June 20, 2024

Scheduling online appointments aids businesses in not only setting staff and clients schedules but also promoting the loyalty of customers, improving efficiency, increasing cash inflow, and more convenience. Nowadays, people are looking for convenient ways to maintain their schedules. Appropriate meeting scheduling would create better business and time management opportunities, whether it’s a haircut or a doctor’s appointment.  It is estimated that appointment scheduling will grow up to 13.1% by 2026.

Scheduling online appointments has become more popular recently and is now preferred by most consumers. Moreover, efficient time management and timely meeting attendance could help increase your online reputation, and technology has brought more improvement in this regard. This article will give you insightful statistics on the ever-changing world of appointment scheduling. 


Major Statistics

  • Rates of no-shows were brought down by 90% due to appointment reminders.
  • Outside of regular business hours, 40% of booked appointments are requested by organization clients. 
  • Research estimates that the market for appointment scheduling software will reach $633.47 million by 2025.
  • In healthcare, 67% of patients prefer to book their appointments online.
  • In 2023, up to 700 million individuals are expected to adopt online appointment booking. 
  • About 33% of customers prefer to book their appointments using mobile devices
  • Even so, the introduction of online bookings did not result in a 50% decrease in the volume of staff labor.
  • Bookings made online on the appointment day or the previous day account for 26% of reservations.
  • North America alone accounts for 39% of the growth of software used for scheduling appointments. 

Online Scheduling Appointment Statistics

Online Scheduling Appointment Statistics

Appointment scheduling should be given more attention in most organizations. Yet, it is a necessary process in keeping businesses afloat in more than one way. With the increase in population and high demand for efficiency, small businesses and consumers have set higher standards in appointment scheduling. As a result, organizations are increasingly exploring methods to improve their appointment schedule processes. Some now engage the service of professionals in achieving a success rate in this regard. 

If due focus is not placed on engaging new processes, developments, and technologies, then appointment scheduling could experience a fallback. The statistics below will provide a good understanding of the present state of appointment settings in general. 

1. The Majority of Americans Set Their Appointment Mostly Online.

We are in a world where many treasure their time. After all, time, they say, is money. As a result, people want to make choices that save as much time as possible. Due to this, most people fix appointments online because it is more efficient and time-saving. Studies show that 60% of people in the United States schedule almost all their work online. 

But aside from online, there are other ways by which Americans fix appointments. Below are different methods by which Americans schedule appointments, including their adoption rate. 

  • Text message = 1%
  • Through email = 3%
  • In-person = 3%
  • Through mobile phone = 33%

Most times, people prefer to set appointments online or through their phones as it is a more convenient and fast way of communication. With this method, you do not need to physically visit an office or meet someone to schedule a meeting. Online booking of appointments helps remove the social aspect of a physical meeting.

2. Online Scheduling of Appointments Aids Business Growth.

Statistics have shown that besides the advantage of time efficiency, organizations offering online bookings record increased calls. Also, it makes follow-up more efficient and effective since customers can follow up on appointments by asking as many questions as they wish. This can happen via a phone call and on the web via prerecorded replies or automated queries and responses.

This is a plus for businesses as they can build customer loyalty while increasing upsell. These calls do not always translate to an increase in revenue but can generate a lot of other protracted-term paybacks. Online methods enable people to secure appointments in the shortest possible time, which helps in giving a positive image to the general business. Quite a good number of people will choose a company based on the efficiency of their internal processes.

3. Staff Appointments Versus Online.

Though online booking of appointments is gaining credence in today’s society, a large volume of bookings is initiated through the services of employees. For several reasons, these services are primarily handled by receptionists or front desk officers, who are still in high demand. Moreover, some people prefer talking to someone directly to ensure the accuracy of the conversation and facts.

The illustration shows that though online appointment booking keeps increasing, appointments through staff remain the primary choice for some individuals. This may result from the generation gap as the older ones often opt for appointment booking using the phone.

4. Stay Appointments Can be Expensive.

Developing an effective appointment system will greatly benefit every business owner, as the lack of this essential quality can result in a loss in revenue. In the medical industry, we discover that lost medical appointments account for the loss of $150 billion in yearly revenue. Since people will most likely ignore an appointment while others will require a reminder, certain integrations must be implemented for online booking to be truly effective. When these parameters are implemented, cancellations will be reduced, which invariably reduces the loss of revenue. 

