May 23, 2024

The crypto market has found stability at the $1.12 trillion market cap range with no notable deviations today. Remarkably, Bitcoin leads the resurgence in the crypto market, trading above the $28,000 price level. 

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s sanction on Buy Cash Money transfer company might have increased investors’ confidence. 

Following the market-wide rally, some crypto assets have emerged as today’s top gainers. These assets ride on the general wave of positivity in the crypto market and exciting developments within their ecosystem to record price gains. 

Bitcoin SV (BSV) – The Satoshi-Vision Blockchain

Today, October 19, BSV’s price at 7:11 a.m. EST is $43, with a 9.2% increase in 24 hours. Also, BSV has gained 25.6% in price in the last seven days as buyers continue to mount pressure. 

One of the factors contributing to BSV’s price gains is the solutions proffered to Bitcoin’s energy consumption issues. 

In an article, Bitcoin BSV discussed embracing larger block sizes for environmental sustainability. While BSV relies on mining to create blocks, it advocates unrestricted block sizes by accommodating more transactions. 

This improvement will lead to improved operational efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption. Consequently, the reduced energy consumption will reduce the CO2 emission in the environment. If accepted, this proposal will likely reduce carbon emissions and make crypto eco-friendlier. 

Also, exciting developments and innovations, such as the GITEX Global event in Dubai, are likely driving BSV’s price gains. BSV has formed higher highs on the daily chart as buyers dominate its price. 

BSV Enters Overbought Region as Buyers Continue Accumulation, What’s Next? 

BSV has flipped the $40.6 resistance to support and formed a large green candle on the daily chartAlso, its upper wick has moved above the $43.3 resistance level, confirming that the buyers are still active in the market.

Furthermore, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator displays a value of 73.9 and is in the overbought region above 70. Today, the RSI is still rising as buyers continue to accumulate BSV tokens. 

Also, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) has risen above its signal line, displaying a strong buy signal.

The green Histogram bars of the MACD confirm the buy sentiment. From all indications, BSV will likely continue on its uptrend if the buyers rally above the $43.3 resistance level. However, if rejection occurs at the $43.3 mark, a slight decline could happen in the coming weeks. 

Mina Protocol (MINA) – The World’s Lightest Blockchain 

MINA price today is $0.38, representing a 3.4% increase. Also, MINA has gained 6.3% in the last seven days. Mina Protocol’s ongoing grant program is likely contributing to its short and long-term price gains. 

According to a blog post, a 6 million MINA tokens grant program is ongoing for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) developers. The grant program, tagged Mina Navigators, enables developers to explore their creativity on the protocol through a hackathon event. 

Mina developers believe now is the best time to build in the ecosystem, with over 50 funded projects already building on the protocol. Meanwhile, this Hackathon began on October 9 and will end on November 10.

Additionally, there will be learn-to-earn challenges from November 2023 to April 2024. 

Furthermore, Mina Protocol will soon undergo a Mainnet upgrade to enable easier programmable Zero Knowledge apps. Cross-chain integration is one of the plans in development. 

As a result of these developments, MINA has formed a green candle on the daily chart but faces resistance from the sellers. 

Will MINA Overcome Resistance at $0.38?

MINA is in an uptrend on the daily chart, recording progressive gains since October 15. It found critical support at $0.37, preventing another price decline despite pressure from sellers on October 18. 

Also, MINA is trading below the Median Band of the Donchian Channel (DC), confirming price limitation due to the presence of the sellers. Although the RSI is in the neutral zone with a value of 53.05 today, there is insufficient pressure from the buyers to sustain the rally. 

MINA faces resistance at the $0.38 price level and will likely trade below it in the next few days.  But if it moves above this resistance, it will continue its rally. Also, if the RSI’s value increases to 60, an uptrend will likely occur for the asset. 

Mantle (MNT) – The Web3 Ecosystem with Effective DAO Management 

MNT’s price on October 19, at 7:37 am EST, is $0.32, representing a slight increase in the last 24 hours. However, it has shed 6.5% of its price gains over the previous seven days. Mantle Journey season rewards are likely a factor that might boost the price of MNT tokens moving forward. 

The Mantle Journey began on August 29, with users competing for a share of the 20 million $MNT reward pool. Users will receive a share based on their Mantle Journey miles, which has a minimum threshold. This contest will likely attract more investors to adopt MNT tokens to receive rewards, thus boosting its value. 

Also, Citizens of Mantle Mint went live on October 11, and individuals on the whitelist can mint their NFTs. However, it is for a limited period from October 11 – November 9. 

For now, MNT still faces resistance on the daily chart despite an attempted rally from the buyers. 

MNT Sellers Still Active Despite Slight Gains Today, Can Buyers Sustain the Rally?

MNT is facing resistance at the $0.000209 price level on the daily chart after finding support at $0.000205 on October 18. Despite forming a green candle confirming buyers’ activity, the sellers are still active and attempting to force a decline. 

Also, the Parabolic SAR indicator is above today’s candle, expressing a bearish sentiment for the token. Meanwhile, the RSI value is 29.1 in the oversold region below 30. However, it is rising and will likely retrace into the channel soon as buyers gain control. 

Furthermore, the MACD displays a fading sell signal dropping below its signal line. Also, the red Histogram bars are fading, suggesting a possible rally aheadMNT will likely rally in the coming days if it can break above the $0.000209 resistance level.

