May 19, 2024

At least one billion people use the Facebook marketplace each month. Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has continued to grow in leaps and bounds and has become a formidable force in the social media market. Launched in 2016, the Facebook marketplace has experienced a rapid rate of acceptability by users, making it the top choice of its users for commercial activities.

The Statistics available will adequately show us the number of people who use the Facebook marketplace. Let’s take a look.

Major Statistics of Facebook Marketplace

Major Statistics of Facebook Marketplace

  • At least one billion people use the Facebook marketplace each month. 
  • On average, 250 million people use the Facebook marketplace to make sales
  • Facebook marketing is available and used in over 200 nations of the world.
  • Approximately 81% of its users have access to the platform through their mobile phones.
  • 53% of luxury secondhand goods consumers in America purchase from the Facebook marketplace.
  • Respondents interviewed in a German survey between the ages of 16 and 29 revealed that they used the Facebook marketplace.
  • About 16% of active users on the Facebook platform log in only to shop on the marketplace. 
  • Ads displayed on the Facebook marketplace will likely be viewed by 9.1% of the world population
  • Females using the Facebook marketplace account for 61.8% of the entire users. 
  • Branded clothing is the most popular item searched for by users of the Facebook marketplace.   

The Population of People Using Facebook Marketplace in 2023

Population of People Using Facebook

1. Not Less Than 1 Billion People Use the Facebook Marketplace Every Month of the Year.

As a result of people’s idea that one can use the dedicated space for sellers and buyers to connect using social media, the number of users doing commercial activities on the Facebook marketplace grew to not less than 1 billion people monthly.

2. There Are About An Average of 250 Million Sellers Using the Facebook Marketplace.

Since the launch of Facebook Shops in May 2020, there has been a steady increase in the number of stores and sellers featured on the platform. In 2021, the Facebook marketplace featured an average of 250 million stores across countries.

3. In Over 228 World Regions, Businesses Use Facebook As a Marketing Tool.

Facebook marketplace is accessible in over 70 countries and more than 228 locations worldwide for selling and buying items

4. 53% of Americans Patronize Secondhand Luxury Products and Use the Facebook Marketplace to Seek Items.

Though 69% of people shop for luxury items using eBay, in 2021, 53% used the Facebook marketplace to search for the things they desired in the luxury market. Aside from using the Facebook marketplace, 51% of luxury shoppers chose Posmark to purchase apparel and accessories.

5. 81% of Facebook Users Use this App on Their Mobile Phones.

Over 81% of individuals who use the Facebook app or its platform use their phones to gain access. This implies they have easy access to its marketplace, where they scroll through to view sales offerings from multiple sellers. Also, the desktop conversion rate for social media is lower when compared to mobile phones. 

6. In 2020, a Survey of Individuals in Germany Aged 16 to 29 Showed That They Used the Facebook Marketplace.”

These young German Facebook users claimed to have used the marketplace to make sales or purchase secondhand products. Meanwhile, only 6% of people aged 30 or older reported using the marketplace to buy or sell products. 7. Active marketplace Users make up 16% of the total logins into Facebook accounts. According to data gathered in 2020, 16% of American Facebook users logged in to purchase items from the marketplace. The above data represents a total of 474 million users of Facebook out of the active 3 billion monthly users on the platform.

8. 9.1% of the World Population will Most Likely See An Ad Placement on the Facebook Marketplace.

Marketplace ads are listings that a global audience can see. They have the potential to be viewed by 9.1% of the worldwide population from 13 years of age and above. This means 562 million people across the world are seeing it. It is, therefore, an effective tool for advert placement and sales generation. 

9. Facebook Marketplace is Composed of 61.8% Female Users.

Regarding gender composition, females comprised 61.8% of the Facebook marketplace in January 2023. This is quite a contrast to the fact that the male gender dominates the Facebook platform, and according to demographics, males occupy 38% presence on the Facebook marketplace.

