May 19, 2024

Netflix has partnered with the Handy Foundation, an organization that connects below-the-line workers to job opportunities in the entertainment industry, on a new program focused on representation among assistant editors and production coordinators.

Netflix and the Handy Foundation began piloting this program in 2022, helping train and identify talent for potential job opportunities on Netflix projects. Among the programs where trainees have worked include “Selling the O.C.,” “The Circle” and “Perfect Match,” all popular unscripted series.

The career-building initiative is split into two tracks: an apprentice and assistant editors program, which provides a springboard toward future assistant editor roles and equips participants with post-production experience; and a production coordinator program which is a pipeline to a career in production management.

“We created the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity to build new pathways for underrepresented communities and support the organizations committed to creating a more equitable environment within entertainment,” said Tiffany Burrell-Lewis, director of talent development at Netflix, referencing the streamer’s $100 million commitment to build pathways for underrepresented communities in Hollywood, announced in 2021.

“Our partnership with The Handy Foundation is a testament to this work, with 17 trainees successfully finding roles on popular Netflix shows to date,” Burrell-Lewis continued. “We’re excited about the progress made so far and look forward to expanding on this work together.”

The Handy Foundation founder and CEO Ri-Karlo Handy noted that the partnership marks a “full-circle moment” with the streamer since the organization’s first assistant editor trainee secured work on a Netflix production in 2021.

“With Netflix’s support, we are making strides to help provide access to successful careers for people of color and others who have historically been underrepresented in these roles in the content production industry,” Handy added. “We look forward to incorporating more tradecraft positions as we continue to expand these programs with Netflix.”

Handy, a veteran producer, editor and showrunner, founded the non-profit in 2020 after inciting a widespread conversation on the need for more Black editors in Hollywood. Since then, the Handy Foundation has added NBCUniversal, Lionsgate, ITV, IPC, Warner Horizon, Bunim-Murray, Urban League, NAACP, California Department of Education and the California Film Commission to its list of partners.

Netflix and The Handy Foundation’s trainees (L to R): Armir Camangian, Jaye Middleton, Mirra Watkins, Anthony Truss, Anthony Chang and Tariq Edwards.

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