June 21, 2024

The latest update from the Shib Association reveals ongoing developments geared towards enhancing the overall Shiba Inu ecosystem. One of the revelations is the development of a new blockchain that will solely focus on SHIB.

Update On Upcoming SHIB-Focused Blockchain

The SHIB Association disclosed that it will build a functional blockchain exclusively focusing on SHIB. It mentioned that the upcoming blockchain will not support other tokens within the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

The Shiba Inu community-driven burn tracker, Shibburn, created a new association called Shib Association last month. The association aims to facilitate seamless growth of the native token SHIB through progressive inclusion in the ecosystem.

Part of the measures to ensure the sustainability of Shiba Inu from the association includes launching impactful developments, innovative solutions, and utilities. Alex of Shibburn laid out the details regarding the development of the blockchain through a lengthy tweet on X (formerly Twitter).

According to the post, the team behind the SHIB Association already has the blockchain’s architectural structure, with ongoing development.

Alex stated that his friend, part of the development team and Google’s former employee, will contribute to developing the blockchain. He said they will

get things started with the blockchain and have it ready for GitHub.

Also, Alex revealed that a few other developers reached out to him, indicating their interest in contributing to the development of the blockchain.

He added that the new blockchain will be open-source with a Proof-of-Participation crypto model. Moreover, the developer will soon avail a repository on GitHub where people can lay out their contributions.

Distinction Between SHIB Association Blockchain and Shibarium

Alex noted that the new blockchain is expected to participate in Shiba Inu burning, just like Shibarium. However, he did not specify any applicable procedure for token burning on the network. The Blockchain functionalities will create a leveled and conducive platform in the crypto space for anyone to reap its massive benefits.

Additionally, he reminded the public that the blockchain is exclusively focused on Shiba Inu. So, they have no intention of including or creating any other token. While the new Shib Association blockchain is part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, it’s different from Shibarium, the L2 scaling solution.

Moreover, the official gas fees on Shibarium are settled with BONE, while transaction fees on the Shib Association blockchain will be paid with SHIBAlso, Shibarium supports other tokens within the Shiba Inu ecosystem, such as BONE, LEASH, and Shiba Inu.

However, the upcoming Shiba Inu Association network provides exclusive support for only SHIB. Currently, there’s no information on whether the new blockchain will be a Shibarium fork or that of any major blockchain. Meanwhile, Alex warned against scams that could launch attractive coin offerings and airdrops through fake websites.

Regarding its publicity, the project’s registered domains are only shibassociation.com and shibassociation.org. Alex noted that there will not be any Discord or Telegram channel attached to the new blockchain. But the team plans to create a community page on X (Twitter) within the week, where it would build a formidable forum soon.

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