February 25, 2024

The everyday process of handling tasks at your workplace can become tedious. Workers soon tend to lose their energy as activities become tiresome, eventually affecting individuals’ productivity. Thankfully, one of the most effective solutions to this mundane workplace experience is gamification. So, what is gamification, and how does it affect workplace productivity? Gamification involves the implementation of game-inspired mechanics and designs into a non-gaming environment. It aims to enhance engagement levels and motivate individuals to change behavior and accomplish unique goals. Gamification increases employee engagement by 48%, according to recent studies.

Companies globally have recently implemented gamification to improve employee engagement and productivity significantly. This article will discuss the top gamification statistics for 2023, including how it affects businesses, employees, and other related aspects.Gamification Key Statistics

Key Statistics

  1. 90% of survey respondents admit that gamification increases productivity.
  2. 67% of students agree that gamification improves productivity.
  3. In North America, the gamification sector is worth $3.8 billion.
  4. 70% of 2000 leading companies globally use gamification.
  5. 95% of workers say that gamification is beneficial.
  6. Duolingo, which uses gamification to teach customers different languages for free through mobile apps, has increased its user base to more than 300 million.

Best Gamification Statistics in 2023

Best Gamification Statistics in 2023

1. 90% of Employees Admit to Being More Productive When Applying Gamification.

Gamification has speedily increased in its adoption globally for various reasons. One such reason is that game-based activities enable workers to bear other activities. It further motivates workers to follow through with each task until completion as soon as possibleA recent research reported that introducing gamification in their activities resulted in greater productivity. Furthermore, 78% of job-seekers prefer to seek companies that implement gamification when job hunting.

(Source: Spinify)

2. 61% of Employees in the United States are Trained With Gamification at Work.

A recent report from TalentLMS found that 61% of employees in the United States are trained using game-based activities. This reveals that many surveyed respondents have encountered training programs implementing gamification to simplify the learning process and make it engaging. From this set of respondents, 80% of US employees agree that game-based learning activities were more engaging.

(Source: TalentLMS)

3. Gamification Can Increase Happiness in Employees by 89%.

Using video game activities in training programs can positively affect the engagement and motivation of an employee. To strengthen this, a recent report found that 89% of employees feel more productive, and 88% of respondents were happier at work. Thus, companies motivate their workers using game-like elements like rewards, progress tracking, and challenges.

(Source: Talent LMS)

4. The US Army Applied a Gamified Platform During its Recruitment Process.

The US military sector has also applied gamification in its training process to aid recruitment activities. More specifically, the US Army recently deployed a game-based platform enabling enlistees to test their skills and confirm they have what it takes to become soldiers. Though VR battles don’t compete with real-world combat, it’s still cost-effective for attracting more recruits. Interestingly, this effort has drawn 30% of Americans between ages 16 and 24 to view the US Army at an exceedingly affordable recruitment cost.

(Source: Reuters Events)

5. 89% of Individuals Would Spend More Time on an App if it Implemented Gamified Elements.

According to recent research, 89% of individuals would spend more time on an app if it implements game elements. Interestingly, this statistic outlines the influence of gamification in many different platforms and applications. Therefore, by implementing game-based activities, like rewards, progress tracking, and competitions, companies can lure app users to spend more time on their applications.

(Source: Gartner)

Gamification and Workplace Productivity

Workplace Productivity

6. Gamification Can Boost Company Productivity by Nearly 50%.

A 2019 study found that gamification boosted overall productivity in organizations that applied it by over 50%. Similarly, the report revealed that job satisfaction increased by 60%.

(Source: Storyly)

7. Companies That Implement Gamification are Found to be 7 Times More Profitable than Those that Don’t. 

Various research has shown how gamification directly impacts user attraction and retention. This user retention results in higher profits. Therefore, by introducing these game-based activities, companies can ensure their employees offer better services. Better customer service will make them return and invite their friends and family.

(Source: Engage For Success)

8. About 30% of Employees Say Gamified Learning is More Engaging.  

Gamification strengthens the productivity of more than 90% of employees. It also boosts on-site engagement levels. For example, a Zippia study on 500 businesses revealed that 30% of respondents admitted that gamification resulted in an enhanced desire to be engaged while workingHowever, the same survey found that gamification motivates 27% of employees to be more productive at work. It also revealed that game-based activities help up to 20% of individuals stay focused and not be distracted at work.

(Source: Zippia)

9. If a Firm Applies Gamification, 69% of Employees will Likely Stay With an Organization for Over Three Years. 

A very recent survey by Forbes found that 69% of workers will likely remain loyal to an organization for three years or more if that firm includes gamification in its employee packages. This is essential because, while many individuals associate gamification with transforming workplace training and activities, numerous companies have begun to adopt it in their daily tasks. Similarly, FreshDesk recently used this approach to assist customer service reps in simplifying mundane everyday tasks. The senior management was astounded when customer service representatives’ productivity leaped by 1,000%.

(Source: Forbes)

10. In 2018, 81% of Participants Reported Feeling Socially Connected Due to the Implementation of Gamification in the Workplace. 

