May 24, 2024

Online website builders emerge to save business owners, entrepreneurs, and enterprises with various advanced digital solutions. Some of these include faster setup, affordability, customizability, and simplicity. One such advanced website builder is the Magento platform. Magento was deployed in 2007 as the brainchild of the US-based private firm Varien Inc. and has since ranked as one of the most popular e-commerce site builders globally. According to data, over 239K live websites use Magento today.

For various reasons, Magento is still one of the most popular e-commerce site builders in 2023. That is why it is important to consider some vital statistics that reveal the global impact of the Magento platform. This article discusses some of the most imperative Magento statistics in 2023.Magento Key Statistics

Key Statistics

  • Magento is the third most popular e-commerce platform.
  • 20% of the leading United States e-retailers use Magento.
  • Magento has over 200,000 developers.
  • Magento has an average of more than 5,000 downloads each day.
  • Magento processes over $155 billion in transactions each year.
  • ranks as the no. 1 site, contributing an average of 31.9 million monthly visits
  • Magento has a strong online community of 360,000.

Top Magento Statistics in 2023

Top Magento Statistics in 2023

1. The United States Has the Largest Customer Base for the Magento Platform.

From the latest findings from BuiltWith, the US has the largest customer base for Magento, with 18,722 customers, or 30.33% of the market share. The United Kingdom ranks second with 8,223 users or 13.32%, and India has 3,994 customers or 6.47% of the market share.

2. PHP is Magento’s Used Programming Language, Contributing to 82.80% of the Overall Programming Languages Used.

Interestingly, the Adobe Commerce-owned platform is built primarily with PHP programming language, which comprises 82.80% of all codes used to develop software solutions. Following PHP are HTML (8.40%), JavaScript (5.50%), LESS (2.70%), and other programming languages (0.60%). This statistic reveals that you must master all the prominent programming languages above to be a recognized Magento 2 developer.

3. Barbour, LG, Land Rover, and the Official Liverpool FC Online Store Use Magento.

Research reveals that Magento Statistics isn’t an incredible e-commerce platform to be reckoned with; some of its customers themselves are mind-blowing. Some of the most recognized brands globally are Ford, Pepe Jeans, LG, Barbour, Lenovo, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and the Official Liverpool FC Online Store. This statistic shows that Magento is trusted by some of the global industry leaders and pioneers.

4. 0.7% of Global Sites Use Magento.

Recent reports found that Magento Statistics still has a long way to go globally, comprising only 0.7% of the global websites. Regardless of this seemingly tiny percentage, the figure still stresses the considerable impact of Magento in the online sphere. One of the primary perks of Magento is that it easily facilitates e-commerce website activities. Also, it is suitable for all kinds and sizes of businesses, ranging from start-ups to renowned global enterprises.

5. Between 2017 and 2018, the Global Use of Magento Doubled.

A report from BuiltWith revealed how fast Magento’s Magento has been recent. According to the report, from March 2017 to August 2018, the number of Magento websites doubled. However, this growth occurred soon after tech giant Adobe obtained Magento and was greatly impacted by its global profile and massive marketing budget.

6. The Lifestyle-Based Industry Controls 10.39% of the Worldwide Magento Market Share.

As mentioned earlier, Magento can be used across a large array of industries and nature of businesses. Moreover, according to recent findings, almost 11% of all Magento users use Magento’s companies. This accounts for the industry with the largest market share in the Magento e-commerce platform. However, we can’t state whether the e-commerce giant is ideal for this nature of business or whether entrepreneurs and businesses recommend their website builders to their peers the most.

7. Over 20% of Magento Users Rank in the Top 1000 E-Retailers.

According to Maven e-commerce’s report, 20 e-commerce companies rank in the top 1000 e-retailers in the United States and Canada. This positions the e-commerce giant as one of the most renowned CMSes, not only in North America but across the globe. Therefore, while picking the ideal CMS for your e-commerce requirements may be tough, Magento emerges as one worth considering.

8. Nine Out of Ten of the Leading Magento-Powered E-Stores Emerged From Europe and the Americas.

Besides Australia, nine of the top ten Magento-powered web stores are from the Americas or Europe. The leading nations for Magento 1 e-stores include the United States, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Spain. Moreover, the countries for Magento 2 web stores include the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Australia, Spain, and India. Thus, the report shows that Australia ranked eighth in Magento 1 and Magento 2.

9. Magento Offers More Than 3,700 Extensions.

Impressively, Magento provides over 3,000 high-end extensions in its extensions marketplace. It is worth noting that this figure continues to increase each year. Also, these extensions allow users to use Magento in various ways. The most popular of these extensions is Omnisend, which helps business owners arrange email and SMS marketing. Other renowned extensions include TaxJar, Beeketing, AddThis, and Nosto.

Must Know Magento Marketplace Statistics

Must Know Marketplace Statistics

10. 61% of Magento’s Online Stores Integrate a Phone Number On Their Websites, While 51% Include An Email Option.

Phone numbers and email remain the leading contact options businesses feature on their websites. Specifically, 61% of Magento’s online stores integrate numbers on Magento, while 51% (or 78,598) of Magento web stores include the email option. Following the email option is WhatsApp Contact, which comprises 5,610 merchants. 

11. 86.9% of Magento’s Online Stores Have Anonymous Employees.

