May 27, 2024

Social media channels like Facebook allow users to post, like, comment, and watch videos conveniently. Platforms like Facebook introduce special features that enable video streaming to improve user experience. Facebook remains a significant platform for social video ads in the United States and worldwide. According to the statistical data, Facebook is the platform of choice for 76% of broadcasters who livestream their events.

The social media giant intends to use its wide coverage to keep promoters and viewers engaged in its videos for a long time. This article looks at the important stats of Facebook Live compared to conventional videos and more.

Facebook Live Major Statistics

Major Statistics

  1. Facebook Live had 2 billion viewers at the end of 2020.
  2. 1 in every 5 videos streamed by Facebook in 2017 was live.
  3. The interactions on Facebook Live are 6 times more than what is obtainable on regular videos.
  4. Facebook Live had about 3.5 billion videos uploaded in 2018.
  5. In one year, there was a 4 times increase in the time spent daily by viewers on Facebook Live.
  6. Live comments on Facebook are 10 times more than those from regular videos. 
  7. Facebook users spend 3x more time watching live video chat than they would on normal videos.

When the System Changed

When the System Changed

Facebook, in 2018, decided to make some changes to the aspect of its news feed that facilitated meaningful communications. In this area, comments, shares, and reactions were placed over reflexive actions like clicking the like button.

One major aspect of this ranking signal was the type of content being posted by people. When Mark Zuckerberg realized that people were communicating more with live videos than normal ones, he focused on improving Facebook live videos.

Streaming Statistics of Social Media

1. Social Media Performs Over 50% of Live Streaming Services.

Knowing that social media is the one-stop place when it involves live streaming videos is imperative. This explains the large number of engagements received by Facebook and other similar live-streaming providers. Over half of the population watching live videos worldwide uses social media providers such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is closely followed by subscriptions on digital streaming services like TV networks, sites, and apps.

2. For 25% of Viewers, Their Priority for Watching Live Videos is to be Informed.

According to research gathered, one of the main reasons people watch live videos is to be informed about events worldwide. 25% say they watch live videos to stay updated on the latest news. Yet another 20% view live videos to feel part of the news, while 17% of live viewers believe it makes the story appear original.

3. Facebook Embraces 93.7% of Businesses.

An incredible statistic is the presence of 93.7% of businesses on the Facebook platform. This record implies that Facebook is among the leading social media platforms for business marketing. However, this figure has been experiencing an upsurge; in 2018, it was 96%. Videos are the most viewed social media content, and Facebook is the most used platform for publishing videos. 

4. In 2018, 42.7% of Businesses Hosted Live Videos on the Facebook Platform.

The records show increased businesses using live video to send messages to their target audience. In 2018, there was an increase of 42.7% in the number of companies that connected with their target audience through live videos. Over two-thirds of companies in 2017 did not use live videos in communicating with their consumers. This shows that businesses are becoming more receptive to video content as a communication tool as the years go by. This is because it enables organizations to connect with their target demographic personally.

Comprehensive Statistics on Facebook Live in 2023

Comprehensive Statistics on Facebook Live

5. 1 in Every 5 Videos on Facebook in 2017 was Live.

Facebook launched its live feature in 2016, and the community of users widely accepted this. One year after its introduction, Facebook Live took one-fifth control of the industry’s total number of video viewership. This implies that Facebook Live made up 20% of videos on the channel.

6. Facebook Live had 3.5 Billion Videos Recorded in 2018.

This shows how much people are drawn to viewing live videos. Since its inauguration in 2016, there has been a constant rise in the number of viewers, which can only improve.  

7. The Number of Viewers of Facebook Videos in 2018 Rose to 2 Billion.

In just 2 years, the viewership rate of Facebook live videos increased tremendously to 2 billion viewers. This shows the high number of daily users watching videos on Facebook Live. 

8. In Just One Year, the Daily Watching of Live Videos on Facebook Increased by 4 Times.

This high increase in the number of live videos watched daily on Facebook shows how popular it is to its audience.

9. The Best Live Videos on Facebook are Between 15 to 20 Minutes Long.

Research has proven that the most viewed and popular live videos on Facebook don’t last more than 20 minutes.

Comparing Facebook Live and Conventional Videos

Facebook Live and Conventional videos

Statistics show that Facebook Live is a very effective tool for users to interact on social media. The following statistics compare Facebook Live with other conventional live videos.

10. Live Facebook Videos Receive 6 Times the Number of Interactions Than Conventional Videos.

The engagement rate of live videos on Facebook is higher when compared to that of conventional videos. This is because viewers on Facebook want to be a part of live discussions at the exact time. A unique thing about live videos is that the audience can watch and comment. 

There is a great chance of getting a response from the author of a video when you comment during a live video session. An opportunity to be a part of a community where you can comment and receive a response quickly appeals to many people.

12. Most People Spend 3x More Time Watching Live Videos on Facebook.

Users on the Facebook app enjoy watching live videos and can spend 3x more time than on conventional videos. This is because live videos cannot be fast-forwarded on Facebook, so viewers will need to watch the videos to the end.

