May 24, 2024

The crypto market continues on its uptrend, retaining a total market cap of $1.3 trillion, with Bitcoin leading the rally. 

Bitcoin’s dominance touched a 30-month high of 54% as it consolidated its gains amid the ongoing ETF approval speculation. Remarkably, the Fear and Greed index is 71, displaying greed as the current investor sentiment pushing the ongoing accumulation. 

These market conditions have increased some altcoins today, placing them at the top gainers section. These top gainers benefit from the improvement in the crypto market and notable developments in their ecosystem. 

Gala Token (GALA) – The Blockchain Gaming Platform

GALA’s price today, October 26, at 10:40 a.m. EST, is $0.018. This price represents a 13.7% increase in the last 24 hours. Additionally, GALA has rallied 50.6% in the last seven days as the crypto market shows massive gains. 

On October 24, Gala Games announced Legacy Games, an exciting Web3 game. It is likely one of the factors driving GALA’s gains.

The Legacy Games promises to be the next big thing in the gaming world and has players excited about the event aspect of the gameplay. This game features Design Competitions where gamers can compete for who has the best designs. Also, these events will come with rewards for participants who come victorious.

Additionally, the winners are decided after the design competition through voting. Remarkably, this ensures community participation and transparency within the ecosystem. Therefore, Legacy competitions go beyond showcasing creativity to ensure community spirit and healthy competition for rewards. 

Today’s launch of this exciting game likely led to a surge in the demand for GALA tokens, resulting in a price increase. Also, on the daily chart, GALA has formed multiple green candles as the buyers continue to rally. 

GALA Buyers Target The $0.0209 Resistance Level 

GALA is in an uptrend on the daily chart, recording impressive gains since the buyers returned on October 20. It has flipped the $0.165 resistance level to support, leading to a rally, with the upper wick of today’s candle touching the $0.0209 resistance.

Additionally, GALA trades above the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), confirming a short-term bullish sentiment. Although GALA is below the 200-day SMA, a break above the $0.0209 resistance will increase the price. 

Also, the Relative Strength Index confirms a strong bullish signal, rising in the overbought region above 70, with a value of 75.4. Based on GALA’s price performance in the past week, it will likely break above the $0.0209 resistance if the buyers sustain their charge. 

Today, October 26, at 10:50 am EST, the DOGE price is $0.07, representing a 6.1% increase in the last 24 hours. Also, it has gained 27.3% on its price in the last 7 days. Dogecoin is benefiting from the ongoing rally and the spike in memecoin value. 

Earlier this month, Dogecoin developers urged users to be wary of questionable activities from criminals in the crypto industry. These bad players range from centralized exchanges to many decentralized swaps that put users at risk and expose them to criminal schemes.

However, the developers noted that Dogecoin stands for having fun, memes, doing good, community spirit, and free access.

Also, users were asked to keep custody of their assets whenever possible, as failure to do so would likely make them lose their tokens. Dogecoin has rallied remarkably on the daily chart and might overcome its closest resistance level to attain a higher high. 

DOGE Finds Support at $0.067, Are the Bulls Done With The Rally? 

DOGE has formed a second consecutive green candle on the daily chart as the buyers resume the accumulation phase. Notably, it found support at $0.067 and is testing the $0.071 support level.

A break above this level is possible based on the present sentiment and the buyers’ dominance in the market. Also, the RSI indicator displaying a value of 76.7 and still rising suggests that the buyers are not done yet. Therefore, a price increase will likely occur in the coming days. 

Furthermore, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) displays a strong buy signal for the asset. This signal is confirmed by the green Histogram bars indicating a bullish trend. So, DOGE will likely continue on its uptrend if it overcomes the $0.071 resistance in the coming days. 

Pepe (PEPE) – The Ethereum-Based Memecoin 

PEPE’s price on October 26 is $0.00000012, slightly declining in the last 24 hours. However, PEPE has rallied massively in the last seven days, gaining 87.6% on its price. 

PEPE is one of the cryptocurrencies that benefitted from the meme coin rally earlier in 2023. Presently, PEPE is rallying again with impressive gains on the weekly chart. 

These gains are likely due to the massive support Pepe enjoys in the crypto community and its viral following. Also, Pepe developers on Twitter noted that it had surpassed 155,000 on-chain wallets, including all tokens bridged from Arbitrum to BSC. 

This implies that massive accumulation of PEPE tokens is ongoing in the ecosystem as investors speculate on a possible return to its all-time high ahead if the market rally continues. PEPE is widely regarded as a memecoin success, attaining an impressive market cap level shortly after its launch.

Also, the massive accumulation during its presales proved its rising profile in the crypto community. While PEPE still holds onto its gains on the weekly chart, it shows signs of a price retracement on the daily timeframe. 

Notably, the retracement is likely due to buyers beginning to take profit after its impressive price gains on October 25. Despite the retracement, PEPE will likely rally again due to the unwavering support from its community and the present investor sentiment, 

PEPE Likely To Retrace In The Short Term After Encountering Resistance at $0.0000012 

PEPE coin formed a bearish engulfing pattern on October 25, rising above the $0.0000011 resistance level. However, it encountered resistance at $0.0000012, leading to a decline in its value today. Also, the RSI indicator with a value of 71.05 is retracing back into the channel from the overbought zone. 

PEPE will likely retrace in the coming days as the buyers begin to make a profit. However, the Parabolic SAR is still under the candles, suggesting a possible recovery after the coming days if the bulls rally again. Therefore, PEPE will likely retrace from the overbought zone in the coming days before the bulls rally again. 

