February 24, 2024

YouTube is one of the most prominent video streaming and vlogging platforms worldwide. It is popular for many reasons, including its optional download resolutions. This site has existed for many years and has gained many active users, some of whom only go one day with it.

The Google-owned streaming service has recorded tremendous growth over the years. Data shows that YouTube has nearly 3 billion active users. But there are more interesting statistics about YouTube that many people don’t know. If you are among them, this article is for you. We have packed it with interesting statistics about YouTube for your prowess. Read on to learn more.

YouTube's Overview

YouTube Overview

YouTube is an online video-sharing and social media platform. It has free and paid versions that allow users to watch other people’s videos and even create and post theirs.

YouTube is a platform under Google headquartered in San Bruno, California. Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurley created and launched the platform on the 14th of February in 2005. Data shows that it is one of the most visited platforms globally. With billions of users, YouTube has increased its market worth. It is easy to access, as users only need to search YouTube on their devices.

Top YouTube Statistics for 2023

Top YouTube Statistics for 2023

1. The number of active monthly viewers on YouTube is over 2.70 billion.

2. Every month, over 50% of mobile inter-users use YouTube.

3. Over one-quarter of the population of the WorldWorld opens YouTube once or more every month.

4. About 52% of the global internet users visit YouTube monthly.

5. YouTube Premium is available for $13.99 with better features.

6. In 2020, YouTube Premium subscribers reached 80 million.

7. The US generates the highest YouTube IAP revenue.

8. In the US, 62% of YouTube visit it daily.

9. Over 122 million users access the platform daily through the YouTube app and website.

10. The entire content people upload every up to 500 hours.

11. YouTube users watch 1 billion hours of videos daily.

12. In 2021, YouTube generated a revenue of $28.8 billion.

13. YouTube revenue has increased by over 30% in the last four years.

14. In the first half of 2023, YouTube has registered a revenue of over $14.3 billion.

15. The Indian population uses YouTube more than other countries.

16. The second country with the most YouTubers is the US.

17. YouTube is banned in many countries.

18. An average user spends about 20 to 30 minutes daily on YouTube.

Enlightening YouTube Statistics 2023

Enlightening YouTube Statistics 2023

19. There are over 800 million videos on YouTube.

20. In 2023, YouTube will be the second-biggest social media platform in the world.

21. About 87.7% of all the views on YouTube are from mobile devices.

22. Over 450 million hours of view come from Smart TVs.

23. The Netherlands has a YouTube penetration rate of 94.9%.

24. The world penetration rate of YouTube is 37.6%.

25. There are more male YouTube users than female.

26. The dominant age grade on YouTube is 25 to 34.

27. YouTube launched YouTube Shorts in 2020.

28. In 2023, YouTube Shorts got over 50 billion daily views.

29. The maximum time a YouTube Short should last is 15 seconds.

30. About 72% of YouTube short videos are longer than 15 seconds.

31. Jeffree Start is the current highest-earning YouTuber.

32. The YouTube channel with the highest number of followers is the T-series.

33. YouTube currently has over 114 million active channels.

34. About 66% of people plan to use YouTube more in years to come.

35. About 30% find it hard to locate and engage the audience they want to reach.

36. Only 9% of small businesses in the US use YouTube.

YouTube Monthly Active Users

YouTube Monthly Active Users

37. The Number of Active Monthly Viewers on YouTube is Over 2.70 Billion.

Although YouTube started in 2005, it got over 200 million active users in 2010. In 2011, it increased to 500 million, to 700 million in 2012, and reached one billion in 2013. This number doubled in 2019 as the platform got over 2 billion active users. YouTube grew more, gaining over 2.3 billion active users in 2020 and 2.5 billion in 2021. It had 2.68 billion in 2022 and has over 2.70 billion active users in 2023. It should reach 3 billion before the end of 2025.

38. Every Month, Over 50% of Mobile Users Use YouTube.

Research has shown that over 50% of smartphone users go on YouTube at least one time every month. This makes the number of people who use YouTube on smartphones higher than people who use it on other devices. One factor responsible for this is the easy and fast access mobile device users get to the platform.

