May 27, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce, Instagram has emerged as a powerhouse platform that seamlessly integrates social media with shopping experiences. Today, Instagram Shopping has reached new heights, redefining how businesses and consumers interact in the digital marketplace. With its visually captivating nature and a user base across generations, Instagram has become an indispensable tool for brands looking to connect with their audience and boost sales. According to data, 35% of Instagram users will make purchases on the platform by the end of 2023. That’s just behind TikTok and Facebook, both with a purchase percentage of 37%.

In this article, we will delve into the latest Instagram Shopping statistics for 2023, uncovering the trends and insights shaping the future of e-commerce. From the rise of influencer marketing to the impact of augmented reality on the shopping experience, we will explore how Instagram revolutionizes how we discover, browse, and purchase products in this digital age. So, let’s dive into the numbers and explore the exciting developments driving the Instagram Shopping revolution in 2023.

Instagram Shopping Statistics and Analysis

From consumers’ perspective, here are some Instagram stats and analysis you should know:

1. More Than 90 Million Accounts Visited the Tap-to-reveal Feature on Instagram in 2020.

A report in 2020 shows that Instagram’s “tap-to-reveal” feature commands a huge interest from users with a massive number of digital footprints left on the platform. The feature’s alluring name arouses people’s interest to click and know what is hidden, as humans are naturally curious. As such, marketers and business owners have harnessed the massive advantage of Instagram shopping as an unstoppable train, refusing to be left behind.

2. About 72% of Instagram Subscribers Make Purchase Decisions From Content on the Platform.

Content is key when it comes to influencing the decision-making of potential clients. It helps the customers to know if the item before them is worth buying, what they stand to gain, and lots more. People sometimes buy things outside their plans or budget due to impulse. However, with ideal content and products, the Instagram business helps customers make purchases mostly on what is best for them, not out of inspiration.

3. 130 Million Subscribers Engage on Instagram Shopping Globally.

Of the daily Instagram users (500 million), 130 million (26%) make purchases on the Instagram platform. This is because of the convenience of e-commerce trading, where users can access product catalogs online and make purchases with just a clickFor this reason, Instagram shopping has generally gained popularity on social media platforms. Many business owners are using the feature on the platform to create awareness of their products as more and more subscribers join the platform.

4. 15% of People Who Make eCommerce Purchases in America Begin Their Search With Instagram Shopping.

On social media platforms, many individuals in the US started searching for what to purchase first on Instagram because of the popularity and product versatility of the Instagram shopping feature. While a new trend of searches comes from millennials (11%) on TikTok looking for what to buy, Instagram still ranks higher as a website collectively.

Instagram Statistics – Brand Owners’ Perspective

Instagram Statistics – Brand Owners' Perspective

If you’re interested in creating awareness for your brand for sales on the Instagram platform, here are some interesting statistics you need to know, starting with brands that benefitted from the platform.

5. Natori Company’s Instagram Posts With Shopping Content Grew by 1,416% From 2017 to 2021.

According to a report from Zip Do, there was a tremendous spike in shop-inclined posts on Instagram within this period, taking the virtual market sphere by storm and turning heads. Instagram shopping hastened the revolution of social media platforms as a sphere for online trade, making it difficult to differentiate between social media and conventional e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. 

The use of reels and images goes a long way to catch the interest of online shopper and marketers, knowing Instagram predominantly use pictures and videos. A report from Big Commerce revealed that Natori Company is responsible for the 1416% growth in shopping content. The president of the company, Mr. Ken Natori, acknowledged this by stating how the company has benefited from Instagram shopping. 

He further emphasized how easy it is to use the tool and how its features present their products to the community they’re trying to build, making it look very original. The brand also extended the awareness of its presence on Instagram to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. He went further to reveal that his brand has made a 100% growth in its revenue, generating huge traffic on the platform.

6. Magnolia Boutique Had a Growth of 20% in Instagram Revenue.

This is another brand that benefitted from the platform, with Susan Delpriore admitting the brand made 20% profit from Instagram shopping. The brand creatively used “Instagram live videos” to create awareness of their presence on the platform to their target audience. They also left instructions to educate their audience on their product through posts on its feeds. They have had more than 117 posts with tags for their products, a 4% increase in traffic on the platform.

7. Native Union Brand Had a 2,662% Traffic Increment on the Instagram Shopping Platform.

The brand realized this massive increase in traffic on this platform, resulting in a 100% revenue increase. The community manager of the Native Union, Tanya Keller, acknowledged being happy with the new rise in traffic on the platform.

8. The Pink Lily Boutique Commands More Than 25,000 Visitors on the Platform Daily.

The boutique has made over 16,000 posts on Instagram shopping, recording over 261,000 followers visiting the platform daily. This is successfully turning their platform into a profitable cyberspace, raising an average of $1 million monthly with at least more than 600 orders every day. They achieve this feat by making 8 to 10 daily posts, ensuring visitors see fresh content on the platform. Pink Lily also allows its customers to decide what they buy, ensuring they always have what the target audience wants, thus commanding customer loyalty.

9. Grace and Lace Commands 48,200 Subscribers Using Stories to Sell Products.

The brand has made over 1,000 posts related to selling its products and has more than 48,200 followers on Instagram. The brand uses stories to sell its products, using an alluring “Facts Content” strategy to sell its stories.

General Instagram Statistics

General Instagram statistics

10. 50% of Instagram Subscribers Have the Potential to Make Purchases Via Instagram Shopping.

Taking advantage of the shopping habits of most Instagram subscribers, marketers use appealing images and motion pictures to capture the interests of users on this platform. This is evident in the digital footprints left behind on the shopping featureThis discovery has made marketers see Instagram shopping as a viable option to increase their profit margin as they reach out to a potentially large target audience.