Bitcoin Minetrix (BMX) – The Top Cloud Mining Solution

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Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining platform that offers decentralized and affordable cloud mining solutions to its users all over the world.  Notably, it is audited and secured by a smart contract audit organization, Coinsult

Bitcoin Minetrix hopes to provide a lasting solution to cloud mining problems and eliminate the risk of third-party cloud mining scams. Additionally, users can have full control over their tokens, which promotes decentralization.

According to the whitepaper, users simply stake their BTCMTX tokens for credits, which they use in Bitcoin mining. Notably, BTCMTX is not a meme coin; therefore, its utility will likely lead to a price surge after listing. 

BTCMTX Presale Closing in On $2 Million Milestone

BTCMTX is the token driving the cloud mining revolution. The token is on presale and three days away from its next price increase. Over $1.77 million has been raised so far, with more investors accumulating the tokens ahead of its listing. 

At this stage, each BTCMTX token is worth $0.0111. Investors can buy the tokens with ETH, BNB, USDT or bank cards when they connect to the official website. BTCMTX’s total supply is capped at 4 billion tokens, and 42.5% is reserved for Bitcoin mining rewards. 

35% goes to marketing, 15.0% to community rewards, and 7.5% of services staking rewards in the ecosystem. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Minetrix is hosting a $30,000 Minedrop (airdrop) to give buyers additional rewards. 

The eventual winners will be picked at random and must complete certain tasks which involve purchasing BTCMTX tokens. Also, 10 winners picked at random will receive $3000 worth of BTCMTX tokens each. 

Is Bitcoin Minetrix The Next Big Thing?

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Bitcoin Minetrix hopes to transform the cloud mining sector and make mining accessible to users at different skill levels. With cloud mining, a user does not need the technical knowledge of traditional miners or any mining hardware that could be quite expensive.

Consequently, this will lower the threshold of mining for users in different regions. Additionally, Bitcoin Minetrix will use its staking feature as an inflation hedge and a reward system for its users. 

So, users can stake their BTCMTX tokens for mining credits as rewards. These credits are burnt in exchange for mining time allocation. Remarkably, the developers hope to achieve effective cloud mining while maintaining a decentralized ecosystem. 

Meme Kombat (MK) – The Meme Battle Ecosystem

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Meme Kombat is a blockchain-based betting and staking ecosystem that gives users opportunities to battle with popular memes. Built on the Ethereum network, it offers users secure staking features and benefits from Ethereum’s large user base. 

Recently, Meme Kombat was featured on Cryptonews based on its strong tokenomics and exciting roadmap, attracting investors daily. Notably, once a user purchases $MK tokens, they receive access to the full benefits of the platform.

Additionally, staking and betting serve as passive income opportunities for users to earn extra rewards. $MK’s presale is ongoing, and 60 million tokens are available to investors out of the total supply of 120 million. Based on the presale success, MK will likely record a price surge when it lists on crypto exchanges. 

Right now, investors can benefit from the low presale price to accumulate the tokens for rewards after listing. Presently, each MK token is worth $0.1667 and can be purchased using ETH or USDT from a secure crypto wallet.

Also, Meme Kombat supports token purchases on the BSC blockchain. However, after the presales, token claims are only on Ethereum. Remarkably, almost $600,000 has been out of the presale goal of $1 million at this stage, showing massive investor interest. 

Meme Kombat Staking Grants Investors Additional Rewards 

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Meme Kombat automatically stakes all tokens purchased from the presale for additional rewards. However, after the presales, staking earnings are distributed according to the number of tokens a user locks in the pool and the current APY value. 

Also, after the presale, users can re-stake their MK tokens to receive their staking rewards realized from the presale lock-in period. Additionally, 30% of MK’s total supply is set aside for staking and battle rewards, encouraging more investors to purchase the token. 

Nevertheless, the minimum lock-in period allowed for staking after the presales is 14 days. Also, partial withdrawals are not allowed, and a user who wishes to un-stake must withdraw all tokens. 

Meme Kombat Betting Adds Extensive Utility To The Ecosystem

Crypto gambling is a billion-dollar industry, and Meme Kombat maximizes this opportunity with its betting feature. Users can wager on several battle modes, creating fun, excitement, rewards, and healthy competition. 

Also, Meme Kombat offers users a wide array of gaming modes to prevent monotonous gameplay. They include Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Game betting modes. In addition, users can select other modes like Direct Betting and Side Betting, which give them more freedom to bet on specifics of the gameplay.

 Remarkably, Meme Kombat relies on advanced AI technology for the smooth operation of its gaming activities. The AI ensures randomness, adding thrill and suspense to the battles. Therefore, the ecosystem has equity and fairness, with equal opportunities to win for all gamers. 

Based on Meme Kombat’s diverse ecosystem utility, it will likely attract more investors in the coming years, leading to a surge in its value. 

Beware of Scammers In Disguise

Based on its rising profile in the crypto community, Meme Kombat has attracted global interest. However, the developers sent out a disclaimer to users on X, stating that they would never send direct messages. 

Also, there is only one official X account belonging to Meme Kombat. Therefore, users were advised to stay vigilant. 


The crypto market stability is likely a result of rising investor confidence. Also, Bitcoin’s resurgence is evident in the prices of most altcoins that correlate to its price. Nevertheless, there is no clarity if the market rally will continue or if it will retrace in the coming weeks, as volatility remains constant. 

So, all crypto investments should be done with proper research and risk management, as there are no guarantees. Alternatively, investors can consider presale tokens with the potential of a price increase after listing. 

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