10. Branded Apparel on the Facebook Marketplace is the Most Wanted Item By Platform Users.

From the research gathered, branded fashion wear is the most sought-after item on the marketplace. Do you need to sell your high-quality branded wear? If yes, the Facebook marketplace is great for selling secondhand, high-end clothing, accessories, and new wea.

Must Know Statistics and Facts

Must Know Statistics and Facts

11. People Between 25 and 35 Years Old Make Up the Largest Part of Users on the Facebook Marketplace.

Studies reveal that people between 25 and 35 are the Facebook marketplace’s major age demographic. This is followed by those between 35 and 44 years who have a share of 18.4% participation in the Facebook marketplace. The third-ranking on age demographics is those between 18 to 24 years; next is 45 to 54 years of age at 13.9%, 65 years of age at 11.4%, 55 to 64 years at 11.2%, and 13 to 17 years with only 3.4% using the Facebook marketplace.

12. Facebook Marketplace is a Free Listing Commerce Platform.

Unlike other platforms such as Etsy and eBay, which charge listings and certain fees, the Facebook marketplace does not attach any price to user-listed items. Rather, the Facebook marketplace makes its earnings from classified ad placements when its users decide to increase their viewing audience.

13. The Leading Share Users on the Facebook Marketplace Are Latin Americans, With a Rate of 42%.

In the third quarter of 2021, Latin America had the highest number of consumers on the Facebook marketplace by a 42% share. Second place that same year was the African continent and the Middle East at a rate of 38% usage share. North America came third in the ranking claim with 37% of users on the platform.

14. A Total Share of 33% of Consumers Patronized Instagram Shopping Bags and Facebook Marketplace.

Internationally, the share of users of Facebook marketplace or Instagram shopping bags stands at 33%, with Latin America topping the list. Asia Pacific follows next on the list with 32%, and Europe with the lowest user share of Facebook marketplace or Instagram shopping bag at 23%.

15. Users of the Facebook Marketplace in India, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil Make Over 100 Million.

These four countries, India, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil, stand at the topmost position of places with the highest number of Facebook marketplace with over 100 million users.

16. Shipping Items From the Facebook Marketplace Involves Making a 5% Payment of Your Selling Fee.

Everyone who resells on eBay or other marketplaces is aware of selling fees attached to sales by platforms.

17. Royal Bank of Scotland Reported that 1,066 Scams Were Made Through the Facebook Marketplace.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, commonly called RBS in 2021, informed the public that Facebook was the online marketplace mostly perpetuated by scammers with 1,066 cases.

18. In 2018, Facebook had Over 2 Million Vehicles Listed On Its Marketplace.

In 2018, United States automobile dealers listed over 2 million vehicles on the Facebook marketplace. Vehicle sales are among the platform’s most commonly listed local deals daily. This confirms that the Facebook marketplace is the preferred choice for persons searching for cars and dealers looking for sales.

19. In the United States, Over 18 Million New Entry Listings Were Made in May 2017 on the Facebook Marketplace.

In May 2017, the United States had an overwhelming 18 million listings of new entries on the Facebook marketplace. However, from that period onward, there has been an increase in the number of listings between buyers and sellers.

20. Data Available in 2023 Reveals That Users of the Facebook Marketplace Spend An Average of 20 Minutes on Each Platform Visit.

A recent review shows that each visit to the Facebook marketplace costs each user an average of 20 minutes. An average Facebook user spends time shopping, browsing, and listing on the platform. 

21. About 32% of Marketers Use Video Content to Promote Their Businesses Online on the Facebook Marketplace.

The effect of using video ads while advertising on the Facebook marketplace has yet to lose relevance. An outstanding 32% of digital marketers make use of the influence of visuals to promote their organization on the Facebook marketplace. These individuals know how powerful video content ads can be on a robust market like Facebook, so they utilize this tool.


Facebook marketplace is a home for buying and selling high-branded apparel, secondhand goods, and new products to over 1 billion people in over 70 countries. Whether you are a business owner, brand influencer, or marketer, the Facebook marketplace is a great platform to increase conversion sales and improve customer loyalty. With the statistics in this article, you can be sure that a lot can be achieved using the Facebook marketplace.


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