May 23, 2024

Google Slashes Recruiter Ranks Amid Hiring Slowdown

Google has announced its plans to lay off several hundred employees from its global recruitment team in a strategic move to streamline its workforce. This decision from the big tech company comes at a time when it is slowing down its hiring process, reflecting an unusually conservative outlook in recruitment.

We continue to invest in top engineering and technical talent while also meaningfully slowing the pace of our overall hiring.Courtenay Mencini, a Google spokesperson

The downsizing trend of Google reflects its commitment to a more prudent approach while recruiting employees. The company is trying to align its recruitment policies with the current economic conditions.

The news of these layoffs comes after Alphabet, the parent company of Google, slashed around 6% of the company’s workforce last January, eliminating 12,000 jobs. This reduction was necessary to address the increasing workforce as a result of aggressive hiring during the pandemic.

AWhile Google will continue posting job advertisements for different roles, it’s evident that it won’t be onboarding new employees as rapidly as it has done for so long. 

While Google had a workforce of 120,000 in early 2020, it ballooned to around 190,000 last year. This implies that the company hired around 6,000 candidates on a monthly basis throughout this period.

However, the latest layoffs don’t imply any large-scale downsizing. Rather, Google is axing its recruiters, and the affected candidates would receive compensation packages and other benefits.

The company has yet to disclose how many employees it will be laying off in the recruitment department.

However, it has stated that a significant proportion of its recruitment team will remain intact. From now on, it will be focussing more on hiring for critical roles like engineering talent.

The news of potential layoffs has left several recruiters disheartened. However, this decision from the big tech company reflects the broader trends in the tech industry.

Several major tech companies, including T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Meta, have also recently laid off a significant number of employees in the midst of economic challenges.

Statistics from the Securities and Exchange Commission reveal that Alphabet had 190,234 employees at the end of 2022. The number has already declined to 181,798 by the end of June.

Evidently, Alphabet is desperate to control costs, and the company has recorded around 15% Y-o-Y profit in the quarter ending June. This is largely attributed to the recovery of its YouTube ads and Search businesses.

Google’s decision to downsize its recruiting workforce showcases its efforts to adapt to the evolving business landscape and maintain a competitive edge in the tech industry.

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