Facebook Live Popularity

Facebook Live Popularity

13. The Popularity of Facebook Live Search Improved by 330% in One Year.

The announcement by Mark Zuckerberg in 2016 of Facebook going live made the search popularity of the channel hit 330% in one year. Facebook’s live feature 2015 was accessible only to persons in public offices and societal figures. Including the public in this feature became an interesting topic of discussion. People became eager to know about the Facebook live features, including its technical requirements.

Statistics of Facebook Live Usage

Facebook Live Usage

14. Facebook Live was Used by 91% of Businesses in 2018.

According to research in 2018, many businesses used Facebook live videos as a content tactic to reach their target audience. The next most widespread channel for publishing live videos on social media was Instagram, and thirdly, YouTube.

15. Just One-third of Experts on Social Media Marketing Used Facebook Live in the first Quarter of 2019.

Only one-third of social media marketers in the first quarter of 2019 used Facebook Live to link with their audience. This goes to show that the popularity of Facebook is increasing.

16. Only 1% of Businesses Share Live Videos Daily.

Just one percent of businesses post daily live videos on Facebook as one marketing strategy on social media. The greater percentage of companies, representing 58% surveyed, stated that sharing live videos is not frequent. A quarter of these companies shared live videos once every month, while 12% said they shared live videos on Facebook each week. Meanwhile, 5% of these businesses on Facebook shared live videos several times weekly. You only need to post creative content regularly to get the best result using Facebook Live.

17. 24% of Companies Said that Live Videos Were an Effective Tool.

Though 24% of companies feel live videos have been an excellent and effective strategy in marketing products and services, 29% have a different opinion. Also, 36% of businesses believe the Facebook live video marketing strategy was fairly effective.

18. They are 76% of Broadcasters Who Use Facebook Live to Stream Events.

Most broadcasters use live events on Facebook to post their live videos. Meanwhile, how-to videos are least used among professional broadcasters on Facebook live videos.

19. In Connecting With New Audiences, 70% of Marketers Utilize Facebook Live Videos.

Can I reach a wider audience? When considering using Facebook live videos as a social media marketing tool, this is an important question. 70% of businesses worldwide feel that Facebook Live is a viable tool to reach new audiences, and 58% stated increased brand awareness and expansion. With many people using Facebook Live, businesses can expand and reach new markets with their products and services.

20. Video Quality is Believed to be the Most Important Feature for 90% of People.

The basis of Facebook Live is quite simple. All that is required is to ascertain when you are live and tell the audience what you will do shortly. Video quality is considered the most essential area for 90% of people going live. This means an individual has to ensure that the settings of a video are according to Facebook guidelines. 

21. 17% of Adults in the United States Used Facebook to Watch Live Videos.

As far back as 2016, 17% of adults in the United States spent their time watching videos on Facebook Live.

Facebook Videos Statistics

Facebook Videos Statistics

22. The Chewbacca Mask Act had Over 175 Million Views.

In 2016, Candace Payne was placed on the internet search because of her nonstop laughter while wearing a Chewbacca mask. The video became viral in just one hour with 50,00 views, and in three days, it had gathered 78 million views.

23. About 92% of Facebook Videos have Native Content.

Native Live videos on Facebook account for over 90% of the total content on the platform.

Performance Standards of Facebook Live in 2020

Performance Standards of Facebook

24. Live Videos Could not Make 1% of Facebook’s Highest 10,000 Posts.

An interesting thing about Facebook Live videos is the high attention that they receive, but still not enough to be on the list of the top 10,000 Facebook posts. Just 1% of the top 10,000 posts on Facebook means that people are yet to get used to the idea that Facebook Live is a major part of communication.

25. Live Videos Received an Average of 101,362 Engagements on Facebook.

This shows that if you are going live, you have a good chance of getting views on your post. However, conventional videos have higher engagements of about 42% more than what is obtainable on Facebook live videos.

An interesting fact about live videos on Facebook over conventional videos is the higher number of comments it receives.

27. An Average of 11,314 Shares are Usually Received on Facebook for Live Videos.

This high number indicates that you can reach a large audience if you go live on Facebook.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

The live map on Facebook used in finding live broadcasts worldwide has recently been replaced. A blue dot represented each live stream, while a larger dot denoted high-viewed streams. When you visit the Facebook marketplace, you are redirected to a video streaming package called Facebook Watch.

28. Facebook Watch has 400 Million Users Actively Using its Service Every Month.

As far back as 2017, Facebook launched its watch, which was only accessible to Americans. This was later made available to all the following year, and in 2018, the number of active users had increased to 400 million each month.

Verdict: How Useful is Facebook Live?

Facebook has gone through a lot of revolution, which includes the introduction of live on its channel to improve users’ experience. By taking advantage of the billions of people who constantly use Facebook, you can create and maintain new market space through posting quality content on Facebook Live. Using live videos as a social media marketing tool will not only attract more comments than conventional videos. Still, it will also give you feedback on your audience’s feelings about your products or services.


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