May 24, 2024

Oxygen’s “911 Crisis Center” and A&E’s “Secrets of the Chippendales Murders” were among the winners Saturday night at the second annual Clue Awards, held at the CrimeCon event in Orlando, Fla. Hosted by ABC News legal analyst Matt Murphy, the event included presenters Nancy Grace, Kelly Siegler, Camille Vasquez and Paul Holes. Networks, producers and publishers winning top prizes included Paramount+, NBCUniversal, Big Fish Entertainment, Oxygen True Crime, Shed Media, MTV Documentary Films, iHeartRadio and Algonquin Books.

Streamed live on Law&Crime’s social media channels, the event topped the two-day true crime convention. Among other awards, the first-ever “America’s Greatest Detective” honor was given to Cynthia Garza, Special Bureau Chief of the Conviction Integrity Unit in Dallas County, Texas. And the “People’s Choice: Creator of the Year” honor, voted by fans, was presented to Alice LaCour and Brett Talley, co-hosts of the podcast “The Prosecutors.”

As previously announced, the “Crimefighter of the Year” honor was handed to The Gabby Petito Foundation. Derrica and Natalie Wilson, who received the award in 2022 for co-founding the Black and Missing Foundation, presented the award to Petito’s parents and step-parents during the ceremony; in turn, the Petito Foundation co-founders announced a $15,000 donation to BAMFI.

Here were this year’s CrimeCon Clue Awards winners:

TV: Outstanding Docuseries

“I Just Killed My Dad” (Netflix; produced by Half Yard Productions)
“Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty” (Max; produced by Campfire Studios)
WINNER: “Secrets of the Chippendales Murders” (A&E; produced by Big Fish Entertainment, an MGM company)
“Still Missing Morgan” (Hulu; produced by Scott Free Productions and ABC News Studios)
“Dateline NBC: Trial of Alex Murdaugh” (NBC; produced by Dateline NBC)

TV: Outstanding Episodic Series

WINNER: “911 Crisis Center” (Oxygen; produced by Warner Brothers Unscripted Television’s Shed Media in association with Green Lakes Productions)
“ABC News Studios: Death in the Dorms” (Hulu; produced by ABC News Studios, The Intellectual Property Corporation)
“Accident, Suicide or Murder (Oxygen; produced by Dorsey Pictures, a Red Arrow Studios company)
“Cold Justice” (Oxygen; produced by Wolf Entertainment and Magical Elves)
“Finally Caught” (True Crime Network US; produced by Black Watch Entertainment)

Book of the Year

“American Autopsy” (BenBella Books; written by Dr. Michael Baden)
“The Murders of Moises Ville” (Restless Books; written by Javier Sinay)
“The Science of Murder: The Forensics of Agatha Christie” (Sourcebooks; written by Carla Valentine)
WINNER: “Trailed: One Woman’s Quest to Solve the Shenandoah Murders” (Algonquin Books, Hachette Book Group; written by Kathryn Miles)
“Unmasked: My Life-Solving America’s Cold Cases” (Celadon Books; written by Paul Holes)

Outstanding Documentary Film

“Murdaugh Family Murders” (ABC 20/20; produced by ABC News)
“Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge” (Oxygen; produced by Jupiter Entertainment)
“The Fatal Attraction Murder” (Oxygen; produced by Entertainment One)
WINNER: “The Fire That Took Her” (Paramount+; produced by MTV Documentary Films and Motto Pictures)
“The Last Strike” (ABC 20/20; produced by ABC News)

Podcast: Outstanding Episodic Series

“Crawlspace – True Crime & Mysteries” (Produced by Glassbox Media & Crawlspace Media)
WINNER: “Missing in America: Keeshae Jacobs” (Produced by NBCUniversal-Dateline NBC)
“My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty” (Produced by CBS News Audio)
“Predators I Have Caught with Chris Hansen” (Produced by Next Horizon Media/Garner Creative)
“Zone 7 with Sheryl McCollum” (Produced by iHeartPodcasts and CrimeOnline)

Podcast: Outstanding Podcast Docuseries

“Father Wants Us Dead” (Produced by
“Finding Tamika” (Produced by SBH Productions, Audible)
WINNER: “Freeway Phantom” (Produced by Tenderfoot TV, iHeartRadio and Black Bar Mitzvah)
“Project Unabom” (Produced by Pineapple Street Studios in association with Apple Original Podcasts)
“The Girl in the Blue Mustang” (Produced by Dateline NBC)

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