May 23, 2024

It’s imperative that software dev teams have access to the tools they need to help key stakeholders accomplish their vision. A person’s training, talent, and skill doesn’t mean much if they don’t have what they need to bring those elements together. By providing the essential tools top app development teams leverage on a daily basis, you empower your employees with everything they need.

1. Robust Project Management Software

One critical tool that dev teams should use is project management software. Project management software helps to eliminate communication issues by keeping all information in one place. It also helps streamline collaboration and tracks project progress. This ensures that even if your dev team is remote, everyone is on the same page.

2. The Beauty of Ephemeral Environments

Another resource dev teams use has to do with ephemeral environments. These temporary, on-demand environments work for previewing new features, running tests and other quality assurance-related tasks, and collaborating with other team members.

One of the advantages of an ephemeral environment is that it helps ensure code integrity. Testing can be completed thoroughly and immediately without impacting anyone else’s work. It’s also easy to use ephemeral environments to get someone else’s input on your work. If you want to test a new feature, you can use a temporary environment that mimics the live production environment.

Ephemeral environments are also an asset in terms of capitalizing on cost-saving opportunities. With a traditional environment, you can still complete many of the aforementioned tasks, but you need dedicated infrastructure to do it. This process leads to a lot of waste, which can eat into a project’s budget.

With ephemeral environments, teams can get support from what is essentially a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. They’re only paying for what they need. Because ephemeral environments can be spun up and spun down very quickly, they aren’t needed for very long.

Also commonly referred to as CI/CD, continuous integration and deployment tools are a great way to automate the testing and deployment process. The more of the software development process you can automate, the more time developers have to focus on those matters that truly need their attention. This almost always leads to faster development cycles and a much quicker time-to-market as well.

4. Robust Code Editors

Robust code editors, complete with extensions and plugins, boost both productivity and code quality in one fell swoop.

For a developer to tap into their full potential, they shouldn’t have to change the way they feel comfortable working to make up for the limitations of the tools they’ve been given. Instead, those tools should support and empower what they need to thrive. Extensions and plugins allow for a deeper level of customization than any stock off-the-shelf solution ever could, which leads to a more productive development process and much higher code quality as well.

5. Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

Cloud services are among the most important tools development teams use in the modern era. Even as recently as a decade ago, handling infrastructure concerns for a development team would be a major hurdle to overcome. Teams would have to invest in hardware, provision software, add resources as the team expanded, eliminate those resources as development drew to a close, etc. Not only was it difficult to make sure that resources were available at the rate needed in order to scale, but it was also time-consuming.

Cloud computing services provide a highly scalable infrastructure for the most efficient development and deployment possible. Oftentimes, adding hardware and software resources is as simple as making a phone call, allowing a team to scale as needed without worrying about where new assets for new employees will actually be coming from.

Empowering Dev Teams for Greater Efficiency and Control

The tools that fall into these five categories are all about empowering development teams to work “smarter, not harder.” Your employees will be able to thrive as individuals and come together as a cohesive whole.

When everyone is on the same page, they are in the best possible position to deliver high-quality software as efficiently as possible. So not only are they capable of tackling the challenges of today, but they’re also better prepared to meet the demands of tomorrow. This is the perfect position for any dev team to be in moving forward.

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