May 18, 2024

Technology, undoubtedly, is gradually taking the world by storm. It is currently one of the biggest industries worldwide, with numerous branches. One of the prominent branches of technology is the voice search. Voice assistants are one of the Voice search technologies, and the increase in use is alarming, but in a good way. Google Assistance, Siri, and Alexa are notable voice assistants in the tech industry. Data indicates that 5% of digital purchases will be initiated through voice devices, such as digital assistants, by 2023.

Voice search has existed for many years and has continued to advance and expand. They are helpful for tech-related things and effectively help businesses globally. Given their benefits, experts predict that voice search will see more growth in the tech market in the coming years.

Despite its advancement and popularity, there are many things about this tech sector that people need to be made aware of. Therefore, we have packed this article with more information about voice search based on statistics. Key Voice Search Statistics

Key Voice Search Statistics

1. In the US, 41% of adults use voice search daily.

2. Experts predict that the number of voice assistants worldwide will reach over 8.4 billion in 2024.

3. Google Assistant supports over 30,000 home devices worldwide.

4. About 45% of voice assistants prefer Apple’s Siri for voice searches.

5. In 2023, the number of voice assistant users reach 125.2 million.

6. About 36.6% of US residents use voice assistants regularly.

7. Voice search only displays about 1.71% of the exact keywords in its search result title tag.

8. About 90% of people say that voice search is easier and faster than regular one.

9. About 56% of people have used voice search on their smartphones to research businesses and brands.

10. About 52% of smart speaker owners showed interest in getting information about brand promotion deals and sales.

11. Restaurant business search makes up the search history of 51% of voice search users.

12. About 66% of voice search users check the weather with it.

13. 58% of voice search users use it to set alarms and reminders.

14. Professionals say the smart speaker market will reach $30 billion in 2024.

15. People between 18 and 24 adopt voice search technology seamlessly.

Must Know Voice Search Statistics

Must Know Voice Search Stats

16. Voice recognition and speech market value will be over $53.94 billion in 2030.

17. About 41% of digital assistant users fear that the tech might be recording them.

18. About 64% of people have accidentally opened voice assistants.

19. Voice searches make up 20% of the searches on the Google app.

20. The best-performing voice search is the Google search engine.

21. The number of languages for voice search that Google recognizes is 119.

22. About 63% of smartphone users will most likely buy products from companies that offer personalized recommendations.

23. Consumers use voice assistants to track post-checkout stages.

24. About 72% of consumers in the US use voice assistants for voice searches.

25. 39% of users believe voice ads are more effective.

26. The US and UK retail sectors are experiencing voice search growth.

27. Over 33.2 million consumers in the US shop online with smart speakers.

28. About 34% of users use voice assistants to buy takeout food.

Statistics of SEO and Voice Search 

29. Over 80% of Google Assistant voice search results are from the top three search results. This means Google Assistant results are over 90% accurate

30. There are many SEO factors in the world. However, about 22.8% of SEO professionals consider voice search as the most notable SEO factor.

31. Voice search ranked pages load faster than other pages. Records show that they load 52% faster than other pages

32. HTTPS secures a major percentage of Google voice-ranked results. There are over 70% of them

33. Only about 1.71% of the results from voice searches come from pages with accurate title tag matches. 

34. Voice search-ranked pages have an average word count of 2,312. This is unlike the snippet result with 29 words.

35. SERP features supply voice search results on every device the tech is available.

Trends and Forecast

36. Experts predict that voice search tech will understand users’ moods and respond accordingly. With the steady increase in the capacity of AI, voice search might start detecting moods in years to come. Experts say it will detect mood and act according to it. 

37. Experts predict smart speaker sales will surpass $30 billion in 2024. Its current sales growth rate shows that the expectation will ensue.

38. Voice search shopping revenue will get to $40 billion. According to professionals in this field, the revenue of voice search shopping will reach $40 billion. The current growth rate suggests that the prediction is true. 

39. People between 18 and 24 adopt voice search technology seamlessly. People aged 18 to 24 easily adopt voice search tech compared to other age groups. The reason is that young people understand the functionality of the technology more than older people. 

40. Voice recognition and speech market value will be over $53.94 billion in 2030. The report further said the market will be worth over $53.94 billion, increasing by 24.4% between 2023 and 2030. It will see more increase with the same increment rate after 2030.