39. Over One-quarter of the Population of the World Opens YouTube Once or More Every Month.

The internet has spread widely, reaching many worldwide, and YouTube has no viewing restrictions. This makes it easy to access, causing people with internet from everywhere to freely access it. With this, over one-quarter of the entire population of the WorldWorld access YouTube every month.

40. About 52% of the Global Internet Users Visit YouTube Monthly.

Analysis has shown that over half of the internet users in the world access YouTube every month. The platform has become one of the most visited worldwide, making it one of the most popular.

YouTube Premium Subscribers

YouTube Premium Subscribers

41. YouTube Premium is Available for $13.99 With Better Features.

Although YouTube is free, it has a premium version that requires payment for its extra features. It offers a music streaming option and a few more for $13.99 monthly, but it was formerly $11.99. It is ad-free; users can play videos in the background when they close the app. More so, YouTube Premium members enjoy videos in 4K pictures and users without the premium plan.

42. In 2020, YouTube Premium Subscribers Reached 80 Million.

YouTube Premium has only existed briefly, but it had 1.5 million users in 2015. This number increased to 3 million in 2016 and reduced in 2017 to 2.8 million subscribers. 2018, it grew rapidly to 10 million subscribers, 18 million in 2019, 30 million in 2020, and 50 million in 2021. Before the end of 2022, the number of YouTube premium subscribers was over 80 million. In 2023, it has already gone over the 2022 score and will do more before the year runs out.

YouTube IAP Regional Revenue

IAP Regional Revenue 

43. The US Generates the Highest YouTube IAP Revenue.

YouTube Users in the US have spent over $35.3 million on in-app purchases on the platform with mobile devices. It makes them rank first in generating the highest IAP revenue for the platform in 2023. The second position is Japan with $20.31 million, South Korea with $8.65, and Ukraine with $5.16. Brazil generated $2.93 million, Taiwan generated $2.87 million, Australia generated $2.76 million, and the UK generated $2.45 million in 2023. Canada and Hong Kong were close, with $2.21 million and $2.13 million generated revenue respectively. This list comprises the top ten countries that generated the most in-app purchase revenue for YouTube.

YouTube Daily Active Users

YouTube Daily Active Users 

44. In the US, 62% of YouTube Visit it Daily.

Every day in the US, 62% of YouTube users access the platform. Some have channels they post daily, and some have daily shows they keep up with. However, many others love to visit for the fun of it.

45. Over 122 Million Users Access the Platform Daily Through the YouTube App and Website.

Records indicate that YouTube sees over 122 million visits daily from its website and app. However, users who visit the platform through the app are more than people who visit the platform through the website. The app is faster, and it grants easier access.

46. The Entire Content People Upload Every is Up to 500 Hours.

Every day, there are new content uploaded on YouTube. An analysis of the quantity of the daily uploaded content shows that they are usually over 500 hours. It indicates that YouTube has enough content and users need more watch to watch.

47. YouTube Users Watch 1 Billion Hours of Videos on the Platform Daily.

As much as more daily content is uploaded on YouTube, there is a steady user consumption. Users accumulatively watch at least 1 billion hours of YouTube content daily. Most times, one person watches over 3 hours daily, which is likely higher on some days.

Statistics for YouTube Revenue

Statistics for YouTube Revenue

48. In 2021, YouTube Generated a Revenue of $28.8 Billion.

In 2010, YouTube generated $800 million as its revenue for the year, increasing to $1.3 billion in 2011. 2012, they raised the bar even higher, generating $1.7 billion, $3.1 billion in 2013, and $4.2 billion in 2014. It went even higher in 2015, 2016, and 2017, with $5.5 billion, $6.7 billion, and $8.1 billion yearly revenue, respectively. YouTube generated $11.1 billion in 2018, $15.1 billion in 2019, 19.7 billion in 2020, and $28.8 billion in 2021. Although the increase rate is not steady, the revenue never dropped lower than its previous year.