5. The Software Market of Appointment Scheduling is Experiencing Rapid Growth.

Due to the expansion currently experienced in appointment schedules, a lot of pressure is placed on the software market. According to a report on the appointment scheduling software from 2021 to 2025, there has been quite a growth in this aspect. The analysis below highlights the market’s expectations for appointment scheduling in the coming years.

  • Growth in the market is estimated to have an increase in CAGR of about 19%. 
  • North America has a share of 39% in gross growth globally.
  • The increase in growth is expected to reach $633.47 million between 2021 and 2025. 
  • The rate of growth in 2021 was 15.72%.
  • Market bearing has the potential of positivity with a lot of entry allowance for new businesses to strive. 

As the trend and presence of new technologies cause a change within this industry, there will continuously be the discovery of new ways to set the pace for the future in appointment scheduling. 

Taking a Study At Appointment Scheduling Software

Taking a Study At Appointment Scheduling Software

With so much focus being placed on software to bring about the desired growth in appointment booking, one would wonder about the present capabilities of the system. As always, some can perform better than others, but only some of these available systems meet the customers’ demands

The choice of software for booking appointments can be simple but should be easy to use. This is because a complex system can result in a hindrance to business. We will review the statistics that have to do with the software aspect of this very amazing sector. 

6. Most Companies Desire Calendar Management As One of the Features.

One of the features that businesses look out for in choosing a software system is the presence of an inbuilt calendar management. Since it is, this feature is demanded by 36% of companies, which shows how important and relevant it is. Calendar management helps put businesses on track with each appointment and reminds customers when needed. Business owners highly seek this feature, but there are other features they look out for when purchasing software for booking appointments.

The following table presents the percentage rate at which businesses search for software that increases certain features.

Software Features % of Organizations That Want Them
Calendar management 36%
Miscellaneous 23%
Automatic Alerts 21%
Resource scheduling 20%

The reason behind booking appointments is quite more complex than most people would expect. The facts available do not lie, and the implementation of scheduling software will go a long way toward improving the revenue of a business. Every company’s experience in the use of software is most likely to be different, but the rise in the revenue base catches the attention of owners of businesses. 

7. Revenue is Increasing With the Use of Appointment Schedule Software.

With the introduction of online scheduling, which has led to more satisfied customers of businesses, it has also had a good impact on the revenue of companies, which cannot go unnoticed. Facts reveal that companies that use appointment schedule software can potentially increase revenue from 30% to 45%. As this is quite a huge gap, one can only wonder about the cause of this great difference. 

People place great value on their time and are likely to shift to a company that recognizes the importance of time management. Appointment scheduling software aids in saving the time of people and also initiates positive interaction between businesses and their customers. Customers have the inclination to remember little details, which pushes them to continue their patronage and loyalty. Repeat this relationship more often, and companies can see an increase in revenue in the long run. This means that it requires steadiness and software for the satisfaction of the final user.

8. Appointments Can Be Booked Outside of Business Hours.

Before the entry of software for scheduling appointments, people could only make appointments in person or through a phone. This means that arrangements can only be made during working hours, which is dissatisfactory for some persons. In considering the business of life every day, some people cannot place an appointment before the end of a business day due to their work schedule. Since meetings can now be booked online without regard to the time of the day, it has led to 40% of appointments being fixed out of official business time. This is not a result of people

till the close of business but because they needed help to get across to the company during work hours. Introducing software has improved businesses and their customers and changed behaviors. With online booking as an option, customer preferences have also changed greatly.

9. Online Booking is the Favored System in the Healthcare Industry.

Most consumers would only make a call to book an appointment to avoid any unnecessary words that can be said in a conversation. Also, employees may place a customer call on hold due to the busyness of the day’s activities. When it comes to the medical field, research shows that online booking is preferred by 67% of patients over the old conventional methods. Looking at the situation, most people like working at an organization that provides online booking services. This is becoming more obvious as most customers are resolute on evading businesses that do not offer online booking on their sites. 