Voice Search Purchases 

Voice Search Purchases 

41. The US and UK retail sectors are experiencing voice search growth. There are over 54% of retail searches in the US, and the UK has over 40%. Following this rate is Germany 40%

42. Over 33.2 million consumers in the US shop online with smart speakers.

43. Over 50% of consumers worldwide will use digital assistants to shop online in five years.

44. Over 8.9 million consumers buy beauty and health products with digital assistants like smart speakers. 

45. About 34% of users use voice assistants to buy takeout food.

Voice Search Statistics in 2023

Voice Search Stats in 2023

46. In the US, 41% of Adults Use Voice Search Daily.

According to a report on voice search usage in the US, 41% of adults use voice search daily. It shows that voice search has become a significant part of people’s day-to-day activities. One factor responsible for this is the easy life available with the tech.

47. About 58% of Consumers Use Voice Search to Find Local Businesses.

Research shows that over half of global consumers use voice search to find small businesses. It saves them the stress of typing and aids in multitasking. Some of the other 42% are gradually warming up to it.

48. An Average Voice Search SERP Takes About 4.6 Seconds to Load.

With a strong internet connection, voices save time to load. It only takes about 4.6 seconds and sometimes 5 seconds to respond. It is one of the fastest tools on the internet.

49. Voice Search Makes up Over 20% of the Searches on the Google App.

Although many people are getting familiar with voice search, it has yet to replace typing. About 80% of the searches on the Google app are hand-written, and the other 20% are from voice searches.

An analysis shows that featured snippets provide about 40% of the results people get from voice searches. It also delivers answers to 80% of Google Home users, showing how helpful it is and will continue to be in the coming years.

51. In 2023, About 27% of People Use Voice Search on Mobile Devices.

Between 2021 and 2022, the percentage of voice search users was below 40%, and a lower percentage was used on other devices. The percentage of voice search users increased in 2023, yet that of people who use it on devices other than mobile devices decreased even more. According to a global survey on voice search in 2023, about 27% of user uses it on mobile devices.

52. Globally, Over 50% of Adults Use Voice Search Daily.

Although young adults are more enthusiastic about technology, older adults are big on it, too. Over 50% of older adults worldwide enjoy using voice search for various tasks.

53. Every Month, Over 1 Billion Voice Searches Ensue.

An analysis of its usage was conducted to show how wide voice search is growing. It shows that people use the technology over 1 billion times every month. Professionals predict that it will increase to over 2 billion in 2024.

54. Voice Search Assistance  Offers Solutions to 93.7% of Search Queries.

The accuracy of voice search assistants is top-notch. Their accuracy is about 93.7%, as they proffer answers to almost all search queries users send, and they are fast. That is why many people prefer it over other search means.

55. Experts Predict That the Number of Voice Assistants Worldwide Will Reach Over 8.4 Billion in 2024.

In 2023, the number of voice assistants worldwide is about 4.2 billion, which was lower than in previous years. Following the annual growth rate, experts say the number of voice assistants will increase to 8.4 billion in 2024, indicating a potential 100% growth rate.

56. Professionals Expect Voice Search Shopping to Reach Over $40 Billion.

As the voice search global market is increasing in worth, shopping that involves it is on the rise, too. According to experts in the industry, the voice search shopping global market worth has reached over $30 billion. With its current growth rate, it will get over $40 billion in 2024.

57. Google Assistant Supports Over 30,000 Home Devices Worldwide.

Google Assistant is a voice search tech available on Android devices, and it functions in-home devices. Hundreds of thousands of home devices are worldwide, and Google Assistant supports over 30,000.

58. About 45% of Voice Assistants Prefer Apple’s Siri for Voice Searches.

Siri has, over the years, proven to be an effective voice assistant for voice searches. It has a quick response system and only works on Apple devices. Some mobile device users prefer it to other voice assistants. Records show that people like Siri make up about 45% of voice assistants.

General Voice Search Statistics

General Statistics

59. In 2023, the Number of Voice Assistant Users Reach 125.2 Million.

Over the years, the number of people actively using voice assistants is increasing. About 79.9 million people used the technology in 2017, which later grew to 103.9 million in 2018 and 115.2 million in 2019. Furthermore, the number of users increased to over 128 million in 2020, 132 million in 2021, and reduced to 123.5 million in 2022. The reduction was due to a malfunction in the industry, causing many people to distrust the technology. However, it started picking up in 2023 as it peaked at 125.2 million active users.

60. Experts Predict a Massive Growth Rate in Active Voice Assistant Users.

Considering the growth fluctuation of the number of voice assistants’ active users between 2021 and 2023, a huge growth is not expected. However, professionals say people should expect massive growth because of the rapid adoption of devices with voice assistants.

