June 20, 2024

Shiba Inu continues to thrive in the crypto market, keeping up with its gains over the last three days. This progress raises the thoughts that the token could record a significant rally in the coming days.

The anticipation of its price growth also hinges on the Shibarium extension to Bone ShibaSwap (BONE). This development could position SHIB as one of the most utilized crypto assets in the coming months and years.

However, despite these positives, SHIB still slightly declined 2.66% over the last seven days. But given today’s bullish strides, holders can expect a positive turn in their market outlook in the coming days.

Buyers Dominate the SHIB Market – How High Can SHIB Get?

Shiba Inu has exhibited strength in its price performance today. Despite facing a 7-day decline of 2.66% and a 30-day decline of 23%, the token managed to maintain a price of $0.0000073. This valuation marks a 24-hour price increase of 1% at 11:20 AM EST on September 15.

However, it’s essential to approach this positive trend cautiously, as examining its daily price chart reveals the presence of resistance, which appears to oppose its upward trajectory. This resistance could raise the possibility of a dip soon.

SHIB Price Could Dip in Response to The Opposition from Resistance Level. Can Buyers Sustain Control?

The growth in SHIB price is slowing down as some indicators suggest a negative trend reversal. SHIB is creating a red candle today following a series of green ones over the past three days, indicating that sellers could take control of this market before the close of the day.

However, the possibility of this suspected bearish move may be slim, with some indicators signaling a continuous uptrend. From the chart, the MACD line attempts to cross above the signal line, implying that buyers are mounting pressure to control the market.

Moreover, with a Relative Strength Index reading of 38.97, SHIB is closing in on the oversold zone, which could be considered undervalued. However, the oversold zone could present a possibility for an upturn if traders decide to buy the dip.

 If buyers succeed in pushing the SHIB price further upward, the token could soon be placed around the support level at the 50-day Moving Average.

SHIB Support and Resistance Data

Importantly, SHIB bounced off a support level at $0.0000070, where it began the ongoing price growth. Thus, the market might be headed for the next resistance point at $0.00000868, 18.26% from its price now.

While the tendency for a continuous buy move is high here, investors and traders must brace themselves for a dip, given the unpredictable nature of the crypto market.

>>>Visit Wall Street Memes Presale <<<

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is a promising crypto project believed to be the next crypto moonshot, replicating the success of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. It is arguably the most anticipated meme crypto project since its presale started, as it raised over $25 million.

Although $PEPE was the first meme crypto asset that threw the crypto community into a frenzy earlier this year, WSM positions itself as a better replica. The project was created to utilize the current excitement in the meme crypto sector to ensure that everyone profits from the industry.

Since its emergence, the nascent crypto initiative has brought a new wave of vibes into the meme sector, evident in strong support from the online investment community. Wall Street Memes has recorded tremendous presale milestones in several initial coin offering phases.

This indicates a possibility for an increased adoption of the token ($WSM), which will positively boost its market value when launched on crypto exchanges.

Furthermore, information from the project’s website reveals that Wall Street Memes has recorded over 1 million community engagements and more than 40 million impressions every month.

Note that the project creators have no team management tokens. They demonstrated a selfless act by distributing the entire tokens to the community, including activities that will make WSM thrive and remain relevant in the long run.

$WSM Presale Drives Excitement as Launching Time Nears

>>>Visit Wall Street Memes Presale <<<

The token, $WSM, has been a sensation since its presale kick-started in the past few months. Following the impressive success and progress it recorded so far, investors remain optimistic that it can put smiles on their faces, as they see it as a big thing in the crypto market.

The novel token is in its last presale phase and trades at $0.0337. According to the presale website, the ICO is expected to end in less than 11 days and will be listed on some of the top crypto exchanges.

The project has a staking scheme that provides investors with passive income opportunities. The staking program has an impressive APY of 61% with a current reward-generating ability of 75 $WSM into the staking pool per new ETH block created.

So, to get a slice of this juicy project, visit the presale website, connect your wallet, and follow the instructions to ensure a successful purchase.

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