According to a report by Business Edit, digital footprints or traffic suggest that about 130 million Instagram users click on business-related posts on Instagram shopping every month. The platform keeps attracting more people to subscribe to the platform.

12. 79% of Subscribers Seek Further Information Once They Spot a Shopping Content.

This is a significant figure for marketers, knowing that this percentage of people on Instagram are mostly interested in shopping content on the platform. It encourages brands yet to be on the platform to see the potential benefits of joining the platform to increase the revenue of their brand via Instagram shopping.

13. 46% of Users on Instagram Shopping Make Purchases After Coming Across the Product or Service.

Almost half of Instagram subscribers make purchases after seeing that the product or service is accessible online and offline. If you, as a marketer, have not started using this platform, you are missing out on huge opportunities to make money.

14. 60% of Subscribers Came Across New Products or Services for the First Time on Instagram.

With over 200 million business accounts on the platform, according to a study by OBERLO, the Instagram platform gives potential clients access to various products and services. This has led to 60% of subscribers encountering some products or services on their first use of Instagram.

15. Instagram Recorded a 133% Increase in the Use of Hashtagged Ads.

Almost 25,000 accounts on Instagram were publicized with hashtags on ads in the early period of 2019, thanks to the effect of effective hashtags. Influencers with massive numbers of followers ranging from 1 million and above frequently use this, while less than 20% of influencers with less than 1 million followers use it too.

16. 996 Million Accounts on Instagram Can Access Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is an innovative feature included on the platform in the third quarter of 2016. This feature allows users to post images and videos that will disappear after 24 hours. Nine hundred ninety-six million accounts have access to this feature. This presents a good opportunity for brand owners to create awareness of their products or services while building their online community.

17. A Young Adult in America Spends an Average of 30.6 Minutes Daily on Instagram.

As much as Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, a recent study reveals that consumers spend more time on the Instagram platform than on Facebook because it is more engaging. The average time spent on Facebook by young adults is 30.2 minutes dailyInstagram stories have been observed to be one of the factors responsible for keeping young adults longer on the platform.

18. Communication and Interactions are 4 Times Higher on Instagram Than on Facebook.

Interactions between brand owners and consumers improved by almost 30% from the last quarter of 2017 to the second quarter of 2018. These interactions focus on how consumers respond to posts or ads by brand owners. These could come in the form of sharing such posts, likes, or commenting on the post. Instagram is a platform heavily invested in visuals and less in written words. People are usually drawn towards images and motion pictures than what’s written.

19. 90% of Instagram Users Follow at Least One Brand.

This is a major attraction Instagram has on brand owners, as most users follow at least one brand. As such, the platform has become a potential “goldmine” for brands and business owners.

Demographic Statistics

These statistics help you know the groups of individuals who purchase or visit the platform. It further shows potential customers who are on the platform. So, let’s take a look. 

Age statistics

On Instagram, we have two dominant age groups known as Gen Z (18 to 24 years) and Millennials (25 to 34 years) in the US, according to a report from Wordstream. Identification of the target audience is very instrumental to any business owner.

20. 75% of Instagram subscribers are between 18 and 24 years old.

21. 57% of Instagram accounts are aged between 25 to 29 years.

22. 47% are between the ages of 30 and 49.

23. 23% of users are aged between 50 to 64 years.

24. 8% are from 65 years and above.

Generation X may not be among the major age groups on Instagram, but you need to know. In 2020, this category grew by 63.6%, becoming the fastest audience in the male gender within this period. According to a report by Statista, as of January 2023, nearly 31% of Instagram accounts globally were within the range of 18 to 24 years old, while 30.3% of subscribers on the platform were between 25 to 34 years old. Older generations between the ages of 35 to 44 made up 15.7% of all accounts on Instagram.

Gender Statistics 

According to a survey by Omni Core:

25. 51.8% of Instagram users are males.

26. 48.2% are females.

From the statistics above, it’s obvious there is a level of balance between both genders on the Instagram platform, almost 50-50.

Countries With the Highest Number of Instagram Accounts

Country Number of Users in Millions
India  229.55
United States  143.35
Brazil  113.5
Indonesia  89.15
Turkey  48.65
Japan 45.7
Mexico  36.7
United Kingdom  28.75
Germany  27.45
Italy  26.2 

Down Sides of Instagram Shopping

27. Increased cyber-attack Potential.

According to a report by Cyber Talk,  hundreds of Instagram accounts were hacked, with the owners unable to log into the accounts. This was due to alterations of passwords, usernames, profile pictures, phone numbers, and email addresses as of 2018Being a lucrative cyberspace for brand owners and an addictive habit for consumers, cybercriminals have seen the platform as a good opportunity to explore huge potential victims

28. Instagram is Not Available in Some Countries.

Due to social media bans in some countries, Instagram is not available in those countries, namely;

  • Russia
  • China
  • Uganda
  • Iran
  • Belarus

29. The Platform Can be Addictive to Consumers.

Instagram shopping can be addictive to the point that consumer sacrifices lots of time on the platform to the detriment of other aspects of their lives. In a few cases, it has led to mental health problems. Consumers addicted to Instagram shopping stand a high chance of spending more than their healthy budget.

Final Thoughts

The various statistics show that Instagram shopping is one of the best platforms for brand owners to showcase their products or services. Also, it’s an ideal platform to build a virtual community loyal to the brand. The platform has built a robust reputation as a viable option for businesses or brand owners to make money. 

With many brands on Instagram shopping, it will be “detrimental” not to seize the opportunity it presents to marketers. It’s also an opportunity to build a brand from scratch by giving the audience the sort of content that appeals to them, becoming a content creator and eventually a brand owner.

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