61. The Word Count of an Average Voice Search Result is 29 Words.

Twenty-nine words is the length of an average voice search result. They are brief but have links that direct users to even lengthier information that better explains the effect.

62. About 36.6% of US Residents Use Voice Assistants Regularly.

The US is welcoming to technologies. A growing 36.6% of the people in the US are active users of voice assistants. This percentage promises to increase in the years to come.

Google Assistant and Siri have taken a position as the two most popular voice assistants worldwide. They are the most used, with about 36% of people using them. The reason is because they work for mobile devices and some devices.

After Google Assistant with 36% of users, Apple’s Siri with 36%, Amazon Alexa is the third most popular. About 25% of people use it, followed by Microsoft Cortana with 19% of people.

65. Voice Search Results Load Faster Than Conventional Search Results.

Analysis has shown that voice search is faster than the regular search method. The speed difference between the two search methods is 52%, which is huge.

66. Voice Search Only Displays About 1.71% of the Exact Keywords in its Search Result Title Tag.

Voice search is not popular for displaying keywords; the regular search method is. The results are focused on something other than keywords but evaluated sections in the searches. The reason is that keywords don’t play any vital roles.

Why is Voice Search Famous?

Why is Voice Search Famous

67. About 90% of People Say That Voice Search is Easier and Faster Than Regular One.

Voice searches only require your voice and the correct pronunciation of certain words. However, the regular search method requires correct punctuation, spelling, and more, making it more tasking. It makes voice searches more popular.

68. About 89% of People Believe Voice Search Promotes Convenience.

Many people believe it is more convenient to use voice searches than regular searches. It only takes recording, which you can do from any position.

69. Over 60% of People Use Voice Search When Alone.

Voice search catches every voice that sounds like an actual word. So if users have company, their voice search process might be more tasking because of the distraction. 60% of people prefer to use it alone, and over 50% like it around friends. Another 50% prefer to use voice search alone in the office.

Business Voice Search Statistics

Business Voice Search Stats

70. About 56% of People Have Used Voice Search on Their Smartphones to Research Businesses and Brands.

Voice search also impacts business, as it can deliver information quickly. The record is that about 56% of people have searched about companies with voice search on their smartphones. Other people also use different devices for the same search. 28% of people use laptops, 26% use tablets, and about 18% use smart speakers

71. About 52% of Smart Speaker Owners Showed Interest in Getting Information About Brand Promotion Deals and Sales.

Smart speakers promote voice search, and their sales are rising following the increase in voice search usage. 52% of people, for unique reasons, reportedly wanted more information on the brand. Meanwhile, about 48% said they would appreciate personalized information and tips on the brand. Another 42% want information concerning upcoming events. 

72. Restaurant Business Search Makes Up the Search History of 51% of Voice Search Users.

Many people who use voice search are business-inclined. About 51% of them use the means to search for restaurant-related businesses—41% search for grocery stores, 35% for food deliveries, and more

Voice search tools make it easier to play music, and it is more convenient. Here, users only have to say “Play me” and name the song they want to listen to. 

74. About 66% of Voice Search Users Check the Weather With it.

Voice search tech is effective for checking the weather. It connects with weather forecasting tools that tell the weather almost accurately.

75. 58% of Voice Search Users Use it to Set Alarms and Reminders.

Alarms and reminders are essential for people’s daily activities. One fast, easy, and convenient way to set alarms and reminders is with voice search, which is why 58% of people use it for this reason.

Statistics of Voice Search Usage 

Voice Search Usage 

76. 18- to 34-year-olds Use Voice Search More.

Research has shown that the age group that uses voice search more is the 18 to 34. This indicates that young people are more invested in technology than older citizens. About 77% of young people use voice search tools on smartphones, 38% on computers, 37% on tablets, and 34% on smart speakers. Older citizens from the age of 35 to 54 also use voice search. 63% use it on smartphones, 32% on computers, 32% on tablets, and 19% on smart speakers.

77. About 68% of Voice Search Users Find Facts With it.

A survey has shown that only about 68% of voice searches use it to find facts. The other 32% prefer the conventional search method to find facts. 

Over half (58.6%) of the US population have used voice search in their lifetime, even if not all are active users. The other 41.4% have not used it, and most are older citizens.

79. In the Last Six Months, the Record Shows that About 72% of People Have Used Voice Assistance.

In the past six months, 72% of individuals have embraced voice assistance, underscoring this technology’s rapid and substantial expansion in our daily lives. This surge in usage reflects the increasing reliance on voice-based digital interactions.