A recent report from Store Leads reveals that 86.9% of Magento online stores have anonymous employees. This is so because most Magento stores don’t disclose the number of workers they have on their sites. Moreover, it is worth noting that the number of workers in a company is not needed. This may be true for small companies that are either single-run or comprise a small team. The report also found that 4.2% of Magento online stores have 1 – 9 workers, whereas 2.1% of Magento e-stores have between 10 and 24 employees.

12. Google Tag Manager is the Leading Technology Used By Online Magento Stores, Responsible For 51% of the Overall Installations.

Most Magento online stores integrate third-party apps on their websites and Magento Apps from its App Store. Store Leads tracked 474 unique technologies that comprise 627,332 total installations on Magento app stores. According to a recent report, 51.0% of Magento stores use Google Tag Manager, 48.2% use Google AdSense, and 35.3% use Google Analytics. Some other third-party platforms integrated into Magento sites include Facebook Pixel, Google Ads Pixel, Cloudflare CDN, Cloudfront CDN, and reCAPTCHA.

13. The .com is the Most Renowned Top-Level Domain For Magento Stores Globally.

Among the several featured domains on the Magento platform, .com ranks as the most popular top-level domain. Notably, there are various regional distinctions in some countries. The ten top-level domains include .com (68,144), .de (8,082), (6,936), .nl (6,517), (4,488), .it (3,776), .net (3,433), (2,880), .fr (2,691), .ca (1,895).

14. The Netherlands is the Third-Largest Market For Magento, With Over 10,644 Websites Using Magento 1 and 7,364 Using Magento 2.

With more than 10,644 websites running on Magento 1 and precisely 7,364 running on Magento 2, the Netherlands is the third-biggest marketplace for Magento Statistics. Notably, most Netherlands-based Magento stores are in North Brabant, before North Holland, and then South Holland. The recent report reveals that Haarlem, a city in the country with a considerable number of Magento online stores, has 72.7% of sites on Instagram, and around 42.4% integrate X on their sites.

15. In 2019, 9% of E-Retailers Migrated Their Sites to Magento, Placing it Third Place For User Migration, Following Shopify and WooCommerce.

E-commerce migration professional Cart2Cart reveals that, in 2019, 9% of e-retailers migrated to Magento. Notably, the platform sustained the third position globally for user migration, followed by Shopify and WooCommerce. Though these figures are positive, the race for the top place in the rank of leading e-commerce platforms for migration seems to change annually. Cart2Cart further explained that client migration doesn’t imply that any CMS platform supersedes another. However, budget and technical experience do not affect a retailer’s choice of CMS platform.

16. Magento Has a Larger E-Commerce Market Share Than Its Retailers.

As per recent BuiltWith studies, Magento has accumulated 24.8% of the overall e-commerce market share. Conversely, Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms online, and Magento’s rival has only 9% of the overall market share. These recent gains for Magenta reveal a huge leap up the global ladder of influence for the CMS industry. The digital solution was downloaded more than 100,000 times in its first year of deployment, and it currently ranks as the top CMS with Alexa feature integration based on market share. Further report shows that the word Magento trends more than the word e-commerce.

Another important statistic about Magento is that it is associated with over 103,386 unique domains. This implies that a wide array of businesses use the CMS platform. In a similar update, the figure for WooCommerce is about 930,000+, which greatly supersedes Magento. Regardless, unlike several other competitors, this statistic reveals impressive growth for the e-commerce platform. Furthermore, the quality of clients who entrust their websites to Magento is worth noting.

A renowned neighborhood domestic online store, Dollar General, with more than 16,000+ locations in the 46 United States, is one of the patrons of Magento. This retail organization must have understood how impressive Magento 1 vs. Magento 2 is. Studies have shown that Magento 2 facilitates page loading 50% faster and checkouts 38% quicker.

19. E-Commerce Companies Saw An Increased Profit of About 10-80% After Migrating to Magento.

Selecting an e-commerce platform is a serious decision. Some features, such as the theme, ease of use, and layout, can significantly affect how your customers perceive the website. Interestingly, the platform you choose can directly impact the success and profitability of the web store. A recent finding revealed that businesses using Magento experienced a 10 to 80% revenue increase. 

Main Reasons to Patronize Magento

Main Reasons to Patronize Magento

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Mobile-first design.
  • Quicker loading times.
  • Best website design.
  • Supports third-party integration.
  • Provides flexible content management.
  • Comprises a sophisticated SEO.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Enhanced scalability and performance.
  • Security.
  • Multi-store support.

What Does the Future Hold for Magento?

What Does the Future Hold for Magento

Interestingly, Magento provides a large catalog of third-party and extension integrations, which is crucial for positioning it in the future. Amazingly, the platform also adopts various new-gen tech like AI and seeks to implement innovations like automation of specific tasks. Thanks to the adoption of advanced technologies, Magento can reduce the effort and time required to monitor your e-commerce website.

Furthermore, Magento aims to enable users to focus on establishing their customer lists. It also seeks to develop progressive web applications allowing customers to interact with websites like mobile apps. Also, merchants will access an enhanced platform offering customized marketing using tools such as Adobe Target.

Is Magento Worth It?

Magento is an advanced CMS platform that allows online businesses to establish, monitor, and manage their web stores on its intuitive, sophisticated, lightweight, customizable, and mobile-friendly platform. As an entrepreneur, you might need a web builder for a start-up or large-scale enterprise site. That is where the Magento platform comes into the picture. Now that you’ve seen the various incredible statistics of Magento, what do you have to say about it? Is it worth the investment?


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