Meme Kombat – The Crypto Gaming Revolution For Exciting Rewards 

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Meme Kombat is a blockchain-based gaming solution designed to give users a platform for gaming and active betting. With over $733,000 raised from the ongoing MK presale, investors are warming up to the project due to its potential. 

The $MK tokens give users access to all the exciting features available on this platform, such as staking for rewards and wagering on battles. Meme Kombat’s utility distinguishes it from other memecoin projects without real-world application or long-term value. 

Meme Kombat Receives Positive Reviews 

According to YouTube vlogger and crypto analyst Jacob Crypto Bury, Meme Kombat is a new potential 10X cryptocurrency. Also, the analyst claimed to have invested $ 1,000 in the project based on his belief in its potential. 

Furthermore, he noted that the staking and betting features add long-term value to the ecosystem. Additionally, News hailed Meme Kombat for surpassing the $700,000 presale milestone.

The news outlet urged the crypto community to prepare for its explosive launch, stake, play, and earn. 

Also, the Meme Kombat developers celebrated the growth of its Telegram community with over 3000 members. They urged the community to remain strong and share their views on what feature they find most exciting on Meme Kombat.

Take Advantage Of The Ongoing Presale

MK tokens are on presale with over $ 743,000 raised from the presale target of $1 million. Each MK token is worth $0.1667 before a price increase in the next seven days. Also, users can purchase these tokens with ETH or USDT

Furthermore, a user can purchase MK tokens on Ethereum or BSC blockchain. However, all token claims after the presales will be processed on Ethereum. 

According to tokenomics, the total supply is capped at 120 million tokens, with 50% (60 million) allocated to the presale. The presale phase presents an opportunity for initial capital generation to support the development of the ecosystem. 

Meme Kombat Betting Makes Battles More Engaging 

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Meme Kombat allows users to back their favorite character through betting for additional rewards. Users can bet against each other in direct competition and for $MK tokens.

Furthermore, participants can determine their level of engagement and risk exposure by controlling their staking amount. 

Also, the player vs. game mode allows users to bet on specific in-game events. Players can determine the possible outcomes based on the character’s strengths. Meanwhile, Meme Kombat supports staking for additional rewards.

Notably, staking is automatic during the presale and will continue when the presale stage is over. 

According to the Whitepaper, 30% of the MK supply is dedicated to staking and battle rewards. These incentives will likely attract more users to the Meme Kombat ecosystem.

Also, staking will prevent the shortening of tokens, leading to a decline in value. Therefore, based on the positive reviews and utility, Meme Kombat will likely be the next meme coin success in 2023. 

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) –  The Secured Cloud Mining Solution

Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining solution that offers a profitable route to earning more mining revenue. Notably, solo mining comes with many challenges, such as expenses in acquiring mining hardware, electricity costs, and energy consumption. 

Also, with each Bitcoin halving, the mining difficulty increases, making it economically unsustainable for most miners who are forced to sell their mining rigs. Therefore, a miner can pay for cloud mining services to mine Bitcoin without worrying about operational costs.

Unfortunately, the old cloud mining models came with risks, such as scams and the need for users to sign binding contracts. Bitcoin Minetrix hopes to simplify the mining process with its practical solutions to give miners rewards. 

Its utility token, BTCMTX, gives users access to the mining solution they need. According to a Twitter post by the developers, the BTCMTX tokens, when utilized in an Ethereum-based smart contract, are the key that unlocks Bitcoin cloud mining. 

This token can be purchased from the presale to acquire mining power.

Users can simply stake their BTCMTX tokens to receive cloud mining credits, which are burnt in exchange for mining time allocation or rewards. This solution is cost-efficient, eliminates noise, conserves space, and is highly secured, relying on the Ethereum blockchain. 

BTCMTX Presale Ongoing, Investors Must Act Fast Before A Price Increase

>>>Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale<<<

BTCMTX is on presale with just one day left before the price increases. Notably, over 2.38 million has been raised from the presale target of $3.1 million, confirming rising investor interest. 

Interested users can link their crypto wallets, such as Meta Mask or Trust Wallet, to the official Website and purchase the BTCMTX tokens at $0.01123 each. Also, BTCMTX supports purchases with ETH, USDT, or bank cards to give users easy access. 

Based on the rising costs of Bitcoin mining, more miners will likely sell their mining rigs by 2024. Therefore, BTCMTX serves as a long-term solution for miners to keep making a profit despite the rising costs of mining and its impact on the environment. 

Remarkably, Bitcoin Minetrix is hosting an airdrop (Minedrop) event where $30,000 worth of BTCMTX tokens will be distributed to 10 lucky participants who will receive $ 3,000 worth of BTCMTX tokens each. 

Based on its utility, Bitcoin Minetrix will likely grow in relevance in the coming years and benefit from the upcoming Bitcoin Halving events. Also, early investors will likely be at an advantage if a price surge occurs after the token lists on top exchanges. 


Bitcoin has remained above the $34,000 price level today as the market enters an accumulation phase. While the present rally is likely built on speculation, it implies the crypto market might finish 2023 on a high. 

However, a retracement could likely occur if the authorities backpedal on the ETF approval. Nevertheless, the top gainers display impressive rallies driven by positive developments and ecosystem growth. 

The market swing highs and swing lows confirm that price volatility is a constant in the market. Therefore, investors must apply proper risk management techniques and research to make the best decisions.

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