49. YouTube Revenue has Increased by Over 30% in the Last Four Years.

From 2019, when YouTube raised over $15.1 billion in revenue, until its previous recorded revenue in 2022, it has increased by 30%. Experts say it will see more increase.

50. In the First Half of 2023, YouTube Registered Over $14.3 Billion in Revenue.

The 2023 calendar has not ended, yet YouTube has recorded nearly half of its revenue in 2022. Its 2022 revenue was over $29 billion, and it already had over $14.3 billion in the year’s first half.

YouTube Users Statistics by Country

Users Statistics by Country

51. The Indian Population Uses YouTube More Than Other Countries.

The most YouTube content creators and views are in India. Millions of people in the country use the platform daily, watching millions of hours of content. Also, they post content worth hundreds of hours. There are over 467 million YouTube users in India.

52. The Second Country With the Most YouTubers is the US.

The US has 247 million people using YouTube, making it the second country with the most users. Following the US is Indonesia with 139 million, Brazil with 138 million people, Russia with 106 million, and Japan with 102 million users. These are the top three countries with the most YouTube users.

53. YouTube is Banned in Many Countries.

Aside from Macau and Hong Kong, people in China and every other part of China cannot access YouTube. Also, the platform was banned in Eritrea, North Korea, Iran, South Sudan, and Turkmenistan. These and a few other countries can’t access YouTube.

YouTube Usage Statistics

YouTube Usage Stats

54. An Average User Spends About 20 to 30 Minutes Daily on YouTube.

YouTube can be time-consuming sometimes. Research has shown that it takes 20 to 30 minutes off an average user’s time.

55. There are Over 800 Million Videos on YouTube.

The number of video content on YouTube has crossed 800 million. Experts say it will reach one billion by 2024.

Social Media Rank

56. In 2023, YouTube Will be the World’s Second Biggest Social Media Platform.

The current number of active users on YouTube is over 2.7 billion, making it the second biggest social media platform. It indicates that about 55.1% of active social media users worldwide use YouTube. Facebook is ranked as the biggest social media platform in 2023, with 2.9 billion active users. The third biggest is Instagram, with 2.3 billion users; the fourth is WhatsApp, with 2 billion active users. WeChat and TikTok are fifth and sixth, with 1.6 billion and 1 billion active users, respectively.

Statistics of YouTube Users by Devices

Users by Devices

57. About 87.7% of All the Views on YouTube are From Mobile Devices.

YouTube’s Android app currently has over 10 billion downloads exclusively for mobile devices. The iOS app has an equivalent number of downloads, too. With this, about 87.7% of the platform’s views come from smartphones.

58. Over 450 Million Hours of View Come from Smart TVs.

Smart TVs have garnered over 450 million viewing hours due to their expansive screens, making them popular for many users. They have a wider view, which is why many people use it.

Statistics of YouTube Penetration

Penetration stats

59. The Netherlands has a YouTube Penetration Rate of 94.9%.

Although India and the US have the most YouTube users, they only have 37% and 79.3% YouTube penetration rates, respectively. The Netherlands has the highest, about 94.9%, making it the country with the most YouTube penetration rate in 2023. Closely following is South Korea at 94%, New Zealand at 93.8%, Sweden at 93.7%, and UAE at 93.3%. 

60. The World Penetration Rate of YouTube is 37.6%. It has the Potential to Grow Higher Than its Current Percentage.

YouTube’s global penetration rate currently stands at 37.6%, but its potential for growth remains substantial. With its widespread appeal and continuously expanding content ecosystem, YouTube is poised to exceed this percentage and reach an even broader audience.

YouTube Users Gender and Age Statistics

Users Gender and Age Stats

61. There are More Male YouTube Users Than Female.

Research has shown that over 1.38 billion YouTube users are men, and 1.18 billion are women. This means about 53.9% of YouTube users are males, and 46.1% are females

62. The Dominant Age Grade on YouTube is 25 to 34.

Most active YouTube users are between the ages of 25 and 34. The 35 to 44 age group is next to them, the 18 to 24 age group, then the 45 to 54 age group. Men between the ages of 55 and 64 use YouTube more than people between 65 and above. However, the reverse is the case for women in these age groups.

