March 2, 2024

Top Tech Startups Statistics

The top tech startups are disrupting every element of the world we live in today. The past two decades have seen huge levels of disruption across different industries – from farming to enterprise resource management, and startups were largely responsible for this disruption.

That trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with more and more startups appearing on the market every day, addressing problems and inefficiencies in their respective industries.

We’ve put together a list of 10 top tech startups we believe are poised to disrupt various sectors in 2023. Many of them use AI and other innovations to provide solutions to acute problems. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Tech Startups Poised to Disrupt Industries in 2023


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The companies in our list come from a wide range of industries – but six out of the ten are rated as unicorns, being privately held startups with a valuation of over $1 billion. Let’s see how they’re going to transform the world.


Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2020 Brendan Collins, Mariano Alvarez 11-50 Durham, NC, USA 2022, Convertible Note, $750,000 Adaptation of crops to climate change with AI/ML No

American startup Avalo describes itself as “nature’s innovation workshop” and is using AI and ML to advance agricultural crop development.

Founded in 2020, the evolutionary biotech company has a proprietary AI platform that identifies genes and climate change-related traits in crops, which Avalo then uses to predict the performance of that crop and create new varieties.

Avalo’s work is particularly important given the accelerating pace of climate change and its impacts on our crops and future food supply. Since its inception, the startup has gone through three funding rounds – a seed round and two convertible note rounds, raising $3.9 million in total.


colossal stats

Source: Colossal

Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2021 Ben Lamm, Kent Wakeford 101-250 Dallas, TX, USA 2023, Series B, $150 million De-extinction of species using genetics Yes

Another startup addressing the consequences of climate change and human activity is Texas-based Colossal Biosciences. Founded in 2021, the startup is the world’s first de-extinction company and is a leader in the field.

It uses technology and engineering to foster breakthroughs in biosciences aimed at reversing the loss of biodiversity.

With over a million species threatened with extinction today, Colossal aims to preserve biodiversity and address the impacts of human civilization. As of 2023, Colossal is a unicorn, having raised $225 million since its inception.


Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2013 Anurag Bajpayee, Prakash Govindan Around 1,000 Woburn, MA, USA 2023, Series D, $225 million Water treatment Yes

Another unicorn that’s addressing environmental concerns is the Massachusetts-based Gradiant, founded in 2013. The startup grew from an MIT project to become a global leader in water solutions. 

Gradiant’s mission is to solve the world’s most acute water challenges through sustainable cleantech water project solutions. Their solutions help industries achieve sustainable operations through responsible usage, reuse, and management of water. 

Since water is at the heart of our lives and most production processes, Gradiant’s work is of vital importance. They have managed to raise almost $400 million in 10 years, reaching unicorn status earlier this year.



Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2006 Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah Around 5,000 Cambridge, MA, USA 2014, IPO, $125 million Cloud- based marketing SaaS No

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HubSpot might be a martech giant today, but it started out as a startup in 2006 as an inbound marketing company. Today, it continues to focus on inbound marketing and supporting customers. Its offering is delivered to thousands of customers through enterprise SaaS and has hundreds of integrations.

HubSpot’s huge suite of marketing solutions, including an AI writer and a free website builder, are just a few of the reasons it’s leading the transformation of marketing and customer experience across industries. The company trades on the NYSE but hasn’t raised any investment since its Series E round in 2012.

Hugging Face

Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2016 Clement Delangue, Julien Chaumond 100-250 NYC, USA 2023, Series D, $235 million AI community building Yes

The power of community has proven to be invaluable for brands across industries – from gaming to machine learning. That power is what the founders of Hugging Face have capitalized on.

Founded in 2016, Hugging Face describes itself as the AI community building the future.” By allowing users to collaborate on building and deploying AI models through open-source ML toolkits, the company fosters collaboration and allows many creators to contribute to the ever-evolving world of AI.

Hugging Face is another unicorn, winning the status in 2022. It has raised almost $400 million since its inception in 2016.


Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2012 Christian Owens, Harrison Rose 100-250 London, UK 2022, Series D, $200 million Payment provider Yes

The British unicorn Paddle has been a game changer for SaaS companies. With a mission to help SaaS organizations navigate payment processes, the startup, which was founded in 2012, has thousands of customers and is present in over 200 countries. It also acquired two other SaaS companies. 

Unlike conventional payment processors like PayPal or Stripe, Paddle offers SaaS businesses a full suite of revenue-gathering tools, including subscriptions, global tax compliance reporting, currency conversions, and more. It became a unicorn in 2022, having raised $293 million since 2012.

Sigma AI

Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2008 Daniel Tapias, Nuria Gomez Bermejo 250-500 Madrid, Spain Private AI training data No

Sigma AI is an AI startup that was founded in Madrid in 2008 and has offices in London, Florida, and California. The company specializes in the collection and annotation of data for training high-quality AI models. 

With several of the FAANG companies on their client roster, Sigma AI is shaping the current and future data landscape and the rules on which cross-industry AI models will be trained – which will have a huge influence on many areas of our lives. Sigma AI hasn’t taken any external funding to date.


Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2018 Ali Javid, Cameron Woodward 50-100 NYC, NY, USA 2021, Series B, $100 million Production payroll platform Yes

Formerly known as Takeone,” Wrapbook is an American startup that aims to foster collaboration between front- and back-office teams.

While other project management platforms provide cost-tracking solutions, few offer both production and accounting teams access to information about a company’s costs and reporting in real-time while integrating with existing ERPs.

This all-in-one solution brings departments together, which is what defines Wrapbook as a disruptor in the enterprise SaaS sector. Wrapbook was launched in 2018 and became a unicorn in 2021 after raising $100 million in a Series B round.


Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2016 Christian Weedbrook 100-250 Toronto, Canada 2023, Grant, CA$ 40 million Quantum computing Yes

Canadian startup Xanadu is a trailblazer in the quantum computing world. It has been providing hardware, software, and app solutions for quantum computing since 2016, and its mission is to make quantum computers available to people and organizations everywhere.

Its open-source PennyLane library is at the forefront of quantum computer building, and the company also created the world’s first fully programmable cloud photonic quantum computer, known as Borealis.”

Given this, it’s perhaps no surprise that Xanadu earned unicorn status in 2022. What’s more, the Canadian government recently gave the company a grant of CA$40 million.


Founded Founders Size HQ Last Funding Round Key Offering Unicorn?
2009 Joakim Solberg, Kim Humborstad 11-50 Oslo, Norway 2020, Post-IPO equity, NOK 96 million Biometric authentication No

We previously wrote about the most influential innovations of the 21st century and mentioned biometric authentication as being among them. The last startup on our list, Zwipe, is at the forefront of this space.

The Oslo-based fintech startup was founded in 2009, and it offers enhanced security for contactless payments enabled by biometric authentication. The company creates next-generation biometric payment cards and other financial wearables, which may very well open a new chapter in financial security.

Zwipe’s success in Norway and internationally led to a successful IPO in 2020, after which the company raised $10.6 million.


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