80. About 4.2 Billion People Used Voice Assistants in 2020.

According to records, over 3.25 billion people used voice assistants in 2019, which increased to 4.2 billion in 2020. With this, experts say it will reach 8.4 billion users in 2024

81. Weather Details are the Highest Search Voice Search Users in the US.

In the US, about 75% of voice search users use it for weather details, 71% for music, and 64% for news. About 62% use it for entertainment, 54% for retail, 52% for restaurants and food delivery, 51% for healthcare, and 49% for consumer-packaged food.

Statistics of Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers

82. More Mmart Speaker Owners Keep the Devices in Their Living Room.

Since the living room is a common room for people, about 52% of smart speaker owners keep the device there. Also, about 25% keep their smart devices in their bedrooms, and 22% keep them in their kitchens.

83. In 2019, 146.9 Recliners Were Sold Across the World.

In 2019, a staggering 146.9 million recliners were sold globally, highlighting this comfort-enhancing device’s remarkable demand and widespread popularity.

84. Professionals Say the Smart Speaker Market Worth Will Reach $30 Billion in 2024.

The smart speaker market’s worth is currently on the rise. In 2021, it was less than $10 billion. However, it will get to $30 billion in 2024.

85. About 52% of Smart Speakers Use Them Every Day to Listen to Music.

Around 52% of smart speaker owners rely on these devices daily, with a significant portion being avid music enthusiasts who use them primarily for listening to their favorite songs. This statistic underscores smart speakers’ integral role in modern music consumption habits, reshaping how we enjoy our tunes daily.

Statistics of Google Voice Search

86. Voice Searches Make up 20% of the Searches on the Google App.

Out of the 100% of searches people make on Google, the app data analysis shows that 20% are from voice searches. It will likely increase in years to come.

87. The Best-performing Voice Search is Google Home.

Many people believe that Google Home is the best-performing voice search device because it produces 81% accurate results. It also catches voices faster.

88. The Number of Languages For Voice Search that Google Recognizes is 119.

According to a recent report on voice search, Google identifies 119 languages. This means users can speak 119 languages, including English, and still get accurate results. Also, voice dictation can use emoji, as well.

89. About 63% of Smartphone Users Will Likely Buy Products From Companies That Offer Personalized Recommendations.

Personalized recommendations have become a factor in determining if a company makes a sale. About 63% of smartphone owners have confirmed this with their preference.

Voice Search and Consumer Behaviors

Voice Search and Consumer Behaviors

90. Consumers Use Voice Assistants to Track Post-checkout Stages.

About 30% of people who shop online track their packages with voice assistants, and 20% rate the product with it. It has proven to be a responsive process with good results.

91. 51% of US Shoppers Embrace Speed and Convenience.

About 51% of online shoppers in the US search for products with voice assistants. They are not only faster but also because the process is easier and promotes convenience.

92. About 72% of US Consumers Use Voice Assistants for Voice Searches.

According to research, about 35% of consumers in the US use smart speakers from the 72% that use voice assistance for voice search. 36% of them use TV and other smart home devices.

93. 39% of Users Believe Voice Ads are More Effective.

About 38% of users believe voice ads are less invasive than other ad types. 39% believe they are more effective, and 40% have purchased a product because of the voice ad.


94. Over 40% of Digital Assistant Owners Have Privacy Concerns.

Owning digital assistant devices comes with privacy concerns. People often fear that others might eavesdrop on what they consider private, especially with smart speakers. However, 60% of users don’t have such concerns.

95. About 41% of Digital Assistant Users Fear That the Tech Might be Recording Them.

The experiences many people have had with spyware have stroke fear in them and even in other people who haven’t experienced it. Therefore, about 41% of people who own digital assistants fear that they might be hearing or recording actively.

96. About 64% of People Have Accidentally Opened Voice Assistants.

Voice assistants usually react to certain voices, words, or calls. The most popular one is ‘Hey!’, so the voice assistant will likely open at the sound of the word even if not directed to it. Hence, the mistake of opening the tool that over 64% of users have made.


Voice search is on the rise, and it has been like this for a few years now. Experts predict that most of the technology will increase before 2030. Voice assistants have, over time, helped with the growth of the voice search. They have made life easier for many people, even if they haven’t started appreciating it. The factors responsible for its increment rate over the years are its easy-to-use nature, speed, and convenience it gives.


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