10. Consumers Are Changing Providers.

In an ever-dynamic world where preference is given to online booking, many customers are switching to providers with online booking on their websites. This trend has led to the loss of business for companies yet to start using appointment schedule software. The facts show that about 94% of customers are likely to choose a business with an online booking feature over others who do not have one. People will likely take the easier and most convenient way to book appointments. While most businesses continue to take advantage of appointment software, no–shows have continued to be a problem that can grow to be a logistical problem. No-shows are very problematic, such that a large volume of data is gathered on them, which provides a lot of statistics for better understanding.

Statistics on No-Shows Appointments

Statistics on No-Shows Appointments

One of the most annoying aspects of a business that undertakes appointments is that no-shows have the potential to cause interruptions, which can affect the work productivity of employees. With many customers, charges, and a to-do list that never ends, businesses desire that people keep to their time. Even when they cannot keep up with an appointment, proper communication will be a viable tool.

11. Prompt Notifications Make a Great Difference.

Companies that use appointment scheduling software can also introduce a range of appointment notices. For instance, an individual can be reminded of an appointment through an automated email, phone call, or even text message. While some companies use automatic reminders, others send notifications to serve as a reminder to give their customers a call for better communication. Research shows that no-shows can be lessened by 90% with reminders, though software can automate the entire notification process. Customers respond favorably to reminders as they weren’t avoiding keeping to appointments but most times needed to remember completely about it. 

12. No-Shows Could Rather Be Expensive.

For medium-sized and small businesses, the presence of no–shows can increase costs after some time, resulting in the loss of quite a substantial amount of money. To better understand this analysis, statistics reveal that no-shows have caused about $26,000 loss yearly. However, this can be reduced by implementing reminders, and businesses must remember this fact. Primary factors that contribute to the presence of no-shows include the following:

  • Lack of appointment scheduling software
  • Forgetfulness
  • Life emergencies
  • No communication and commitment

No-shows can be reduced by reminding people of their appointments or setting up several programmed reminders using software.

13. Automated Promptings Are Fundamental.

Businesses that use automated reminders have experienced quite a good reduction in the frequency of no-shows. Statistics states that no-shows can be lessened by about 29% through computerized reminders software feature by businesses. Additionally, automated reminders can be adequately customized to cater to individual clients. You can expect the number of personalized services to change over time as software is fast becoming a common trend when booking appointments. It is quite commonly used in most businesses, yet gaps still exist in the use of online due to the need for knowledge of some persons on tech. No-shows tend to increase costs, causing people to look for better, efficient companies while the companies are left in the cold of a reduced customer base. 

14. Self-scheduling has an important role. 

Those who can self-schedule an appointment unassisted are more likely to be available on time. This could be because the customers could schedule an appointment at their convenience and set a reminder. Aside from the above point, they should be sent an automated reminder from the company as the appointment date draws closer. It is a known fact that no-shows have declined by 17% due to the returns brought by self-scheduling software. Self-scheduling is not an excellent system by all standards; therefore, no-shows are bound to occur several times. The action of introducing software can reduce the number of no-shows by placing into the hands of the customers the power to schedule appointments.

15. Monday is a No-Show Day.

Based on statistics and data gathered, most appointment cancellations occur on Mondays. This occurrence can yield the advantage of sending out urgent notifications to all clients slated for Monday, as some people have a habit of being forgetful over the weekend. Additionally, Monday comes with the entry of customers who need a last-minute appointment, which can complicate the logistics regarding booked visits and no-shows. When you look at the behavioral patterns of customers, you realize that the most common time when there isn’t a rush on booking appointments by clients is on Friday by 10 a.m. and on Tuesday at around 2 p.m. Since the issue of no-shows cannot be completely wiped off, business is expected to use reminders and software to help enhance customer experience


Setting appointments is challenging, as many logistics must be implemented to make the process smooth for both business and customers. With software and proven internal processes, customers may be able to get their desired service satisfaction from companies. Presently, this industry is going through many changes, and businesses are forced to either choose to adopt the new system of booking appointments or suffer the consequence of refusing to embrace it. Using available technology will help maintain a good brand image and communication with your clients. By adapting the use of software in booking appointments, you create an opportunity for a win-win situation for your business and your customers. 


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