 million unique visitors from the US in April 2013, making it top the list as the most popular news website.

92. In September 2021, there were 26.61 million unique visitors to Yahoo from Canada.

Digital Advertising Statistics on Yahoo

Digital Advertising Stats

Advertising is a crucial aspect of any business. Since we live in a digital era, companies must embrace digital advertising to make money and stay relevant amid numerous emerging trends. Since Yahoo is one of the pioneers of the internet, let’s take a look at the role it plays.

93. In 2014, 2.4% of the digital advertising share was held by Yahoo.

94. Yahoo had a 2% share in the global digital advertising sector.

95. Yahoo had a 1.8% influence on mobile digital advertising worldwide.

96. $2.09 billion was recorded as Yahoo’s global net digital ad revenues in 2020.

97. In 2007, Yahoo News launched omg., which was later changed to Yahoo Celebrity in 2014.

98. Yahoo Celebrity is the second most popular website for gossip in the US.

99. Yahoo Celebrity gained 4 million users in its first month, increasing to 8 million before the year ended.

100. In 2002, Yahoo purchased Inktomi and used it as its Search engine provider for Yahoo Search until 2004.

101. Yahoo Search developed its independent online search capability in 2004 and continued using it until 2009.

102. Yahoo Messenger had a new version released in 2008. It was version 9 of the service that could play YouTube videos in the instant messaging window.

103. The last update on the Yahoo Messenger window was done in 2011.

104. In 2018, Yahoo Messenger was replaced with Yahoo Together.

105. Yahoo Messenger was vulnerable to spam messages. This is because many bots were taking advantage of Yahoo messages, making Yahoo introduce Captcha to prevent bots.

106. Yahoo News was one of the first features offered by Yahoo. It partnered with News agencies like Fox News, CNN, and ABC News.

Other General Statistics on Yahoo

Other General Stats

107. Bobbi Kristina Brown happened to be the top-searched topic in 2015.

108. Yahoo ranks first as the biggest.

109. Yahoo dragged Facebook to court over claims of patent violation.

110. There was once a Do Not Track Feature on Yahoo. It could be turned on or off at will.

111. In 2000, a lawsuit was filed against Yahoo in France.

112. A former CEO of Yahoo resigned for issues regarding his academic credentials.

113. Yahoo is a partner with China in The Great Firewall. The Great Firewall refers to the rules and regulations governing China’s internet usage.

114. The sale of Shark fin products was prohibited by Yahoo across all its e-commerce services in 2009.

115. Yahoo censored several emails during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

116. Yahoo permits adware and spyware from its clients.

117. There was once an option to create and run chat rooms.

118. Yahoo’s terms of service concerning the rights to delete user accounts without advance notice received major criticisms.

119. A fired Editorial Director at Yahoo later filed a lawsuit against the company.

120. One Yahoo employee, Reyes Daniel Ruiz, pleaded guilty to hacking 60,000 accounts in court.

121. In 1995, Yahoo updated its logo twice.

122. The first time Yahoo changed its logo was in 2009.

123. In 2012, An Egyptian hacker found a way to penetrate Yahoo Mail’s security and sold the trick to other hackers for $700.

124. Yahoo crawls the content of their user’s emails to collect data used for targeted ads. This has made them face an unfavorable comparison with competitors like Microsoft Outlook and Google’s Gmail.

125. A mobile app is available for Yahoo Mail. It can be downloaded both on Android and iOS.


Yahoo’s growth as an online pioneer has a significant history. The company has achieved much on this journey and will continue despite its failures. A lot can be learned just by studying the statistics of Yahoo Company. The ability to curtail services that are not profitable and rebrand some of them only shows its relentlessness. There are also things to be learned about how it acquired over 60,000 companies since its inception. These statistics could guide anyone reading it with the mindset of setting up their firms sometime. We can only hope It serves as an insight and provides all the necessary information you need.


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