A 2018 survey showed that 81% of respondents said that gamification in the workplace helped them blend in and feel socially connected. Notably, gamification can boost social connections in the workplace by introducing a sense of shared goals and communityThat figure increased the following year, as 87% of participants reported that gamification helped create a sense of belonging. This indicates a notable growth in both companies and the activities of employees. So, for your employees to socialize better with others, you might need to consider indulging them in game-based activities.

(Source: Talent LMS)

11. Gamification Increases Employee Engagement by Over 48%. 

Companies implementing gamification in their daily activities have observed several notable changes. One such is the 48% growth in user engagement. Researchers believe game-based activities leverage human psychology to transform non-gamified activities into more effective and enjoyable. Notably, most individuals are naturally competitive and would be even motivated to participate in challenging tasks. Thus, businesses implement gaming elements like leaderboards, badges, levels, scores, and other challenges to inspire their workers to thrive.

(Source: Medium)

12. A Staggering 95% of Employees Prefer Companies that Implement Gamification.

A recent Medium survey found that 95% of workers consider gamification beneficial. This has further resulted in higher employee retention, as 95% of employees say that gamification at the workplace makes them more excited, productive, and a desire to do moreAlso, 69% of these employees said they would stay in companies that gamify activities for a long time. Thus, any company that incorporates gaming in its training and daily tasks will likely see higher productivity and employee retention.

(Source: Medium)

Gamification Challenge Statistics

Gamification Challenge Statistics

13. 57% of Employees Say that Gamification is Only a Trend, While 24% Believe it Isn’t Practical But a Manipulation and Time waste.

While most individuals and companies believe that gamifying their daily tasks enhances employee engagement and productivity, some would rather not patronize this solution. Interestingly, a study found that 57% of workers stated that gamification was only a trend, while 24% believed it was a waste of time, a sort of manipulation, or ineffective. On the contrary, the survey found that 19% of respondents stated that gamification efficiently boosted their engagement and motivation at work. Regardless, while gamification can be an efficient tool for encouraging employee engagement, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all innovative solution. Therefore, organizations should cautiously review the reward structure to align with employee preferences and business goals.

(Source: Digital Commons)

14. Over 70% of Gamification Projects Failed Due to Inadequate Application and the Need for Long-term Engagement.

A 2017 Gartner survey revealed that over 70% of gamification projects that failed did so due to inadequate application and the absence of long-term engagement by the team. Furthermore, the study found that most organizations need to learn how vital user motivation is to success. It established that poor design is a crucial reason for the failure of gamification projects in the workplace. Besides this, the report found that other factors affecting the loss of gamification projects include: 

  • Inadequate implementation. 
  • Lack of straightforward objectives.
  • Lack of employee involvement.

(Source: Gitnux)

Gamification and User Activity

User Activity

15. The Application of Gamification in Workplaces Boosts Employee Skill Retention by 40%.

Research has found that it will be a key player in turning around the onboarding process of recruits by offering structure, speeding up the recruitment process, and enhancing information retention by enlistees. The study revealed that integrating game-based elements transforms employee training and ensures faster knowledge acquisition for recruits. Furthermore, some reports have found that gamification has led to a 90% decline in onboarding time. Therefore, simplifying activities for recruits.

(Source: Insider)

16. 87% of Workers Report that Game-based Activities Introduced a Feeling of Belonging in the Workplace. 

A 2019 survey revealed 87% of participants felt that gamification introduces a sense of community, purpose, and belonging in the workplace. Gamification has been known to enhance employee productivity and motivation. Similar research found that 72% of employees felt motivated to be more diligent, while 48% experienced enhanced workplace engagement.

(Source: Talent LMS)

17. Gamifying Your Site Can Increase Customer Loyalty by Almost 30%.

Various leading companies globally have gamified their websites to boost customer loyalty. Leading brands globally have implemented gamification to rally user engagement and loyalty. Companies implement gamification to muster motivation and a desire for continuous participationFor example, Verizon Wireless integrated gamification to bolster visitors’ time on its site. By implementing this solution, the company discovered that the browsing time of its visitors increased by 30%.

(Source: Venture Beat)

How to Include Gamification in the Workplace?

In the Workplace

As a business owner, if you still need to implement gamification in your workplace and are interested in applying it, you have come to the right place. The process of implementing gamification is simpler than you might expect. Let’s find out how to do so below:

Start with Communication 

To start gamification in your workplace, you must bring in your workers. Therefore, inform them of gamification, how you see it, and your plans for implementing the rewards available. Therefore, include the game elements while outlining your objectives and ask them for feedback.  

Include Gamification in the Training

The next thing you must do is ensure the training is more fun. It is simple to implement and can be a points system. Thus, you can allocate points each time an employee completes tasks. The aim of this is that employees collect sufficient points to pass the training, and probably win a prize for solving the most issues.

Ensure a Balance Reward

The last step in establishing gamification in the workplace is to balance the reward structure. Follow up with it and reward every employee who meets their competitive tasks and is a high achiever.


Gamification is a recent and most effective solution to mundane and tedious work activities. Many companies globally have found that introducing game-based tasks in their training and actions has resulted in employee engagement, a better sense of community, and productivity. They have even found that this results in higher revenues globally. The statistics above discuss some essential facts about gamification and its impact on businesses and workers.


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