May 20, 2024

Like PayPal, Google Pay aims to simplify payment management for individuals and organizations by eliminating the hassles with debit and credit cards. This allows users to access their bank accounts effortlessly and fully using the Google Pay app. The Google Pay app will enable users to purchase groceries and clothing or pay for services. Such functions qualify it as an easy-to-use app for online shopping. Perhaps that’s the reason behind its mass adoption. Google Pay has 67 million active users in India alone.

Google Pay is widely acceptable in various locations, making it convenient for mobile payments, and by exploring its usage statistics, we can understand its popularity, adoption rate, and how many people use Google Pay in 2023.

The Future of Google Pay

The Future of Google Pay

Google Pay has already positioned itself as a versatile platform, enabling users to link multiple credit cards to their accounts. However, the company has even grander ambitions, with plans to expand supported compatible cards and debit and prepaid options. As such, its ultimate objective is to be a globally accessible, multifaceted digital wallet catering to a broad user base.

In response to Google Pay’s ambitious plans, it must reevaluate its strategic approach. This is seen in the introduction of its comprehensive merchant platform, showing that it has recognized the evolving landscape. However, the question is, “Will PayPal continue focusing on personal payments and transfers? Or will they shift their emphasis to their subsidiary, Venmo, while adapting to these changing dynamics?” The future of digital finance promises to be interesting as these giants navigate their respective paths.

Key Google Pay Statistics

Key Google Pay Statistics

1. Simplified Spending Insights: Instead of manually entering transaction details, users can now benefit from spending insights that automatically analyze their transactions. This is a feature already embraced by 79% of Google Pay users.

2. Convenient Dining Experience: Google Pay’s “Get Food” button simplifies finding restaurants and making payments for your meals. About 76% of its users benefit from this feature.

3. Effortless Fueling: The “Get Gas” button assists users in locating nearby gas stations and making automatic payments, appealing to 76% of the user base.

4. Group Peer-to-peer Payments: Google Pay now offers group P2P payment options, which benefit 75% of its users.

5. Receipt Scanning: Users can now scan receipts through Gmail and Google Photos, streamlining expense tracking. This feature is currently being used by 72% of Google Pay users.

Google Pay Users: What is the Number of Google Pay Users in 2023?

Google Pay Users stats

6. According to the latest data, Google Pay boasts a user base exceeding 150 million worldwide in up to 42 global markets with monthly usage. In the United States alone, over 25.2 million users benefit from this service.

7. Google Pay is a secure payment gateway on nearly 800,000 websites, contributing to roughly 20% of online shopping. Google Pay ranks twelfth in usage in the US finance sector and 191 across all categories.

8. In Canada’s finance sector, Google Pay stands at 160, while in the broader Canadian landscape, it holds the 3,864th position. However, like several other aspects of business, Google Pay has its competitors. Stripe, Apple Pay, Pay, Samsung Pay, and Venmo are among them.

How is Google Pay Used?

Google Pay Used

9. Google Pay primarily functions with your bank account. As such, you don’t always need to have your credit or debit card each time you want to make purchases at registered stores. Besides your bank account, this service requires an Android smartphone, so you can easily download the app from the Google Play Store.

10. Unlike other online transactions, Google Pay is very easy and fast, as you only need to launch the app and tap a few buttons to complete your checkout.

11. Regarding its userbase percentage, Google Pay had a 14.9% market share as of 2022, outperforming competitors like Samsung Pay, which held 13.2%. However, at that time, Starbucks boasted the highest market share at 29.8%, closely followed by Apple Pay at 27.5%.

A Look at Google Pay Demographics


12. Regarding real-time payment transactions in countries where Google Pay is accepted, India leads the pack with up to 25,478 transactions recorded in 2021. This signifies its status as the most genuine Google Pay-adopting country.

13. Notably, India, seconded by Russia, takes the lead in in-store Google Pay usage. The US ranks 9th in real-time payment transactions, with 1,219 recorded transactions.

14. In the American mobile payment landscape, Google Pay captures a 25% market share, with Apple Pay reigning supreme in usage.

15. Analyzing demographics, Google Pay finds its most substantial user base among Millennials, constituting 30% of its users, while Gen X closely follows at 15%.

16. On the lower end are Baby Boomers, which has a reading of 8%, and Retirees, with a rate of 2%. Notwithstanding, Google Pay awareness remains wide, ranging from 70% to over 90% throughout all age groups.

17. Over the past couple of years, Google Pay has been actively enhancing its payment platform, meeting the needs of Gen-Zers and Millennials, especially during the pandemic. Generally, these two generations are the most prominent users of Google Pay and mobile payments.

18. A survey conducted by Cornerstone Advisors unveiled that these mobile payment features have captured the interest of Gen-Zers and Millennials. In response to these innovations, PayPal has announced its intention to develop an extensive merchant platform. But as competition intensifies in the mobile app market, Google Pay remains committed to adopting sophisticated features that could challenge Apple Pay’s and PayPal‘s dominance.

Google Pay’s Revenue Stream

Revenue Stream

19. Google Pay generates revenue by collecting commissions from transactions conducted through its platform. By design, each platform transaction contributes to the company’s income.

20. Notably, in the first quarter of 2021, Google reported a total revenue of $53.31 billion from all its apps and websites. However, specific figures regarding the proportion of this revenue generated by Google Pay are not available for confirmation.


After delving into the widespread adoption and functionality of Google Pay, one can’t help but wonder about the app’s future trajectory. According to financial experts specializing in the digital banking sector, there is a tangible optimism surrounding Google Pay. The current surge in mobile payments indicates a larger trend – a shift toward a future where these digital transactions become the norm for trading, buying, selling, and conducting financial transactions.

The user statistics for Google Pay in 2023 reflect a continued upward trajectory in its adoption and usage. With a growing user base and increasing transactions, Google Pay has solidified its position as a prominent player in the digital payment industry. As technology and convenience continue to drive the shift towards cashless transactions, Google Pay’s user-friendly interface and expanding feature set position it well for sustained growth in the years ahead.


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