May 20, 2024

iPhone 12 will undergo review processes in Belgium as France raised alarm for radiation risks and halts its sales. Other European countries have also started scrutinizing iPhones following this incident. Surprisingly, WHO’s studies contradict France’s radiation claims. 

Belgium Plans to Analyze iPhone 12 for Health Risks

According to a September 14 report, Mathieu Michel, the state secretary for digitalization, has instructed the Belgium telecommunications regulator to analyze all Apple devices for possible health risks.

This development came after the French government issued a stop order on the sales of the iPhone 12 due to radiation concerns, which are dangerous to users’ health.

Recall that on September 13, 2023, the French radio frequency watchdog (ANFR) mandated Apple to fix radiation issues discovered in iPhone 12 or recall all iPhone 12 devices sold in the country. 

However, Apple debunked the claims, stating that its iPhone 12 product met all requirements for the international radiation standards. Meanwhile, Britain, one of the countries where the iPhone 12 was tested for radiation safety, has not commented on the matter.

Studies Prove That Radiations from Smartphones Are Not Harmful

While France insists otherwise, industry experts said the product met radiation safety standards for mobile phones. Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) had previously researched whether radiation emission from mobile phones poses potential health challenges.

The agency concluded via a post on its website that no evidence supports claims that low levels of electromagnetic radiation can harm human health. Despite the WHO’s findings, the European countries are taking precautionary steps to protect the health of all citizens, with Belgium leading the way.

The report also reveals that the BNetzA, a German agency regulating telecoms, sees Paris’ move on iPhone 12 as a guide to the European nations. Furthermore, the Italian Ministry of Industry announced that it is considering the radiation situation but has not established any law.

Again, Spain’s Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) advised the country’s authority bodies to emulate France and stop the sales of Apple’s iPhone 12.

Nevertheless, D. A. Davidson, an analyst at Tom Forte, noted that halting the sales of the iPhone 12 in France will not have a strong impact on Apple since the latest models are not affected. He said Apple could only be shaken by the recent data regulation in Europe and the new Chinese rules against using iPhones in government workplaces.

CISA Raises Alarm Over Spyware Attacks on iPhones

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently warned government bodies against potential spyware attacks on iPhones. The agency raised the alarm after Citizen Lab discovered that the NSO Group uses its Pegasus spyware to exploit iPhone vulnerabilities.

Citizen Lab also pointed out that the spyware uses an exploit chain referred to as the BLASTPASS to attack iPhones belonging to a civil society organization based in Washington, DC.

The exploiters launched the BLASTPASS attack through PassKit attachments that contain corrupted images. Furthermore, the Lab admonished all iPhone users to update their phones as Apple released an emergency update following the incident.

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