Statistics on YouTube Shorts

Shorts stats

63. YouTube Launched YouTube Shorts in 2020.

YouTube Shorts started as a competition for TikTok. It only allows short videos of about 1 minute.

64. In 2023, YouTube Shorts Got Over 50 Billion Daily Views.

One year after YouTube Shorts started, it got up to 30 billion daily views. In 2023, it is already running over 50 billion daily views and will get more before the end.

65. The Maximum Time a YouTube Short Should Last is 15 Seconds.

When YouTube Shorts launched in India, it made 15 seconds the longest period for a video. However, the rule changed when found in the US and other countries. It increased the time to 1 minute. 

66. About 72% of YouTube Short Videos are Longer Than 15 Seconds. There, Only 28% are From 15 Seconds and Below.

Approximately 72% of YouTube Short videos extend beyond 15 seconds, indicating a preference for longer content. Conversely, only 28% of these videos are 15 seconds or shorter, highlighting a minority in the shorter-form category.

Statistics of YouTubers With the Most Revenue

YouTubers With the Most Revenue

67. Jeffree Start is the Current Highest-earning YouTuber.

Jeffree Star is the YouTuber with the highest net worth worldwide. He has earned over $200 million on YouTube by monetizing his YouTube channel and posting videos. Following him is Ryan Kaji, a.k.a Ryan’s WorldWorld, Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a Mr. Beast, and Anastasia Aradzinskaya, a.ka Like Nastya. They all earn over $100 million, earning more than the next.

Other Statistics of YouTube

Other Statistics

68. The T-series is the YouTube Channel With the Highest Number of Followers.

T-series is an Indian music record label with the YouTube channel with the highest followers. In October 2023, the channel had over 250 million subscribers. Following it is the MrBeast YouTube channel, with 194 million subscribers in October 2023.

69. YouTube Currently has Over 114 Million Active Channels. It also has over 10,000 Partners that Use Content IDs.

YouTube boasts a staggering 114 million active channels, providing diverse content for viewers worldwide. Furthermore, its extensive network includes over 10,000 partners who utilize Content ID, ensuring copyright protection and fair content distribution on the platform. This dynamic ecosystem makes YouTube a hub for creators and content management.

70. About 66% of People Plan to Use YouTube More in Years to Come. About 19% of People Plan to Keep Their Usage the Same Way.

A significant 66% of individuals are gearing up to increase their YouTube usage in the coming years, reflecting a growing trend. Meanwhile, 19% intend to maintain their current level of engagement with the platform, underlining its enduring appeal to a diverse audience.

71. About 34% of the Videos YouTube Deletes are for Child Safety Reasons.

YouTube deletes approximately 34% of videos due to child safety concerns, removing content containing explicit material or spam. This action safeguards underage users from stumbling upon inappropriate or harmful content, prioritizing their online safety.

72. About 30% Find it Hard to Locate and Engage the Audience They Want to Reach.

Approximately 30% of content creators struggle to pinpoint and connect with their desired audience, leading to sluggish channel growth. This challenge hinders their ability to reach their target viewers effectively.

In the United States, just 9% of small businesses utilize YouTube for their online presence, reflecting its limited adoption within this sector. In contrast, YouTube enjoys greater popularity among larger enterprises, where it is a more commonly used platform for marketing and engagement with a broader audience. This discrepancy highlights the varying digital strategies employed by businesses of different sizes.


YouTube is an online video streaming and sharing platform with both web and app versions and a social media platform. The platform is the second biggest and most used online platform worldwide. It has over 2.7 billion active users, and more gain access through the mobile app than the website. The mobile app is easier to operate with a better interface. 

One interesting fact about YouTube is that it has more male users than female. The men on the platform make up over 50% and the women over 40%. Also, the Netherlands has the highest YouTube penetration rate. Even India has the most users of the platform, with the US following it.

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