February 23, 2024

XRP is one of the early-existing and prominent crypto assets with a large and robust user base. The crypto token still maintains an increased demand among crypto enthusiasts and investors.

While XRP addresses in the top 0.01% category spiked to 478, millionaire addresses dipped to 1,994.

XRP Holders Categories And Minimum Wallet Address Holdings

Recently, data from a community-driven XRP Ledger (XRPL) data resource, Rich-List.info, revealed the distribution of XRP top wallet addresses. According to data, the top 0.01% of XRP addresses has grown to 478.

Each of the 478 XRP accounts holds at least 5.755 million Ripple coins, worth almost $3 million in current market prices. Notably, all XRP wallets holding up to 5.755 million XRP coins or more are within the top 0.01% holders category. 

This is the most exclusive class of XRP holders that dropped from its benchmark of 6 million coins in August this year. Despite the minimum holding range decrease, the number of wallets has increased significantly. From 474 wallet addresses as of August 10, the holders have scaled up to 478 addresses.

Generally, the reduction in XRP tokens holding benchmarks spanned other holders’ categories. Wallet addresses holding a minimum of 449,490 Ripple coins (worth almost $234,000) belong to the top 0.1% holders category. The top 0.1% category consists of about 4,4784 wallets.

On the other hand, about 47,840 XRP accounts make up the top 1% category of Ripple coin holders. Each wallet address in this group contains 67,000 Ripple coins worth $35,000. For the top 5% category of Ripple coin holders, the wallet addresses hold a minimum of 11,177 XRP coins worth $5,820.

The Rick List data indicated that this category currently has 239,202 holders from its previous value of 236,000 in August. Similarly, wallet addresses within the class of the top 10% of XRP holders increased. The accounts grew from 473,525 as of August 10 to the recent number of 478,405. 

Each address in this class holds at least 3,583 Ripple coins worth about $1,866 in line with current market value.

Ripple Coin Millionaire Wallet Addresses Dipped While Others Spiked

According to the data, the XRP millionaire wallet addresses followed a different trend from other categories of holders. The XRP millionaire category, holding a minimum of 1 million Ripple coin each, had 1,997 addresses as of August 10. 

However, the number of holders has plummeted to 1,994, as reported by Rich List’s data. This indicates the loss of four wallet addresses in the category. Further, the Ripple millionaire addresses fall into seven tiers based on their range of Ripple holdings.

The first tier contains 1,460 wallets, each holding 1 million and 5 million Ripple coins. The second tier contains addresses having between 5 million to 10 million Ripple and totals 157. The third tier contains wallets with 10 million to 20 million Ripple tokens up to 154. 

The tier with addresses holding between 20 million and 100 million Ripple amounts to 142, while addresses with 100 million to 500 million Ripple coins are up to 53. Wallets holding 500 million to 1 billion Ripple coins are 24.

These wallets mainly belong to Ripple, crypto exchanges, and other giant institutions. This tier hasn’t dipped since last month. The last tier comprises addresses with 1 billion Ripple coin and above, which are currently 4 from its previous number of 5 addresses in August.

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